Changing Up My Lipstick Game–Had No Idea These Even Existed!

Welcome to the 734th Metamorphosis Monday! I wish I was a make-up kinda girl sometimes. About half the time I run around completely bare-faced. I never wear foundation because it literally makes any wrinkles I have a million times more noticeable. Mostly I just use a bit of mascara (so I actually look like I have eyelashes) and lipstick. Lipstick is my favorite thing to wear on a daily basis, well, behind my first love–perfume.

I have discovered over the past few years that I am a sucker for a pretty lipstick case. I learned that about myself a few years back when I discovered House of Sillage’s bow lipstick cases and went a bit hog-wild buying them in several colors over the space of a couple of years. This was the last one I purchased during one of their sales and ironically, it matched a Lilly Pulitzer dress I had just purchased that summer. Even my Penhaligon’s Lily to the Valley perfume was a perfect match. Ha!


I have a terrible habit of discovering things about two weeks after they are sold out. A few months back I was window-shopping on the Dior website and discovered they had done a limited-edition houndstooth lipstick case, I think it came out this past fall. Of course, they were all sold out, but I managed to find one on Mercari. I liked it so much after it arrived, I ordered another one for my daughter-in-law who loves wearing lipstick as much, if not more.


Finding out that a lot of the luxe brands create limited-edition lipstick cases each season was a dangerous discovery! Periodically, I check the Dior website to see what new bags they have coming out, despite the fact I have zero intentions of buying a new bag. I just enjoy seeing the new designs. I was smitten when I came across this new spring lipstick case covered in pretty flowers! Since I’m new to purchasing limited edition lipstick cases, it wasn’t until after I ordered that I realized I needed to order one of their Dior Addict lipsticks to go inside. At first, I thought my Dior Lip Glow would fit inside, but it doesn’t.

Guerlain Cherry Blossom Lipstick Case, Dior Millefiori Lipstick Case, Spring 2023


Now that I’ve discovered this world of limited-edition lipstick cases, I’m hooked! I had never purchased anything from Guerlain until recently when I ordered one of their fragrances from their Aqua Allegoria line. While I was waiting for my perfume to arrive, I discovered their new-for-spring, limited-edition Cherry Blossom case seen on the left in the photo below. Oh my gosh, I loved it–so perfect for spring! For once, it wasn’t sold out, but it did sell out within 2-3 days of my purchasing it. A few days later, I noticed it was back in stock again. I think it may be showing sold out again, but hopefully, they’ll restock it again since it has been such a big hit for spring.

Guerlain Cherry Blossom Lipstick Case, Dior Millefiori Lipstick Case, Spring 2023


The cherry blossom case was also available in a set that included this limited-edition lipstick with the embossed cherry blossom design. That’s how I ordered my case, as a set, but the case was available separately for those who didn’t need the lipstick.

Cherry Blossom Lipstick, Guerlain, 2023


Are you familiar with these Guerlain lipstick cases? They are designed (like the Dior lipsticks) where any color refill from Guerlain will fit the case, and there are around 40 colors of lipstick from which to choose. I liked the design so much, I ended up purchasing one in a houndstooth design, as well. I love the idea of carrying the houndstooth case for fall and winter, then swapping out to the cherry blossom case for spring.

Dior Millefiori Couture Lipstick Case, Guerlain Houndstooth Lipstick Case


The houndstooth design on the Guerlain lipstick case feels like velvet to the touch. Very luxurious! They have a ton of different patterns from which to choose.

Houndstooth Lipstick Cases, Guerlain & Dior


The way the Guerlain lipstick case works is when you slide your lipstick out, the case automatically opens up and there’s a mirror inside to help with applying your lipstick. Love that! Recently, Guerlain offered monogramming at no extra charge, so I had both the Cherry Blossom and the Houndstooth cases monogrammed with my initials. I like how the monogram is hidden and only visible when you actually open the case to use the lipstick.

Guerlain Lipstick Case, Monogrammed


I also purchased a cherry blossom set (case and lipstick) for my DIL. I had it monogrammed with her initials, along with a special message inside. Whenever she opens her cherry blossom case to put on her lipstick, she’ll have an instant reminder of how much she’s loved. ♥  When I ordered her case and typed out the monogram and message, I clicked the space bar twice between the monogram and the message hoping that would separate those out enough that they wouldn’t run together. Whoever monogrammed the case did leave two spaces, so it turned out great! (Note: The monogram is darker and easier to read in person. I had to take the photo at an angle to avoid getting the camera in the photo.)

Guerlain Cherry Blossom Lipstick Case, Monogrammed


Do you ever pick up any of the limited edition lipstick cases? If so, which brands do you feel have the best cases? I’m surprised by how reasonably priced they are. I love that once you purchase the special case, you can use it forever, just replacing the lipstick whenever you run out.

I just looked and I think the cherry blossom case is currently sold out again, but hopefully, they’ll get more in since it’s only February. Here are some places to watch for it. Guerlain Cherry Blossom Lipstick Case AND here: Cherry Blossom Case. The Guerlain Houndstooth Case (and many more limited-edition designs) is still available here: Guerlain Houndstooth Lipstick Case AND here: Guerlain Houndstooth Lipstick Case AND here: Guerlain Houndstooth Lipstick Case. If you wish to have the case monogrammed, I think you may need to buy it directly from Guerlain, although some stores appeared to be offering that option, so I’m not sure. You’ll find the limited-edition cases at Guerlain here: Guerlain Houndstooth Lipstick Case.

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  1. They are very pretty, Susan, but when I buy a lipstick for myself, my primary concern is that the color is what I am looking for. I don’t pay any attention to the case or the packaging, or the price, for that matter. I used to be a makeup artist, so I am very particular about the actual makeup and not the packaging, which is really just marketing. Are the lipstick cases made to accommodate any of the colors made by that cosmetic company, or any color made by any cosmetic company, for that matter?

    • Oh, you would love this Lisa! They have over 40 colors to choose from that fit their cases, and the lipstick goes on beautifully. I love it! I do love the case, makes my heart smile every time I use it. Also, some of their colors are designed to be long-lasting. I just ordered one of those refills last night for my second case.

  2. BTW, I hear you about foundations. Guerlain used to make THE MOST FABULOUS FOUNDATION EVER! It was called Issima, but sadly, they discontinued it quite a few years ago – may 15 years ago. I don’t know why cosmetic companies do this. Perhaps it did not sell as much as they would have liked, or maybe a new director or CEO wanted to change things and put his or her stamp on the brand. Whatever. Change just for the sake of change, is not necessarily a good thing, in my humble opinion. You might consider trying one of the air brush foundations, where you are able to apply much less foundation than you would be able to using just your fingers.

    • I never understand why companies do that–discontinue popular items. It’s so frustrating. Thanks for the suggestion. Mainly, I could just use it to reduce redness, I don’t really have any blemishes or discoloration or spots to cover–just some redness. I often use a pinkish-colored blush on my cheeks and that sorta blends in with the redness and evens it out…so that’s work pretty well. I honestly don’t like how foundation feels on my skin…prefer just a moisturizer and some blush.

  3. I am sure your daughter-in-law will love hers. I am sure she appreicates what a thoughtful mother-in-law she has.

  4. Catherine Schiele says

    I’m interested in what lipstick brand you like. Something that lasts and is more of a nude neutral color. Anything like that?

    • Dior makes a lipstick called Dior Addict Lip Glow that is supposed to enhance the natural color of your own lips. I love to wear it during cold weather since it feels so protective.

      One of my favorites that’s very inexpensive is a Revlon lipstick in the color, Wink for Pink. I love that color. I tend to like soft pinks, not too bright but a bit of color. It has great reviews…you can see it here, along with some other colors that it’s available in:

      I don’t like neutrals that darken my lips or go toward mauve. I do really love how the Guerlain lipstick feels, it just feels completely natural and super moisturizing. I wear a lot of different kinds, always trying new ones.

  5. I never knew about refillable lipstick cases. Now I will probably get into these and include my DIL.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

    • I really like the idea since once you have the case, you only need to purchase a refill going forward. Such a cool idea!

      • Diane Karum says

        How do I order these… not seeing it

        • Diane, scroll down to the end of the post. I linked to all the lipsticks in one paragraph at the end. Hopefully, they have gotten more of the cherry blossom lipstick/case back in stock by now. If not, just keep checking because they seem to restock it every time it runs out.

  6. Lipstick is my favorite. Love the cases, so gorgeous!! Thanks for having us over, Susan. Have a wonderful week.

  7. The lipstick cases are so pretty! I feel naked without lipstick, I must get one with a special case! Thanks Susan~

    • Same here. It’s funny how I can run out and not put on any makeup, but if least have lip gloss or lipstick on, it makes me feel a bit more pulled together. lol

  8. Jill from Southern NH says

    I’m with you about foundation – I stopped wearing it a few years ago, and when the tone is too light for my skin, it adds to the caked look. Now I wear Rodan and Fields Radiant Defense – it’s a moisturizing SPF with some color in it that also helps improve the look of your skin over time, but is lighter than a foundation. It goes on in seconds with a brush, and I wear it with some Clinique undereye concealer and cream blush to complete the dewy look I love for my skin. When I wore foundation I could never get a good color match, but I was able to test all colors of this tinted moisturizer from a free mail sample card, so I found one for summer and one for the rest of the year. Your daughter-in-law will love her new lipstick case – what a thoughtful, and personal gift and clever way to lift her spirits when she’s having a bad day or needs a boost of confidence!

    • Yeah, I’d rather wear nothing than for the foundation to actually be visible. I’ve tried quite a few kinds, even the kind that’s a moisturizer with light foundation/color included and they all look terrible on me.
      I should look for the Radiant Defense…maybe that would work for me. Thanks, Jill!

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