Bringing Out the Cozy: Fave Flannel Sheets & New Art for My Bedroom

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This post is going up a bit late because I changed horses midstream. lol When I awoke this morning, all I could think about was how much I wanted to put my flannel sheets on the bed. I’m definitely in the mood for some autumn/fall decorating. Time to cozy up the house before the cold weather arrives! Though I’m not a big fan of fall or winter (def more a spring-summer kind of gal) I do love alllll the cozy that comes with winter. If we are going to survive winter, we need cozy and a lot of it! That’s my winter philosophy. Ha!

Normally when I share this room, the bed is all made up. Today I thought I’d share a more relaxed look. I kept the chandelier off for these photos to keep that cozy, bedtime feel. Ummm, maybe I should take a few nighttime pics to add to this post once it gets dark out this evening.

Update: It looks like this tartan bedding is finally back in stock! I know several of you have asked about it. You’ll find it available here: Tartan Bedding.

Tartan Plaid Bedding for Fall, Winter, Autumn Bedding


I piled on many of the pillows that I use when I make the bed (both the Euro and Standard Shams) since they pick up the colors in the sheets so nicely. Of course, those get removed when it’s time for bed.

See that preserved boxwood wreath over the bed? It lives there full time since I’ve never found anything that I really love to go over the bed, and I do love the wreath. I have an idea, though, and I got it from a comment left on a previous post!

Fall Autumn Bed with Tartan and Flannel


Remember this gorgeous puzzle I shared a few weeks ago? In the comments, someone mentioned they had this puzzle in a painting. What?! Of course! I should have realized that this wonderful puzzle was probably created at some point from a beautiful painting.

I know it’s a “Christmas” scene but I would relish the idea of keeping a little Colonial Williamsburg Christmas with me all year long. I just love this painting! If I ever got tired of having this beautiful Christmas scene hanging above my bed, I could always tuck it away to bring out at Christmastime. If/when I purchase it, I’ll be sure to share a photo of how it looks.

Update: Just purchased this beautiful painting in a canvas Giclee directly from the website of the artist. You’ll find The Governor’s Party and many more of his beautiful paintings here: Chuck Pinson.


You may remember when  I purchased this pinecone woodland flannel bedding a year or two back. I found it at L.L. Bean but I don’t see it available at the moment. You can still see it on their website here: Pine Woodland Bedding. Maybe it’s a little too early and they’ll get it in later. They have some flannel bedding that is similar here: Flannel Bedding.

Cozy Bed with Flannel Sheets, Tartan Bedding


A while back a BNOTP reader left a comment asking if I would share how I make my bed. I never did a post about that because it’s pretty basic, really. I start with a good quality mattress pad, then the sheets go atop that.

Occasionally if I really want to be super cozy, I’ll add a thick, plush mattress topper I purchased many years ago atop the mattress pad. It adds another inch or two to the height of the bed, really taking the bed to that “Princess and the Pea” level. lol  I tend to like sleeping on a firmer bed so I rarely use it, though I must say, it is very dreamy to see a bed made up with it in place.


After the fitted sheet and top sheet, I add an off white/cream Matelasse purchased many, many years ago at HomeGoods. I actually have two that are identical so when one is in the wash, I have a spare for the bed.

After the matelasse, I add whatever duvet I’m using–I have both summer and winter bedding, although I love the winter bedding so much, I sometimes get lazy and don’t swap it out until well into the spring.

Fall-Winter Tartan Bedding, Flannel Sheets


At night, I typically push the heavy, plush duvet to the foot of the bed. I rarely sleep underneath it since sleeping in flannel PJs underneath the flannel top sheet and matelasse are usually plenty enough to keep me warm.

I have an electric blanket that I often add to the bed during the coldest months of winter. When I add it to the mix, I usually turn it on as I’m just starting to get ready for bed. By the time I’m done brushing my teeth and getting on my PJs, it has warmed up the bed to a nice toasty level. Then I turn it off when I climb into bed–it would be too warm to sleep underneath all night unless I turned the thermostat way down.

I got the “electric-blanket-prewarming-the-bed” idea from you guys, so thanks for that! I know from your comments that several of you do the same thing during the wintertime.

Tartan Plaid Bedding for Fall, Winter, Autumn Bedding


Have you already cozied up your bed for fall? I’m so glad I took time to do that this morning. I’m looking forward to those flannel sheets this evening!

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Your bedroom certainly does look cozy Susan! I don’t do well with cold temps either, and I’m already snuggling in slippers and blankets and the temps have barely dropped…it’s going to be a long winter!!

  2. Alicia Brown says

    Sigh. I wish I had a problem with being cold. Once I hit my 50’s my body has been running on high heat and so far there’s no end to it and I’m 55 now. I’m envious of you colder blooded people!!!!

    Last night it was in the 20’s outside, I had a window open by the bed about 6 inches and I still just die of heat. I have cotton percale sheets (Chaps) and the same tartan duvet and shams you have. (Got them last year and I LOVE them!).

    Thanks for sharing all your goodies with us! I just put the emergency lights on my Amazon wishlist to be shipped to my condo when I go down there for Thanksgiving! (MS gulf coast)

    • Alicia, that’s amazing! I wish I had that problem at least during the wintertime. That’s amazing that even near the window when it’s 20 outside you were still hot.
      I love them, too! So glad you got them since I never know when they will discontinue them. They keep bringing them back every year so they must be super popular still. I bought mine the very first year they were out and have never tired of them.

  3. Jean Waldrop says

    Your bed looks so cozy, makes me want to crawl right in. I know you have spent hours and years working on this and it must be very special to you. Enjoy your warm fuzzy bed.

    • Awww, thanks Jean! You are so sweet to say that! I love tartan, especially for a winter bedroom. Hope you are staying warm, things have really started to cool off here this week.

  4. Oh that bed looks so wonderful Susan – I want to just go right home and cozy up for the rest of the winter! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for giving us all this lovely inspiration, and good luck with your computer! I hope it comes back to you safe and sound!

    • Thanks, Barbara! I dropped it off today and it’s in line to get repaired behind a bunch of other people/businesses that had the same issue I did after the storm. The computer store is overwhelmed with all the PCs coming in that won’t start. That was one bad storm. Hope you are doing amazing and staying warm!

  5. Thanks for the party Susan. Your bedroom looks so cozy! I’m glad to hear that things are back on the mend. You’ve been through a lot and you still show up here for all of us! For that I am grateful. Stay well.

    XO- MaryJo

  6. I used to use flannel sheets until I discovered fleece sheets. I was sceptical thinking they would have a cheap synthetic feel but they donโ€™t. I buy the heavy version from the Berkshire website (hope that isnโ€™t a no no to mention that). I have some beautiful sets of flannel and ultra high thread count cotton sheets that sadly never see the light of day. I tend to use them almost year round unless itโ€™s an absolute heatwave, which in northern New England is not usually a problem.

    • I should look for some of those! Are they normally synthetic and do they spark or shock you as you roll over? I would be worried they would be prone to that. If they are popular, they probably don’t do that.
      I’m going to Google for those, you’ve got me intrigued! I’ll look on the Berkshire website…thanks, Nancy!

      • Iโ€™ve never had a sparking problem or any static issues. I used to wear flannel pjs but now I wear a silky nightie with a pj top. I just love the feeling of the fleece. Even with the fleece sheets I use a heated mattress pad just to warm up the bed as I like to sleep in a cold room. Right now Berkshire is sold out of most colours in their heavyweight King size but the year round weight would probably be better for you anyway in your climate.

  7. It was so cold and blustery here today, looking at the close up of those flannel sheets, I feel like I could just fall into them.

    • They are cozy! Just little things like flannel sheets make me feel so comforted when I crawl into bed at night. Hope you are staying warm, Mia!

  8. I would melt with even half of those layers, but it sure looks cozy and pretty! The red throw with the bear is extra cute.

    • lol Well, I don’t sleep under the duvet…just the flannel sheets and matelasse…and sometimes a queen size throw that I purchased very recently. If I ever lose heat during the winter, the duvet will def come in handy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Maureen Eha says

    Your winter bed looks just beautiful. But I have a question: Don’t you dislike changing out the duvet covers for different times of the year? I find them difficult to get on. Or do you use a different duvet for each season as well as a different cover?

    Also, what duvet(s) (brand, specific style, type of material and filling) do you use?

    Thank you!


    • Actually, it’s a comforter that I use during the summer…so I don’t have to swap the insert out. You’re right, that would be a pain. You can see my summer bedding here:
      I need to take some new photos, they aren’t that great in that previous post.
      The tartan duvet has a King size down insert inside that I purchased many, many years ago from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Funny story about that: I purchased the fattest, fluffiest, highest loft down insert they had, thinking bigger was better! I brought it home and roasted the first night I tried to sleep under it. lol I was so made at myself that I had spent so much for it and then couldn’t even sleep under it. What was I thinking? I swear you could sleep outdoors in 20 degree weather under that thing and not be cold. It’s that warm. I’m not sure who they make down inserts for like that because if your house has heat, you do not need a down insert that heavy! I had no idea how warm they were when I chose it. I stuffed it into the bottom of my linen closet and that’s where it has stayed for many years. I paid too much for it to toss it/donate it.
      Anyway, when I purchased my tartan duvet cover a few years ago, I was about to go out and buy another insert of some type. Then I remembered the BIG, FLUFFY insert I already had. Even though it was a King, I stuffed it into my Queen tartan duvet cover and it worked! I really never had any intentions of sleeping under the duvet cover. I could do that, but I don’t really want to ever wash it and end up having it fade, even just a little. It’s really more for decoration since all I need for sleeping are my flannel sheets, matelasse coverlet and maybe a blanket once in a while. I really like how fat/fluffy the King size down insert puffs up the Queen tartan duvet cover, so it has been perfect for that. Finally getting some out of it the last few years! lol

      • Maureen Eha says

        Thanks, Susan! It makes sense that you use a comforter during the summer so you don’t have to change out the duvet cover. And it’s interesting that you have a king-sized insert inside your queen-sized tartan duvet cover. I like the full, fluffy look! Your bed
        room is beautiful, no matter what season!

  10. Thanks so much for hosting each week!! It is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  11. Linda Nixon says

    My friend like her fleece sheets better than her flannel ones. I want to mention a real treat if you google Mrs. You can also find her on fb. Type in the same on the search area if you are on FB. You will enjoy her. I just accidently ran across it. I have the tartan bedding, a tartan throw and the shams. Can’t wait to get them out. Also, Overstock has a great looking bedspread and shams for $50.00. Christmas and so cute. Will use it on my guest bedroom. All sizes. Thanks for your post. I love Mon. and Thurs.

    • I have got to try the Fleece sheets, those sound amazing! Oh, I will definitely Google for Mrs. Claus! Thanks for telling me about her, Linda…Love this time of year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hi Susan your puzzle is the Governors Palace in Williamsburg VA. My favorite place to be. You should go there, it would be a nice driving trip for you. Williamsburg is so special and at Christmas time it is devine. You and I live on a parallel universe. I have been reading you for years and we have very similar taste. I Know you would love it.

    • Oh, love that Shelley! I have been to Colonial Williamsburg a couple of times and toured the palace and walked the maze. I wonder if the maze still exists? I want to go back, would LOVE to go at Christmastime! Have you been at Christmastime? I’m tempted to try and go this year if it’s open. I need that painting! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Shelley, I just Googled to read about the maze behind the Governor’s Palace and read that the original one was planted in the 1930s. Apparently, the plants had fully matured to the point they couldn’t really be trimmed anymore and were looking pretty rough. So they replanted the maze from scratch and it’s back open to the public. I loved going through the maze! The last time I was there was around 32 years ago! Def time to go back!

  13. have you ever been to the Biltmore Estate in NC. it is really beautiful especially at Christmas. It’s so big that some rooms have 3 trees in them. robin

  14. I can finally say I’ve been somewhere you have, Susan. The Biltmore Estate and I was there in summer too. They had a Christmas shop and I bought some glass ornaments. Found out that a scene in Last of the Mohicans was filmed on the estate! I love your winter bedding. Nothing can compare to flannel sheets when it is cold outside. I have three different sets. The most comfy of all feelings for me. Hope your computer wasn’t fried!

    • Really, I didn’t know that! Very cool!
      Thanks! I know, flannel is so cozy for winter.
      Thanks! I hope I get good news on it in the next few days. It’s time for me to upgrade it but I hope they can get it up and running to transfer everything over to a new system.

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    How nice and fluffy! I bet you look like a little wren in her puffy nest! I have to wait until it is REALLY cold to put on my flannel sheets and then I still sleep in a lightweight nightie. We purchased some awesome fleece sheets from QVC a few years back and they are wonderful also. Heard on the news yesterday that Georgia’s Governor was declaring a state of emergency for Atlanta, thought of you and was so glad you are alright. Hope your computer is too.

    • lol I love that image Cyndi…wrens are so cute! I’m going to envision I’m a wren tucked down inside her cozy nest when I go to bed tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I have both fleece and flannel sheets. The fleece are very soft and cozy but I save them for coldest weather. I use flannel as transitional sheets. I actually start with a flannel bottom sheet but I continue to use percale on the rest of the bed. The flannel bottom sheet is just enough to make the bed cozy when we get into it but still not too hot. A few weeks later we go to all flannel.
    Around January we start with fleece and transition back the same way in early spring. I use white sheets with embellished hems so everything always works. Also, I alway monogram my bed linens. Even the fleece. It’s just pretty to me.

    I live in Richmond and I love to visit Williamsburg at Christmas. It’s really special. You might enjoy staying at the Inn for the spectacular Grand Illumination. It is wonderfully festive. But you have to like crowds. If not, just a weekend at Colonial Williamsburg at Christmastime is really special. I’m not sure what they are doing during the Pandemic though. Have to check on that.

  17. Your bed is so lovely! I used to love my flannel sheets and then I tried fleece sheets. Oh, my! They are so soft and cozy. I’ve not had a problem with them sparking or shocking, and they are knit so they still “breathe” a bit. Ever since I had an afib episode a couple of years ago, I’ve been on a blood thinner, and I find I am cold much more often than I used to be. I sleep under the single fleece sheet in the summer and in winter I layer with comforter and blanket, because I do like a cool room.

  18. Your bed is so beautiful! It makes me want to snuggle up with a good book and a cup of cocoa. Love, love, love the plaid. It’s positively magical! Thanks so much for hosting each week, CoCo

  19. The bed looks lovely, but I can’t have anything that warm. My husband is the heater in our bed. He is always so warm, We have the percale sheets, and I have my satin jammas! Maybe if I opened the window!!!!

  20. Thank you so much for hosting! This week I am excited to share some book recommendations as well as some gift ideas, thanksgiving tablescape with cranberry recipes and how to set up a workspace for kids! Hope you are staying safe, happy and healthy!

  21. Gorgeous! Is that a Statton cherry bedroom set? Their furniture is beautiful!

    • No, I don’t think so. I bought it many years ago in furniture store in Roswell/Alpharetta area here in GA. I don’t remember the brand now. Sadly, the store has closed now.

  22. BOBBI DUNCAN says

    Susan, you know I absolutely love your beautiful and sooo cozy bedding! I know you will just love your Governor’s Party artwork, and when you can’t get to Williamsburg, you have that lovely scene to look at. Sorry I haven’t been commenting like before. I do read you every time you post but, between working on the house and recent health problems, I haven’t been accomplishing things I’d like to. Hugs!

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