Seashell Crafts for Your Nautical Beach House Decor

I’m convinced seashells are just about the most fun, least expensive decorating accessory you’ll ever find for the summer house.

Seashell Craft Candle Holder

Recently, I was shopping in Marshalls and came across this glass container for just $5.99.  I loved the natural woven design surrounding it, especially its nice, aged “drift-wood” look.

I had some inexpensive shells from Big Lots ($3) and decided to embellish it just a bit.  I barely used any of the shells…lots left over for another seashell craft some day.

Seashell Craft Candle Holder

This was a fun little project to do while watching Mapp and Lucia on Netflix.  Have you ever seen that old series?  I got hooked and watched both seasons.  I had to watch to see what ensemble Georgie would wear next.  That man has style!  He dressed better than the women in the show.  Ha!

To add a little seashell embellishment to our container, I snipped off about 4-5 inches of some 3-ply jute yarn purchased from Hobby Lobby for this previous seashell bottle craft.  I separated out the three strands since I wanted my jute thread nice and skinny.

I tied each thread around the top half of a shell.  Initially I thought I’d drill a teeny hole through the top of the shells as I did for the bottle craft project, but the shape of the shell worked perfectly for this craft, so there wasn’t any need to break out the drill.

Seashell Craft Candle Holder


Next, I randomly tied the shells to the outside of the container, snipping off most of the excess jute thread.  I left a little of the ends of the thread visible because I liked how that looked.  You can snip it off down to the knot if you prefer a cleaner look.

Seashell Craft Candle Holder


Nighttime on the porch…

Seashell Craft Candle Holder


Getting darker now…hear those night bugs singing?  I think I saw a lightning bug…did you see it?

Seashell Craft for Nautical Beach House Decorating


An easy way to bring a little summer beach fun to your home.

Seashell Craft for Nautical Beach House Decorating


Happy Summer!

Seashell Craft for Nautical Beach House Decorating


Love seashell crafts?  Here’s a quick tutorial for making shell chargers for summer dining.

Seashell Craft for Nautical Beach House Decorating


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  1. That’s such a lovely idea, Susan, and it looks so pretty at night as well as during the day. You have such a gift for seeing a simple item and being able to imagine how to make it prettier. Take care

  2. Coastal Femme says

    Susan, Adorable crafts…love these!

  3. Sally Lee by the Sea, LLC says

    It looks fabulous, Susan – great idea! Marie xoxo

  4. I think I bought that same candleholder. Love the aqua shells. Just thought I would mention that Big Lots sells jute/twine, too, back in what I call ‘the men’s section’, near the car stuff, tools, etc. Now you’re all ready for a summer party! ;o)

  5. Dori Stowell says

    What a cute idea! I love it and plan to look around for similar things to do with shells for sure!

  6. Love, love love the candle cover!

  7. Interior Design Snob says

    Cute & simple, that’s how it should be. Thanks!

  8. martinealison says

    Une création ravissante et tellement estivale… Bravo et merci de nous partager vos idées. gros bisous

  9. Hi Susan, This candle holder is so delicate and pretty….I LOVE it. Have a good week God Bless Barb from Australia

  10. How do you do it all? Your brain must be “buzzing” all of the time! You should be designing for some company – this was a very creative project. Fabulous!

  11. ♥Sonny♥ says

    wow I LOVE that.. Susan,, the big companies are gonna be copying that and we can say we saw it here first.. you have Witnesses:)

  12. Perfect for my pool area. Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas.

  13. Gretchen says

    Very clever and it looks wonderful lit at night.

  14. Pamela Gordon says

    This is a sweet idea Susan. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest says

    You are so danged clever, Susan. Seriously? How do you come up with such great ideas all the time? This looks amazing, just love it. WELL DONE!!

  16. What a fun, fun idea … just might have to borrow! Thank you!

  17. Martina @ Northern Nesting says

    What a great idea adding the shells Susan. Love it’s new look!

  18. Cute! I love having something to do while I watch TV (other than fold laundry…).

  19. crystal woolever says

    I loved it before, but you made it look so much better. love it!!!

  20. Creations by Cindy says

    Thanks for sharing. Adorable craft project. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  21. Glenda/MidSouth says

    I really like it a lot! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I have not been to Big Lots in some time – may need to check them out.

  22. Coastal Cottage Dreams says

    Your shell craft is adorable! Thanks for sharing….Love the shells hanging with twine.

  23. Pattie @ Olla Podrida says

    Another Mapp and Lucia fan here. Thanks for the reminder, I need to pull out the old DVDs and watch the series again. I love this shell light. I’m considering a coastal theme for the guest room, so this idea was most welcome.

  24. how so creative , thanks for giving me a idea for my project. . .

  25. This is adorable! I love the colors of the shells. Just darling!

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