How We’re Zooming (and Escaping) While Stuck Inside

If you’re stuck inside, my philosophy is you might as well have some fun with it. Over the past few weeks, my grandsons have had a few virtual meetings with their classmates, hosted by their teacher. After a couple of those, I got an idea.

I ordered some fun backdrops for their meetings like the one shown below. I also ordered a couple I thought my daughter-in-law, Nancy, would enjoy for some of the Zoom get-togethers she has with friends every Friday afternoon.

This was one of the backdrops I purchased for my grandson’s Zoom gatherings. Why not be on a virtual African safari while meeting with friends!

Backdrop for Kid's Zoom or Photography


Here’s a quick photo I captured during one of the Zoom meetings. A lot more of the backdrop was visible to my grandson’s teacher and classmates than I was able to capture in the photo. You could see the giraffes and almost all the animals. The reactions were so much fun!

I found this adorable backdrop here: African Safari Backdrop

Backdrop for Kid's Zoom Meeting


This was the one my younger grandson used this past week for one of his classes. Isn’t it gorgeous?!!! It’s cold and rainy here today so I could just sit and stare at this scene all day long! I found this beautiful backdrop here: Beach Backdrop.


Tip: I didn’t take the time to do it but you can steam iron these backdrops on a very low setting from the back to remove any fold wrinkles, then store them rolled up to prevent the wrinkles coming back.



Today, when Nancy met with her friends for a virtual Happy Hour, this was her backdrop. They loved it! I found this one here: Rose Garden Backdrop.


This is the inexpensive stand I purchased to hold all the backdrops. It was easy to set up and works great! I found it here: Backdrop Stand.


I almost bought this one, we may have to get it for a future Zoom meeting, would be so much fun to rotate them each week. This one is available here: Forest Backdrop.


This would be another great one for a kid’s Zoom class or virtual gathering. I love it so much! It’s available here: Fantasy Forest Backdrop.

Fantasy Forest Backdrop


I love this one, too. Would be so beautiful for an evening time virtual/Zoom meeting. It’s available here: Starry Night Backdrop.


Had to share these delightful backgrounds because we’ve been having so much fun with them the last few weeks. Have you been having virtual gatherings with friends or family this week? Any Zoom meetings for work?

Happy Weekend to you!

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  1. Biodynamic Barb says

    OMG! I love those! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks, Barb…glad you enjoyed seeing them. They are a lot of fun!

    • Peggy Anderson says

      Well, that’s awesome! Grandmoms can come up with amazing ideas for their grands! Mine are all about grown now.
      Keep enjoying and spreading the joy!

  2. You find the most amazing things – who knew video backdrops even existed?! 🙂 Wow I’m going to go backdrop shopping asap! I bet all your kids love them. And so do I. Thanks a million!

    • I wasn’t sure myself until I search online for them. I couldn’t believe all the cute ones I found. They do love them, I wish could have seen the grins on their faces, especially when they saw the Safari backdrop. 🙂

  3. You have the best ideas! I never knew these backdrops even existed! What fun for everyone. You could use them for photography backgrounds too. How cute to get some family pictures in front of those backdrops. Mother’s Day pictures in front of the roses. Looks like you are having fun. If I were still teaching I would be grabbing that idea for the zoom lessons.

  4. Such a fun idea! I’m sure the grandkids were thrilled. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but you can also do virtual backgrounds on zoom. They work better with a green screen. If you were to purchase one of those, the possibilities are endless 🙂 Zoom has instructions on their website and there are other tutorials online. Hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Thanks! It has been a lot of fun and they do love it! I’m not sure why but my dil said they couldn’t use the virtual Zoom backdrops. Apparently, the way they’ve set up Zoom, it wouldn’t work with those. I know she uses Zoom through her phone somehow, and that’s connected to her monitor…and she said Zoom would not work with that setup.

  5. Not to mention kids making their own, since you have the stand to hang it!

  6. Very cute, but I think you need to ditch the dining room chair for something more authentic…like a canvas director’s chair for the safari, or something in a rattan for the beach or garden. Your daughter in law will need one of your straw-type hats and a tall cool margarita to pull off the pretty flowered backdrop.

    • lol Well, I have the perfect straw hat with me, bought it recently for our walks. I think we can arrange the margarita, too. 🙂

  7. Cyndi Raines says

    I was thinking about the boys wearing khaki clothing and a safari helmet to add to the scene. Love the beach one and the starry night, too. Good fun and great memory makers. Gee Grandma, you are so much fun! Lol

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    Oops, forgot to answer your question. Yes, our ladies Bible study have held some zoom meetings and it was great so see everyone again. Thankful for technology.

  9. Brenda Lawrence says

    How fun are these?! I can imagine everyone loved them, adults and children alike. So happy that you guys are doing these Zoom video’s so the kiddo’s can visit with classmates. Even your Nancy. So fun, so great for the disposition-you are such a great Grammy and MIL! Hugs Brenda

  10. Is your house up for sale yet? You are having so much fun with your son and family I can see a move to Ohio in your future to be near them. You have the neatest ideas to have such fun with your grandsons! It is still cold in Atlanta. It didn’t even make it out of the 50’s yesterday, and rained. Sunny today, but still supposed to be in the 60’s. Stay well.

  11. Susan H Whetstine says

    Those are so cool!! Thanks for the info!!

  12. Bobbi Duncan says

    You always come up with such clever and fun ideas! Know your grands are loving all of grandmom’s creativity. Hugs!

  13. Marguerite says

    You do know you can just change the background right in the zoom app?? Multiple backgrounds to choose from.

    • My daughter-in-law said it doesn’t work on her computer/laptop. She apparently hooks up the zoom via her phone somehow. Also, it doesn’t work downstairs on the laptop they use. Have no idea why. They use Apple laptops, so I don’t know much about them…just know they said they don’t work.

    • I was going to say the same thing. Virtual Backgrounds! Nothing to set up or have to store!

      • I asked my daughter-in-law again about those and she said they will not work with the type of team Zoom meetings program they use. So they will not work in a lot of situations. She just bought another background for her meetings that’s amazing! I’ll have to get her to take a picture of it to share.

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