It’s a Sale-on-Sale and I’m Obsessed With This Maxi Skirt

I have been in a summer shopping mood this weekend! It’s been so sunny and pretty here and that always puts me in the mood to pickup a few new summer clothes.

Talbots is having an awesome sale on just about everything! I notice the sizes are going quickly right now on the “sale-on-sale” items. This top was already on sale and now it’s an additional 40% off. Last time I looked, they still have it available in XS, Small, and Medium. I love it! You’ll find it on sale with an additional 40% off here: Floral Shirt with Ruffle Sleeves.


I don’t really need a raincoat but I wish I did. I LOVE this adorable gingham rain jacket! It started out at $169, is on sale now for $139, plus the sale that ends today takes another 40% off that. It can be found here: Gingham Hooded Raincoat.


I shared this cardigan recently and most of the colors it was available in have already sold out, but this beautiful pink color is still available in several sizes. You’ll find it on sale, with another 40% off the sale price here: Cardigan.


I’m always raving about their linen tunics…they are so comfortable and so cool for summer! I have around 5-6 of the tunics now and they are great for summer travel since you can roll up the sleeves when needed. Even with sleeves down, they are still cool since they are all linen.

My linen tunics/popovers were my go-to shirt when I traveled to Egypt, the hottest country I have ever visited to-date! It was so hot, I developed the Disney Rash! No joke! Google it–it’s a thing! lol Anyway, I love their long linen tunics, they are perfect for hot, humid summer weather! Currently, this one is on sale, with an additional 40% off here: Additional 40% Off Sale. If you would like to see everything that’s currently on sale with another 40% off the sale price, you’ll find all those here: Sale-on-Sale.


In addition to the awesome 40% off sale on their already-on sale items, they are currently doing 30% off a lot of the dresses, skirts, shoes, and bags. I scanned through some of the dresses and this skirt is everything! I am obsessed with the color/pattern! Plus, it’s made from cotton voile so light and airy…perfect for summer!


This is in my cart…I NEED it for summer! You’ll find it currently on sale here: Flowing Voile Maxi Skirt. If you would like to see all the skirts/dresses/shoes/bags that are 30% off in the sale, you’ll find those here: Dresses, Skirts, Shoes, and Bags.


See you tomorrow for Metamorphosis Monday!

Happy Weekend! Hope you are seeing lots of beautiful sunshine!

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  1. Biodynamic Barb says

    Susan, I just read that Talbot’s is in trouble. They’re closing their distribution center in MA because sales are down due to the decline in women needing work clothes. IDK that there’s anything you can do about it, but I would stock up on things you love in case they go under! (and, that might actually prevent them from going under….)

    • They just closed one of their stores here in Atlanta–the one in Phipps Plaza. It wasn’t one that I ever shopped in since it’s so far away. If they go out of business, I will be wearing my existing Talbots clothes forever until they are rags because I LOVE their pants, tops, and dresses so much. The past two years has been so hard on so many businesses. 🙁

  2. Laura Heywood says

    I also love their tunics and buy the new colors every summer. Do you iron yours or wear them wrinkled a bit after line drying?

    • I do both, it depends on where I’m going/what I’m doing. Normally I wash them in my hand wash basket of my machine, then hang them up to dry in my bathroom, smoothing them out as best as I can. Occasionally, if I already have my ironing board out or I’m going somewhere like out to dinner, I may hit it with an iron. Linen tends to wrinkle a bit once you put it on anyway (the price we pay for staying cool 🙂 ) so I don’t worry that much about the wrinkles the majority of the time.
      Do you iron yours or have a technique for smoothing out the wrinkles? I wonder if there’s a product that can be sprayed on linen before hanging it to dry that makes any wrinkles fall out. It might kill its breathability though…which is one of the things I love so much about linen.

  3. Laura Heywood says

    Thank you for your prompt reply! I used to iron them, but now I do exactly what you do. I wouldn’t want to spray them with anything either. I love the colors they came in this season.

  4. Linda Buchanan says

    I know linen is cooler in warm climates, but I have never considered traveling with linen because it wrinkles so badly. Do you iron it when you get to the hotel?

    • No, they won’t let you have an iron in your room in most places. When I travel, I always pack enough clothes so I never have to wash clothes while I’m gone, so I never end up needing to iron anything. If you do, most places will wash and iron it for you. The only trip I’ve ever taken where I washed any clothing was when I was in Egypt for 15 days. It was so hot there, I needed at least two shirts per day, one to wear out on our daily adventures and another to change into once we returned to the hotel (or boat when we were sailing the Nile) and I’d had my afternoon shower. I took a ton of shirts but I hadn’t anticipated needing to change so often. So while on that trip, I bought some washing powder and each day I’d quickly wash the shirt I’d worn that day out in the sink, hang it to dry, which it did overnight, then hand it off to staff to iron if it needed it. They offered to wash it for me but I didn’t want to risk any of my tops being washed in hot water and fading/shrinking. Linen takes almost no room in a suitcase so you can take a ton of shirts with you if you need them. They are so light and thin and take up no space in a suitcase.

      When I traveled to Kenya (Giraffe Manor and Mahali Mzuri) they offer washing/ironing in both of those places, as well. I did take advantage of that service at Mahali Mzuri as you can see in this post:

      A little story to put things into perspective…and I’ve told this story before here at the blog. In my younger days, close to 20 years ago, I was shopping in the Talbots that is close to my home, the same one I shop in now. I purchased two beautiful linen suits that day. The label inside each suit said they were made from Irish Linen. As I was checking out, I asked the older woman who was checking me out if they would wrinkle a lot. She quickly educated me–that was how you could tell the finest of linens, the better the linen, the more it would wrinkle. I decided that very moment to never worry about wrinkles in my linen clothing again–to wear those wrinkles with pride! lol

      Occasionally I check out the Instagram account of Alexander Kraft, the Owner/CEO of Sotheby’s in France. He is an incredibly dapper dresser. In fact, he came out with own clothing line a couple of years back. Anyway, I notice during the summer months, he’s often dressed in linen pants, I can tell by the many creases across his lap from where he’s been sitting.

      Polyester and other man-made fibers are almost always a lot cheaper than natural fibers, but they usually aren’t as comfortable (silk/cotton) or as cooling (cotton/linen) or as warm (wool/cashmere) as natural fibers. It’s been my experience that natural fibers also wear and last a lot longer if properly cared for. I’m still wearing linen shirts I purchased from Talbots 7-to 8 years ago, but I’m careful about how they are washed.
      So long story, short…don’t worry about the wrinkles in linen, linen is supposed to wrinkle and if it doesn’t, it’s probably not the best linen.

  5. I am lucky to have a Talbots a few miles away, and a Talbots outlet even closer. Just got a gorgeous dress to wear to a party – and several other things followed me home, too. I love the floral shirt with ruffled sleeves…and their long sleeve shirts are the best. The skirt is gorgeous…but at 5 feet tall even the petite version would be hanging on the floor. Enjoy your finds !

  6. franki parde says

    HOPE you get that skirt you NEED!!! It is really pretty!! Shop on!!! franki

  7. I love the Talbot’s linen tunics as well. I also wash them on the handwash cycle, then put them in the dryer on low for 4-5 minutes. That gets lots of the wrinkles out, then I hang them on a drying rack under a ceiling fan. They look almost like they’ve been ironed. Even the pocket flaps look good! In the summer my guest room always has a drying rack in it. lol
    Fingers crossed that Talbot’s can turn things around as they’re always my go-to, especially when they have great sales.

  8. I love Talbots, and their clothes wear so well, I end up getting rid of something because I stain it, not because it tuckers out. 🙂 Would be a shame if the stores closed. Enjoy your Spring shopping!

  9. Love the voile skirt you’re ordering. Does Talbots sell a slip suitable to wear with it? Also the thin linen tops. Is it ok not to wear a camisole under these days? I’m hot natured, anyway, so wearing a camisole makes me even hotter. I need some new clothes! Thanks!

    • I’m not sure, I don’t remember seeing slips in their store or on the website. Hopefully, it’s lined–usually, their dresses and skirts are lined.
      Sure, you could definitely do that but all the linen tunics/tops I’ve purchased from Talbots were not really sheer. I’ve never had to wear anything under them, not even the all-white linen tunic that I purchased from them.

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