Fastest Way to Remove Fuzz and Pills from Winter Sweaters

Since we’re deep into sweater weather where I live, I’ve been very tempted to try out one of the battery-operated sweater shavers, the kind that removes pills and fuzz from sweaters. I’ve been using a sweater comb and it does work just fine, but with the number of sweaters I have, and wear (I wear one almost every day) it can take a while to de-fuzz them all.


Recently, I ordered the sweater shaver you see on the right in the picture below, then remembered shortly after it arrived that I had purchased one from Brookstone a few years back. I found the Brookstone shaver buried back in a closet and tried it out on one of my sweaters. It worked okay but because of its size (it’s the one on the left below) I found it awkward and clumsy to use. I think that’s why I quit using it a few years back.

I started to return the one on the right when it arrived since a couple of you warned me in the comments on a previous post that they can sometimes cut a sweater. Yikes! I decided to go ahead and give it a try before returning it since the reviews had been quite good. I tried it out today on the two sweaters seen in the background below.

Sweater Shaver for Removing Fuzz and Pills


One of the reasons I initially chose this shaver is because it looked like it would be easy to maneuver due to its design with the long handle and smaller head. It was!Lint, Fuzz, Pill Remover for Sweaters


I also liked that it’s rechargeable, so I wouldn’t have to deal with replacing batteries.

Rechargable Lint-Fuzz Remover for Sweaters


You may remember this sweater when I first purchased it a year or two back. I love this sweater but I don’t wear it as often as I’d like because it does tend to fuzz up rather easily. (The little white specks on the sweater are not fuzz, they’re just part of the design.)

Blue Fair Isle Sweater


Here’s how the right side looked today before I used the shaver on it. The left side looked just as fuzzy and pilly.

Removing Sweater Fuzz and Pills


Here’s how it looked after I shaved it with the new sweater shaver. I can’t get over how fast it was and how smooth the sweater looked afterward! It literally looks brand new, like the day I brought it home! I am pretty much in love with this shaver now!

Best Way to Remove Pills and Fuzz from Sweaters


How To Avoid Damaging Your Sweater with a Battery-Operated/Electric Sweater Shaver

So I was thinking about the sweater cutting concern and I think I may know a way to avoid that problem. Ya know how sometimes you’ll catch a sweater on something and get a big pull? I just did that yesterday as I was getting out of the car. I was wearing another sweater and I caught it on the clasp of one of my handbags. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it at first so my sweater ended up with a big pull sticking out.

I was able to pull the big snag back through to the other side, but it dawned on me that if I were to get a pull like that and not realize it, then used my sweater shaver, the snag could end up being cut. So, I think electric/battery-operated shavers are safe to use, as long as you look over a sweater first to make sure there aren’t any nasty pulls sticking way out that could be cut. If your sweater is just covered in fuzz and little pills like these two were, I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about.

Sweater Shaver for Removing Fuzz and Pills


I was really pleased with how this one worked. I will still use my sweater combs when I travel since they are so easy to pack in a suitcase, but I love this sweater shaver for using here at home. It definitely makes the de-pilling/de-fuzzing go a lot faster.

I couldn’t believe how much fuzz it removed! The little chamber where the fuzz collects is very easy to empty. It’s easy to tell when it needs emptying because the motor starts to slow down and will actually stop. I found I could pretty much de-fuzz a sweater before it needed emptying. Emptying it takes about 10 seconds because you can just shake or blow the fuzz out.

Best Sweater Shaver for removing Fuzzies from Sweaters


If any fuzz gets caught under the blade, which is removable, it’s easy to grab with the brush that comes with the shaver. It’s also easy to just pull the blade assembly off, but that’s really not necessary to empty the fuzz.

Cleaning a Sweater Shaver


I am so happy with how well it worked! Definitely recommend it if you have a lot of sweaters like I do and would like a faster way to de-fuzz them. You’ll find this one available here: Sweater Shaver.

Best Way to Remove Pills and Fuzz from Sweaters


If you are leery of using an electric sweater shaver, these are the two combs I’ve used and they do a great job, too. You’ll find these here: Sweater Combs for Cashmere and Wool.


Have you been noticed how the days are getting longer? The daylight is staying a little longer with each passing day. We’ll relish and enjoy these last days of winter; I do love having an excuse to wear sweaters and my cozy, warm Uggs. But I am getting excited at the thought of spring and warmer temps!

How about you? Are you ready for spring?

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  1. Eponine318 says

    I was talking about one of these with a co-worker just yesterday. I really needed one but wasn’t sure which were good and which weren’t worth the money. Thanks for this post!

  2. I was so curious to see how you’d like this one. And it looks wonderful! You obviously didn’t have any trouble on the cable knit part – that was my main concern. I have cut sweaters before, but maybe it’s because I had to push down too hard. This looks like you can be gentle with it and still get the job done. Thanks so much for the recommendation! ❤️

  3. Donna Nance says

    Boy howdy, I’m with you and ready for spring! I apparently hit a little raised spot in a sweater when using the shaver and it grabbed that little place and pulled the knit up. It was an older sweater I was experimenting on…lesson learned. Check the garment over carefully.

  4. I have had a couple of electric defuzzers and cut my sweaters, especially the finer cashmere. It didn’t seem to be catching a pill; rather, they were just too harsh. I think a heavier knit might be ok, but I would use caution on the finer wools. Lately, I have been using a simple man’s safety razor on mine, and it really works. I’m verrrrry careful, though. I think I should stick to my sweater comb for my really good pieces.

  5. Brenda Lawrence says

    I have had a sweater shaver but only used it a hand full of times. I did get a cut in a sweater I had worn and I didn’t have any pulls. But my sweater shaver was a cheap one, so not sure if that was the issue or not. I didn’t wear sweaters much-I was way to hot for them, so it wasn’t a problem for me especially after I totally quit wearing anything long sleeve or heavy. Again, it could have been my cheap shaver too. Glad you found one that worked great. They are nice to have when you wear a lot of sweaters as they do tend to get “sweater buggers”. lol Yes, I am ready for spring! lol Hugs, Brenda

  6. The best thing I have found for piling is small black block that resembles styrofoam. It is about the size of block sandpaper, used for hands sanding. Works great, cost $1.00. I found mine at the check out counter of my dollar store.

    • I purchased one of those from The Laundress online but returned it. It felt like it was ripping my sweater apart and making more fuzzies. Glad it worked for you, Claudia. Maybe I just wasn’t using it right.

  7. Please be oh-so-careful to assure the sweater is absolutely flat when you use your electric sweater shaver. If it hits a slight wrinkle, a hole will likely result. Over the years, I’ve tossed a couple of beautiful sweaters because they were knicked by that handy-dandy tool.

  8. You always find the greatest things!

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    Glad that new shaver worked for you Susan and I hope you never have any issues with it in the future as you have so many beautiful sweaters, I wouldn’t want to hear that any were damaged by it. You know that old saying, “Once burned, twice shy”, that’s me when it comes to those shavers. I have ruined too many pieces of clothing with 2 different shavers, so I just ordered the sweater combs you recommended. Also, received my mini leather wallet / credit card & coin purse you mentioned the other day and I too was impressed with the packaging and the wallet. Love the little bee. Great deal for the price. May order another for my sister. Love having you as a personal shopper who finds all these great bargains for us! Lol Thanks for making our lives easier. Hugs!

  10. As much as I love sweater weather, I’m more than ready for spring by the time February rolls around!

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