Winter Wonderland

Snow: some people love it. Some, not so much. I’m afraid I fall into the “not-so-much” category. Wish I could send it all to my son, dil and grandchildren…they love this cold, white stuff.

Georgia Snow, December 8, 2017


It snowed off and on all throughout the day.

Georgia Snow, 12-8-17


Earlier in the day I came out long enough to get the snow off the boxwood shrubs and to snap a few pics.

December Snow, Georgia, 12-8-17


Notice the dovecote, it’s not completely covered in snow. That’s going to change.

December 2017 Snow in Georgia, Christmas


This is how the boxwood shrubs looked right after they were planted in 2016. They grew a tremendous amount this past summer, much faster than I had expected.

Boxwood Garden with Dovecote Birdhouse Accent


It kept snowing throughout the day and this is how they looked later in the day. 🙁 The two up front looked more like big spiders, than shrubs.

Snow Covered Green Mountain Boxwood Shrubs


I knocked all the snow off of them again. Afterward, the two “spider” shrubs went from looking like the one on the left to looking like the one on the right.

Removing Snow from Green Mountain Boxwood Shrubs, Before and After


Much better.

Green Beauty Boxwoods After Snow


Here’s how the magnolia and dovecote looked. I always worry about the Magnolia tree because its large, flat leaves catch snow and ice, and that often leads to broken limbs. This Magnolia has lost its top to two previous ice storms during the 27 years I’ve lived here. It always grows a new one afterward.

Magnolia in Georgia Snow, December 8, 2017


It continued to snow this evening, and as I worked in the office, I heard strange sounds from outside. I came out to find this, large branches broken off the Magnolia.

Magnolia Tree Damaged in Georgia Snowstorm, December 8, 2017


Found them laying all around the tree. Wouldn’t be surprised if one of these bunches of limbs is from the top of the tree again.

Georgia Snowstorm, Magnolia Tree Damage, 12-8-17


The dovecote this evening…

Snow-Covered Lazy Hill Dovecote


And here’s how the boxwood shrubs looked. ~~~sigh~~~ Those two flat clumps at the front are normally two-foot tall shrubs. Those are the same ones I cleared off twice earlier in the day. 🙁

Snow-covered Green Beauty Boxwood Shrubs, Georgia Snow, December 8, 2017


I removed the snow off of all the shrubs again. They are still sprawled out and gaping open in the center, but I’m hoping when the sun comes out tomorrow, they’ll stand up straight again. There’s a 90% chance of snow again tonight, but thankfully it’s supposed to stop by 8:00 AM.

Boxwood Shrubs After Removing Snow for second time


I’ll leave you with this magical photo taken by my neighbor today. Georgia truly is a winter wonderland this evening!

Christmas House with Wreaths in Snow


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  1. Not a fan of the white stuff either. Great photo. Your home looks like a Christmas card. I was thinking you should put some of the old fashioned Christmas lights that put off heat in the shrubs. Stay warm.

    • Would I look weird out there with a blow dryer today? 😉 Thanks, Myrna, that’s a good idea!

      • Beautiful,beautiful, beautiful!! So sorry to see the damage to your gorgeous magnolia, though. So funny you mentioned a hairdryer—knowing what a worker bee you are I envisioned you doing just that as I scrolled the pics of your lovingly fluffed boxwoods!
        The photo of your home should be framed & hung in your lovely home.
        We only got a pretty dusting here, in Chicagoland, but as one of the snow lovers, it makes my spirits soar!

  2. Your home is beautiful dressed in snow. I too live in Georgia ( Woodstock). The snow is pretty but I worry about the trees falling …especially my neighbor’s trees falling on my house! Stay warm my friend and I hope your boxwood pop back up and your magnolia tree will not be a total loss.

    • Thanks, Kathi…me too! Looks like a lot more snow fell during the night. We have a huge sledding hill at the end of my street, my son loved it when he was growing up…on the rare occasions that it snowed. I bet the kids will be out there all day today…it’s like a ski slope! lol Stay safe!

  3. Ann E Seigman says

    Susan, you may not like the snow, but your home looks absolutely Beautiful in that Winter Wonderland setting! I do hope that your magnolia tree wasn’t too damaged by the loss of those large branches though. That would be such a pity!
    It looks like this would be perfect weather for your new 3 Bears sweater! I really enjoy seeing your posts about your new purchases and usually only admire them. However this time my husband asked me what I was looking at and I told him that I was admiring your new sweater. He thought that it was really cute and said he thought that I should order it! Well, I did and I think that it is so cute; I expect to get many compliments on it! lol My mother always said that “imitation is the best form of flattery” (or something like that)! You have many of us “flattering” you! Have you worn your new sweater yet? Thank you for sharing the many nice things that you discover. Ann

    • Ann E Seigman says

      Note: Imitation is the Highest form of flattery. (I wrote my comment while sleep-deprived from insomnia!)

    • Of all the sweaters I purchased this fall, the bear sweater is by far the one I’ve had the most compliments on. It was hit at Christmas home tour I went on recently, everyone wanted to know where I got it. One person recognized it as the Ralph Lauren bear. I told her the “secret” for getting the bear sweaters for such a great price. 🙂
      I’m so glad you were able to get one, Ann. It is so cute and since it’s RL, it should last a long time. When it needs it, I’ll handwash mine like I do all my sweaters, but it probably won’t need it very often since I always wear one a shirt underneath.

  4. Pat Parnell says

    I live near Windsor Detroit border in Canada about 10 hours north and we have no snow. crazy. I hope your Magnolia is not too badly damaged.

  5. Hi – Question…do you leave the bottom half of your window blinds closed all the time and just open the upper half? Or, did you close them for the photo? Your house is so pretty.

    • They are actually plantation shutters and they are designed with a divider rail that lets me close the bottom, but leave the top open for the view. I open/close the louvers all throughout the year. In the winter when it turns really cold, I will sometimes close them up completely. In the summertime, they are usually fully open, top to bottom. I just happened to have all the bottoms closed yesterday. If I had known my neighbor was going to take a photo, I would have turned on more lights in the house…probably the porch light, too. lol
      Louise, check out this previous post where I shared how the plantation shutters work and you’ll see what I mean about all the ways they can be adjusted, especially in larger windows where they can be designed to bifold back:

  6. We live in Buffalo suburbs and so snow is our life in winter. We just put in some boxwood because they are deer resistant and we have deer around here. Anyway my husband wraps burlap around our shrubs to protect them from snow and deer. I hope our new boxwood make it. Your house looks like a postcard!! Enjoy the holidays. Sherri

    • I never watch the news and didn’t realize snow was coming until I check the weather around midnight the night before. I hadn’t even gone to the grocery store. I should buy some burlap to keep on hand for these freak snow storms we get every few years. Hope your new boxwood do well, Ellen! Thanks! I’m going to head out and uncover them again this morning…for the 4th time!

  7. Ugh, I’m in your camp, Susan. Pretty to look at….as long as it’s somewhere else. Too many things to worry about – besides landscape (and that’s a big one), the roof, ice dams (although not quite as much a problem where you are), loss of electricity (did you lose yours? My nephew in Kennesaw did for awhile). I guess the upside is you now have plenty of winter greens for arranging. Hope the magnolia isn’t hurt too badly. Those branches look pretty big. And today (Saturday), the sun will shine. Your post could be a Mayhem commercial.

    • lol Exactly! No, we’ve been very lucky, electricity has never gone off. This is the perfect snow for those who like it. Yeah, I guess I need to think of something creative to do with all those magnolia leaves. Ha! You’re right! That’s the way we are after a tornado passes through here in Ga, as well. It’s always the most beautiful, gorgeous sunny day…the day after a big tornado rips through taking down trees and creating mayhem everywhere!

  8. Susan, it is a winter wonderland! But it can do some damage ! The snow was wet and heavy rather than powdery and dry! It was still snowing when I went to sleep last night and this morning it is very cold!

    • It really was wet, probably great for building a snowman, I bet. There’s certainly plenty of it out there with which to do that this morning! Stay warm, Pam!

  9. Peggy Gregory says

    I live in LaGrange and we finally got a light dusting snow early this morning. It is 7:30am and still snowing lightly. I love it. BTW, have you looked at the Lenox website? They have a plate with the station wagon with the tree on top. I thought of you when I saw it. They also have a 12 days of Christmas plate that can be personalized. It is beautiful. I just had to order one. These plates are on sale and there was/is an additional 30% off coupon code. I also used Mr. Rebates because their cash back was greater that Ebates. Also, the Lenox site offers easy pay! Just a little FYI for everyone.

    • I think I did see that…and it is wonderful! I’ll have to go look again. Peggy, I’ve never used any of the rebate sites, are they awesome to use? I don’t know why I’ve never tried those.
      By the way, I just discovered an extension you add to your Chrome browser that will always check every coupon available online to make sure you have the best price/deal when you’re buying something. It even works on the Amazon site. It’s called “Honey.” It’s pretty cool how it works.

      • Peggy Gregory says

        I have been using ebates for a couple of years and have been very satisfied. It is nice to get that check in the mail.I have the extension on my browser so it automatically checks each site I access. I follow another blogger/vlogger that suggested Mr. Rebates. I added that extension to my Safari browser. Now I check to see which offers the largest rebate. It is so easy to sign up for both rebate programs. On Lenox Mr. Rebates offered the best percentage back. I have seen Honey have not subscribed. I will have to check it out.

  10. donna a zoltanski says

    I think I am on the Love IT side for snow. I enjoy everything slowing down a bit and it is so pretty. A plus too the kiddies have fun playing outside. Your home looks beautiful all dressed up with the “white” stuff. I hope your shrubs make it….

  11. Bonnie Gutierrez says

    All you need are candles in the windows and that last photo will be a Christmas card!
    We are expecting snow to start here in Maryland any minute.

  12. As a native Georgian – I LOVE IT!! And the great thing about snow in the South is in a couple of days it will be balmy and humid again, like the snow never happened. Stay safe and enjoy. Your house looks like a postcard

  13. Wow Susan, your house looked a lot more like mine up here in Pittsburgh with all that snow! Beautiful but not so much fun. So sorry about your magnolia. I know how much time and effort u put into your landscaping.

  14. Linda Page says

    I know you don’t care for the snow but your house looks magnificent blanketed in white!

  15. Maggie Amis says

    Hi Susan – near Chicago here – and – barely a dusting of snow….
    I wondered – if – you got some kind of “cloche” for the boxwoods… ( Rose Cover??) I have boxwoods, but they are well established – and withstand the winter now. (perhaps a different variety…) The branches coming off the magnolia are heartbreaking – we had high winds earlier in the week, and lost a pine… like missing a friend… every time I glance out the window – I do a double take because it looks so “weird” Take Care… Stay warm….

  16. Marty Oravetz says

    I don’t miss snow, but your home looks absolutely gorgeous all dress in white.

  17. Your place is beautiful! I know kids here in Delaware are pleased to see the snow. It was very wet snow so it didn’t stick to the roads. Maybe this early snow will put more people in the Holiday spirit. Enjoy!

  18. Your pictures are beautiful but I know what the snow can do to shrubs and trees. Especially if it is a wet heavy snow or ice. I’m sorry your beautiful magnolia tree has lost limbs due to this freaky snow storm. That stinks! Believe it or not, we (here near Gettysburg, PA) haven’t gotten any snow yet. Supposed to though, any where from a coating to 2 inches. Looks like you got more than that! In a place that doesn’t see snow much. This weather has been very crazy and of course it is blamed on Global Warming, but our earth has always went through different weather patterns. So who knows. lol Anyway the photo that your neighbor took is just stunning and would make a beautiful Christmas card. I know everyone told you that on instagram too. lol But it is! I don’t like the snow either-well I take that back, I don’t mind it if I don’t have to go out but you always have to don’t we?! Hugs, Brenda

  19. Susan, such a pretty picture of your house. I love snow because we don’t get it very offen here in Portland. But they were just saying a year ago today we had snow. I remember trying to knock the snow off my Graham Blandy boxwood. They are tall skinny ones about 12 feet tall and they completely splayed out. My others did pretty well, but I keep them pretty pruned so they don’t have the long branches to bend over. Good luck with yours. and hope your snow doesn’t cause too many problems.

  20. Your home does look beautiful. I’m in N.C. and we got it too. I’m from the North, and miss snow, especially around the holidays, so I am *thrilled*. Unfortunately, I lost a very large Camellia. We had topped it out last year, but the snow was just too heavy. I’m so sorry to have lost that beautiful tree.

  21. Rose Mary Lee says

    Your home is beautiful! The snow blanketing your home creates the perfect Christmas Card photo! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    P.S. So glad everyone got home and off the interstates in Atlanta this time!

  22. Nan, Odessa, DE says

    Susan, beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Are you certain your boxwood are dwarf English boxwood?
    They are the slow growing variety. Others can grow quickly!
    Happy holidays!

  23. Susan,

    Your house looks beautiful with all the snow! I talked to Michael this morning and he said you all had about 6 inches. He and Jamie lost one of their big trees in the back yard some time during the night. Evidently, Greenville SC where my youngest son lives is getting quite a bit also.

    It’s snowing right now in Maryland but not sticking to the ground. I have 10 people coming for a holiday brunch tomorrow so the snow can stay away! Btw, I decided to use the red chargers.

    Have a great weekend!! Stay safe on the roads.

  24. NO sNOw!!! Your magnolia tree is magnificent!!! Now…you’ve got some wreath making, etc. to do with those branches…*sigh* We’re getting sNOw sprinkles…not nearly as pretty as yours. COME ON SUN!!! franki

  25. Susan, your house is absolutely beautiful in the snow! I am not a huge fan, but like it once in a while. I am so sorry about your magnolia, but they are tough and I know he will be fine. We had cold rain all day yesterday and it is cloudy today, but I am hopeful for sunshine tomorrow. Stay warm!

  26. I really hope you are able to salvage the magnolia branches for some Christmas decorating–and then show us!

  27. Ditto to everything people have said about the beauty of your home in the snowstorm! That last picture should be your Christmas card for next year!

  28. I’m so jealous!!! I am one of those people that love snow! If it’s supposed to snow overnight, I can barely sleep. I keep getting up & looking outside! And no, I’m not 10 years old. :0) I heard about your snow on the news this morning. Texas got it too. Like mentioned above, the Chicago area got a little dusting of snow. My friend in Indiana showed me how much more they’re getting. They get the lake effect snow. I agree with the others, your house looks beautiful with the snow!!!

  29. I’m in your camp, Susan. I love the beauty of snow in a photo, but living with it would not be my cup of tea. Your home is Christmas card perfect in the photo. As I said on IG, you should have some plates made using this image. The dovecote too! I think your boxwood will recover. Sad about the magnolia tree’s limbs.
    Stay warm and cozy!

  30. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    I hated living in snow, but I surely do like looking at it from afar when it’s someone else’s problem. *L* This article might interest you re your plants:

  31. I’m about 800 miles north of you…Wisconsin…a good days drive. Cannot believe you have more snow than we do…we only got a half inch last night!
    Your home looks beautiful blanketed with snow, though. Sorry to hear about your magnolia tree…we don’t have those up here. But, any tree that can grow a new top, is aces with me! Enjoy your day! 😉

  32. As a Canadian girl , I love the snow. Not so much the cold weather though. Hopefully your weather smartens up, returns to normal and your plants aren’t too beat up. I think ice storms are the worst. Those cracking, breaking tree limbs are scarey. At any rate your house looks stunning! Could be in a magazine. Keep feeding your birds Susan. They will be very confused with the white stuff and chilly temp. As always, love your blog!!

  33. Marlene Stephenson says

    I love snow but, of course i don’t have to drive in it either. It is always so quite when it snows. Here in Okla. it was cold but no snow.

  34. What a beautiful scene! We had 5 inches here near Lanier and can use the little bit of extra moisture! Nice thing is its all melting and will be just a memory soon! Not like the midwest. Friends in CO were begging me to send it their way; they are abnormally dry this year. Go figure.

  35. Jane Franks says

    Oh, Susan, that’s beautiful! I wish you could send it ALL to me. I get so homesick this time of year. I’m from New England, Boston area, and now in the midsouth. Christmas just seems so blah to me without snow!! Not the spiritual side, but the “Dickens” side of it. Just doesn’t seem right to sing Christmas Carols and have decorations up without snow. Dry as a bone here! 🙁 Let’s swap houses for Christmas!!! I don’t like ice though, and that’s what happens here more than snow. Jane xo

    • It is pretty. I remember when I was growing up and I would get a bicycle for Christmas, it was miserable trying to ride it because it was so cold here in Georgia. I would usually put it away and not get to ride much at all until spring…it was too cold. I used to always wish that Christmas fell in the summertime. Australia is so lucky to enjoy Christmas when it’s nice and warm out and the kids can actually play with their outdoor toys without freezing to death. You would have loved this weather. There’s going to be a lot of clean up and some expense involved, I’m afraid. Hope I don’t have to hire a tree guy to cut down the limb that’s half broken on my Crepe Myrtle. Eventually, all the limbs that I see broken and hanging high up inside the magnolia will probably let go and fall, but I guess I should hire someone to get those out. So much damage to that tree this time around.

      • Jane Franks says

        I am sorry for the damage to your magnolia and shrubs. I hadn’t read that far when I wrote. It was interesting reading about getting your toys and beingtoo cold outside to use them. We got bicycles one Christmas, too, but usually we got sleds and ice skates and snow saucers! Of course, we could use those things right away! I think we even went ice skating on Christmas afternoon. We had an aunt & uncle who lived on a farm with a huge pond (it would be called a lake here), and it always froze over, so we would all go ice skating — adults and kids! My uncles and my Dad were good skaters. Then we had a neighbor with a huge hill behind their house, and all the neighborhood kids went sliding every afternoon after school, if we weren’t skating on the frozen swamp in the woods! So lots of winter fun! I can understand why snow in the south isn’t as much fun. It is too wet and doesn’t stay long enough to really enjoy. I can’t remember our snow breaking tree limbs and shrubs. It usually was dryer and fluffy. I hope you can save your magnolia. They are such gorgeous trees.

  36. Janice Tardi says

    I absolutely love your house and your decorating style! Such a cozy, beautiful home which I’ve admired so much that I just had to let u know. I’m currently having a home built. I wish I lived near u to get your ideas and opinions! Wishing u a wonderful Holiday season!

  37. Sorry for the fallen branches, those trees recover quickly. I am not in your camp!!! I love the snow and winter is my 2nd most favorite season. I am north of Rochester, New York and we have beautiful sunny weather and only 36 out there, but the snow is on the way tomorrow. Merry Christmas!!!

  38. Sandra D, Joliet says

    I’m near Chicago and we got just a thin coating of snow. It’s very windy so I was shivering outside. Snow is so beautiful to look at and I wouldn’t mind it so much if it snowed everywhere except roads, driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

  39. Lorrie Sutton says

    Oh my goodness I LOVED seeing your house with snow covering it! But I can see how damaging it would be, so sad. I’m in Southern California and we are at 80 degrees today and pretty much the rest of the week. Still light winds, and the fires are burning (All north of me and no threat at the moment, thank heaven!). I had packed away the pool toys, but I may be dragging them out again…hoping for more winter-like weather soon! (For us, that’s anything under 65 degrees!)

    • I wish I could somehow dump all this snow in my yard and in my trees on the fires in CA. Glad you’re not at risk, Lorrie. Sounds like you could enjoy a swim with them temps you’re seeing.

      • Regality (aka The Quing) says

        I have several family members in SoCal in the evac. zone. So far they’re all okay. I’m sure they’d agree to accept your kind wish.

  40. Susan, I think on Monday you should check with your local Nursery to discuss just which type of Boxwood you have and how snow removal should be handled. Here in Northern Virginia the recommendation is usually to let the snow remain on low bushes since trying to knock it off brittle cold branches can do more harm than good. We only lightly brush plantings that are tall and badly bent from the weight of snow. I know it is hard to see your new bushes covered but they may be okay. I know it is hard to see the magnolia lose branches, as someone else commented Manolia’s can bounce back. You do now have a great supply of Magnolia leaves for holiday decorating. Keep us informed. We got only a dusting of snow here, just enough to make it look very Christmas like. Stay warm. MM

    • The large bushes are Green Beauty Boxwood and the two small ones up front on either side are Baby Gem Boxwood. The two skinny tall ones are Green Tower Boxwoods. I planted every one, so I know them by heart. 🙂
      Well, it’s too late now, unfortunately. I probably should have left them alone. I was pretty gentle about it, but they seem to have ice crystals on the branches now…so maybe I should have left the snow. 🙁 I hope they recover okay. I know the magnolia will eventually. Unfortunately, the way you signal to a plant to fill out and increase in width is to trim the top. Hope the magnolia doesn’t think that way because it’s already way too wide. I didn’t plant it there, just inherited it when I moved here. But I do love it. Wonder if they grow magnolia trees in Ohio, I need to look that up.
      It’s such a mess here now, will take a while to clean up. Lost a big branch off my Crepe Myrtle, too. 🙁

  41. Over closer to Acworth we had steady snow all day and night, 11+ inches, and no power for 20 hours!

  42. Your “Winter Wonderland” looks so beautiful! I have to say…..I LOVE the stuff – especially at this time of year! Not in March though! 🙂 I’m always ready for the daffodils by then! It’s snowing lightly here in Oxford, Ohio, and want more to come, but I think we are near the end. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!
    Ps. I LOVE your post and follow it always! 🙂

  43. That last picture really is magical what with the red bows and wreathes on the windows! I’m worried about your potted plants. How do they fare with their roots in a pot? Can your bushes take all the moving around of their “limbs” when they are frozen? Hope everything survives! Oh and the magnolia tree…so sad. I do like seeing snow but I would not want to live day to day in it and travel back and forth to work. Stay cozy inside!

  44. You should save the picture your neighbor took and use it for your Christmas card in 2018.
    As to your magnolia tree.. share all the greenery with friends and neighbors. Too bad you’ve already done your decorating. Can’t magnolias wreaths be sprayed and preserved from year to year? Our Magnolia when we lived in Maryland would also lose it’s top in storms but always grew a new one.
    I love your blog and the stories you share.

  45. Claudette Flanigan says

    It has been snowing here in CT since early morning. Not sure how many inches we will have. First snow of the season and I do love it. We have lots of bushes and trees and we never lose any of them.

  46. Susan, love your blog! Your home is lovely, frosted with snow. There are a number of cold hardy magnolias–Star, Saucer, Leonard Messel, Edith Bogue, Genie to name a few, as well as Sweet Bay which I grow here in Ohio. It’s flowers have a delightful citrusy fragrance. Be very gentle brushing the snow from your boxwood. They have a vascular system that will crack if frozen and then whacked, which will result in dead branches.

  47. Christmas card picture of your home by your neighbor. Sorry about your tree. The snow looks real wet & heavy.

  48. Your home truly does look magical in the snow Susan…I am sorry to see the branch fall from the Magnolia…We got snow but it has yet to stick to the ground yet…Stay safe and warm. Have a very Merry Weekend!

  49. Cyndi Raines says

    Well Susan, your house looks like it belongs in MI, not GA. The snow enhances it’s beauty this time of year, it does look like a Christmas postcard. So sorry about your beautiful Magnolia, hopefully it will recover. I have a Tulip Tree which is a northern version of the Magnolia. I love her PINK Tulip blossoms each spring, but then we always have to worry about a late frost. It can be very discouraging when the buds and early blooms are killed, after waiting so patiently for them after a long hard winter. Hang in there girl, it should melt pretty quickly with your Georgia sun. ☺

  50. Bobbi Duncan says

    Susan, your house looks like a Christmas card!!!! I’m in the love it camp…just doesn’t seem like Christmas without the snow. I like the way it sparkles at night when I look outside but am cozy on my sofa with the fireplace making me toasty warm. I think I also like it because, where we live, it doesn’t snow that often (I pray for a white Christmas) and we very rarely get an ice storm. When I lived in Williamsburg ice storms were the norm…lots of damage. Took a ride on our back roads yesterday and felt like I could cry…the rolling hills and valleys were so dream-like. I think snow is more tolerated if you live in a place where there is a good amount of countryside that is open and pristine looking than where it just ends up dirty from all the road traffic. Hope your gorgeous magnolia recovers. Burlap helps protect the shrubs. I am so behind this year…am still ordering gifts today! Hugs!

  51. Great pictures of your house and property. Looks so inviting and homey. Can I ask where you got those big lawn ornaments in the picture?

  52. Your place looks so lovely in the snow, but so glad it is there and not here!!

  53. Elizabeth Ann says

    Dear Sweet Susan
    You are such a joy! Your post makes me smile, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Your home is beautiful and the snow does add that winter wonderland effect.
    Our family and friends here in Pennsylvania certainly have our share of snow each year. Thank you for sharing your home and all of the ideas for Christmas decorating. Have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  54. Sharon Ferguson says

    Really enjoyed the pictures of the snow. Haven’t had a good snow in our area of Northwest Louisiana for years.

  55. Victoria Austin says

    I love the look of all that beautiful blanket of snowy goodness! Especially your lovely home! It looks like Christmas perfection and should be on a Christmas card. But if I lived where it snowed often, I doubt I would be out in it very much either. I would be in my warm jammies by the fire reading books and drinking…drinking cocoa! LOL Or…something to keep me warm. Love your blog and just rediscovered it recently needing inspiration for this year’s Christmas table. Do you do consultations? Or better yet, do you do tablescape design work for inspiration-less (tired and overworked) women like me? Help!

  56. Susan your home looks beautiful all covered in snow but I can understand what a pain it is! Last year we had a hard freeze when our plants were all still new. It took until this fall for some of them to reach their potential.

  57. Your house looks so beautiful with the snow! We had snow down here in Mandeville, LA (across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans) all day Friday too. It was so beautiful! When I woke up on Saturday I thought it was raining outside, but it was the snow melting off of the roof – never heard that before!

  58. Susan B. Jones says

    Wow that last picture of your house is gorgeous! I am over here in the Athens area and all we got was just a little dusting of snow Saturday morning. And that was totally fine with me. I really don’t care for it, either.

  59. Post card perfect, Susan! -Brenda-

  60. Jennifer Legore says

    Don’t fret, think about how wonderful your will look in the spring. All that wonderful water from the snow will bring you some beautiful flowers.

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