Beautiful, Affordable, Comfy Bed & Mattress, Plus, A Special Secret Storage Space

Welcome to the 803rd Metamorphosis Monday! If you’ve been following along, you may remember that the closing on the Dollhouse took place on the 30th of May. The sellers had asked to stay through the 14th, but they ended up moving out on the 8th, except for a few items that they came back for over the following week. They graciously allowed me access to the house a bit earlier, which worked out great since I will need to get back to the house in Georgia very soon.

Initially, I thought I would just sleep on an air mattress, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that was a terrible idea. This transition time could go on for a few months and I couldn’t imagine getting up every day to meet and work with various technicians, repairmen, etc… after sleeping each night on an air mattress.

Once I made the decision that I needed an actual bed and a real mattress to sleep on, I began to search for something affordable, but also comfortable and well-made. After a bit of searching, I found a bed that is so cute that I’d be happy to have it in a guest bedroom full time. It would even be a great bed for someone on a tight budget who has just bought their first home or moved into their first apartment. I’m really happy with the mattress I purchased, too.

Just to jog your memory, this is the master bedroom in the Dollhouse, as seen when it was on the market two years ago. That’s when I first came across this home and fell in love with its cottage charm. Katie, the lovely owner of this home for 20+ years has allowed me to share these photos which is great since I don’t have a lot of lighting in the home at this point.


This is what I slept on my first night in the home. I placed a newly purchased mattress pad atop the new hybrid mattress and covered up with a top sheet. I was so exhausted from all I had done that day, I was out like a light within seconds. (Mattress Pad is available here: Mattress Pad.)


The next night, I got the idea of cutting away the top half of the plastic that surrounded the mattress, so I could put the mattress pad and new sheet set on the mattress. Again, I was asleep in seconds. No sleep aids needed when you’re in the exhausting process of setting up house. Ha!


By the third night, I finally had a chance to start building the bed. I got a bit of a late start since I had been meeting with contractors/repair folks during the day and attending my oldest grandson’s baseball game in the evening. Here’s how the bed looked after an hour or so of work.

Build a Beautiful Queen Size Bed for Master Bedroom or Guest Room


Here’s how it looked with the “slats” in place.

Build a beautiful queen size bed, very affordable


When I read the reviews about this bed, someone mentioned buying a bunkie board to go under the mattress. I don’t think that’s really necessary, but I liked the idea of giving the mattress a bit of extra support, so I went ahead and ordered one.


Here’s how the bed looked with the bunkie board in place. I like how the slats in the bunkie board run opposite of how the slats are on the bed itself. (Bunkie Board is available here: Bunkie Board.)

Bunkie Board for Queen Bed with vertical bed slats


Here’s how the bed looked once I had it all together. Sorry for the dim lighting. I have tried two sets of larger lamps and didn’t like how either looked in this room, so I ended up returning them. For now, I’m making do with a smaller lamp that I found in HomeGoods.

Creating a Romantic Bedroom


Try to envision this space with two, bright, appropriately sized lamps. Can you believe that this very sturdy, non-squeaking bed was only $122! (Queen size bed is available here: Queen Sized Bed.) The mattress sleeps wonderfully and it was also very reasonably priced. (Mattress is available here: Comfortable Mattress.) I wouldn’t hesitate to use this bed and mattress in a guest room, it sleeps really well and the bed feels solid.

Floral Bedding in Soft Greens and Rose Colors


I found a beautiful dust ruffle that I really wanted to use, but it was a couple of inches too long, so I returned it. I liked it so much, I was tempted to keep it in case I could find a way to make it work, but I just have too much going on right now to work with that at the moment. If you need a dust ruffle, you’ll find this one here: Dust Ruffle. Update: Just realized, if I had gone with the mattress in the 14-inch size instead of the 12-inch size, the dust ruffle would probably have worked, but the mattress may have looked too tall for the footboard on the bed.

Beautiful Dust Ruffle


A few closeups…


I love these Laura Ashley sheets so much! The sheets are available here:  Laura Ashley Flannel Sheet Set. The white, ruffled Euro shams are available here: Ruffled Euro Shams.

Pretty Cottage Bedding, Laura Ashley


I found the quilt and green floral shams in a local TJ Max. I like how the quilt has a pretty, contrasting stripe on the opposite side.

Romantic Bedding for Cape Cod Home


Remember the two nightstands that I ordered? I really like their scallop design and how they look with the bed and the bedding.

Cute Scalloped Bedside Table


They were easy to assemble and the drawers work effortlessly. (Nightstands are available here: Nightstands.)

Adorable Scalloped Nightstand, Side table


You may remember that I was concerned about being able to have a second bedside table on the side where the two closets are located.


That still may be an issue with my larger, round, skirted table at home, but that’s not a problem with these nightstands.

Still Room to Open Closet Door


Secret, Hidden Storage Spot With A Wonderful Surprise: Okay, I promised in my last post to share a secret, hidden spot I found this past week. This Dollhouse is always surprising me! I made the coolest discovery this past week here in the bedroom. Remember the window seat in this room? Well, it turns out that it’s not just a window seat.


It’s also a really large storage space, but not just any storage space!

Window Seat with Built-in Cedar Chest Storage


Come a bit closer and look inside!

Cedar Lined Window Seat Storage


It’s a wonderful, built-in cedar chest! What???!!! I was stunned when I lifted the lid and looked inside—I love this so, so much! This is where I’ll store my wool and cashmere sweaters and blankets. Why don’t they build features like this into today’s homes? This cedar storage chest is big, measuring 49 inches across inside, 28 inches from front to back, and 26 inches deep. Are you as surprised as I was?

Cedar Lined Storage in Window Seat


I’ve been making some updates in the master bath and I’m looking forward to sharing those with you very soon, probably in my next post. I’ll be on the road tomorrow, heading back to Georgia where it’s actually cooler right now than it is here in Ohio! The locksmith is here and hard at work as I type this. He’s re-keying all the locks and lubricating all the sneaky deadbolts throughout the house that have a tendency to trap you in rooms! Or, maybe it’s not the deadbolts, but a mischievous ghost with a sense of humor. 😉


This afternoon I’ll be getting my first quote for replacing the ancient HVAC system that cools/heats the FROG (finished room over the garage) where my office is located. The current system is working great, but it was installed 36 years ago and takes up a large amount of wall space in the garage. I have a feeling it could be made a lot smaller and more efficient. I think I’ve gotten a lot done this week, but there’s still so much I want to do!

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  1. Perfect and Beautiful!
    That actually does look like a Dollhouse bedroom!

  2. Love seeing your progress, Susan. The bed and bedding are perfectly cottage “dollhouse”! Safe travels. Thanks for having us over!

  3. I am so excited for you, and I will look forward to all your posts on the changes you make and your moving process.

  4. Carol Liebst says

    So fun following along on your new journey! Exciting times ahead! Congratulations on your Dollhouse!

  5. Wow – the cedar chest is great! Your room’s coming together beautifully! Thanks so much for hosting, as always, and happy travels back south!

  6. I LOVE your bedroom setup! I have a blogger friend who consistently uses an Etsy dealer for making things like dust ruffles, shower curtains and chair covers. If you want me to send you the link, I can email her and get it, just let me know. I may have even saved it on my Pinterest board.
    I have been overhauling my cottage garden! I’m sharing my third year update today. Boy, I’ve come a long way, and you will be surprised when you look back on your own progress. Girl power! R

    • Thanks,Rita! Yes, I would love to get her name/contact info. I hope I feel the same way in three years. 🙂 Are you guys having a heat wave like we are here? Stay cool while doing you’re gardening, it’s brutally hot here right now.

  7. I’m exhausted just reading about all the work you’ve been doing, but it sounds like you’re having fun making the Doll House your own. Thanks Susan, safe travels back to GA

  8. You have done an amazing amount of work. And I can’t imagine the feelings heading back to GA after living in this house a while. Jet lag? Time travel?

  9. Antoinette says

    Hi Susan, I’m enjoying reading how you’re coming along with your new home. I bought my current home six months ago and have been doing things to it nonstop! As you know, one thing leads to another and it seems like you’re never done!

  10. Does this mattress not require a box springs?

  11. How absolutely fun it is seeing your new home and your progress. No doubt it will be just lovely.

  12. As much as I luv your Georgia home, this Dollhouse is amazing! And credit to you for putting/assembling things together, how do you do it and where did you learn! I have trouble following assembly directions, and/or having the correct tools. Kudos also, on your brave adventure to relocate – although I like warmer weather year round. It must be so different to adjust to new shops and friends, but at least you will be nearby family.

  13. Merri Jo says

    It is SO much fun reading/seeing your dollhouse journal! The bedroom is so pretty & inviting. We’re sweltering here in northern IL—it’s 96 & muggy today! My grandson has a Jr PGA match this afternoon & I’m hoping he doesn’t get heatstroke! Looking forward to seeing what’s to come in your lovely Atlanta home.

  14. I love that cedar chest idea, it’s a very special surprise!! Looking forward to all the updates and what’s happening in Atlanta.

  15. Okay Miss Energetic. I hope you get plenty of rest before you hit the road.

    I love your temporary bedroom setup, bedding and all! Very cute and comfy looking. As you said, it would make for a lovely guest room. That cedar chest window seat is just – wow! You’re right, why don’t they do practical things like that in today’s homes? So roomy, too. What a great find. I know you’re having a ball. And I hope when you get back to your other home, you’ll be able to take a couple of days to rest and recuperate. Thanks for sharing all you’re getting accomplished. Safe travels!

  16. You have truly accomplished A LOT in such a short time! Hope you pace yourself a bit however. But things are coming together lovely! Love the bed setup, and it will be perfect in a guestroom. The hidden cedar chest is just amazing! I wonder what other secrets the house will reveal to you! Can’t wait to continue to follow you, I check for your email first thing each morning (even if I have to use a different email account to do so)!

  17. That’s impressive. You have been really busy working (and spending). I laughed when you said the former graciously allowed you in the house. Once you closed, your house, your insurance, and you were the gracious person. Be sure to get in touch with your homeowners insurance about discounts on improvements like replacing HVAC, new security system. Some electric companies give rebates.
    Have you tried a standing lamp ? My favorite bedroom lamp is a standing lamp that looks like an old fashioned desk lamp in brass with a crooked neck. The heigh adjusts as well as the lamp turns so the light reflects down on the bed or up on the ceiling. Wish I could remember where I bought it.
    Safe travels going back to Georgia. Rest up.

  18. Susan,
    Absolutely, beautiful!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this charming party!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

  19. Michele M. says

    I absolutely adore that bed and your bedding for it – it just goes so perfectly with that charming cottage home. That bed was the best value – wow wow wow! And I love the nightstands with it – it just looks so perfect right there, actually. You may need to rethink moving it to a guest room. : – )

    Hope your trip home was safe. You are a super woman for how much you got done today! Susan, you are such an inspiration!! I cannot even believe how hot it is right now. This is insane. The other day I was wearing three layers and one was a sweater. The poor nature creatures – they have to be so confused.

  20. Susan, I have been enjoying following your many plans and progress in your Dollhouse. It is easy to see how you fell in love with your wonderful cottage! I have always loved your tasteful decor and home improvement projects and I can’t wait to see all of your new ideas come to life in your lovely home!

  21. Nancy Farrar says

    I never heard of a bunkie board. Thank you for educating me on this. I had a thought for your bed skirt. Maybe you could get some bed risers to lift the bed the needed height to clear the floor. They have several styles and heights on Amazon. Since you do not have box spring, maybe this solution would work, and you would have extra storage under the bed.

  22. Catalynn says

    This is so exciting and fun to follow along as you do updates to your “ dollhouse”
    Thanks so much Susan for sharing during this busy time for you! I’m loving it just thinking how it will look with all your lovely antiques and furniture.
    This will probably sound silly but for some reason I can’t wait to see where you put your Mr Rabbit stained glass window, he’s one of my favorites!!
    Hippity HOP!!

  23. Love your new bedroom. I don’t think it needs a dust ruffle. It looks less ‘fussy’ without one. The bedding is perfec for your cottage look.
    I am astounded by your organization, thoroughness, eye for detail and energy.
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Dawne Marie says

    Love your new place! Love all that your accomplishing in a short time! This is so exciting. Thanks for all the links. The bedding is so pretty. The cedar chest! What a find at a find.
    Safe travels back to GA

  25. Susan, I love that you keep finding little enduring treasures in your dollhouse. A Metamorphous every week! Photos are deceiving so I am not real sure about space…..but have you considered putting your bed and bedstands where the chair is, so you are looking at a window from your bed. I can tell they aren’t quite symmetrical, but if there is room, you would eliminate the tight fit in the nook area. And then use that area for a sitting area. May totally mess with the ‘fung Shui of the room but an idea from the outside. Rest well. Peace

  26. Jill from Southern NH says

    I love the thoughtful storage the builders put throughout your home! My husband grew up in a Cape Cod-style house and there was a built-in windowseat chest in his boyhood bedroom, cedar too! It was his toy box, and one time when he was being punished or grounded, he hid in there, but not before opening the window to let his parents thought he slipped out or ran away! He was very clever, even then!

  27. Hi Susan, I am so enjoying your Dollhouse adventure(s)! I have an idea for your main bedroom closet door/nightstand dilemma. If the two closets are identical on the inside, could you break through the separating wall and just have one large closet? That way, the closet door nearest the back wall could be removed and replaced with wallboard, eliminating the door that will eventually be blocked by your original bedroom furniture. This seems like it would be less expensive than rebuilding closets across the room; you may also be able to update storage features in the new, larger closet. Just something to think about … if you don’t have anything else to do

    • Thanks, Kathy! That’s an option I hadn’t thought about, so thanks for suggesting that! My DIL was encouraging me to keep the closet there and add additional closets across the room. lol She and I both like clothes. 🙂 I will def keep your idea in mind. I probably won’t do a lot for a while after I move in since I don’t want to make any changes that I end up regretting. Getting a dresser for the other alcove in that room will be one of the first things I try to get done since that will give me some great storage that I will be leaving behind in the dressing area of my current house.

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