Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Napkin Fold Tutorial

Welcome to the 280th Tablescape Thursday!

Two years ago, the day before Valentine’s Day, I posted about a few Valentine’s Day decorations in the guest room I decorated the foot of the bed with heart garland.

Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas


I placed a little teascape on a wicker tray along with a few sweet-scented daffodils cut from the garden.

Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas


For this cheerful tea setting, I created a cute, heart napkin fold. When I posted that tablescape, Valentine’s Day was the very next day, so I never got around to posting a tutorial sharing how to make the fold. Today, two years later, I’m finally getting around to it! About time, huh?

Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas


Valentine’s Day Heart Napkin Fold Tutorial

To make this easy heart-shaped napkin fold, you’ll need a square napkin in whatever color you prefer. Red or pink are natural choices for Valentine’s Day but use whatever color strikes your fancy.

Iron your napkin, then place it down on a nice flat surface suitable for folding. (Sorry about the lens cap. I couldn’t get my camera to take a photo without something else in the picture for it to focus on.)

I purchased an extra-wide ironing board last year and it’s awesome for folding napkins since it’s so wide. I don’t have the problem I used to have with the napkin hanging off the edge. Now, I just fold the napkin on the ironing board right after it’s been ironed. Very convenient! I highly recommend a wide ironing board if you ever iron tablecloths or large items and need a good surface for napkin folding. Another rabbit trail–okay, back to our fold.

Valentine's Day Heart Napkin Fold Tutorial


Fold your napkin in half by folding the bottom part of the napkin upward.

Valentine's Day Heart Napkin Fold Tutorial


Repeat that step, folding the bottom of your napkin upward again.

Valentine's Day Heart Napkin Fold Tutorial


Find the center of your folded napkin and place a finger there. Fold the left side of your napkin upward from that center point.

Valentine's Day Heart Napkin Fold Tutorial


Repeat for the right side. You’re almost done!

Valentine's Day Heart Napkin Fold Tutorial


The final step is just folding the pointed sections at the top underneath to create the heart shape. In the photo below, I had just folded down the left, top corner on the left side of the heart.

Valentine's Day Heart Napkin Fold Tutorial


Next, I folded down the right, top corner on the left side of the heart.

Valentine's Day Heart Napkin Fold Tutorial


Repeat this step for the other side of the heart, folding down each top corner to create the rounded top part of the heart.

That’s it, you’re all done!

Valentine's Day Heart Napkin Fold Tutorial


I wanted to get this fold posted early this year just in case you would like to use it in your Valentine’s Day table. Using a different color napkin, this would also be a great napkin fold for an anniversary, wedding or bridal event–any occasion where the focus is all about LOVE .

Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas


Update: Used this same napkin fold in a Valentine’s Day table setting with an Alice in Wonderland theme. See this tablescape here: Valentine’s Table Setting with Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland Theme.


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Looking forward to the beautiful tablescapes linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Really cute napkins! I’ll have to look into one of the extra-wide ironing boards. Sounds exactly like what I need. Thanks for the tutorial, and for hosting!

  2. Thanks for that great tutorial, what a cute heart napkin fold. I’ll definitely be doing this on Valentines Day, my daughters will love it. Thanks, Susan!

  3. Love your heart fold napkin Susan, thanks for posting it in advance of Valentine’s Day! Love seeing those cheery daffies! I vote for planting your bulbs in a planter then transplanting them in the ground after they bloom πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve always loved your blog! I’ve been away from blogging for quite some time and so happy I’m back. Your blog is as popular as ever! I’m joining in on the fun today. Love your post today!

  5. Good Morning Susan! So glad to have made it this week to your fabulous party :).

    The napkin fold is genius and definitely on my ‘must do’ list!

    Thank you for hosting and have a fabulous weekend!


  6. So cute Susan, and what a sweet idea to welcome guests with a tray full of love and sunshine! Thanks for the party!

  7. Peggy Thal says

    Cutest napkin ever! Can’t wait to have then for Valentine’s Day. I love the red ones and will use them with my red rose table cloth and white cherubs. – I like your tip on the ironing board. I really hate mine and hardly use it. It is so narrow and makes ironing difficult when doing tablecloths. I steam items often since I hate ironing. Great tip. Adore your sweet tea table.

  8. Susan, I love your guest room. I have got to get one of those wide ironing boards. Thanks for the tutorial on the napkin fold. That is so cute. laurie

  9. Thank you for hosting, Susan. I shared a china pattern for which I am trying to find a coordinating pattern. Hopefully, someone will have suggestions.

    Thank you for hosting. Love your heart napkin fold.β™₯

  10. You are my “go to!” franki

  11. Seriously cute! Thank you so much for the wide ironing board tip. Ironing tablecloths is not always a pleasant task. I tried placing the back of a chair in front of the ironing board for extra space. What a royal pain in the hiney that was!

  12. Thanks, Susan, for the tutorial as I always welcome a new napkin fold. For me, that is one of the things that makes a table special and is such an easy addition. I love seeing the cheery daffodils with your reds.

  13. Susan,
    Loving the heart napkin. The bed table looks romantic… Looking forward to Valentines Day too.

  14. So cute, Susan! I love the heart napkin! Thanks for sharing how you made this.

  15. Thank you Susan for all the inspiration and for the great blog you own.I started my blog two years ago by posting in your link party first.It’s been a great going for me ever since and i enjoy every bit in learning and the things what i do.Have a wonderful day…lots of love here from India .sujatha…:):)

  16. Doreen Krajzel says

    Hi Susan;
    Love, Love, Love this tutorial on heart napkins! Your instructions are great, really easy to understand and follow! Over the week end I will be ironing and folding some red napkins I have. By the way, I never heard of a wide ironing board. I also never seem to check out any ironing boards in the stores. Are the wide ones available in places like Target or Walmart? I do iron a lot of tablecloths during the holidays, how handy it would be to have something better to iron on. Love and Hugs Doreen

    • Thanks, Doreen! I first came across one in Bed, Bath and Beyond but I ended up buying mine in Walmart since they had the best price. You can also find a lot of them on Amazon. You can see the one I purchased in this older post: It was such a small upgrade but wow, has it made my life easier! I love the one I bought at Wally World. It has a place to rest the iron, which I use and love. I can’t tell you how many times I bumped into my old ironing board and knocked the iron off of it before I bought this one at the link above.

  17. Hi Susan, that is a cute napkin fold. As for going off the subject line, do not worry, I will follow you because I have a friend who does just that and takes what I call *a month of Sundays* to get to the point. I do have to prod her sometimes other she forgets just what the point was!! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for hosting.

    • LOL I do that in my house! Head down to the kitchen to do something, do 10 more things while I’m there, go back upstairs and realized I never did the ONE thing I went down there to do! πŸ™‚

  18. Cute post, Susan. Love the Valentine touches. Thanks for the napkin fold tutorial…Christine

  19. Looking at the links I see some others have pisted about a heart napkin fold too! How cute and THANKS for the tutorial! I will be joining the fun later:):)

  20. Thank you for hosting tonight Susan, As always, It’s the Best Party on the Block! I love the napkin folding tutorial. This looks like one that I would be able to do. Thanks!!

  21. I love the napkin fold – i need to be more creative with my napkins!! I will have to check out your tab with all the napkin folds again for some inspiration!! Thanks for hosting another great party!

  22. Susan, I love the heart napkin fold. Those type of details take a tablescape way above average. Yours was the first blog I fell in love with. I have always liked that you gave tutorials on how to do things. Thanks for hosting.

  23. What a nice way to fold a napkin – sometimes it’s the simplest things that make people happy knowing that you appreciate them. Thanks for hosting!

  24. This is such a neat idea! I’ll be doing this on Valentine’s Day when a very dear friend comes to join us for dinner that night. Looking forward to more Valentine suggestions–your tablescapes are always something special! And thanks for mentioning the wide ironing board–didn’t know about them before.

  25. SharonFromMichigan says

    Susan – Did you bake the heart shaped cookies on the tea tray also? They look so pretty and yummy! You’ve inspired me to pull out my Valentine’s decor and spruce up my house. I don’t know when we’ll be seeing daffodils here in Michigan, maybe August! LOL! Its been soooo cold with so much snow I don’t think the daffies will ever wake up!

    • Sharon, I know…same here. It was 18 degrees outside at 10:30 AM and that is weird for GA! No, I didn’t back those. I think I found them in Big Lots. Each years Big Lots has the cutest holiday cookies for Valentine’s Day and Easter. I can never resist picking up a few for tablescapes. They taste okay, but definitely not like homemade.

  26. Susan, I almost laughed outloud, when you said you didn’t buy the cordless iron. Can I be alone in feeling tied to that iron via the cord? Your guest room is gorgeous. We are to get more snow tonight and tomorrow…I’m thinking of a warm sandy beach with Sunshine! Thanks for hosting!

  27. Lovely post as usual Susan. You are a great blog model in all your posts. Love following you but could you please, please tell others that it is not Valentine’s Day……IT IS SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY…He was a bishop, a priest and he lived and became a saint in the Catholic church and as in March you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; not Patrick’s Day so all of you in blogland give St. Valentine his title duly earned while he walked this earth. Merci Beaucoupe.

  28. All 12 are so creative and beautiful. You are the champion tablescaper and it was great to take a look back at all of these prize-worthy tables.

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