Mischievous Christmas Mice

I caught them…in the act! It’s Michael’s mice!

Last night I curled up for a good read of that wonderful Christmas classic by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Sipping on a steaming mug of hot chocolate, with a crackling fire close by, I must have dozed off. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I awoke!

After stuffing themselves silly with tea and scones all night at Gollum’s, these two little mischievous mice have scurried over to my house, where they have been caught red-footed. Would you just look at what they have done to my reading glasses!

And it appears those little stinkers have left Santa a message…

Eeek! I liked them better when they were covered in chocolate and had cherry stem tails! I shooed them away, but now I’m wondering…where will they show up next, out there in Blogland?

(Mice/Glasses are an ornament are by Enesco and the name of the ornament is “One Foggy Christmas Eve.” It’s the third in a series called “Christmas Spectacles” and was produced in 1991.)

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  1. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    Mice in the house oh my.. those chocolate critters must fly. They move in the dark they move in the light. But whenever they move they give me a fright. Down the long hall…oh good watch them fall. Now scurry way scurry way one and all.. I “wonder”…. where they might turn up next?????

  2. cottage farm villa (aka cottagecharm) says

    Cute post!! ~Cheryl

  3. Kim@ Forever Wherever says

    That was the cutest! Well, I don’t like mice, but they could come vist. They seem nice! 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh how cute! Tell them to head down I-75 and have them come visit me! Tooooooo cute! A wonderful post!

  5. once in a blue moon... says

    very cute~

  6. Linda/ "Mom..." says

    Precious, sooo cute and toooo endearing, Susan!!! And Lynne, loved your poem, too!!! (Many thanks to BOTH of you!)~ Love, Linda

  7. You’re so silly and cute!…Christine

  8. Knittings Nice! says

    So cute…and funny.

  9. Your little mice are just too precious! Love this one! ♥ Diane

  10. To funny, cute lil buggers though. Love the message on the lenses.

  11. Good morning Susan! These mice are the cutest…I loved your story line also….and then Lynne came up with a doozy poem in her comment! Have a wonder-filled day,
    😉 Bo

  12. Barb @ GritsandGlamour says

    Oh Lynn what a charming post. I loved the poem. Sorry but please keep the cute critters away. My fur babies would enjoy them, but they are too cute to play kitty-soccer with my babies. LOL
    The message on the glasses made me laugh. Hugs, Barb

  13. Cute, cute post. Love what they did to your glasses.


  14. Lady of the Mote says

    how cute!

  15. Oh now that is about the cutest thing ever!!! L~

  16. They are so cute! Love the etched/frosted glasses too!

  17. Terri and Bob says

    I am absolutely in love with christmas mice… have a tiny collection myself.

  18. This is just way to cute. Love the reading glasses. Marty

  19. Ma'dame French says

    That is the cutest thing ever!!! Loved Lynne’s poem too;) Hugs French

  20. That is just too cute!!!

  21. How totally adorable are your little mice ………. and clever too!

  22. Susan, That was simply adorable… I loved it… but tell me true did you make them or did you buy them like that??? I want them… so please share… send it out to me in an email… I would forever love you… Ok I will even if you don't… ♥♥♥

    Thanks for the great little story & pictures

  23. So witty and cute! How in the world did you come up with this? I loved it! laurie

  24. So witty and cute! How in the world did you come up with this? I loved it! laurie

  25. susan,You are just too clever. I have an ornament almost just like this but I don’t have the message from Santa.It is one of my all time favorite ornaments.My son#wears glasses so it reminds me of him.I also have his very first pair of glasses hanging on my tree.such sweet memories.The only mice I do like are the sweet little Christmas Mice hanging on my tree.Merry Christmas, Kathysue

  26. such a cute post!

  27. How funny! You are too clever!

  28. imjacobsmom says

    Yep, I’ll agree this is a cutie! ~ Robyn

  29. Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity says

    Just darling!! And very creative!!

  30. LOve the mice and what they did to your glasses. LOL

  31. Really Rainey says

    What a fun post! And those glasses are cool! I loved you post so much I have read it three times now! Very creative!

  32. Those little mice just crack me up! I was laughing so hard as I read this. Thanks for the fun!!

  33. These cute little mice totally crack me up! I was laughing out loud at my computer and my son came over to see what was so funny. Thanks for the fun!!

  34. profenretraite says

    Hi Susan…Love the mice! I love mice so much that in high school, my nickname was “Mouse.” Wonder where they’ll turn up next???? By the way…what makes you think I would steal Miss Janice’s frenchified Paris tree full of beautiful frenchified ornaments and take it out her back door? She does have a back door, doesn’t she? Debbie

  35. Mice don’t usually make me smile, these did. Thanks for a fun way to look at the little creatures.

  36. I wondered where my wee mice went, lol How adorable is this! The mice and glasses are so festive–and I love your book. What beautiful illustrations!

  37. I’m here from Gollum’s. Those mice are too cute!

  38. Glenda/MidSouth says

    What a cute post. Mice like that, I can handle – real ones, NO WAY! 🙂

  39. Too cute and too clever!! Just a delightful post!! Love the glasses! Did you etch them??


  41. Those are the sweetest little meeces I have ever seen! I want them!

    Cute post!!!


    your photos are so nice! good job!

  42. Hi Susan! Adorable! Deb

  43. Melissa Miller says

    ~Cuteness galore~

  44. That is true Christmas Brilliance and Delight!

  45. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    This post is so cute!!

    I made three of Gollum’s mice, for practice. I put them in the fridge to set the chocolate. I told J about them and to check them out..he did alright. When I looked the next morning, my little mice had disappeared!

    My silver and gold tablescape and other stories will publish after midnight, tonight.

  46. lvroftiques says

    Oh those meeces sure do get around!! And what adorable little critters they are!!! Vanna

  47. Lady Katherine says

    Oh My! I think the mice might take up homestead! A wonderful book, and poem to boot! Their message is loud and clear, what they want Santa to know, that they are here at your house. You have made them so welcome at your home! I afraid they will not come here, I think they are in the corn field, but they may come for my gingerbread men! I got to go shop for more dishes and accessories. So fun, tryiing to pull my Gingerbread men and peppermint together! I am haveing so much fun with it! I had a vistor for tea today, too busy to take pictures. She called as she out the door, I ran put the kettle on and served cinnamon apples with whipped creme, and Australian sugar glazed apricots. Fast and simple. Such a fun day! I think I saw your mice headed another direction, they maybe just making there rounds, leaving messages for Santa everywhere! Do they think that will get them more cheese?

  48. Waaaay too cute Susan! I love these little guys but somehow I’m not as freaked out by the chocolate variety. How’d you do those glasses? you’re way too good!

  49. Merry Christmas to the most talented woman I know!!!! Enjoy your holidays..

  50. Hello, cute mice.

    Susan, the Double Devon cream isn’t in the dairy case; it’s in the (non-refrigerated) British food section at Publix (sealed jar). It’s just a tiny area mixed in with ethnic foods (in my store).

    You can also find the Devon custard that Kathy recommended (and mix that with the double cream). My husband had a hard time finding it–and I was talking him through it via cell phone. He finally had to ask someone.

  51. Miss Janice says

    Okay Susan, this is just way too cute and funny!

  52. texasdaisey says

    That was an adorable post. Made me smile.

  53. Life on Bonnie Lane says

    These are just too adorable! Whereever did you find such a cute little display like this? I will have to visit Gollum to see what kind of mice she had visiting!


  54. How adorable. I posted a mouse story as well…but not quite as nice as your little mice!!! ererrr ummmm – mine were nasty and real!

  55. Kathleen Ellis says

    Very cute! Good for a giggle!

  56. Hi Susan,
    Looking at your old post (Dec 08) Mischieveous Christmas Mice. Can you please tell me the author of the ‘A Christmas Carol’ book? Love the illustrations!!


    • Joanne, I’ll be getting out all my Christmas goodies soon and I think I have that book tucked away with those. I’ll get that info for you. It does have wonderful illustrations.

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