A Spring Table Setting on the Porch

Welcome to the 109th Tablescape Thursday!

Happy Tablescape Thursday! Come on out on the porch…it’s a beautiful day!

We don’t have breezes today so we’ll just turn on the fans and make our own breezes. The weather is positively perfect…not too hot and not too cold…just right for dining on the porch.

I have beautiful new china to share with you today…it just called for a special centerpiece of pretty flowers.

I found some pretty Alstroemeria at the super market and filled in with a sedum that’s currently blooming in my garden. It’s called, ‘Autumn Joy‘ and the flower heads go from rosy pink to a lovely russet as fall arrives. By the way, this photo really surprised me. The background came out sooo white, which really showed off the brilliant colors in the flowers. You’d think I dialed up the contrast for this shot, but I didn’t.

After I created my floral arrangement, I discovered I brought a few “friends” in with the Autumn Joy cuttings. Yep, this pic will definitely end up in my blooper post on January 1st. Are you saving your funny “uh-0h” pics from 2010 for our Blooper Party on January 1st, 2011. My Blooper folder is getting pretty fat. (LOL)

For this tablesetting, I layered vintage cutwork linen napkins inside fluffy organza sheaths. They reminded me of beautiful, frilly petticoats…remember those?

This gorgeous china is Modern Butterfly by Mikasa. Let’s remove the layers, starting with the soup bowl…

The salad…

And the dinner plate…

I’ll be over here chasing down some ants while you enjoy the rest of the pics…

As evening approaches…it’s time for a little candlelight:

Chargers: Neiman Marcus, years ago
Modern Butterfly , provided by Mikasa
Crystal: Fair Lady by Lenox from 1978
Flatware: From HomeGoods
Napkins: Found in a local antique store
Organza Sheaths: The Magnolia Room, Marietta, GA
Beaded Napkin Rings: Old Time Pottery
Flowers: Alstromeria and Autumn Joy
Pillar Candle Lanterns: Marshalls
Pillar Candles: Provided by
Colonial Candle

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  1. Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful says

    Wow, I have never seen this Mikasa pattern, and I love to lurk in china departments! It's really stunning. I think the organza over the napkins is reminiscent of delicate butterfly wings — lovely touch! And, yes, I am old enough to remember petticoats!

  2. Love your tablescape. The candlelight is just stunning. Love that flower pic too with all of the contrast. Very pretty!

  3. ♥ Sonny ♥ says

    The butterfly plates are so pretty. Dinner by candlelight is always so much prettier than by regular light.
    thank you for hosting this party.


  4. Happier Than a Pig in Mud says

    Absolutely beautiful! The candle light is fantastic and I can't help but think how fun those napkins could be with Halloween coming up:@)

  5. I think my favorite part about that china is the variety of colors in it. There are so many ways you could go.

    Now, the way that YOU chose to go was beautiful,and those napkins did look like crinolines.

    I thought that table was pretty in the daylight, but with the candles? LOVED it.

  6. Gorgeous as always, Susan! I love the way you combined purchased flowers with seasonal ones from your garden — perfect! The ant is hilarious … I've brought "critters" in SO many times … hitching a ride on flowers from the garden!

    Your pictures by candlelight are pure magic! You're our inspiration and always will be. Hail to the Queen of Tablescape Thursdays!

    With fondest regards,

  7. Crinolines we called them! I remember my older sisters starching them and drying them over an umbrella so they would stay full!

    I love that pattern. You can use it with so many colors! Very different than anything I have. I would love to see it on black. Could you whip that up? LOL

    My Autumn Joy are covered with bees, I am scared to death of them!!! You were brave!

    Beautiful table, Susan, Thank you!

  8. Hi Susan,
    Beautiful! I especially love the candlelight. your bouquet is so pretty too.
    Thank you for hosting,

  9. Pam @ diy Design Fanatic says

    A beautifully set table, as usual Susan! Thanks for hosting!

  10. This is really a pretty table, and the little ants were only noticed by you! The candle light is always so pretty and the flower arrangement sweet for a early fall evening!

    Ditto to Debbie's comment about the variety of colors giving so many ways to set a table with this beautiful pattern.

    Perfect discription for the petticoats napkins. I suspect these don't itch like some of my crinolines did!

    Thanks for the beautiful post!

    From Virginia

  11. Crafty Housewife says

    What an incredible idea for the napkins, I just love the organza! The new dishes are most beautiful as well!

  12. Dining Delight says

    I like the name "Modern Butterfly" just as much as I do the pattern, very pretty! Your centerpiece is gorgeous and you are right, what a nice contrast with the white background! The pillar candle holders from Marshalls are perfect with your 'scape. As always, thanks for hosting TT!


  13. The butterfly china pattern is so pretty and so perfect for your table setting. Those flowers are lovely, too and worth the ant chase!

  14. The butterfly china pattern is so pretty and so perfect for your table setting. Those flowers are lovely, too and worth the ant chase!

  15. Southerncook says

    Such a beautiful table setting on your porch. My TT post is on my porch as well. Being in N FL I can enjoy it for a while longer.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  16. Looked at Mikasa…loved the Tuscan Countryside … love your tablescape! Gorgeous!

  17. Another gorgeous table on your porch. I'm looking forward to browsing Tablescapes tomorrow, always my favorite blog day of the week 🙂

  18. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    Oh Shoot! Now I want some of those organza pieces to put over napkins. How pretty that looks! That china is so unique, and your flowers look gorgeous! Every time I cut flowers from the garden, it seems I end up with ants. You'd think I'd start doing something to prevent them. laurie

  19. So…so…pretty! Everything is so warm with the candle light sparkling and reflecting off from the glass ware and silver.

  20. Life on the Edge says

    I love the freshness of this mostly white table. It makes those flowers and pretty dishes really stand out, and it also makes for such a pretty rosy glow in candlelight! The crystal is really beautiful too!

    It's been a while since I have participated in Tablescape Thursday. It's fun to be back!

    Life on the Edge

  21. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    Your table is lovely — especially by candleglow. Love your new dishes.

  22. Yellow Rose Arbor says

    I like your beautiful new butterfly dishes! I still want those chargers!!

    Thanks for hosting!


  23. Susan, your table is beautiful. I love those chargers. Happy Fall! La

  24. G'eve Susan ~ This is the most romantic, elegant table scape I've seen in a good while. The details you have touched this table with are fabulous.

    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  25. ~CC Catherine says

    Hi Susan! Love the post on the porch! It's my favorite setting for your Tablescapes! I love the sheer sheath for over the vintage napkins! I've had sheer sheaths in the past that I've picked up and I never thought of putting cloth / vintage napkins inside them. blush/blush! Seriously, this is a huge "aha" moment for me and I'm going to definitely use mine that way the next time. I've totally never used the sheaths, and have actually used them to wrap small gifts as a way to embellish the item. But, now I get to actually use the ones I have left! Love the ant you captured in the pic! Lovely display/floral arrangement! Loved the post! 🙂 Hugs friend! ~CC Catherine

  26. Lady Katherine says

    How lovely the porch looks this time of the year! I know your enjoying it so. The Pattern of the dishes is wonderful. The table is so pretty even with a few ants. Love the stemware and napkin. The bouquet is beautiful!

  27. I really like your table setting, Susan. It's simple but very elegant and looks very clean. The flowers are gorgeous and the dishes are gorgeous. I will have to sign up for the giveaway….Christine

  28. Purnima@a creative project says

    Your vintage table linen is beautiful!! Your tablescape looks lovely !!

  29. I really liked the Mikasa butterfly dishes, they are so pretty. When I looked at the Mikasa web site I found the dishes I have been looking for, they are perfect, the Brava Rooster pattern. I just love your tablescapes, they are candy for my eyes.

  30. Such beautiful dishes..your table is lovely..

  31. Entertaining Women says

    I've really come to look forward to Tablescape Thursday each week. I've met so many wonderful people through your meme. The Mikasa New Butterfly is a lovely pattern, and you used it to optimum effect. I thought that we were supposed to always try to have at least one ant incorporated into our tablescapes! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous design. Cherry Kay

  32. Farah Muzaffar says

    Hello Susan… its impressivly beautiful, specially when you lit up the candles… what a novelty in it… Yes china are great, love them specially because of their variety in colours, so you can go for any combination… And your idea to table napkins were really great and it gives the napikns a very delicate touch… Very lovely over all.
    Love Farah


  33. Hi Susan,
    yes, you made another great table with this colorful Mikasa set. Just wonderful. I can understand the ant completely that it want to enjoy this nice tablescape! Wish I coud be on its place. Not literally, but at least on a chair! I am so sorry, that I have not the time to visit all the participants, I always have enjoyed that. But maybe next week I will make a contribution to TT.
    Wish you a very nice weekend!
    Greetings, Johanna

  34. Absolutely everything is gorgeous! What a wonderful sense of style you have!

  35. Edie Marie's Attic says

    109th tablescape?? Wow! That's a lot of dishes!! (just kidding) Always love to see what you create… gorgeous as always!

    Hugs, SHerry

  36. Elegant and beautiful, ants and all.

  37. Nancy's Notes says

    The entire room is breathtaking! Love your new dishes, on my, they are just beautiful!!

    Enjoy your day~

  38. Kate Dickerson, C'est si Bon! La Joie de Vivre! says

    Such unusual china – I love that it has an arty feel to it.

    I am laughing about your ants, but it's a sign that your flowers are fresh from the garden, so not all bad!

    The whole table is so pretty!!

  39. Remember that old Carly Simon song, "Nobody does it Better", well that's your tablescapes. Always stunning and unusual.

    Recently some ladies at my church chased a green lizard among the pews. One of them threw a songbook at him. He had hitchhiked in among the ferns.

  40. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Connie…that is too funny! Better ants than lizards! LOL I hope he got away!

  41. As always,this looks stunning!

    Susan,My tribute to em' "Dawgs"(your fav team) was fun.If you have time to visit LazyonLoblolly check it out,nothing fancy!

  42. Cass @ That Old House says

    Oh Susan, I ALWAYS find an ant or two on the Sedum I cut and bring in the house — now when I cut it I put it upside down in water before bringing it in. Sometimes there's still a brave little ant soul clinging to the flowers!

    Gorgeous tablescape — LOVE the butterfly china. A charming mix, your table, of sophisticated colors and shapes, and just good ol' PRETTY!

  43. Your very happy dishes lend themselves to many different tablescapes on the porch!

  44. Actually, the Butterfly pattern is so vibrant and beautiful!!! I think it's my favorite!!! Teri

  45. Fifi Flowers says

    FUN butterfly plates!!!

  46. Hi Susan, nice giveaway! Hope you'll stop by and link it up to our new Giveaway Friday party tomorrow. We're just getting started and would be honored by your support! Jane F

  47. Sharing with Sherri says

    Such a pretty tablescape Susan! the fresh flowers are incredible! I know exactly what you mean about the little friends that come along with them. I had made a bouquet from some flowers in my yard once that had tiny white spiders in them… Then for several years I kept finding them in my house!! Roses are famous for earwigs around here too! Probably why I use dried and silks more often these day, lol!

    Happy Fall!
    Hugs, Sherri:)

  48. Hi Susan, I went to MIkasa and I think my new love is the Modern Butterfly! I really like the colors, they are so brilliant and I am starting to lean toward primary colors in my kitchen. I would love to win!
    Your table looks so pretty as usual!

  49. So many great colors in that gorgeous china. As always your table is beautiful…I love the candlelit photos…it's magical.

  50. Susan, Thanks for giving your readers a chance to have a set of these wonderful dishes. I,too, would also love to win my 1st giveaway!
    My favorite is Antique Orchard, but I think the Modern Butterfly is so fun and you have shared great ideas for us to consider. Love the whimsy!
    I have posted at the Mikasa website and requested to be on their mailing list too!
    Dont have time to twitter tho: Facebook, reading blogs and a job are enough for me!

  51. Table is beautiful! I am new to this and came across your blog looking a tablescape photos My favorite is Love Story but I do also like Modern Butterfly! Thanks for sharing your wonderful table ideas! Love it!

  52. Wedding Napkins says

    Such a wonderful table landscape. I really enjoy seeing your photos.The wedding napkin is so simple but elegant 🙂

  53. Coolest table setting I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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