Sometimes Small Changes Can Make Your Heart Happy

A few weeks ago I shared a little addition to my office space. If you look closely, you can just see it there to the side of my left monitor.

Home Office, Pottery Barn Furniture


I’m not sure how, but I came across this clear tissue holder online and loved it. I liked how modern it looked, which is surprising since I normally don’t care for modern decor pieces. I liked that it didn’t fight the other patterns/colors in the office like cardboard tissue boxes often do and I liked how you could see exactly how many tissues were left inside.


Buying that tissue cover/box set off a whole obsession with hiding/camouflaging all the tissue boxes throughout my home. As I added others, I started moving and switching them around to the rooms where they seem to work the best.

The large, clear tissue box ended up here in my son’s old bathroom. I found another one I liked even better for the office…hold that thought! You’ll find this tissue box available here: Tissue Box Holder.


I purchased another clear one, this time in the smaller size.

Peloton Bike in Dressing Area off Master Bedroom


It was perfect here on the table behind my bike where I like keeping tissues in case I need one during a ride.


Have you ever opened up one of the small, cardboard tissue boxes? I was surprised to find they contain full-size tissues just like the larger boxes do. It’s really interesting how the tissues fit inside. I had never really thought about it until I bought this small, clear box.

If you open a small, cardboard tissue box, you’ll find the tissues inside are placed inside in a curved position to make them fit. To place them in this small, clear tissue box below, I opened the side of a cardboard tissue box, reached in and grabbed all the tissues as a whole, then placed them into the clear box as a whole.  It was super easy to do. You’ll find this tissue box available here: Tissue Box Holder.


Now that I was on a mission to get rid of all the cardboard tissue boxes throughout my home, I started shopping for additional boxes or covers that I thought would work with my decor. This tissue cover turned out to be one of my absolute favorites! It’s heavy ceramic and feels/looks very high-end.

I love the bird motif so much! There are different birds on two sides and the floral design continues on the other two sides. I love how it looks here in my office in this little reading corner.


I liked this tissue box cover so much, I purchased it twice more. I placed one here in the guest bedroom. Love how the colors of the birds complement the colors of the bedding without being too busy. These are the birds on this side…


…and here are the birds depicted on the other side. Sooo cute! You’ll find this tissue box available here: Birdie Tissue Cover.


The third birdie tissue cover ended up here in the kitchen where I keep my birding books and the binoculars I occasionally use to do a bit of backyard birdwatching. This box is neutral enough, it could easily work with the decor in any room in my home.


Since I moved my original large, clear tissue box to my son’s old bathroom, I ended up buying this pretty, rattan tissue box for the office desk. I love how it looks here in the office. You’ll find this tissue box available here: Rattan Tissue Box Holder.


The woven, rattan texture works well with the two large baskets in one of the desk units and the stool/ottoman seen below on the right that I use for reaching books on the top shelf of the bookcases in this room.

Home Office, Pottery Barn Bedford Furniture


There’s also a woven magazine holder near the reading chair, so the rattan tissue holder looks right at home in this space. (This is an older photo so the birdie tissue holder isn’t visible. It’s currently where the topiary is in the photo below.

Reading Corner with Hat Storage, Travel List Bucket Map


I had a box of tissues here in the upstairs living/family room, as well.


Since there’s a lot of antique pine in this room…

Hermes Tray for Living Room Coffee Table


…I chose another rattan tissue box. I liked how the color of the box looked with the pine furniture. You’ll find this tissue box cover available here: Rattan Tissue Box Cover.


For the master bedroom, I chose something a bit more dressy/formal.

Tartan Plaid Bedding for Fall, Winter, Autumn Bedding


I purchased two of these boxes so I’d have tissues available on both sides of the bed. Here’s the box on the left side of the bed.


And here’s the box on the right side of the bed. You’ll find this tissue box/cover here: Tissue Box Cover.


I purchased a pretty bird-themed, paper-mache box I found online for the living room, but unfortunately, it was poorly made so I returned it. I ended up choosing something very different and love it! Can you spot it in the photo below? Hint: It’s tucked under the heart-shaped table.


Do you see it now?


This box is so well made, it looks like something a true wood artist/craftsman would make. I thought the beautiful, walnut wood would look nice with the paneled walls and furniture in this room and it does! The lighter wood accent around the bottom is Beech wood.


When you need to replace the tissues, the bottom attaches via tiny magnets. Love that feature! I really can’t say enough good things about this tissue box cover and the ceramic bird tissue box I shared earlier in this post. Those two are definitely my faves! You’ll find this Walnut tissue box available here: Tissue Box Cover.


Forgot to take a photo of this one in place. I purchased this one for the half bath on the main level.



I love how it looks against the wallpaper in this room. You’ll find this tissue box available here: Rattan Tissue Box.


I think I still need a couple more covers for my master bathroom area, but for the most part, I think I’m done. These are small additions/changes in my home, but I sure do love how they look. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make your heart so happy!

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  1. I know what you mean. These tissue boxes can become a bit of an obsession. I have a beautiful one that is handmade by a dear friend’s hubby who is a master craftsman. I love it. Yours are lovely and they really can dress up a space.

  2. I have been searching for a lamp base exactly like the kleenex holder with the birds. Maybe I could have a lamp made with one of the holders. Thank you. Exactly what I have been looking for. What do you think?

    • I would think it would work because it’s pretty heavy. Also, if it needed to be even heavier, a weight could be added to inside sides. Would make a pretty lamp! I love that idea!

  3. Edna Hermes says

    Those clear tissue holders are great! I noticed your Hermes accessories…love those, too!

    • Thanks, Edna! I do really like them, they almost feel a bit futuristic. lol
      Thanks! The tray was made by an Etsy seller for me. I don’t know if she is still making them now, though.

  4. Love all your tissue boxes – it’s such a great idea to make them pretty. And you’re right, little things can make us really happy! 🙂 Just like Fridays – so Happy Friday and thanks for all your wonderful tips!

  5. Selma Kessler says

    Susan- I just LOVE your home! So beautiful, organized, warm and inviting! My house looks like Christmas Chaos! I have a hearth room set up as a kitten nursery, full of mismatched cat beds and blankets, and I have piles of as of yet unwrapped toys and gifts occupying my great room. And the box of Christmas Cards sitting on the kitchen table waiting to be made out and sent. And other miscellaneous bits that I haven’t put away. And the stuff my husband is eternally working on. 😉 I do, however, have my table staged with the gorgeous plaid chargers I hunted down on sale after seeing them on your blog! You are AMAZING! Clearly, I’ll never have the home of a Lifestyle Blogger, but I so enjoy seeing the tidbits you include in yours. Have a joyful weekend! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Selma! Oh, I love those chargers! Well, don’t feel bad one bit. Did you see the dust on one of the lamps in my bedroom? lol I dusted the tables before my son/dil visited but apparently overlooked the lamps. Trust me, my house is not perfect!

  6. Alicia Brown says

    What a fun update! Now I have a new mission, LOL.

  7. finding the tissue holders is almost as much fun as finding Waldo…lol

    they all are very beautiful.

  8. 1st item of list to buy in January–love the square wicker one.

    • I love those, too! I forgot that I actually bought two of those, they were so inexpensive. One is in my powder room/bath area in the master bath.

  9. Michele / Finch Rest says

    You chose perfect tissue covers, Susan. I squealed out loud at the birdie one and put it in my cart – it has a GOLDFINCH on it – and this lady at The Nest at Finch Rest thinks it is amazing. Love love love it.

    May will have to do some major hinting. LOL.

    • Oh my gosh, you definitely need that one, Michele! I love Goldfinches! I almost always have them at my feeders and they are so beautiful! They seem to have the sweetest spirits, too.

  10. I love those bird covers and the woven ones too. Are your binoculars made for seeing birds at long distances, or closer range? We are looking for some closer range ones so that we can see birds at our feeder that might be a new bird to us. We have some good long range binoculars, but they are too powerful for shorter ranges.

    • I bought those just before I left on a safari trip to Africa in 2015 and they do see pretty far0. They are Nikon Monarch. I’m not home right now or I’d get the model number for you. I primarily use the to see the Hawks that visit my yards during the winter months. Not sure how they compare to other binoculars that are out there. I thought I bought them on Amazon but I’m not seeing them in my previous orders list there but there are several Nikon Monarch binoculars on Amazon so that may be a good place to check out the reviews.

  11. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I love the bird one. Does it have some heft to it? I would hate to grab a tissue and have the box lifting up with it and possibly getting chipped/broken. I spotted another one that is wood, painted white and had Bless You on it. Hmmmm. I might have to go cyber shopping soon.

    • Yes, it’s quite substantial. Definitely does not budge when you pull out a tissue. I can’t get over how nice it is…that’s why I bought three. Really love it!

  12. Karen Lovell says

    Loved this article! My mother used to have lovely tissue box covers and I’d forgotten about how pretty they look! I especially LOVE the birds! Thank you!

  13. The bird tissue box is beautiful. I love box covers…have them in all rooms. And, always on the lookout for more. They really dress up a room! It’s like having your dish soap in a nice container…just elevates everything!

    • Ann, I’m so late in really discovering these. You’re so right, they really do dress up a room! They are they finishing touch.

      • Susan…reading the Sunday inserts I see that a department store near me has your bird tissue cover! On sale! The same one in the ad photo! Coincidence…or something more ? On my list this week…if I can get there – BIG snow coming mid week. Hope to get there and pick one up!

  14. What a wonderful article about the smallest of things and how much impact they can make! Your living room looks so inviting but the picture prompts a question: Where/how do you plug in the lamps? I hate seeing cords running across the floor but only have one floor outlet. I’d like to have a lamp by all chairs – like you – but would have to run cords from wall outlets to do so. Do you have any tips for discretely accomplishing that?

    • I know what you mean, Jeanne. I’m always trying to hide cors. There are two outlets behind the sofa at both ends, so that’s what the lamps on either end of the sofa are plugged into. I normally have a table with a lamp where the Christmas tree is now and there’s an outlet in the lower part of the wall there. There’s an outlet behind the flamestitch wingback chair, so that’s where that lamp is plugged in.
      So the only one that was kinda tricky was the one in the center of the room between the two chairs. There’s an outlet on the wall to the left of the fireplace so the cord for the lamp between the chairs runs under the chair over to that outlet. They really put a lot of outlets in this room when the home was built back in 1982.

  15. The bird tissue box just went on my Christmas list. It’s beautiful! And I like the wallpaper in your master bath — are you a wallpaper lover, too? My house screams “I love the 80’s”.
    Love your blog, Susan, it always lifts me up! Thank you!

  16. I think I’m becoming addicted to your blog. I love your decorating, especially your living room. The rug and the patterns on your chairs are just exactly the kind of decorating that make me happy and comfortable. Where did you find that incredible rug? I also love the wallpaper in your 1/5 bath. Would you call that your powder room? We call it a powder room here and it’s reserved only for visitors. Thank you so much for giving me a special place to go and get lost in my own favorite kind of world.

    • Thanks so much, Vicki! Appreciate those kind words so much!
      I think I was greatly influenced by Traditional Home magazine and Colonial Homes Magazine back in the day and I still love that style of decor today. Traditional Home magazine changed drastically over the years and Colonial Homes magazine is no longer around, but I still love the decor they inspired.

      I found the rug in the living room it in a Persian rug shop around 25 years and amazingly they are still in business all these years later. You can see their website here:

      Not sure if it’s still owned by the same man or if it’s changed ownership. He worked with a lot of decorators back in the day so maybe that’s why he’s still in business. I know he had a thriving business back when I purchased three rugs from him.

      Around here, it’s often called the half bath since it doesn’t have a tub, but it is also referred to as the Powder Room, too. Powder Room sounds much nicer, more elegant. I should start calling it that!

      I do love wallpaper! I’m always tempted to add it to more rooms in my home, but it’s such a pain to remove if you later change your mind or tire of it. So far, I’ve never tired of the Thibaut paper in the powder room. I love anything with a nature theme, especially with birds. The powder room is directly off a wood-paneled hall that’s off the wood-paneled iving room, so that’s why I chose that paper. It really pairs with the color of the wood-paneled walls in the hall and living room.

    • Vicki, I finally remembered the name of another place where I’ve seen some really beautiful rugs. It’s Dash and Albert:

      I love their rugs and I’ve heard good things about them.

  17. I ordered the tissue box with the birds. I love anything decorated with birds!

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    Great choices Susan, love them all.

  19. Lorelei Troup says

    Love them! All your rooms are so beautiful! Is your yellow Ben Moore Sugar Cookie? It’s lovely and warm.

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