No Such Thing…

Some people believe in elves!

Have you ever heard of such a ridiculous idea?!

I mean, everyone knows there is no such thing as an elf!

But, if there was such a thing as an elf…

They would certainly never be caught baking.

What a silly, silly idea….

Elves baking, indeed!

Next thing you know, someone will say they make gingerbread houses!

Yep…definitely no such thing as elves!



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  1. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    No such thing as elves baking? You better not tell the Keebler people! : ) I'm not sure why, but your post made me think of that movie "Elf" with Will Ferrel {just saw it the other day}.

    I love this display, Susan. This is very cute and what a great piece to decorate your kitchen with!

  2. Very cute, Susan!…Christine

  3. Fairy Footprints says

    Oh how darling, I don't believe those little elfs could ever look so sweet. It looks as though they are stealing the bread lol. I adore your post, and no no I don't believe in fairies ;0)

    .•:*¨¨*:•.Blessings*¨2 U 4¨**¨¨*the holidays .•:*¨¨*:•.


  4. Ha! I thought about the Keebler's too. I blieve in any elf that makes me cookies.

    Or croissants. 🙂 Really cute display.

  5. Sewconsult says

    Cute! Yes, I believe. There are also elves who help the shoemakers. They are first cousins to the Brownies. My mother always wondered, aloud, if a Brownie would come to visit. That was her little hint for me to do some unasked task when I was of Brownie Scout age. I could use a group of brownies about now.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  6. I think they are the same little guys that my Irish great grandmother called the wee people. I believe in Wee people!

  7. Send those elves over here, I could use some help!!
    Very cute Susan…I wonder how they lift those huge loaves of bread..I bet they are magically delicious…oh, those are Leprechauns! 🙂

  8. What a cute decoration for your kitchen. It would be PERFECT for daughter Sarah (one of her majors is baking science) — love the elves. When Sarah was in quality control for Lucky Charms, we said that her job was to make Lucky Charms magically delicious!

    A great Christmas piece!

  9. So cute but it would never work in my kitchen. My hubby would totally eat my display!

  10. Love the Decor! says

    I love this display and yes virginia there is/are christmas elves 🙂

  11. The Stylish House says

    Wish those elves could visit my house. It would be great to wake up to a clean house and fresh baked bread!

  12. Sue (Someone's Mom) says

    Oh, so cute! I'm the only bread baking elf at my house! Wouldn't it just be wonderful if they did show up??


  13. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    Susan, this is just too cute for words. A few years ago when Mr. P was trucking we made a run to Ohio and drove right by the Keeblers home office. I was so disappointed there wasn't even a Keebler tree on the property. So, do some of us believe in elfs? Well, I guess I did at the (I'm actually ready for Thursday! yippee!!) hugs ~lynne~

  14. Adorable!

    'Wish some elves would come clean up after my little elves (grandkids) make their gingerbread house!

    Cute post!
    And now I want a croissant! Bread bin is empty ~ darn!

    All the best,

  15. What a beautiful post! Transported me to my childhood,

  16. Oh you are making me want some bread!!!! And – who ever said elves can't bake????

  17. Oh what cute e lves. I am sure they exist somewhere in our imaginations 🙂

  18. Quite entertaining! Photos are great and those elves better arrive on my doorstep to do some baking!

  19. Cute post! I believe in elves (and fairies too)!

  20. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    So cute! There's a "no such thing" on my table this week as well!

  21. texasdaisey says

    What a cute post. Oh how I wish I had little angels to do my baking. Be sure to enter my giveaway going on this week. Getting ready for a party after that I can't wait to sit down and just enjoy blogger land. I think I missed some of your posts this summer so I plan to sit with hot spiced tea and catch up. Mmmmmm dreamy.

  22. black eyed susans kitchen says

    Susan, We believe…after all, who would the fairies be playing with? I did get a kick out of the elves on the bagel.

  23. Six divided by two..... says

    Your elves are adorable!!!!!

  24. Cottage Dreamers says

    I wouldn't mind to be one of those elves with all the yummy giant breads around!

  25. That is just too cute!

  26. Do you think these little guys escaped from the Keebler Factory? These are too cute, and once again your creative ways have brought laughter to my morning. Susan, I can just imagine how much fun it was for your son when he was growing up. I bet he misses these whimsical moments from home.
    Thanks for sharing this adorable vignette. ~ Sarah

  27. Susan, this is an adorable post. And, I think those elves must have previously worked for Keebler.

  28. My Grama's Soul says

    What a cut display – it made me very hungry! A feast for the eyes.



  29. Tut tut tut – all these folk coming out and saying they DON'T BELIEVE IN ELVES? Why, that's like saying there's no such person as Santa Claus. How do they think Santa Claus would get through his workload if he didn't have elves to help him. Doesn't everyone know that baking bread and stuff is what they DO before the Christmas rush starts? Oh deary deary me. Well, I tell you this – just don't bother writing to Santa cos if you don't believe, he's not coming to your house!

  30. Cathy Miller says

    So adorable! I would have never thought of doing a display like this, but now, of course, I'll have to dash out and get some fake bread (I don't bake) and some elves and a little house for them…oh, Susan. My husband is going to want to speak to you again. I'm sorry I keep getting you in so much trouble with him. He's really harmless! LOL! Love, your favorite stalker.

  31. Carol at Serendipity says

    Your post just made me smile.


  32. Blogging To A Better Bonnie says

    What a happy little post on this gloomy grey day.
    Now I'm inspired to bake… where are those elves hiding? 😉

  33. Cute pictures!!!

  34. I sure wish there were decorating elves:):) And that they had been here the past 4 days to help me. Well, I have to admit, I DO have my own personal elf…..JOE! He is SUCH a big, wonderful help to me!!!! I am blessed! XO, Pinky

  35. Cottage Rose says

    Hi Susan; OH what a cute post… how did you sneak up on them to take a photo? How lucky you are to have then baking in your lovely kitchen… how cute they are,,,,, I do believe in them by the way,,,, wish they would stop by here…lol Have a great week


  36. If they don't bake, surely they clean! I would LOVE to have the elves come in and clean for me. 🙂

  37. Hi Susan, Your little elves and their story is just so cute. I have to mention how nice, bright and clear your photo's are. You should write children's books !!!

    Everyone's home is so colorful and lovely. My tv center is almost finished. I have my eye on a shelf to put above the tv. Might even jump in the car and go measure. Picky, picky, but I have to have the balance thing right.

    Keep turning out such good work and I'll be back for a peek.
    Have a nice week. Connie

  38. Yes, I believe there are elves because my husband and my son think that elves come and clean up the kitchen every evening after they go to bed. I wish.
    Very cute post.

  39. Beth@The Stories of A to Z says

    Your photography is beautiful and it makes me envious for a new camera. Perhaps instead of baking those elves could help me out by doing some factory camera work for me? No? Okay then, I'll settle for one of those yummy croissants.

  40. Linda/"Mom" says

    * Toooooooo tooooo precious, Susan!!! (And gee, it's been I-don't-know-HOW-long since I've had cute lil' elves in MY kitchen!!!… (Maybe a fairy or two, but no elves!!!)~~~

    I was AMAZED at your other posting, with the "city" going down the center of the table… saw it a few minutes ago, and once I picked my jaw up off the floor, KNEW it was TIME you write a book on this subject!!! (Instant stardom! Instant fame! Instant $$$! Instant GRATITUDE from many!!!)~~~

    Big hugs,
    Linda in AZ*
    [email protected]

  41. Tricia Anne says

    Oh how cute! :o)
    I just posted a question on my blog. Can you help me? Thanks! Trish

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