Peat Pot Spring Baskets, Perfect for Easter

Easter is only a few weeks away and I’m so excited to share a beautiful Easter craft from my friend Jane who blogs at Cottage at the Crossroads.  Here’s Jane to explain just how she made these adorable Peat Pot Spring Baskets.

Tutorial from Jane, Cottage at the Crossroads:

Have you been noticing those pretty peat pots that people have been decorating? Well, I just had to make some, too, and I’m delighted that Susan asked me to share how I made them with you today. Let me introduce myself-I’m Jane from Cottage at the Crossroads.

Bunny Peat Pots


These little decorated peat pots are very easy to make and can be completed in one afternoon. They make adorable gift baskets or can be used in tablescapes as favors or place cards. They are a perfect way to showcase your favorite Easter eggs, too. I left mine their natural color because neutrals work best on my front porch where I plan to use them.

Bunny Peat Pots


When I was thinking about making the peat pots, I knew that I was going to use bunnies on them. This bunny grapevine planter is residing on our front porch, and I’m planning to use it in creating a spring tablescape. And besides, bunnies are one of my favorite signs of spring.

Bunny Peat Pots


To get started, you’re going to need some peat pots. I found these at Dollar General and there are 6 in a package. I bought 2 packs because I’m always starting seeds, anyway! The peat pots can be painted with acrylic craft paint or you can leave them natural. Next, you will need some graphics to use. If you want to use bunnies, there are plenty of free graphics available online. But since I’m taking a drawing class right now, I decided to create my own by hand sketching one.

Bunny Peat Pots

You’re welcome to use my bunnies. When you print them out, they are the right size for your peat pots. Just click HERE to download and print. Once you have the image you want to use, you are going to print it onto tissue paper.

Bunny Peat Pots


The easiest way to do this is to cut a piece of tissue paper slightly larger than a sheet of cardstock. Tape the edges of the tissue paper to the back of the sheet of cardstock and feed it through your printer.Carefully cut the tissue paper from the cardstock and trim closely around your image.

Bunny Peat Pots


Apply Mod Podge (matte finish) to the side of the peat pot covering an area slightly larger than the tissue would cover. Using your hands, carefully apply your image, making sure it is smooth. After it dries, apply a 2nd coat of Mod Podge to seal the image. If you paint your peat pots, you will only need to apply the Mod Podge to your tissue image. But if you leave you pots natural, you will need to brush the Mod Podge on all sides because you can see where the Mod Podge has or has not been brushed on.

Bunny Peat Pots


While you’re waiting for the Mod Podge to dry, you can make the handles for the baskets. I found this thick brown and white twine at Hobby Lobby, and I wrapped it around some floral wire to create the handles.

Bunny Peat Pot


It didn’t take long to make these and twisting the wire around each end keeps the twine secure on the floral wire.

Bunny Peat Pots


Decorating these peat pots is a good way to use up some ribbon and trim in your stash. I already had this rose trim (available at Hobby Lobby) that I thought would be pretty around the top of the pots.

Bunny Peat Pot


A little dab of glue is all that’s needed to keep it in place. Now you’re ready to attach the handles by hot gluing them down inside the pot.

Bunny Peat Pot


To hide how you’ve attached the handles, fill the pot with Easter grass or filler, and tie on a bow. So easy and cute. In this one, I’ve added an egg painted in neutral colors.

Bunny Peat Pots


The very realistic white eggs were found at Walmart, and I just dabbed a pencil eraser in brown paint to create the polka dots. So easy!

Bunny Peat Pot


An even easier way to dress up your peat pot is to simply drop a coffee filter into it. I’ve even thought that you could use a paper doily as well. Bunny Peat Pot


I ended up making 4 in all, each one slightly different. I put nests with small eggs in two of them, and I think the real feathers are a nice touch. As you can see, the decorating possibilities for these little peat pots are endless!

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Jane, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial! I know we’ll be seeing these darling peat pots all over blogland after today! 

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  1. Those are so cute! Love the idea- thanks for sharing and giving a tutorial!

  2. These are just too cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Peggy Thal says

    So cute! They are sure to add that special touch to your table. What a great bunny you drew too.

  4. As a take home basket gift/favor – include a seed packet peeking out from inside the peat pot. Herb seeds for the chef, flowers for the gardener, veggie seeds that sprout quickly, like beans or radishes for the kids – so they won’t loose interest. Underneath the decorations sitting on top of the pot, include a small zip-locking bag of potting soil to start the seeds in. Drop in a coffee filter, they’re great to use in the bottom of all potted plants to keep soil in, and let excess water drain out.
    You’ll have a cute decorative gift to enjoy now, and seeds to start for later! An especially nice gift of spring after a long winter.

  5. I love the creativity this shows. Peat pots of all things! and how lovely when decorated as you have. thanks for sharing.

  6. Fun and cute craft! Thank you Jane and Susan for the tutorial too. Really pretty and sweet.

  7. Linda Page says

    Who woulda thunk………..peat pots!!!!! This is just so cute. I love it and it is so easy! Thanks for sharing. I can see these being decorated for all sorts of holidays and occassions! Thanks to Jane for the idea and to you, Susan, for sharing.

  8. Oh my goodness! Cutest bunny image. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!! So sweet!


  9. Susan, thanks for sharing this darling idea. I’m not hosting an Easter lunch or dinner this spring, but I’m filing this away for future reference. This would make great little party favors.

  10. Cathy Miller says

    So cute!! I have a wedding this weekend to decorate and direct, but next week, I’m all about Easter! I saw the white eggs in Wal-Mart, but I never thought about making pencil eraser polka dots!! I love it!! This is on my list for my next crafting session (after all the wedding crafting is finished! Haha)

  11. I plan to make and fill these adorable peat pot baskets with my colored foil wrapped, homemade coconut cream Easter eggs, and give them as little gifts to my family and co-workers. Thanks for a fabulous and affordable idea.

  12. I am not a craft person but these are the most adorable “baskets” I have ever seen! I love the bunny and she did a great job sketching it! Love the brown and white, not your typical Easter colors and the polka dot eggs are so pretty.
    Susan thank you, and now over to see Jane’s blog!


  13. These would make great place holders for each guest. Just write their names on the egg or even on the basket below the bunny. Chocolate candies or a prettily wrapped dessert bar cleverly hidden beneath the egg would make a sweet surprise for guests to take home!

  14. Delightful! I’m adding this to the list of things to try. Great tip on using the tissue paper.

    You’re drawing is lovely. What a talent!

  15. They are so cute Susan….never thought to use peat pots for decorative baskets!…and your drawing of the bunny is magnificent!…

  16. These are just so very cute, inspiration plus. I love the simplicity and the neutral color. I hope to make these this year, so thanks for sharing!

  17. These are adorable!

  18. The Quintessential Magpie Blog says

    Soooooooooooo cute! xoxoxo

  19. These are absolutely adorable, & the fact that the beautiful bunny is your own artwork is AMAZING! What a talented artist you are, Jane!

  20. Thanks for sharing Jane’s adorable bunny pots Susan! I have a stack that are waiting for some inspiration!

  21. These are too cute!! Thanks for sharing this idea!

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