Paula Deen "Street of Dreams" Home Tour

Recently my friend Terry took a Street of Dream’s home tour. Have you ever been on one of those tours before? They used to have them in my area frequently, not sure if they still do. I’ve been on a few and they are a great way to get ideas for your own home.  That’s how I found the wallpaper for my son’s bath many years ago.

This home has the most amazing outdoor room and wait until you see the dog wash! I’m not sure why there’s a urinal near the dog wash–at least, I think that’s what it is.

How do you like the TV above the fireplace?  I guess they make outdoor TVs that can take the humidity and cold.

Love the high ceiling.  What a fireplace!

A pretty seating area in brown, creams and blues.  That color scheme is throughout the home, too.

A place to dine and an outdoor kitchen.  Nice!

A pretty table setting.  Why am I craving a Coke now?

The kitchen:  Note the table that’s built right into the island.

Breakfast area…

Paula’s in the Pantry!  Hi Paula!  She looks happy to see us!

Wine Storage…

Master Bath…

Love the soft muted colors in the bath.  Nothing to jar you awake as you walk in sleepy in the morning.

There’s even a doggie wash in the garage.  I’m not sure why they installed a urinal near the doggie wash.  Any ideas on that?  lol  Can’t wait to read your comments!

Have you ever seen one of these or washed your dog in one?

Pretty cool. Wonder if the dogs like it?

Thanks, Terry for sharing all these pics!

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Pssst:  I’ll be back later today with a gardening post…yep, gardening tips in December.  Think bulbs.

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  1. Barbara F. says

    That urinal is hysterical where it is placed……maybe all the running water gives the male dog washer the "urge" – who knows? Takes all kinds. ^o^ Lovely home, wish I had that pantry….mine would be chock full! xo

  2. Lisa Martin says

    Not sure about the urinal, but my father in law has one in his garage. He loves to work on his race cars so he spends a lot of time in the garage. I am thinking if I had a dog shower that it would have its own room. why? because when the dog gets out and shakes I don't want to clean the urinal every time.

  3. ♥ Sonny ♥ says

    wow.. I enjoyed these photos very much and I sure would love to take this tour and see it all ..

    thanks so much Susan

  4. Luved the master bath room,..:)

  5. Sure is a urinal! Maybe hubby it is for hubby to use as he is washing dog???? lol BUT seriously – what a great thing to have in your house is you have a lot of men/boys! No more cleaning urine off the toilet seat, floor, etc…

    …and the doggy shower looks like it would scare the living daylights out of my dog! lol would love to see it in action!

  6. I'm sure the wife said sure you can have a urinal but you have to put it waaaaaay over there. Pretty sure I could never get my border collie to get in a dog washer. Love the outdoor room and the huge rocks in the background.

  7. How funny! It all looks lovely and then there is a momentary lapse into bad taste!

  8. I love house tours! This one is so pretty and I always like seeing outdoor rooms since I'm in Florida. Not sure about the urinal and the dog washer would have made my dog terrified!

    Robin Flies South

  9. The Sewing Loft says

    The dog wash is fantastic! Am trying to visualize my Yorkies in one of those. Talk about a paniced dog! Looks like a urinial from here. Discriminatory in my mind, what about the women? LOL

  10. Real men always sit down 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh I toured this house in Portland, OR! I thought that backyard looked familiar,lol. I attend the Street of Dreams show every year. What I liked about this one was that pebbley (?) floor treatment you see there in the garage (where the dog wash is), and the MBR closet was as big as my bedroom. 🙂 Last year's winning house to DIE FOR; it was HUGE and up in the forest with a granite kitchen island the size of a queen mattress, and a covered pool plus exercise room. An absolutely fabulous house.

  12. Oh, and when I toured this house, I turned around and saw that Paula Deen face peeking out of the pantry, it scared the bejeebus out of me!

  13. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    You guys are cracking me up! 🙂

  14. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Sinjin…it does scare you at first, doesn't it. lol It catches me by surprise each time I go through the pics on my computer.

  15. Sewconsult says

    Some folks have more money than brains. I bet my husband wishes we had a urinal in the basement. But it would need to be self-cleaning! Eew.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  16. What a beautiful and livable home! I, too, however am stumped by the urinal…LOL

  17. I could soak in that tub for hours! Love the dog wash, as far as the urinal, I wouldn't even want to venture a guess!!

  18. That is a urinal.. And if I had a house full of boys I would think having one in the garage would be a great idea… behind a door!!! I think someone needs to call and ask about this out in the open.. really inquiring minds NEED to know!

  19. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Vicki, you're too funny. I'll email Terry and maybe she can tell us if it was out in the open part of the garage. It definitely needs it's own space with a door. lol

  20. Designs By Pinky says

    LOVE that outdoor room!!!!! What a dream space! Yup, it's a urinal, not sure WHY though:) I can't believe how EMPTY the pantry is!!!!! I would FILL that thing with dishes!!! Not fair:) Love house tours. XO, Pinky

  21. Urinal? I'm surprised you don't recognize a cat wash when you see one!

  22. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    LOL Junie! I should have known that! 😉

  23. Absolutely loved the outdoor space and the bathroom was cool but the urinal? We actually knew someone who had one in his garage strictly for summer parties!! Men only of course. Yuk.
    No, I think Paula trained her dog to cock his leg a little higher and that was for him!! 🙂

  24. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Megan, that must be it! 😉

  25. What a great house, that master bath is lovely. As far as the "facilities" in the garage, maybe somebody wanted to make sure the pictures of the house went viral on the internet? It seems to get some attention.

  26. Terry @ La Bella Vie says

    Hi everyone, Terry here from La Bella Vie…you guys are killin' me with these comments!


    Anyway, it was a lovely home and this one was by far my all time favorite out all of them. It was for sale for a cool million and they were accepting offers…

    Glad everyone enjoyed the pictures, it was a lot of fun capturing them!

  27. Blondie's Journal says

    A few beers, give the St. Bernard a hot bath…gotta go!


  28. Ya know where dogs like to drink when their bowl is empty, right? Well, maybe this is just a fancy watering "bowl" for a large dog…it would be just the right height for my Newfie! Plug the drain and fill it up.♥♫

  29. Barb @ GritsandGlamour says

    Susan – thats not a urinal its a doggy water bowl. 🙂

  30. Yep, I'm thinking it's a water bowl for the doggies.


  31. Margret Cornell says

    I have not seen the dog wash tub =what about mini dogs ?

  32. Margret Cornell says

    taking about dogs -I went w/my friend and her dog to Cocoa Village – girls know how to dress.Great Dane had lavender nail polish-lavender bandena- Celeste had lavender shirt..I had to put on my blog

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