Dining With Seagulls

Welcome to the 293rd Tablescape Thursday!

Hope you’re in the mood for a beach party because lately all I want to do is create beach-themed table settings. Ummm, wonder what that means? Perhaps someone is craving a trip to the beach! πŸ™‚

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


Remember the fishnet I purchased on THIS shopping trip when I couldn’t breathe and had to get out of the house?

Fishing Net Tablecloth_wm


It worked just right as a tablecloth for this tablescape. I didn’t take time to do this, but wouldn’t this fishnet tablecloth look great with a few starfish tied around the edge that’s hanging down? It came with one starfish tied to it, just barely visible there on the corner in the photo below.

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


I’m also using the shell-covered Β candle holders purchased during that same shopping trip.

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


I love the colors in this cute little seagull so much, especially his bright, orange bill. He may actually be modeled after a Laughing Gull. Anyone out there know their shorebirds? Β Update: Thanks Cee for identifying Mr. Seagull as more likely being a California Gull with lots of artistic license taken in his design. πŸ™‚

I let his bill be my guide for this week’s table. I’ve used these lobster and crab salad plates before so you may remember them from previous tablescapes.

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


Isn’t Mr. Seagull a handsome fella? He was a find this year in Marshalls. I love collecting shorebirds when I can find them for reasonable prices. Β They can be expensive in some shops but this little guy was just $12.99.

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


I did something a little out of the ordinary with this table setting. I used plaid, orange/coral napkins for three of the place settings. These napkins have been used several times for fall table settings but never for a spring or summer tablescape.

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


I used solid-color, coral napkins at the other three place settings, alternating around the table with the plaid and the solid. Using plaid at all six place settings seemed a little too busy but I loved how the table looked alternating them with the solid coral napkins.

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


Orange/coral plaid napkins may not be something you would expect to see in a beach-themed tablescape, but I think that makes it even better. It’s fun to try new things and if you’re like me, you usually know right away if it works. If you like how something looks, go with it, even if it is a little off the beaten path. The beautiful stemware is by Noritake.

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


It was getting late in the day by the time I took these photos so the late afternoon sun was coming in and lighting up some parts of the table while creating shadows in other areas. I love that!

Oh, I almost forgot, remember the starfish napkin rings I made a while back in this tutorial post: Make Starfish Napkin Rings. They came in handy for this tablescape. Note: In the tutorial they are a different color. I later painted them white and added coral accents for another tablescape.

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


I pulled out my DIY Pottery Barn-inspired shell chargers for this setting. I love using them for beach-themed tables whenever I can.

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


You’ll find the tutorial to make your own Pottery Barn inspired shell chargers here: Shell Chargers, A Pottery Barn Knock-off

Flatware is by Gourmet Settings and the pattern is called, Silver Tear. It’s available here: Gourmet Settings Silver TearΒ Β I love using it with beachy table settings because the design reminds me of nautical ropes.

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


An overhead view…

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


As evening wore on, I snapped a few pics with the candles aglow.

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


Happy Springtime!

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


Do you have plans for a beach trip any time soon?

Nautical Beach Table Setting Tablescape With Lobster and Crab Plates


Looking forward to the beautiful tablescapes linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Love the orange! Love the plaid napkins too. Looks like it goes great with your plates. Reminds me of those beautiful beach sunsets! Great idea using the fishnet as a tablecloth. Keep up the good work.

  2. Carolyn Price says

    Lovely … as always, Susan! You’re so creative and inventive. Don’t think I would have tried the orange/coral plaid but it totally works! You do have an eye for these things. : )

  3. Susan, I love, love this table setting! I took. A trip “home” last weekend to my beach in NH. It was cold, but beautiful! Can’t wait for summer!!!

  4. Cee Pluse says

    My husband would feel right at home at your table — he is an aquatic ecologist who studies crustaceans. In fact, we have those same crab and lobster plates! I am not a coastal person myself (I prefer mountains or deserts) but I love your color scheme since reds and oranges are my favorite colors. I think those colors complement the shells perfectly, and I love those shell chargers.

    The gull is such a great find! I have never been good at identifying shore birds, so I had to pull out my trusty old field guide for birds, but I think your gull is most likely a California Gull. The white head, black-tipped grey wings, and pinkish bill are characteristics of this bird (Laughing Gulls have dark heads and bills). No gulls have a grey tail, so I think that trait is just artistic license! I love animal-themed tables and set a lot of those myself, since so much of my own tableware features creatures!

    Georgia seems to be warming up slowly but surely, so I hope you get to the beach soon!

    • Cee, I love that you have these plates with your husband being an aquatic ecologist! That is so cool! I think you are right about artistic license. No wonder I couldn’t find a gull quite exactly like him. lol Thanks for helping me figure out what kind he might be…California Gull sounds good to me! πŸ™‚

  5. Susan, this table is so perfect for someone longing for the beach. Your gull is amazing and I think the color choices that you made were brilliant. All of the shell pieces continue the beach theme and I love the shell candle holders (want some!!). I travel to the beach about once a month, but rarely do a tablescape there. I guess I need to get busy, before Summer!!

    • Thanks, Diane! Check your Marshalls if you have one of those near you…hope they have a pair in. If they don’t, I think these would be super easy to make. It looks like they just took some burlap and wrapped/glued it to a glass vase and then hot-glued seashells and starfish onto the burlap.

      • I was wondering how well the shells would stay on the glass. Problem resolved! Burlap! If you use a cylindrical vase, it can be slipped on and off for more variety! I think I need a truckload of shells for vases, chargers, napkin rings, etc!

  6. Susan I so love this table…it makes me want to run out to get the fixings for a crab boil! I think the plaid napkins look great and really make the crustaceans on the plates *pop* …. my family thanks you for our “dinner inspiration* Have a great weekend! ~ Mary

  7. The community health center I work for here on Cape Cod is opening a new site this summer, and since the name includes the word “Harbor,” my marketing department has been using a nautical theme for all our work. Thank you for these great ideas — now I’m in search of a fishing net for the buffet table at our kickoff party!

  8. Good Morning Susan, I love your sea shore theme! The plates with the lobsters are adorable. Thank you so much for hosting the best party on the block! I have to leave for work but I will be back to visit around tonight…. Candy

  9. Now you have me thinking about the beach, Susan! Love this tablescape! Thanks for hosting! Hugs…Debbie

  10. Girlfriend..you never cease to amaze!! This was one of the “beachinist” tablescapes!! Definitely using the fish net idea and the napkins are perfect! Nice job!! franki

  11. Love this table, Susan!

    One of the things we brought from our condo when it sold, was a large hand carved gull holding a fish in his beak. He is really weathered from sitting on the deck about 10 years. I do believe I will do waterside table, and use him as the centerpiece.

  12. What a great beach themed tablescape! Those crab dishes are the greatest and I like all the seashell accents. We’re still warming up here so going to the beach is far off, but it’s always fun to dream about it!

  13. Susan,
    Your themed tablescape is Nautical Perfection, dear friend!!!
    I L O V E your seagull…and what a great price!!!
    Alternating the napkins keeps the color throughout without overpowering.
    The net atop your white table is stunning!!!
    Thanks for hosting Tablescape Thursday each week.

  14. I love your table Susan, especially your inspirational seagull, he is adorable! I think your napkin choices are very clever, alternating the plaid and solid is perfect. It is so refreshing when you see a table with an unexpected palette for it’s theme~I have made one of your shell chargers, I need to make some more πŸ™‚ Why am I craving lobster all of a sudden?

  15. We just got home from Key West. Your beautiful beach tablescape took me right back there. I love the shot of orange/coral. It’s very on trend this year.

  16. Susan, you took me away to the beach. That seagull is so great, and what a great price! I love that basket that you’ve filled with shells. I remember your tut about the seashell chargers, and I remember thinking that I was going to try that. Of course, I never have done it, but maybe this new post with them will inspire me to get it done. The pops of orange are perfect on this table, and the fishnet table covering is brilliant. laurie

    • Oh Laurie, you need to make some! They are a little time intensive but you would love having them for summertime, especially with all the lovely entertaining you do. There are lots of shells in the store these days, so it’s a good time to make them. πŸ™‚

  17. I love your beachy table, Susan — it makes me long for the ocean. I like all your coral accents — great new take on a beach table! We normally see lots of blues and aquas for beach settings, so kudos to you for trying something different. I like the mix of solids and plaids, too. I think your shorebird is wonderful (and so was the price :)) I don’t often shop at Marshall’s, but I can see I need to pay them a visit. I’m seeing some great things on people’s blogs from Marshall’s recently. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for hosting Tablescape Thursday and have a great day!!


    • Oh, Denise…you need to check Marshalls out. I find so many fun things there, especially when the seasons are changing. Thanks so much for those sweet words about my table today…appreciate you! XO

  18. Wow, this has so much color! It makes me long for summer, but I am just glad that spring is finally here in all its beauty. You always set such a grand table! Thanks for hosting!

  19. Opps! I forgot to mention that I love the tablescape you created with the lobster plates, plaid and plain napkins, napkin holders. Everything about that tablescape makes me want to head for the beach!

  20. Susan:
    This is a really spectacular table. I love the use of the net as the tablecloth.

    – Alma, The Tablescaper

  21. Hi, Susan,
    I love your table! Your seagull absolutely makes me smile! It’s amazing how the color of his beak matches so well with the colors on your plates and napkins! Corals can be tricky to match sometimes. Love your picket fence votive holders as well. It’s all perfect, and you can almost smell and feel the shore breezes! BTW, I was not able to link up today. Filled in the required fields, hit “done!” and nothing happened. When I tried it again, I kept getting a message that there had already been a link created. Any ideas? Thanks for hosting! Rosie

    • Rosie, glad you were able to get linked up! Thanks so much for those kind words…I was surprised how well his bill matched the color in the plates, too. Lucky break, there! πŸ™‚

  22. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    I love the fishnet table cloth!! That is so clever, and it looks so good. Perfect for this theme. Which, by the way, is torturing me right now. Thank you very much! =;

    I would so love to be at the beach right now. Eating lobster and crab. Sipping colorful and exotic drinks with chunks of skewered fruit and little parasols. With my feet in the warm sand. Whilst getting a neck rub. Ohhh … it’s been a looong winter.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      That’s supposed to be a little ‘talk to the hand,’ emoticon, btw. I wonder why it didn’t work. It’s so cute, I wanted you to see it. πŸ˜€

  23. Hi, Susan: please ignore my last comment about the trouble linking up. I guess I just hadn’t waited long enough to let things process. I WAS able to link up! Sorry about the confusion. Have a great day! Rosie

    • Oh, good! Glad it went through. I clicked over to InLinkz and didn’t see anything waiting for approval, sometimes it will toss a link into a moderation que. So glad it did work! πŸ™‚

  24. Thanks for a beautiful table on your lovely porch. It would be a vacation for me to just come and sit and take in the beauty.

  25. No plans for a beach trip, but I’m longing for a little sand between my toes. Your table certainly offers up a nice alternative though. Love the new little shore bird. I’m fond of wood sculptures. We have a mermaid that frequently stars in beach themed tables and summer vignettes. All your shell details are fun. I admire your shell chargers each time you use them, and the new candle holders are a great addition to your beach theme. Ocean breezes here we come…..

  26. Very fun but Mr. Seagull IS the star πŸ™‚ Love him!

  27. Beautiful! I love the fish net, and the shell chargers, ETC! Love it all! I also like the way you broke the napkin “rules” and mixed them up a bit!

    Thanks for hosting!


  28. Susan,
    to be honest, I love the colors you have chosen today much more than the typical blue you usually see on a “beachy” table! πŸ™‚
    I do remember that fishnet and using it as tablecloth is … genius!!!
    I also love that rattan basket/candle holder on it! They fit perfectly together in color and pattern!
    Those plaid napkins are so lovely, too!
    Susan, I can’t live without ocean, beach and sun so I’ve already rented the same house I rented last year at the beach, and am going to spend the last three weeks of August at the sea. I’ve already started the countdown… πŸ˜‰
    ~Hugs to you~

  29. If you went shell collecting down the street at our beach, you would find 100’s of little orange jingle shells. They are very thin, hence the kids punch a hole in them and make jewelry. So the orange is very natural for a beach table. On the other hand, the sea gull is not what you would want near your dinner! They are very aggressive and will swoop down and steal the meat off your grill. I have seen many a lunch be stolen from unknowing beach goers who leave their sandwich unwatched for a minute. So take him off your pretty table when you eat, lol!
    Always love your chargers, and as always, thanks for hosting!

  30. LOVE your beachy table! I’m loving those lobster and crab plates — too cute!! Really, you’ve outdone yourself. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the link-up too!

  31. Great tablescape, Susan. I love your plaid napkin inspiration, and I will always adore your shell chargers. I don’t think I would ever have the patience it took to make those.

    Thank you for hosting and inspiring.β™₯

  32. OMG Susan, this tablescape is totally amazing! The elements you’ve used for staging it are awesome…like the crab plates, the Seagull, and to top it all, a MESH tablecloth, how genious!!!
    Thank you for hosting this great party, my friend. Have a terrific weekend ahead.

  33. Susan
    Thank you for hosting…Isn’t this spring weather glorious?

    Love, Mona

  34. Susan thank you so much for hosting every week, suck a great place to gather inspiration.
    I love ths table, I grew up by the ocean back in Mexico, and that netting tablecloth is spot on, some old dinner by the beach would use old fishing nets as tablecloths.
    Thanks again for having us.

    • Really…that is so cool about the tablecloths. Thanks Ramon for sharing about where you grew up. I bet it was wonderful growing up near the ocean. I’ve always been landlocked…a 5 hour drive away from the nearest ocean. Could be worse though…5 hours wasn’t too bad. πŸ™‚

  35. Hi Susan! I found your blog two weeks ago and am thoughly enjoying it!

    I would love to see a few shots of how you store all your wonderful plates an decorations. I have about five sets of dishes and am completely out of room. Also, my family is growing by leaps and bounds (a very good thing….marriages and grandbabies!) I made the decision to get rid of the sets I have and purchase some Independence Ironstone in white. I had this set 40 years ago, as my everyday dishes, and loved their versatility. I’m going to use the white dishes, but go for a variety of chargers and other pieces. I need ideas on storing all of these things.

  36. Hello dear Susan,
    Another day for me to drool and blown my heart away. It seems, these happen every Thursday πŸ™‚

    I don’t need to go to the beach. I prefer to stay in your awesome back porch and have a ball.

    TY for hosting, Susan and more strength for more inspirations.

    Greetings from a chilly Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  37. Those lobster and crab plates are the best!!! Your tablescape is cute and whimsical–I love it! The fishnet tablecloth was a great touch, and I’m a big fan of your laughing gull. Great job on this table, Susan! πŸ™‚

  38. Genius, I tell you. Pure genius!

  39. Oh, Susan- you’ve done it again. What a clever way to do a tablescape!

    How I wish I were planning a beach visit – as I grew up on water and now live land-locked it’s difficult to shake the need to hear waves, hear seagulls and watch the sun setting into the water…….my norm, and something I seldom see anymore. Now the weather is warming up I need to plan a trip back home sometime soon.
    Thanks for hosting! Nice to be a part of it again, been too long! Hugs – Michele

  40. My favorite photo was the sunlight casting bright/shadows; then my favorite was the one with lit candles. I’m torn between them, so I guess I would like to start with wine and appetizers in the late afternoon sun, then candlelight by dessert time. OK?!

  41. Jill Kimmins says

    Susan, this is one of the nicest table settings I’ve ever seen! I love how you depict the summer shade of coral in non-traditional ways with the napkins – that is the kind of fun, unexpected risk that yields stunning results! I’m from New England, and you’ve certainly captured the color of the delicious fresh-caught lobsters and crabs that my brother and dad cook at our family clambakes each year! I have some lightweight rust-colored linens from fall that I was planning on keeping handy for the summer, and you’ve inspired me to pair them with my coral motif salad plates, which are white and coral colored – they will be so fun with rattan chargers and a summer white lantern on the table!

  42. Gosh Susan, I remember your potting bench post with all those fumes and yet you still managed to get out of Dodge and go shopping, come back with that net and post your find for the rest of us – kudos for that! I got a kick out of the great overhead view of your tablescape today and could only imagine you perched on a ladder to get such a good shot!
    I’m definitely ready for some sun and surf (even if my thighs aren’t). We’re on our way to Carolina Beach this weekend to our cottage near the sea and I’m much inspired now to set a coastal table (I even have a fishing net stowed somewhere). Two years ago I had purchased some coastal lunch plates and coffee mugs on clearance at Bed Bath and beyond for $4.99 per set with 4 of each in a set (originally $25 per set). I bought 3 sets of lunch dishes and 3 sets of coffee mugs all for $30 and even got free shipping. Loved that catch of the day!

    • lol I never need a reason to shop but that night I had a good one…had to get out of this house! Wow, what a deal you got! I know you must enjoy those whenever you visit your beach cottage. Have fun this weekend! Get some sun for me! πŸ™‚

  43. Whoooooo Susan, my favourite type of tablescape. The Orange plaid napkins went perfect with your crab and lobster plates. Creative idea with the fishnet tablecloth. The crab looks as if he is climbing off the plate, such pretty dishes.

  44. bobbi duncan says

    Oh, Susan, there is no theme that you can’t come up with! I love EVERYTHING from the fish net to the alternating napkins ( I do the alternating textures, too– so much more interesting ). I am so glad you are kind enough to share your many talents as they have given me and my friends just the best ideas ever. We just arrived home from our little trip and the first thing I did after unpacking was checking on what you’ve been up to while we were away–and, of course, you never cease to amaze. You are unbelievably talented. Hope you had a lovely holiday.

  45. Christine says

    I love your table setting and I just happen to be in a beach side cottage in Crystal Cove Ca. Beautiful day! We took our grandson for his spring break. We are having amazing weather. Have seen dolphin and sea lions already! Thanks for your post!

  46. Love this color scheme and the way that you have alternated the napkins. Lovely!

  47. Every time you post a tablescape, I get very envious of your beautiful sun room. I struggle with lighting in my dark dining room, but today’s beachy theme cheered me up. Pretty soon I’ll be able to sit outside on my patio here in Chicagoland. I can’t imagine how much storage room you must have to keep all of these beautiful pieces available for your tablescapes, and this one was was perfect as always! Thanks for hosting.

  48. Susan,
    What a cute and adorable table for summer………….loved it. What a great idea to put the netting over the table, looks really cool. Great for a porch as well.

    Thanks so much for hosting all these years, you are a trooper………..
    Blessings, Nellie

  49. It’s our first time linking up, so excited! I hope I’m doing it right…and I LOVE your beach tablescape! Lobsters have a special place in my heart πŸ™‚

  50. Thank you Susan, that’s so kind of you!

  51. Christina McCall says

    Susan, all I can say is FANTASTIC!!!! I have just started collecting plates etc..for all of the fun themes I see. In Memphis some of our neighbors have a crawfish boil. I may have missed it in a previous blog or post but do you mind telling me where you found those awesome plates and the picket fence candle holders? They are adorable. I am definitely going to be on the look out for a seagull. If anyone has a Garden Ridge, I just saw a ton of seashells sold in bags, starfish and the nautical roping that can be used as a table cloth. Another tablescape, I am hooked. Have a great week Susan πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Christina! I found the plates in World Market last summer. Not sure if they have them this year but hopefully they do. The little picket fence votive holders came from Colonial Candle online. Thanks for the tip on all the fun beachy stuff…sounds like I need to visit our Garden Ridge. I’m always adding little things to my tablescaping arsenal. πŸ™‚

  52. Peggy Thal says

    Love your table as always , so welcoming and beautiful. Beach theme is one of my favorite for the Summertime. Pass the lobster!

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