Shop Vintage and Save, Part II

While we continue enjoying all the great tablescapes posted for yesterday’s Tablescape Thursday, come along for the rest of a recent outing to A Classy Flea.

An Empire secretary from the early 1800’s: $1,200

A cute cottage server: $149. This would make a great sofa desk or a hall table, wouldn’t it?

Old Wicker Chair: $25. I can never resist vintage wicker.

Antique Mantel: $395

I loved these…Bon Bon Button Magnets for $6.50 each. They are fat, round magnets with little pieces of costume jewelry glued on top. They do resemble lovely little bon bons. What a cute idea! This would be super easy to copy.

Garden Arbor: The tag said it was sold…so no price available. I love the shape of this piece. Can’t you just see a beautiful climbing rose growing up and over all those little criss-cross sections on the sides?

Crystal Chandelier: $479. This fixture has been here a while…which is surprising since it really is beautiful.

Hand-painted Victorian Chest with mirror and glove boxes: $299. I never knew those little side sections were called glove boxes, did you?

Wrought Iron Chairs: $89 each. These are sharp looking…love the design of the backs.

Vintage lighting: $99

A little closer view…

Beautiful Inlaid Server: $499

So, that’s the end of our Classy Flea shopping trip for this time. What would you have been unable to leave behind?


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  1. Susan,I've been following your blog for very long now and LOVE it!

    So hard to pick… those green floral lights are delightful,they are all so reasonably priced too.

  2. One Shabby Old House says

    Hi Susan,
    What a great place to shop. Where is it's exact location. I might like to visit there someday.
    Did you come home with anything fabulous?

  3. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Becky,
    Here's a link to the website for
    A Classy Flea. It has the address and directions.

  4. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Oh, forgot to say…I didn't buy anything on this trip, but I was very tempted by a few things. I love those Bon Bon magnets. πŸ™‚

  5. On Crooked Creek says

    As you've seen by the photos. . .my house is full; however that industrial stool in the arbor photo was speaking very loudly to me! Wouldn't that make a great piece for a DH's workbench in the garage? Thanks for sharing more photos of A Classy Flea! Have a great weekend!

  6. FABBY'S LIVING says

    Susan…terrific stuff, you learn something everyday from your blog, like the glove box! My niece has something like it from her granma with the GOVE BOXES!
    Thank you again.


  7. I wouldn't have been able to leave without the cottage server and the wicker chair!! Wish I was closer…thanks for sharing.

  8. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Love those wrought iron chairs, Susan! What a great addition to any patio or deck with that back design. The arbor is great, too. I could even see that being used maybe with a twin bed and some tulle or sheers in place of a canopy. This looks like a great place to get inspiration from.

  9. Beautiful Blessings says

    Susan- I have just recently started reading your blog thanks to Houzz. (I love your front entry and have saved that for future reference). I LOVE those wrought iron chairs or the cottage server. I have an itch to go bargain hunting now. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Oh, Susan…you're making me sorry I moved. Now that I need these things I can't get them! We don't have anything close to the Classy Flea up here! May have to make a trip next time we're visiting family!

  11. Love Being A Nonny says

    I DID NOT know those were called glove boxes!! I have a dresser with those on it and I guess I thought maybe they were for jewelry! Thanks for sharing that!

  12. Anonymous says

    I just love that Inlayed Server!

  13. OMG look at the chairs by the arbor. Lovely. Would luv to have seen them in person. Great post. Hugs.

  14. laxsupermom says

    I love virtual shopping with you. Those vintage lights are just fantastic! And I've been looking for chairs just like those wrought iron ones you found for up by our backyard bar. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Liz@ says

    I'd have a hard time not taking home the garden arbor and the wrought iron chairs, those are great! The flame mahogany server is quite fabulous too!
    You are lucky to have such a treasure trove to go to!

  16. Carolyn @ Adrift on the Lake says

    Wow! What an amazing store — and amazing prices! There is nothing even close in my area to compare with this and the ones that are around are so incredibly overpriced I'm amazed they sell anything.

    Thanks for the wonderful posts — LOVE your blog!

  17. Oh dear, I'd be in serious trouble in that store! Nothing compares out here – our stores are mostly "used furniture" stores – not the quality antiques or interesting items you have back there. Loved shopping with you!

  18. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    Hi Susan, thanks for taking us along. Virtual shopping is alot easier on the 'ole wallet. lol I can see the sweet cream sideboard in an office used as a credenza. It is just darling. hugs ~lynne~

  19. Thanks for the tour, Susan. Enjoyed it. Susan

  20. I know positively that you could be my personal shopper!!! You always seem to "zero" in on many antiques that I either already own or would love to own! Today the white wicker chair beckons and, also, the gorgeous crystal light fixture.

  21. Love the white antique wicker chair, that might look great on your back porch!

  22. I just love the wrought iron chairs. I could so see them in my back garden among the flowers and grasses.. everything you're showing would easily find a place in my home! Love that you share your adventures. Thanks Susan!

  23. Sewconsult says

    My van would be filled with the wicker chair, one of the flowery light fixtures and one of the magnets. Fun shopping day without hurting my pocketbook!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  24. Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio says

    With Spring right around the corner, I would have loved the Garden Arbor (like someone else). Too bad it was sold. The rod iron chair would be a great addition to the patio too. Thanks for sharing goodies from your "A Classy Flea". You are lucky to have it so close.
    Have a great weekend.

  25. The Classy Flea is so charming with so many VERY nice pieces.

    I thought you might have bought one of the beautiful vintage lights! They are very pretty.

    P.S. I have a Victorian dresser with glove boxes! I never knew what they were called, so thank you for that information πŸ™‚

  26. CailinMarie says

    oh what fabulous items! I can't believe that chandelier. Really? I'd expect it to be pricier- there is a table I want at our local antique mall. I'm saving up for it-

  27. I am so glad to know those little drawers are called glove boxes! We brought back a very old marble-topped chest with those little drawers from the closing of my mother-in-law's home recently. Now I know! πŸ™‚

  28. I love that store! I visited a few weeks ago and stumbled upon a set of 10 Alfred Meaken china complete with service pieces. Unlike you, I couldn't resist. It's a "must stop" for me on any trip through Atlanta. Dianne

  29. What beautiful things!

  30. Susan, at $25 I'd be taking that wicker chair home with me. I love vintage wicker. Only have a few select pieces since we moved to this home in 95. Just wasn't a place for some of it. If I had a huge sunroom or covered porch I'd have more for certain. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for taking us along. ~ Sarah

  31. Edie Marie's Attic says

    What great finds!! I love vintage items… such history and fine craftmanship. Thanks for taking us on a tour of such great items.

    Hugs, Sherry

  32. I'm curious where you live, since that sure looks like the interior of "my" Classy Flea. I love that store, but it's dangerous to go in. I always find something I really need/want there.

  33. If the crystal chandelier is still there and you can get close enough to look or if you can get a crystal hanging down pendant in hand to look carefully at, (they come off pretty easily)I think you will see "Waterford" written on it in small print. Look closely. Every piece is generally marked. Looks exactly like mine hanging in my dining room. Original cost was in the thousands! Not sure if Waterford holds the same value today or like everything else…depreciated… but $475 sounds like a major deal! Check ebay for further research.

  34. ~CC Catherine says

    Susan, Love all these things. My girlfriend "made" me something similar to the BonBon magnets for Christmas. She bought vintage earrings and removed the backings and hot glued a nice magnet to the back of them. They are stunning and I've made a few since with some of my vintage earrings and jeweled buttons. Also, I called Classy Flea about the lovely light ivory tulle dress that is in the pic you took with the hanging vintage lighting. Unfortunately it's too small for me. I've been looking for a really sweet vintage dress and fell in love with that one. Thanks for the shopping spree! πŸ˜‰

  35. lvroftiques says

    I hope they're paying you girlfriend because you've GOT to be making them money! *winks* I want to take home half of what I'm seeing! But the one item I couldn't leave without? That Schwinn sign in the 2nd to last picture. My hubby is a Schwinn-0-holic and even has a 1948 original black phantom…a holy grail bike to collectors so that would make him a very happy camper!*winks* Vanna

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