Three Tablescapes: Baby Shower, Beachy & Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone! Hope your week was fabulous! Any great plans for the weekend? I hope wherever you live…the weather is as awesome there as it is here.

A few months back, I was blessed to receive some delightful pics of tablescapes created by three readers of BNOTP. I thought I’d share their wonderful tables today…along with the info they sent about how they were inspired to create them.

Kathy from Murray, KY told me, “I thought I’d share with you a table decoration I recently did for my daughter-in-law’s stork luncheon at a restaurant in Memphis, Tn.”

Kathy, (second from the left) thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pics. I loved it and I know it will give other folks some ideas for future baby shower events.

Another BNOTP reader, Jo, sent pics of two adorable tablescapes she created this past summer. I apologize for taking so long to get these posted, Jo…life gets a little crazy on the porch sometimes. (LOL)

Jo told me, “Because of working full time and also not having that many dishes, I change my table setting for the seasons. Just wanted you to see my June, July and August theme. The first table is for my grandchildren. The tablecloth is a $12 beach towel from Walmart.”

Jo continued, “The adult table and children’s table were basically done by shopping at the Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Walmart! The tablecloth is a 3 yard piece of fabric I picked up at a bargain store after I’d already done my table setting. Thanks for all you and the others do to encourage people like me to make our lives more beautiful!”

Jo, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful tables with us. And, thanks for showing us that folks don’t have to spend a lot to create wonderful table settings for their families.

Vernice shared these beautiful pics of a lovely fall/Thanksgiving tablescape she created.

Vernice, thanks so much! This table setting has provided so much inspiration for the fall season and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

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  1. Nellie's Cozy place says

    Hi Susan,
    Wow, I'm the first to leave a comment, can't believe it, that's only cause I am up so early on a Sat. to make medicine. lol
    Thanks for sharing these lovely tablescapes with us. Kathy your restaurant shower turned out lovely and was so intimate, your sweet touches made things look elegant and colorful, know your daughter must have loved it, and Jo I really loved your summer tables they were just adorable and so colorful, and great to see such beauty and fun without spending a fortune Know your family must really enjoy them,
    great idea by the way to change them seasonally, and Vernice
    what a lovely Autumn table, loved all your pumpkins, and warm Fall
    colors, so pretty.
    Hope you all have a Happy Fall!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Wow! These are such pretty tables! I agreee, Susan…thank you for all you and the other poster/bloggers do to encourage and inspire us to make our lives more beautiful! Without y'all I wouldn't have decided to take the plunge and decorate my table more often and boy, has it paid off! My family and friends can't wait to see what I've done and it sure does boost a person's confidence!!! They examine every little thing, ooh and ahhh over the decorations and table settings and while this makes them feel so special that I did it for them it makes me feel even happier!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  3. I just left a comment and it disappeared??? I wanted to thank you for sharing these beautiful tables and these ladies talents!!! Hope you have a great weekend too!!! XO, Pinky

  4. Hi Susan! Loved all the various table settings! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Good idea to post these on Sat! Thurs there are so many and I don't get to all of the lovely scapes, though I try!
    Hot today here, a beach day!

  6. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    Thanks for sharing these Susan — it's always fun to see more dishes and tabletop inspirations.


    Hi Susan, Thanks for sharing these tables with us, always looking for inspiration every where! I hope you have fun at Home Goods!

  8. All the tablescapes were beautiful -the one ofr the babyshower was lovely and I'm sure made the new mother feel very special and loved , the summer scape -How cool to use a beach towel for a tablecloth -geat idea and he autumn setting -where did she get the darling pilgrams ?

  9. Dearest Susan,

    Good for visiting you after a long time… Husband Pieter is recovering fine from his quadruple bypass. So finally I got to do my blog round again!

    Sunny greetings from Georgia,


  10. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Mariette,
    Hope hubby is recovering well!

  11. Life on the Edge says

    What fun to see all of these! They are all terrific. While the first is so elegant and beautiful (and what new mommy-to-be wouldn't feel extra blessed), and the Thanksgiving one was so warm and welcoming, I have to say that the ones that really resonated with me were the tables by Jo. First of all, I love blues, my favorite color. Then I love that she did it on the cheap, just like I do. She is a perfect example of how inexpensive and thrifty does not have to mean cheaply done though. I am wild about her colors and the whimsy!

    Thanks for sharing all of these!

    Life on the Edge

  12. Just curious about how you serve. You seem like a woman after my own heart with such similar tastes and set up in your home. I do different stations such as you when I have a large party and have a buffet. However, yesterday you said you planned a dinner party for eight, I’m sure you eat in your dining room because it’s so lovely, a pity to not do it. However, do you allow your guests to serve off the sideboard, do you serve them, or do you put your food on the table. I’m never quite sure about which people like the best and I just want people to feel comfortable. If I served them myself from the kitchen I would never sit down. What do you think and what do you do?

    • Gayle, the parties I have are always casual, even though I’m using “the good stuff” on the table. 🙂 So I just place all the dishes around the counter in the kitchen and my guests just take their plate from the table and help themselves. I usually bring the tea and wine etc… into the dining room and it’s on the sideboard in case folks want refills during the meals. I do serve the dessert from the sideboard. I’ll be posting tomorrow about a dinner party I was invited to at a friend’s house and the way she did it was she just passed around the food. It started on one side and went around the table. Everyone just served their plate and then she put it back in the kitchen. The only thing that didn’t work well for was a HUGE platter on which she had the main course and some veggies. That platter was so large, one of the guest carried it around the table (like they do in Downton Abbey) and each person just helped themselves from the platter as he brought it around. Hope that helps a little. I do think it’s important that the hosts enjoys their party so like you, I want to be able to sit down…so that seems to work well. Folks don’t seem to mind getting up to walk a few feet to the kitchen for seconds if they wish. 🙂

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