Tour Oak Hall, Waterfront Country Estate & Greek Revival Manor Home

What goes through your mind when you pass by a driveway like this? Does your heart yearn to know where it leads, if there’s an amazing house at the other end?

Well, today you get to find out because we are traveling down this beautiful driveway and what we’ll find on the other end does not disappoint!

Driveway leading to Oak Hall, Green Revival Manor Home


See what I mean…Oh. My. gosh!

Oak Hall, Greek Revival Manor Home on the North River in VA


Historic Oak Hall was built in 1918. This beautiful home sits on 52 acres alongside the North River in Gloucester, Virginia. It’s tucked away from the rest of world with amazing views no matter which way you look.

Beautiful Oak Hall, Greek Revival Manor Home


Did you notice it has a screened-in porch? Look at those sidelights! I’ve never seen such large, beautiful sidelights on either side of a door. Notice all the chimneys…going to be a lot of fabulous fireplaces inside this home!

Greek Revival Manor Home, Oak Hall


I love homes painted yellow but I guess you knew that from my blog banner.  The first two homes I owned, I painted English Ivory, an old Benjamin Moore color that’s a really pretty yellow. A yellow home with white trim just makes my heart sing. This house totally proves that yellow isn’t just a color for cute cottages.

The home is currently available for purchase and I’m so hoping the new owners don’t change the color.

Let’s go inside!

Oak Hall, Greek Revival Manor Home


Beautiful entry! Love the chest-0n-chest, such a versatile piece great for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, even an entrance foyer.

Oak Hall Entry


As you turn around and look back, this is the view out the front door. Wow!

Oak Hall Front Door, Lovely View


I’m not sure if this is the main living room or just a sitting room. Since this home has over 5,372 square feet of finished space, I’m thinking this may just be a sitting room and not the main family or living room. It also has 1,740 square footage of unfinished space. Wonder if that’s in a basement or in the attic, or both?

Living Room, Oak Hall Estate


The kitchen fireplace is amazing! Wonder what they cooked in there, back in the day? Do you think that’s a pizza oven below? Anyone know?

Kitchen in Beautiful Oak Hall_wm


Dining Room with a view to the porch…love the bold yellow they chose for the walls.

Dining Room in Beautiful Oak Hall Estate


Beautiful bedroom…love the color of the walls here, too. Look at those wonderful cathedral windows! One of my favorite features in older homes is how the rooms have so many windows. There’s even a little window seat…love that!

Bedroom in Oak Hall


This country estate has 5 bedrooms, a large Master suite, 4.5 baths and a guest apartment above the garage. It has 10 fireplaces! Wish we could have seen more of the inside. I wonder if the room above the screened porch was a sleeping porch at one time. It has that look about it.

Imagine the lawn parties one could have living here! Wouldn’t that be beautiful on moonlit nights! I see long, candlelit tables with white tablecloths fluttering in the breezes, string lights draped through the trees, wonderful music playing and the house all lit up, glowing from within.

Oak Hall, Greek Revival Manor Home on the North River in VA


With all the dormer windows in the attic, wouldn’t it be wonderful if those were additional bedrooms? I envision wonderfully cozy bedrooms with slanted ceilings, dormer windows and toile wallpaper. πŸ™‚

Beautiful Oak Hall, Greek Revival Manor Home


I love the red barn. I read in the listing that it was recently lost. I wonder what happened? That would have broken my heart for sure. I wonder if it was a tornado or a fire or what happened to it. I looked online but couldn’t find anything about it. Maybe the person who buys it will have a replica constructed. Wouldn’t be the same as the old one, would it?

Red Barn


Boat access and beautiful views…

Waterfront  Country Estate, Oak Hall in Virginia


Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. I thought YOU went into the home and I kept thinking it was a museum…but it looked like someone lived there? LOL!
    That view is enough. I tell you, I would live in a trailer home with that view!



  2. …and I did so want to see inside the porches!!! What a stunning home, same colour as mine, but definitely not the same size!!! πŸ™‚
    Am going to hop over to the listing to see more. Thanks Susan.

  3. Vicki Daugherty says

    Wow, wow, wow! I love this mansion. And Susan, look at the outside picture of the room above the screened in porch….see the arched window detail there? Aren’t those the same windows in the ‘sitting room’ and the red/coral bedroom? I think so! This should belong to a CEO and have uses associated with business with all those buildings on site. Thanks for sharing, this beauty made my cold, snowy day. Vicki in Louisville KY

  4. Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

    Ohwow …. so beautiful. Love the kitchen. Entrance hallway is stunning. All those lovely pieces of furniture. Sweet. Dining room is elegant, but also looks very cozy to enjoy meals. I will volunteer to stay in this house for a few weeks! Maid service included? Haa.ha.

  5. Gloucester, Virginia is a hop, skip and a jump from my house; 1 hr and 13 minutes according to Google. Come on up to VA and we’ll make a day of it!

    You have several readers from VA. We could have a BNOTP weekend πŸ˜‰

    Beautiful home, I going to the link to see what else they have in store.

  6. Wow! Words can hardly describe the magnificence of this house and surrounding land! It is truly spectacular! Thanks for sharing, Susan!

  7. Oh, wow! What a magnificent property. Can’t beat the view. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love the “character” of old homes. My house was built in 1919, and I can see similarities in the architecture, but in no way is it as beautiful as Oak Hall…at least not yet. A girl can dream πŸ˜‰

  8. We were fortunate to tour this home during “Virginia Garden Week.” What a pity they must sell…franki

    • Franki, that is awesome! Were all the bedrooms as beautiful as the one in the listing? Did you get to see what was in the attic where all the dormers are? Just wondering if that’s finished.

  9. Goodness. That is quite a property! Just as you say, every time I pass a drive like that I wonder what waits at the other end…glorious or awful πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the tour Susan.


  10. Beautiful home! I am surprised they did not have more photos, maybe I am just greedy. I love the yellow too, it is my favorite color. Thank you for the “English Ivory” I am putting it in my house wish book.

    • Charlotte, me too…I wanted way more pics! You can see Benjamin Moore English Ivory on our first home in this old post: I used the same color on my second house, also visible in that post, but I think the painter must have had it mixed elsewhere because it came out a bit bolder in color. I don’t know what you would get if you asked for English Ivory now but the color you see on our cottage house in that post was how it looked in 1981. Wonder if they save formulas from that long ago. πŸ™‚

  11. Doreen Krajzel says

    Hi Susan;
    Oh my goodness, what a Beautiful home!! Reminds me of the way I think a plantation home would look like in the olden days. How absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Love and Hugs, Doreen

  12. Peggy Thal says

    Beautiful home and property. The yellow is really bright but looks great. I live near Williamsburg and there are so many beautiful homes in Virginia. Sure would love a tour . Thanks for sharing.

  13. Oh, this is stunning! Ten fireplaces! Those views! Those windows! Everything is so lovely, it’s really heaven on earth. Maybe it’s because I’m used to NY prices, but 3mil is a steal!

    I feel like I just too a mini vacation. Thanks for sharing Susan!

  14. You asked about the fireplace in the kitchen, just so happens that a friend of mine has one similar to this & just as beautiful. It’s known as a Russian Oven. They are very practical in that they are used for both heating and cooking. There are several different ways of building them, the majority being used in the kitchen, but my friends was where one side was full open fireplace & other was the closed oven and it was the divider between their dining room and living room. it’s absolutely gorgeous. Here’s a link that tells a little about them, but, of course, there are many online:

  15. Thanks for the link…will check that out!

  16. Absolutely stunning, oh my golly, what a place! Oh I would just love to know allllll the stories and rich history of this magnificent home. Thanks so much for sharing this….but you are right……there’s just not enough pics to satisfy completely, is there?

    • Oh, Michele, wouldn’t it be wonderful to know all that…to be able to travel back in time and experience it for day. I wonder if they threw a huge party to celebrate after it was finished. Wonder what color it was back then…I hope it was yellow then, too. πŸ™‚

  17. bobbi duncan says

    Just loved this post…brought back so many fond memories of all the years I lived in Yorktown and Williamsburg, Va. I know people who have lovely plantations on the North River ( known as The Rivah and The Platinum Coast to the locals ). It is an amazing, peaceful area that truly does transport one back in time. John Lennon and Yoko Ono once owned a plantation on the North, which last went up for sale around 1996, I believe. This resembles their home, but with additions. The driveway also looks the same, but all the plantations there have those long, private entrances. I thought Oak Hall was the name of their home. Could this be one and the same? I, too, have always adored yellow homes….so cheerful. Thank you so much, Susan, for taking time out of your busy life to bring interesting subjects and beautiful pictures to get lost in for that relaxing part of any day… yours is my #1 go-to site that never disappoints, and your sense of humor makes it even more delightful. I lived in Marietta, Ga. in the early 90’s, which also makes your blog interesting to me because I can relate to most of the wonderful places you share, and the times spent in that very friendly and lovely part of this great country we live in. I now reside in the splendid Brandywine Valley on the border of PA. and DE. If you ever wish to come up our way I’d love to give you a list of insider’s places and amazing back-road tours not mentioned on the travel sites. P.S. I must add that I love your home and could get lost in lovely hours spent in your family room…s-o-o-o cozy!

    • Thanks so much, Bobbi! I do love those long driveways, wonder if they are a pain to maintain. They are beautiful and set the stage for the beautiful home that one finds at the end. Thanks, Bobbi…I hope you are staying warm up there, this has been a cold winter. They warned us in advance it would be. Wonder how those weather guys know this stuff in advance. πŸ™‚

      • bobbi duncan says

        Hi, again. Just a little added note to your nice reply…most of the homes on the North River, and many of the waterfront homes in the area utilize crushed oyster shells for their long driveways ( probably more economical ). As Doreen noted, the sales price is very reasonable. but that part of Va. is, perhaps because it is not real close to much…Gloucester center is 20+ minutes and not much shopping and Williamsburg is almost an hour away. The folks I know that live there relish the fact that they live in a beautiful, private, and unspoiled paradise off the beaten path. I just loved visiting, but it is a little too far out for the shopping needs of most folks, and cultural venues are also far away. People there boat to many places and have enough land for horses, saltwater pools, and tennis courts to keep them busy. Even with all the millions they are worth, the folks I know are so down to earth and very friendly. It is a charming part of VA. with amazing plantations that, unfortunately for us house lovers, are not able to be viewed due to those l-o-n-g driveways. Always wished I could fly…wouldn’t that be wonderful?

        • Sounds like the perfect place to live, far away from all the traffic and craziness, but not too far. Sounds perfect and the people sound wonderful! Thanks Bobbi for sharing that window into the area.

  18. I just wanted to tell you that you have just gained another follower. I found you through another blog I am following and since I am going to be giving new focus to my own blog while I dream up my dream house I will be visiting your site for inspiration quite often.
    This manor is simply stunning, although I have to admit I am not a fan of yellow but this beauty pulls it off well.

  19. What a gorgeous home and property..I could out on the porch and enjoy that beautiful view all day!

  20. This is how image my mansion will look like in heaven. It is Beautiful! I just love it. The view is just something else. Thanks for sharing.

  21. mona lundy says

    Hi! Love your posts and the gorgeous decor of your home. Would you mind sharing the contact information for the farmer that made your chandelier? It would be truly appreciated! Thanks in advance for any help!

    • I’m not sure he’s still alive or making chandeliers. I purchased this one about 20+ years ago and he was an older gentleman at that time. I looked the other day to see if I still had his business card and could not find it. I remember he live in a farming community here in Georgia that started with a J. It main have been Jasper, or something like that. If you live anywhere near this area, you may want to attend one of the big “Home” shows in Atlanta. I think the one where I met him and where he was always present displaying his chandeliers was in the World Congress Center. Sorry I don’t have any additional information. I would totally use him again if he were still making them, but he would have to be in his 80s by now.

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