Twilly-Style Silk Scarves Protect & Add A Touch Of Spring To Your Handbag & Wardrobe

A few years back, I shared the process my friend, Teresa, used to protect the Vachetta leather on her Louis Vuitton Croisette handbag. If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: How Teresa Protected the Vachetta Leather on her Beautiful LV Croisette Bag. I am crazy about the LV Croisette bag—it’s so perfect for spring and summer! I read an article a while back that said Louis Vuitton created this Damier Azur print especially for  wearing during spring and summer. The article said that the blue/gray color was supposed to represent the ocean, while the cream-white color represents the sand. Reading that made me love the Damier Azur print even more! I have a few small pieces in this print, but would love having a handbag in this print one day!

After Photo, Vachetta Leather on Croisette Bag Protected from Rain-Water Spots and Stains


A short while later, Teresa added a beautiful Hermes silk twilly scarf to her bag to protect the handles from future spotting or staining. That is especially helpful for handbags with lighter handles since those are prone to darkening and staining from lotion, skin oils or sweat.

Hermes Bingata Twilly Protects Handle of Louis Vuitton Croisette Bag


I loved how the pink twilly looked on Teresa’s bag so much, I ended up purchasing two in the same pattern for a golden-brown bag I have, in hopes it would brighten it up for wearing during the spring-summer months, and it did! A few months ago, I purchased this bag during a rare sale at Fashionphile. I think I mentioned that sale in a previous post during the time it was going on, since they so rarely have sales. I was thrilled to see the pink twillies worked great with this bag, too.

Twilly Scarf for Handbag Handles


I’ve worn twilly scarves on bags in the past as a decorative touch, but I’ve always wondered if they were really necessary for protecting handbag handles.

Hermes Evelyne 2 with Twilly


I wish I had thought to take a photo, but when I removed the pink twillies from my brown bag last fall to change over to different scarves for fall/winter, I was surprised to see several spots on the scarves in the area where my hands would have been touching the handles. The spots mostly came out when I washed them, but not entirely. When I look closely, I can still see them, though they are much lighter. I’m pretty sure those are from the hand lotion I wear so much during the fall and winter. So in short, Yes, twilly scarves, or really any type of silk scarf, will protect the handles of your bag if you wear a lot of lotion, as I do.

Twilly Scarf for Handbag Handles


The pink twillys I’ve been using are no longer available, as Hermes normally retires their scarf patterns after a year or two. I was hoping to buy a second pair, just so I’d have backups, but I waited too late for that. Recently, I spotted one on Fashionphile and snagged it before it was gone, so I have at least one of the pink scarves now as a backup. Right now, I’m using it on this fun, bamboo bag that I enjoy carrying during the summer, especially for beach trips. (You’ll find similar bamboo bags available here: Bamboo Bags.)

Twilly Scarf for Summer Handbags


A few days ago I received an email from Marlene that sent me down the Twilly rabbit hole all over again! Ha! Marlene wrote, “You’ve gotten me started on Twillies! I get so many comments on them. I love the look…they really perk up a bag.” In her email, Marlene said that she had found some really cute twilly-style scarves online for a great price. I went online and found that Marlene was right! I ended up ordering one scarf to check them out—that scarf will arrive on Monday. In the meantime, I thought I’d share the ones I found online (and loved) that are the same size as the ones so many of us love using to decorate and protect our bags.

I haven’t ordered this one yet, but I love the design. I think it will be next one I order because the colors are exactly what I love wearing for summer! You’ll find this one available here: 100% Silk Scarf for Handbags, Neck or Hair.



Two more that would be perfect for spring—love these! You’ll find these available in quite a few patterns/designs here: 100% Silk Scarf for Handbags, Neck or Hair.


This one has an equestrian vibe. I’ve never owned a horse, but I’ve really fallen in love with them after watching so many videos on Instagram. They are such majestic creatures and can be so funny! Love their personalities! This particular design comes in several colors, including a pink one that I’m eyeing. You’ll find this one available in quite a few colors here: 100% Silk Scarf for Handbags, Neck or Hair.


I love this one for summer! These scarves look so nice worn around the neck or wrist, too.



You can see this one worn around the neck with a white shirt here: 100% Silk Scarf for Handbags, Neck or Hair.


This has to be one of my favorites! It has flowers, bunnies, and butterflies—all my favorite things! You’ll find it available here: 100% Silk Scarf for Handbags, Neck or Hair.



Some of these are sold in pairs, which is really handy if you have a handbag with two handles. If you only need one scarf for your bag, or plan to wear your scarf around your neck, you’ll a scarf left over to give as a gift. This design is available here: 100% Silk Scarf for Handbags, Neck or Hair.



These silk scarves came in sets of 2, 6 or 10 and there were a lot of patterns from which to choose. You’ll find these sets in many designs here: 100% Silk Scarf for Handbags, Neck or Hair.




Green is my favorite color so I really love this one! I was just thinking how pretty this scarf would look tied around the neck of one my white bunnies that I so often use in spring/summer table settings. I’m getting ideas here! I definitely need to order a few to try that. You’ll find this beautiful silk scarf available here: 100% Silk Scarf for Handbags, Neck or Hair.




This is the scarf I ended up ordering. Ever since my stay in a mountain cabin last September (read about that, HERE) I’ve got a soft spot for anything with a bear motif. I love the birds, deer and butterflies in this design, too. ❤️  You’ll find it available here: 100% Silk Scarf for Handbags, Neck or Hair. Use the drop-down arrow at that link to see all the other designs/patterns they have available—there are so many!



Thanks to Marlene for letting me know about finding these beautiful scarves available online for such reasonable prices. I will definitely be adding some of these to my current collection, and don’t be surprised if some don’t appear in future tablescapes. 🙂 Happy weekend!

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  1. They are gorgeous scarves at a fraction of the price. I hope you will review your bear scarf when you receive it arrives.

  2. Always temping me with pretties. Show us how you tied the ends.

  3. You may already know about this lady, but she makes miniature purses I think you’d enjoy seeing.

    • Those are sooo cute! She makes them out of Hermes bags…amazing! That takes an incredible amount of patience! Thanks for sharing her, Pearl.

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