Photography That Will Make You Hungry…

Take a look at these amazing pics! Nice, huh? Well here’s the shocker…all the items shown in these pics are actually FOOD! These scenes are the work of Carl Warner and they are all created using only food! If you look closely you can identify the food used to create them.

Food photography

Is the river (or ocean) chocolate milk?

Food photography

Can you imagine the time it took to do all these?! I read at the artist’s website (link at the end of this post) that different sections of the scenes are arranged and photographed. Then Mr. Warner puts all the photographs of the different sections together for the final picture. Otherwise, the food would all wilt before the whole thing could be fully assembled and photographed.

Food photography

Aren’t these all so clever! Is that a pasta tablecloth above? I think the mountains below are bread…what do you think?

Food photography

Don’t you love the broccoli trees? I think I see a radish and lime hot air balloon!

Food photography

What is the truck made from? Do you think the trees are parsley or celery leaves?

Visit Carl Warner’s website for more amazing photographs.

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  1. This looks to unreal to be true, but I know that it is. The talent required to conceive and complete these is truly remarkable. They must be very short lived works of art. I can’t fathom anyway they could be preserved. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Linda/ "Mom..." says

    *SS ~ Have seen his work before, but it NEVER, EVER fails to ENCHANT, DELIGHT n’ AMAZE!!! (And to THINK I thought “applause” was in order just when I PAINT my NAILS! WOW!)~ Warmly, Linda

  3. Wow! That’s incredible! Isn’t it amazing what people are capable of doing?

  4. Darlene - Our Creative Life says

    That is so Clever!!

  5. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says

    The patience and creative ability it would require for these photos is simple and utterly unbelievable. I am amazed.

  6. I’ve never seen anything like that, thanks for sharing. I will check him out.


  7. Wow Susan…I was expecting to see some cooked dishes &/or recipes, but instead found this miracle of art! Gives new meaning to "playing with your food", huh? 😉 Bo

  8. Cami @ Creating Myself says

    Awesome! Somebody has wayy more patience than I! ;o)I have tried & tried to figure out what the truck may be made out of but all I can come up w/ is sugar cane, squared off. *shrugging my shoulders* Beats me!

  9. Unbelievable! I cannot imagine the effort, thought, and creativity that goes into something like this! And I think I’m doing good if my food looks pretty on the table!! laurie

  10. brettinsky says

    Wow! Those are so neat! Unbelievable actually-thanks for sharing.

  11. Melissa Miller says

    Stunning colors and creativity! He is talented.
    I wonder what they do with the food when finished?

  12. salmagundi says

    Those are amazing! There are a lot of creative people out there. Sally

  13. cedwards55 says

    Very cool! Makes me hungry though!

  14. It makes me think of that Ranch commercial. Very cool stuff though.

  15. How clever

  16. What a delight! Thank you for sharing these photos…I had not heard of this artist before.

  17. Miss Janice says

    Wow, that man has some patience! Those are amazing and thank you for sharing them…
    Miss Janice

  18. This is more than clever…it is nothing short of miraculous the God given talent of artistic people. So often success in our country is only measured by status or money, and not enough credit given to creativity that enriches us as much as material things. Thank you for sharing Susan. Jan

  19. Amazing! Ive never seen anything like this. Id never even imagined anything like this. Probably why Im no artist. The beautiful colors feel like you are stepping into a fairy tale.

  20. Lady Katherine says

    Okay! Where is the tea, I am ready to eat know! Its almost 3:00 pm! Thanks for showing the most wonderful things, when I open your blog up I always want that piece of pie! By the way what kind of pie is it? I have made persimmon cake, everyone is coming in for a taste, and I have to say I love it too! I loved the food art show!

  21. Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe says

    Those are amazing!
    I will never look at a broccoli the same.

  22. Happy To Be says

    How clever SUSAN…Thanks for showing…great post..even those I send this to you haha!!! hugs and smiles Gloria

  23. lvroftiques says

    I have seen these before also Susan. But it absolutely boggles my brain! How amazing! And the time that went into these? Man I’m thinking needlepoint is quick and easy! Lol! Vanna

  24. Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio says

    WOW~ That is really amazing! Wow~

  25. Susan, Speaking of PIE…. did you make that slice of pecan pie in the hot chocolate vignette? If so, I need the recipe! I mean I really NEED it. I’m thinking every Southern woman MUST have a recipe for killer Pecan Pie and Shrimp and Grits!

  26. Cottage Rose says

    Hey Susan; Wow those photos are so amazing. It is so hard to believe that he used food for all those photos. What a wonderful imagination and talent. Thanks for sharing the photos.


  27. Life on Bonnie Lane says

    These are just incredible! What a fun way to create art!


  28. Wow, how did they ever think of that????

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