My Absolute Favorites For Spring Cleaning The Porches And The Garage

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The temps here this week have been so nice, reaching into the 70s almost every day. It’s 72° outside as I type this. With the daffodils and redbud trees in full bloom now, I’m itching to get out on the porch and do some serious spring cleaning. Once the pollen hits, I know it will need it again, but it will feel so good to at least get a head start in readying the porch for summer.


My favorite way to clean the porch floor after giving it a good blow-out with my favorite cordless DeWalt leaf blower (available HERE)  is my Mopnado spin bucket. I like this method for mopping the porch because I never have to touch the yucky mop or squeeze it out. It does that for me! Plus, it’s super convenient for pulling around to where I need it as I mop.


Mopnado Mopping System


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Mopnado is available now, I’ve had mine for quite a few years, but this one looks very similar and has a 4.6 star rating after 49,352 reviews. It’s available here: Spin Moping System.



The other cleaning product that is an absolute must when I’m cleaning the porch is my favorite Super Cleaner (available HERE). I never let myself run out of this cleaner because I use it so much around my home.


Super Cleaner for Leather Seats Upholstery and Carpet, Works for Denim Transfer


It cuts through really tough dirt and grime faster than any other product that I’ve ever tried. I love using it to clean the molding and trim work here on the porch. It’s also great at removing any mildew/mold that may accumulate on the molding around the doors during the winter months. I could not clean this porch without it!


For the garage floor, I use the cleaner that Granite Garage gave me, which smells very much like the Pine Sol product I remember from my childhood. But if I get a really tough stain on the garage floor that isn’t responding to the GG cleaner, the Super Cleaner gets it out every time. Honestly, if they ever stop making it, I will be devastated because it works so much faster and with less elbow grease than any other cleaning product that I’ve used. Nothing compares! It also works great on denim transfer stains as seen in this previous post: My Absolute Favorite Cleaner for Removing Denim Transfer Stains.) You’ll find this amazing cleaner available here: Super Cleaner.

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


While we are talking about the garage, I have a favorite cleaner that I regularly use for my floor-standing, stainless steel tool chest here in the garage. I don’t have stainless appliances in my kitchen, but I used to have a stainless steel grill and it worked great on it, as well.

Complete Garage Makeover


I first discovered this stainless steel cleaner when I was looking for something to clean fingerprints and dirt/smears off the tool chest.


I use this chest a lot, almost daily. The door side is where I store suet for the birds, hummingbird feeders, and other birding stuff, in addition to the tools that I so often need around the house, so it can easily get covered in fingerprints and look messy. Since the chest is the first thing I see when I pull into my garage, I like keeping it looking nice and clean. Love this stainless steel cleaner for that! You’ll find it available here: Stainless Steel Cleaner.

Garage Organization


I changed up my cleaning cloths a bit last year. The ones I had been using were starting to show some wear so I purchased these and I really do like them. They are nice and large and work great with the cleaners I use on the porch and in the garage. If you could use some great cleaning cloths this spring, you’ll find these available here: Cleaning Cloths. Tip: I purchased them in white but I wish I had purchased them in this darker blue color since white is hard to keep white when you’re using it for cleaning. Lesson learned!



Happy Spring Cleaning!

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  1. Franceil Parde says

    What IS IT…about Spring Cleaning…almost, instinctively…like migrating birds… It is an urge to…get it done…need to order that cleaner!! franki

  2. Thanks for all the cleaner suggestions so timely and helpful. What do you recommend for a safe and effective wood cleaner? Painted kitchen cabinets are pretty but show every little speck. Murphy’s has been disastrous on ours. Would appreciate an option

  3. Susan, Ok, I finally am ordering the Car Guy stuff. You’ve sold me! 🙂 And I had to chuckle at the typo….’Spin MOPING System’. That is how I feel when I have to mop…MOPING when I do it, not my fav chore at all. In fact, I would rather do just about anything. But may have to try this system to ease the pain. Have a great Spring season!

    • Oh my gosh, I actually spelled that with two Ps at first and then removed one. Argggh! I was right the first time, but yeah, mopping isn’t high on my list of fun activities. Hahaha!

  4. Susan, I’ve said this before, years ago, when I first found your blog, but I am absolutely gobsmacked over your porch! It is simply fabulous!

  5. Roxanne Bernard says

    Immediately ordered the Car Guy product to clean my porch (just up the road in Clemson!). I really try to wait until the pollen is over around the end of April, but the beautiful weather on Monday has me antsy already. Definitely want anything to make the job easier; a few years ago I lost my balance on the ladder and jumped backwards onto concrete. It shattered my heel into 7 pieces. I literally spent the entire summer on my porch bc I couldn’t walk for 4 months (but my porch was clean!)

    • Wow, that sounds so painful! Ladders are so dangerous, makes me want to think twice about getting on one this spring to clean the high up spots. I hope your heel is okay now, Roxanne. ♥

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