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I love this time of year! I can feel the excitement of the upcoming holidays in the air, especially when I visit some of my favorite places to shop this time of year. I have a lot of different things I want to share today, so we’ll be jumping around a bit in today’s post. I think that’s the way my brain works anyway. lol

A while back I set a fun, mystery-themed table for Tablescape Thursday.

A Cozy Mystery Table Setting 3


There were a lot of suspects in this whodunit mystery story! There was Mr. Bear…

Dapper Animal Plates, Bear


Mr. Owl…


and Ms. Fox, just to name a few. (Check out this mystery table and read all their alibis here: In the Library with the Candlestick.)


I’ve used these whimsical animal salad plates in a few tables over the years.


I think they are hysterical and so much fun!



They brought them back again for this year and they are currently on sale. Some of the plates are priced at just 2.99 and 3.99 each, plus I think there’s an extra 25% off that price with the code EXTRA25. That is an incredible sale! If you missed out on these plates in the past and would like to pick some up while they are on sale, you’ll find them here: Fun Animal Salad Plates.

Animals Dressed in Costumes, Plates


Recently I shared that this Villeroy & Boch Christmas china is currently on sale.

Villeroy & Boch Toy's Delight Green Salad Plate


Well, the sale has gotten even better!


I was in Macy’s yesterday and noticed it’s currently on sale at 50% off. The sign said it was a 1-Day sale but when I looked online just now, it appears they’ve extended it for another day. I love, love, love this serving plate! The edges are fluted and it is gorgeous! Filled with cookies, this would be a beautiful hostess gift or a beautiful plate to use on a buffet table for a Christmas party. I hope there will be lots of Christmas parties this year! You’ll find this gorgeous plate here: Villeroy & Boch Christmas Plate.

Villeroy and Boch Christmas China


Another gift or hostess-gift idea would be a couple of these beautiful mugs! My photo from yesterday doesn’t do it justice. The bottom has a 3-D effect/design–can you see how the red part around the bottom protrudes outward? It is beautiful! Again, it’s 50% off and you’ll find it here: Beautiful Christmas Mug.


This set is even a little less than buying two of the mugs above. I love it, too! I think it would make a wonderful Christmas present or hostess gift. You’ll find the set here: Villeroy & Boch Toy’s Delight Mugs. I just learned this year that V & B does an annual Christmas mug! How did I not know this?! You can see this year’s mug here: Annual Christmas Mug.

I also fell in love with this serving bowl yesterday. Again my photo doesn’t do it justice. I love the design, the gorgeous red color and the fluted edge! Again, everything is 50% off right now. Check out everything that’s on sale in this collection here: Villeroy & Boch Toy’s Delight.


If you’ve been reading BNOTP this autumn, you know I’ve been shopping for pants/corduroys all fall. I LOVE my Talbots corduroy pants–they are so incredibly warm! The tops are now on sale and here are a few that have caught my eye.

I really love snowflake sweaters and have quite a few in my winter wardrobe. This one comes in both gray and red. The gray looks so elegant and would be beautiful for wearing to a holiday party! You’ll find it on sale here: Snowflake Sweater.



This caramel brown color is really big this year. I’ve always loved this color, even before it was cool! lol I really the button detail on the shoulder. I think this sweater is actually 50% off–you’ll find it here: Sweater with Button Detail.


I’m seriously thinking of ordering this sherpa cardigan. I’m allll about cozy and this screams cozy to me! You’ll find it on sale 30% off here: Cozy Sherpa Cardigan.


Special Gifts for Special Loved Ones or Friends

One of my favorite pieces to wear in the fall and winter is my Burberry Scarf. A Burberry scarf is one of those wardrobe staples that never, ever goes out of style. Once you have one, you can wear it every fall and winter for the rest of your life. It’s truly iconic!


I ordered mine a few years back and at that time, they were still offering monogramming on request. Then unexpectedly, they stopped. I was so mad at them when they stopped monogramming their scarves! I had purchased a scarf for my son while they were still doing the monogramming but the year I wanted to buy one for my daughter-in-love was the year they stopped.  Arggh.


I called them and complained two years in a row, hoping they would bring monogramming back. I must not have been the only one who complained because they finally brought it back. I was finally able to get a scarf for my dil and have it monogrammed with her initials. Wish I had a picture to share! I usually go with a color thread that matches the scarf but you can also choose another color if you want your monogram to contrast and stand out a bit more.


I love wearing my Burberry scarf with this red Orvis jacket, but it really looks great with any winter coat.

Lady Dior Studded Bag with beige Le Phoenix de Christian Dior Silk Mitzah Scarf


Here’s how’s my son’s Burberry scarf looks with his black, wool, winter coat. Such a classic look! When you have young sons, you have to occasionally wear a dinosaur tie to work. Ha!

Burberry Scarf, Red House Check


If you’re looking for a special gift for someone in your family or for a good friend, I very much recommend a classic, cashmere, Burberry scarf. The monogramming is finally back and it’s free which is awesome! You can see all the colors this scarf comes in here: Burberry Cashmere Scarf in the Classic Burberry Check. To see how Burberry scarves are made, check out this delightful 2-minute video: The Making of a Burberry Scarf.

Burberry Scarf, Red House Check


If you have any cashmere sweaters or scarves, consider getting one of these special bags for storage. I like that I can see through the front of it, yet the scarves are protected from any cashmere/wool-loving critters.

Cashmere Sweater and Scarf Storage, Protect from Moths, Silverfish


These bags are quite large and will hold multiple sweaters and even a small blanket or throw. You’ll find this cashmere storage bag here: Storage Bag for Cashmere Sweaters or Scarfs.

Cashmere Scarf, Sweater Storage, Protect from Moth, Silverfish


Ever wonder how to tell a real Burberry scarf from a fake? Check out this post where I share a lot of comparisons and details: Burberry Scarf: Fake vs Real and How to Avoid Getting Scammed.


A Splurge

This is outside my budget but wanted to share it because I love it! It’s a Burberry jacket in the classic Burberry house print. I love the mix of colors, really the whole design/style of this jacket! If it falls inside your budget and you love it too, you’ll find it here: Burberry Classic Check Puffer Jacket.


Okay, I’m off to set a table for tomorrow’s Tablescape Thursday! See you tomorrow!

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  1. What the heck kind of pants is the model wearing in that last item about the Burberry coat? That model looks like a pouty teenager. Lol

    • lol That’s pretty much how all the models look these days on most websites. Have you noticed how in runway shows, they never smile? I read an article that said they are supposed to look expressionless so they don’t detract from the clothes. They want all the focus on the clothing. That’s one thing I like about the models at the Talbots website. They all look happy.

    • Cowgirl Diva says

      Ginger….it looks like a sweater dress to me..!! LOVE that coat…!!

  2. I have to ask. Where did you get the pj’s in your storage bag?

    • I can’t remember if I bought those or if those are the PJs my daughter-in-law gave me a few years back. I just look and the label says: Munki Munki and has a cute monkey on the label. I just found them in a size small on eBay in case you want to see how they look: . Not sure if they are still being made. There are quite a few by this brand on Amazon, but I didn’t see this particular pattern.

  3. Oh I LOVE those animal plates!! How fun, I think I might have to pick those up. Yay for cords and scarves and sweaters!

  4. Bobbi Duncan says

    Thanks for all the great finds, Susan. The Toys Fantasy jumbo mugs are perfect to go with a box of imported teas I’m sending to my niece & her husband for Christmas. Love all the Villeroy & Boch items you showed, but I dare not purchase anymore china unless it’s for a gift. It is very tempting, looking at all your gorgeous table settings, not to purchase things; I do a lot of teetering back and forth before I can finally take hold of myself lol! Big hugs, sweetie!

  5. Hi Susan, your animal salad plates are too cute! And I thought the story you created around those characters was so clever! You have a good imagination. Have you thought about writing a novel?

  6. That Mystery table with the Dapper friends is still one of my all time favorites. I went back to view the original post and read through the comments. I had completely forgotten that I pointed the finger at Mr. Bear. Haha. You called me Sherlock Holmes. 😀 (funny in light of what I told you recently.)

    I still love everything about it; the pheasant throw, the napping cat, the little mice with the key, the gorgeous magnifying glass – it’s all so perfect for the atmospheric setting. What a fun table to re-visit! Plus more great finds today. I LOVE the Villeroy and Boch. So classic. Thanks Susan!

  7. Tina W Reynolds says

    Oh, the whims and wishes! After putting it out of my mind for several years I think I still want a Burberry scarf. I’ll ask Santa. We won’t even talk about the Villeroy & Boch “Toy’s Delight”!

  8. Janice Vogt says

    I love the red and black scarf your son is wearing. What style is it? The black looks’ darker then the one on line. Thank you

    • It’s the “Classic Cashmere Scarf” but I don’t see that exact color available on their website now. Oh, wait a minute, this Bubbery Scarf at Saks looks more like it:

      So does this one at the Burberry website:

      Okay, it shows that the “women’s” scarf I linked to at the Burberry site as being 66.1 inches. I just checked and the men’s scarf is 66.1 inches, too–so it appears the mens and women’s scarves are the same length and the same scarf.

      You can see both a man and a woman wearing the red that’s like my son’s scarf here:

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