There’s a New Guy in Town! Love My New Air Fryer with 2 Baskets!

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There’s a new guy in town! Do you see him there on my counter?

Air Fryer, 2 Baskets, Faster Cooking


Each time I visit my son, daughter-in-love and grandchildren, Nancy cooks up the best meals in her Air Fryer. I’ve been hoping to add one to my kitchen and I finally did that this past week.

Marinated Chicken Breast with Quinoa Vegetable Melange & Arugula Salad


This is the one I chose. I love that it has two baskets! With two baskets, I can cook two different foods at different speeds and temps. Or, I can just prepare a double batch of one food. With two bins, this one holds a lot and will cook up 8 quarts–4 quarts per bin.

Another feature that’s pretty cool is if needed, it can make whatever you’re cooking in each bin, come out ready at the exact same time so one food doesn’t get cold while the other one is still cooking. So smart!

Ninja Air Fryer with 2 Baskets


Last night I cooked up a couple of chicken breasts and they turned out great!

Air Frying Chicken


In the other basket, I air-fried a small package of frozen broccoli. I cut the chicken open (that’s why it looks that way in the photo) just to make sure it was cooked all the way through, and it was.

I didn’t use any oil, just air-fried both the chicken and the broccoli as it was right out of the package. I’m going to purchase some avocado oil (that’s what Nancy sometimes uses) just in case I do need to use a bit of oil while cooking something in the future.

Air Fried Chicken and Broccoli


I found this air fryer super easy to use. It came with a quick start guide so once I washed out the little bins, I got right too cooking. The double baskets that let you cook different foods at different speeds/temps is new technology, I believe. I haven’t seen one like it anywhere else.

When I purchased my air fryer, it arrived in just two days, so very fast shipping. I purchased mine here: Air Fryer.

Best Air Fryer with 2 Baskets


I have another update I’m looking forward to sharing, will do that real soon! Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Good for you – enjoy your new toy! I thought I did not need an air fryer but my good friend kept telling me how great it was – so I bought a small one. I love it ! Salmon is delicious in it…and cubed sweet potatoes tossed with a little olive oil and salt/pepper are amazing. You were very smart….I wish I had purchased a bigger unit – and the two baskets seem fantastic!

    • Thanks, Ann! I can’t wait to try salmon in it. Last night I cut up a sweet potatoe and tossed it in without any oil. It tasted okay, but I think it would have been better if I had used a little avocado or olive oil and some seasoning. I don’t cook a lot so it doesn’t come naturally for me, but I’ll do that next time.
      Thanks, I really love the two baskets! I just bought one for my daughter in love last night (since I like mine so much) and she uses her old one sooo much! I think she’ll enjoy having a bit more room with the double baskets.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to host each week!!
    It is greatly appreciated!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!

  3. Would you please share the recipe you used for this delicious looking “fried” chicken? I have an air fryer and unfortunately have not been able to achieve the same results. Mine looks pitiful.

    I’ve followed your blog for years and have enjoyed each and every post. I love your following your travels and look forward to repeating some of them when travel to other countries opens up again. Your tips have been very helpful in my past explorations.


    • Since this was my first time, I used the Tyson’s breaded chicken and literally just placed it in the bin and cooked it. I didn’t add any oil or seasoning. I just ordered some Panko bread crumbs because my dil often makes it that way, breading raw chicken and cooking it in her air fryer. I can’t remember what she dips her chicken in before she dips it in the bread crumbs, I need to ask her. I may dip mine in egg before I bread it. I’m still experimenting and learning what I like.
      That first plate of food was what Nancy had prepared when I visited a while back. The second meal…the one with the broccoli was what I fixed last night with the Tyson’s breaded chicken.
      I’ll definitely most more dinners as I keep trying this air fryer out, so stay tuned for those!

      • How long did you cook the Tyson’s breaded chicken? I used PAM or the store brand and was not happy with the results…. so…. I bought this and love it. It comes with a funnel and is easy to use. It’s so much better than the spray oil fromthe can. I have been using it on top of the stove but will use it with chicken in the air fryer instead. I can use avocado oil in one and another kind in the other bottle.
        Thanks for your responses.

        • The air fryer decided on the time. I don’t know if it weighs it or how it knew but it cooked it around 20 minutes, I think. It tells you to check on it periodically during the cooking time and I do recommend that. I fixed two more chicken breasts later that night and didn’t check on them and they were fine, but getting close to being overcooked by the end of the time the air fryer chose. Maybe it senses the moisture, not sure how it decides on the cooking time.
          That dispenser looks really cool! I like that, I always worry a little about stuff that comes out of spray can. I think I’m going to buy a set of those! Thanks for sharing those Wilma!

        • I just ordered a set of those for Nancy, I think she will love them.

    • Wilma, I just remembered, for that meal with the quinoa, Nancy marinated her chicken in ranch dressing for a few hours. Then she dipped it in Panko bread crumbs and baked it. Normally she air fries everything. You can see the recipe for how she cooked that meal here:

    • Wilma, me too re the chicken. I do put BBQ sauce on top of my chicken breast and that works great, but when I try my own breaded chicken it doesn’t look so good. I usually end up air frying a naked chicken breast.

  4. Thanks Susan! Your air fryer sounds amazing!

  5. Susan I’m looking at that beautiful lamp in your picture. Pine cone bottom with a red plaid shade. Could you tell me where you purchased it please.

  6. Susan, I have been curious about air-frying ever since you first mentioned it. I’m having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around the concept. Does the breaded part come out crispy, like with normal frying? Your dinner there looks delicious, btw. Just the sort of thing I love. I’ve also heard raves about the Insta-pot, which is another gadget I don’t have. Do you have one of those? If so, what do you think? Thanks! Btw, seems like you’re nearly back to normal. Hope you’re feeling great.

    • Yes, it does…it comes out very crispy! For this meal, I used Tyson’s chicken that was already breaded, but sometimes Nancy breads her own with Panko bread crumbs. I just ordered some Panko bread crumbs today in an order that will be delivered tonight since I have some regular, raw chicken in the fridge. I’m going to bread my own the next time. You don’t have to bread it, though. I think you can just rub the chicken with a bit of olive oil and it would crisp right up. I’ll try that tonight with some of the chicken and let you know how it works. With an air fryer, you use either no oil or very little to get that nice crispy outside we all love.
      I hadn’t heard about Insta-pot but just Googled it. That looks like a much safer way to pressure cook than the old way. I once melted the lead thingy right out of a pressure cooker. You have to keep your eye on those things. lol I do love pressure cooking, too…great way to make a roast. I learned how to do that from my Mother-in-law. She would take a Boston Butt roast, brown it on the outside in some oil (often the fat she cut right off the outside of the roast) then once it was brown, she would cook it in a pressure cooker. It was soooo tender and cooked up so quickly. Still one of my favorite ways to fix a roast. My father-in-law used to take fresh green beans and new potatoes and put them in their pressure cooker with a small amount of water and they were delicious! The flavor of those two veggies cooking together was really yummy.

      • Susan I just did a roast yesterday in my Power Quick! I used sauté setting and browned the roast on all sides and then switched to pressure setting for an hour. Then I added my veggies and pressured for like 6 min. Thickened the juice with corn starch. You have to have at least 1 cup of water when you pressure cook.

      • Okay, thanks for explaining. So interesting! You just may have convinced me. 😀 I too was always nervous about pressure cooking. I had one about, oh, 20 years or so ago. It did cook very well, but the little cap on the top that would jiggle and let out steam always made me nervous – like it was going to blow right off and drive a hole through my ceiling, lol.

        You know, I recently made a Boston Butt roast for the first time in my life. My husband loved it! I made pulled pork bbq sandwiches and they were great. It was so simple. I want to make that a regular thing now.

        I found the most delicious recipe for Green Beans, new potatoes and cherry tomatoes salad in Taste of Home magazine years ago. Now you’ve got me hungry for it! lol. Thanks for relating your experience with the air fryer.

      • Hey, Susan. Did you try the rubbing oil on unbreaded chicken method?

        • Not yet, but I do want to try that. I bought ranch dressing today and I have some chicken marinating in that right now and I’m going to try breading that the way Nancy does.

          • Okay, sounds good. Fyi, I just started making my own ranch dressing recently and it’s so delicious. I’m sure you could find a recipe you like on line. The base is a combo of mayo and sour cream, then you zip it up with chives, dill, garlic and onion powder, S & P, parsley and a little almond milk to thin it. It’s delicious! My husband doesn’t even like ranch dressing, but he likes THIS ranch dressing, lol.

  7. Wow – both foods hot and ready at the same time? A dream come true! We struggle with that at our place, so this might be the perfect answer. Thanks so much – I feel like you’re my own personal shopper! 🙂

    • Thanks, Barbara! I’m am loving this air fryer. I so rarely cook for myself but this is so easy, I don’t mind it at all. I’m looking forward to trying some more meals in it, will keep you posted how they turn out. I’m a novice at this so will be experimenting for a bit.

  8. Susan,

    Okay, wait. Are we talking no additional calories? No fried food damage to our internals?



    • Yup! Some folks will sometimes rub a bit of avocado oil or olive oil on the meat, but you don’t have to with air frying. It’s amazing! Saves a lot of calories and better for ya!

  9. Would you please share the name of the sweet little plate next to the plaid lamp. also where it can bought. Yes the air fryers are the greatest invention. I have one and use it every day. Thank you for the research you do in passing on good sales. We all appreciate your shopping for us.

    • Thanks, Linda! That plate is a 13-inch serving plate that’s part of a set I have that was designed by Dario Farrucci called Ma Maison. I purchased as many pieces as I could find many years ago when it was available in Home Goods. You can see more of that set/pattern in this previous post: it
      The only place I ever see it available now is on eBay occasionally. I just searched there and I found the same platter here: .
      Of course, whenever I see it on eBay, it’s priced a good bit higher than it was in HomeGoods back in the day. Wish they would bring that pattern back again, it’s one of my faves.

  10. Can’t wait til you share more recipes. I have the ranch dressing and avocado oil, so next on list is the chicken. (Typing this while sipping on my 8greens water

    • Let me know how it comes out, Mia! I tried to add Ranch dressing to the grocery order I placed this morning that’s being delivered this evening, but I was too late. lol Have to stop by the store and get some.

  11. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    My son and I went together to get an air fryer. Got a Nijia one, but not the two basket. Saw it after we had ours and I was a little disappointed because the two basket would have been perfect. Well when he moves out he can take the one we got together and I will get this one. lol They are wonderful I agree and yes, do get some avocado oil, it is great and I use it all the time. Especially if you love sweet potato fries, or anything that will need a little oil. Like roasted fresh vegies. You don’t need much, but what a difference that little bit makes. Your meal looks so yummy by the way! Hugs, Brenda

    • I do love sweet potatoe fries. I had never tried those until I had them at my son’s home…well, except in restaurants. I have some being delivered in my grocery order this evening and will def be cooking some of those up. I also ordered some avocado oil, want to use a tiny bit of that next time with the veggies. Thanks for those tips, Brenda!

  12. I also love my air fryer. I made churros in it and it turned out delicious! Haven’t tried the following recipe yet but it looks great:

  13. Christine L. says

    I LOVE THAT LAMP!!!! Where did you get that?? 🙂

    • Thanks, Christine! It came from HomeGoods several years back. This is the time to look for lamps with tartan shades as we go into fall. If I see any good ones, I’ll share them since several people have asked about that lamp.

  14. It looks like your new toy is also a dehydrator! Lots of plus factors in your choice. I just have a small air fryer but do like it. The only thing I don’t like is when I do a hamburger or meatloaf and all the grease left behind (which is a good thing), but cleaning all the vents..ugh. Dawn does help. Your veggie turned out really good too, I haven’t tried veggies except for fries. So glad you are feeling better!

  15. This post was perfect timing as I went to an estate sale this past weekend and they were selling an air fryer which I purchased. I am going to be a copycat and when you share your recipes I will try and dupicate them. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  16. Thanks so much for another met Monday. The air fryer looks wonderful!

    XO- MaryJo

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    I have been hearing a lot about these air fryers for the past year or so, but have resisted because I wondered how much we would really use it after the newness and excitement wears off. Also storage is becoming an issue, with me using some shelves in the basement because we have 3 different sizes of crock pots, a George Formen grill, a toaster oven, and 2 electric fying pans and a waffle maker! But the good news is, I do use them all at various times on a pretty regular basis. However, after hearing how much your dil uses hers and I do like your 2 drawer one, I am becoming more interested. Your chicken looked really good. I will be eager to see your recipes and how well the food turns out. Will have to get some avocado oil, sounds good. Glad you are feeling better.

  18. I am on the fence about an air fryer! I love your red dishes also! Are they a red Spode? I have a set of Patchwork Farm from Johnson Brothers that I was thinking of selling but after seeing yours they are staying!

  19. Thanks so much for taking the time to host each week, Susan. I hope you and your family are all safe and well, CoCo

  20. Thank you so much for hosting! This week I am excited to share how I am styling my fall tablescape, my newest cozy reading corner, and a collected fall tablescape! Hope you are having a great week and staying healthy!

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