So Much for Hot Seed

Apparently, Mr. Squirrel likes his seed on the spicy side.

He keeps coming back for more and he brings his friends!  Can you see where he’s chewed on the window feeder?  He gets mad after he’s twisted it so much the seed quits coming,  Yep, he’s got quite the temper.  The chewed up spots are really bad in some places. Grrrrrr…

Don’t let that cute face fool you.  You won’t believe all the damage he’s done to my outdoor wicker and the lights I had strung on the pergola and the deck.  When the feeders that hang from the deck are taken in at night or they aren’t put back out early enough in the morning, he takes out his revenge on the outdoor wicker under the pergola.

Max is just taking it all in stride.

I, on the other hand, am considering plan B.   They don’t call it Wild Bill’s for nothing. 😉

Disclaimer: No Squirrels were harmed in the making of this post. However, they were severely glared upon.

See you tonight for Met Monday…

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  1. Hi Susan..I don't have any problems with all my squirrels, but instead of fight them I feed them in feeders only they can get into. I have wicker, plastic palms and lights, no problems..just a thought.

  2. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Lisa, wish mine were as nice. When I have fed them, it seems to make it worse…even more come to the yard and the damage they do is just terrible.

  3. Barbara F. says

    This was so cute. Very enjoyable and the close-up photos are very cool. xo,

  4. Kelee Katillac says

    Hi Susan! I love this so cute!

    I heat ice cream–!!! Maybe he does too!

    I have a post on Miracle Makeover -up and will be in today's event.

    love, kelee

  5. Pretty, pretty kitty!

  6. Kathy Martin says

    What a fabulous bunch of photos! Love it! I recently got a shot of a squirrel on our patio that you can see here…

  7. Haha!! I'm sorry, I know you're frustrated, but Mr. Squirrel is just so cute. And fearless!! It's hilarious how both he and Max couldn't care less about each other. Too adorable!

  8. Like we say here in the South, it's time for some squirrel stew, lol.

  9. tammylovesdishes says

    Susan, we seem to have good luck keeping the squirrels at bay by only using Safflower seed for the birds. Most of the birds like it, except the grackles, which is a good thing in my book.

    The squirrels have chewed the top of our gazebo feeder so badly that there is not much topknot to grasp. We've put hook and eye closures to keep them from ripping the entire top off. However, since we've started using Safflower seed, they are not interested in the feeder or the feed. Safflower is a little more expensive, but we feel it's worth the extra cost as we use less since we are not feeding the squirrels, too.

  10. Oh, look at that face and the little claws:-) How can something so cute do so much damage. Pesky little critter!

  11. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Tammy, thanks for telling me that. I'll check and see what birds eat safflower. I have cardinals, woodpeckers, chickadees, titmouses, goldfinches, wrens, brown thrashers and mourning doves coming to the feeders. I've probably left something off. I love the mourning doves but the only feeder they can eat at is one the squirrels can camp out on when it's out there. 🙁

  12. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Oh, left off the bluebirds…how can I forget them? 🙂

  13. Cute is in the eye of the beholder. Squirrels are tree rats and should be dealt with as such.
    Before anyone gets up in arms I adore animals but am a realist knowing they breed just like rats and will chew up your wiring. Not so cute when your house is burning down from an electrical fire.

  14. Hi Susan,
    oh my, that is supercute. I admire the braveness of the Mr. Squirrel as much as the pationess of Lord Max. "The Squirrel and the Beast" or "Max and the Beast", which one do you prefer? They are both cute. It is a pity that your squirrels are so destructive.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  15. They are adorable looking, but at the same time pesty and coniving! LOL!
    I do love the pictures and Max looks as though he's kinda bored with Mr. Squirrel.


  16. Kimberly-mytoesareclaustrophobic says

    To quote Carrie Bradshaw, "A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit"!

  17. Well, this made me laugh. (Even if it was at your expense) I didn't know squirrels were so destructive. I have one that comes to my feeder, but so far he's been good. Good luck with "Plan B"

  18. Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement says

    Cute post! Except for the squirrel wreaking havoc… I love that Max just sits and watches him. I'm assuming the glares are from you, as Max seems pretty calm. 🙂

    Good luck!


  19. I have had the Wild Bill birdfeeder for about 12 years (ever since the squirrels started eating my deck here in Alpharetta, GA) and have not had a squirrel problem since. I thought this week I would take it down a spray paint the green, it is very weathered, but still very functional.

  20. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Joy, that's good to hear! Encouraging!

  21. Susan, as an animal lover, it pains me to agree with others who point out the destructiveness of squirrels. They will do major damage in an attic to include chewing electrical wires. When we lived in Texas, we gave up and had the little darings live trapped and moved. If switching to different seeds doesn't solve the problem, you might consider live trapping. Oh, we hired a company specializing in removal of wild animals to do the job.

  22. Kelsie From Our Country Home says

    So sorry to read how destructive this little blighter is…I can see why you do not get to enjoy him like you should….Your photos are fab though especially with the cat just sitting there showing little to no interest in the rodent out the window lol.

    Blessings Kelsie

  23. heritagestitchery says

    A dear Friend some time ago
    came up with his solution
    and installed it for us.
    He strung two copper wires
    leading to the bird feeder
    at such a width that a birds
    foot would go between, but
    a squirrels had to cover at
    least one. It was plugged
    into our porch outlet (low
    wire voltage) and by week's
    end, the birds fed happily
    and the squirrels kept their
    distance. We cleared any
    overhanging access to the
    feeder and wired the porch
    railing. It worked for us
    and left us forever indebted
    to that dear Friend.

  24. Sizzle and Zoom says

    This is hilarious. I laughed out loud. Your cat is beautiful.

  25. poindextr says

    they're little rascals, aren't they?! but I figure if you're going to feed the critters, then the word's going to get out. and you're going to feed all the critters. we do our best to keep up with 2 squirrel feeders, 3 bird feeders, 2 hummingbird feeders and 3 suet cages. the critters give us a run for our money, literally 🙂 but they give us a lot of smiles in return. xo Diane

  26. Jennifer@Woodley Cottage says

    I just despise those little creatures! Last month my husband's truck spontaneously cumbusted (so we thought) while sitting in the driveway. We had it towed to the dealership who called the next day to say they found a charred squirrel amongst the fried electrical system. $4,000 later, One squirrel down, many to go…

  27. ♥ Sonny ♥ says

    Your photos are adorable but I'm glad I saw the damage they can do listed too… I've only seen one this year on the back split rail fence.. The dogs barking must keep it away from the house.. I sure hope it does:)

  28. Antiques And Teacups says

    I can't believe Max is so blase! My Tinker knocks himself out…literally… at the window & constantly mumbles and vibrates at the birds on the fence 6 feet away in one bedroom! That is too much! Let us know if plan B is decided upon….

  29. says

    Isn't it crazy how much havoc a tiny little animal can cause!! Your pictures are great – I had to show them to my husband. We have squirrels here to, but they are quite a bit stockier in the Northwest! Must be the cold? Yours looks very svelte compared to out little guys!

  30. The squirrels are cute, but I feel your pain! The ones in my yard must love the 100+ degree weather we are having. While the birds and I have retreated to the shade, they are out in the blazing sun attempting to attack the birdfeeder. Hope your new approach is a success for you and your feathered friends!

  31. make sure u do your research……i also have some squirrels that act like there clowns, but my goodness they just eat the food up……i have checked on some anti squirrel feeders but am being told these lil rats stilllllll get the feed.

  32. Sewconsult says

    We have several birdfeeders that shut down the openings if squirrels or real large birds try to get at the seed. I hate the dang squirrels.
    Back right after Katrina hit New Orleans, a lady on one of my lists was asking for donations of food to feed the "orphaned baby squirrels" out of New Orleans, so that she could rescue them. I was appalled! Not by her "heroic" efforts, but my come-and-get-all-the-squirrels-in-TN comment was removed by the list owner because my comment was too distressful to the other lady. Oh, my goodness! She didn't even live in a state near Louisiana & was going to have those orphans shipped to her in the desert! Squirrels reproduce as fast as bunnies & I don't think N.O. would be without squirrels for long.

  33. FABBY'S LIVING says

    Great photography, Susan, wow! I love the one where kitty is looking out the window at the squirrel…it's magazine worth, just great! Have a nice week, see you later at MM! Love, FABBY

  34. That is so funny. If I could only get them to leave my potted plants alone, I'd be happy. They have no interest in my bird feeders. They share the birdbath with them for water, but will not leave the plants alone.. I have pecan trees coming up in every pot! arrgh.. I know your pain. xo marlis

  35. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Marlis, I'll trade squirrels with ya! 😉 I'd rather dig up pecan trees than have chewed up deck furniture.

  36. Hi, Susan…my sister just left to go home to Indiana and since I was feeling blue, I couldn't help smiling and chuckling when I read your post. I did a "Blog This" on my blog post tonight to help others laugh. Many thanks.
    Warmest Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA

  37. Living in the country, my power can go off in the middle of clear blue day. When that happens, I always a squirrel walked across the lines. Google 'squirrel knocks out power' and see the dozens of news reports where thousands have lost power because of the cute critters. 😉

  38. Ok, you threw me with the Wild Bill's line…..I thought…"She's going for the BB gun!"

  39. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Karen, Too funny! It's tempting but I couldn't shoot them. I was tempted to go buy paint balls for my son's old paint ball gun, though. I'd have the most colorful squirrels in the neighborhood. 😉

  40. Anonymous says

    My Dad had a "squirrel proof" feeder; the kind that shuts if a heavy bird or squirrel gets on the perch. At least one squirrel figured out how to open the latch on the back side where feed is added. So,Dad put a pin through the holes of the latch to insure it couldn't be opened. Yup! The squirrel managed to get the pin pulled partially out…enough to pry up the top and get its head into the seed. Unfortunately, for the squirrel, he wasn't strong enough to hold the top up for long. When Dad pulled in the driveway, the squirrel was trapped with his head inside and his body dangling. As much of a nusance as they are, at that point, Dad had to get out the leather gloves, open the feeder and free Mr. Squirrel. Poor thing almost decapitated itself that time.

  41. I'm afraid the demise of your deck furniture and lights is the price your squirrel has decided you will pay for Max's entertainment and your great pictures 🙂

    Max is just adorable !!!

  42. Grammy Goodwill says

    I had to laugh at your "glaring" comment. I always enjoy seeing pics of Max, and I'm glad he can enjoy his days without letting the squirrels bother him. Now I wish the same for you. hehehe

  43. Severely glared upon!!! So funny!

  44. Crystal @ Ordinary Days says

    What a cute picture! You should really submit it to something! 🙂

  45. quiltluvr says

    I have lots of squirrels too! All the birds you listed will still come to your feeder with safflower seeds except I don't know what thrashers eat. I have all those birds too with the safflower seeds. Goldfinches love thistle which is a tiny black seed. I can't remember if squirrels eat it but a thistle feeder has a mesh screen so squirrels can't get it anyway.

    Good luck!

  46. bammajan10 says

    This is going to sound mean, but how about rubbing some actual hot sauce on the openings he sticks his mouth into? I'm guessing that would surprise him.
    We had squirrels in our attic once and it cost a ton of money to get rid of them and repair the damage, not to mention the noise they made.
    They're rats, just cuter.

  47. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Jan…I thought about doing that to the deck furniture, too!!! I may do that to the feeder when I refill it with more hot seed. He polished off what was in there…time to buy more.

  48. Cute ? HAHAHAHA ! Squirrels have destroyed my garden, my plants and get into our attic. We have spent THOUSANDS trying to get rid of them – but those little stinkers are tough. I had that same bird feeder, and the squirrels took it apart to get to the seed !!! No such thing as squirrel proof :/

    good luck … they are cute – in pictures !!!!!!


  49. Simplegirl says

    I enjoyed this post and I'm glad that you stopped by otherwise I would have missed this one. I was thinking of getting a squirrel feeder, but I 'll stick to the birds for now. As cute as they are(squirrels), I guess they can be a nuisance at times. Thank you for posting this and I love your photos. Too cute and funny.

  50. Not to sound like a heartless, cold-hearted soul, but I detest squirrels. I used to think they were cute, but I don't even think that anymore. HA! They destroy gardens and fruit trees and steal birdseed from birds. Not to mention they also dig in my flowerbeds looking for God only knows what.

  51. We had a squirrel here who loved the engine of one of our cars – so much so that it chewed through the hoses! Very expensive critters,

  52. I have a spring-action, hopper-style feeder that is squirrel-proof.

    If you mount it on a pole, squirrels can climb up on it and extract seeds one at a time from the holes on the side intended for use with the hanger. The process is so labor-intensive, though, that they give up. HAHA!! They do feed on the seed that spills onto the ground but that's OK.

    I also have a tube feeder enclosed in a wire cage that they can't get into (but boy, I sure do love watching them try.)

    Safflower seed is wonderful for attracting song birds only as neither grackles nor squirrels like it. It's gotten quite expensive, though.

    Good luck with Plan B.

  53. J'ai tout simplement says

    A natureza e o seu poder! linda a sua imagem, parabéns!!
    Att: Dorath

  54. I put out a ground feeder so they would leave the hanging feeder alone. They found and ate from it. Last week all of sudden I had no birds and plenty of food in my hanging feeder. I went out to check it because it was hanging funny. The squirrels had snapped the hooks that held the squirrel guard in place therefore, blocking all the feeding holes. My squirrels get yelled at a lot by this crazy woman who wants them away from her hanging bird feeder.

  55. Jadehollow says

    Sorry to offend but around here we have declared open season on those pesky lil varmits .. For years we fed them … made it a paradise for them here in our backyard. How do they repay me.. by shredding my brand new Martha Stewart patio set .. within 2 weeks of me getting it they ripped open the cushions and used the polyfil as nesting material .. the tops of the trees in my back yard looked like a cotton field… and as if the back yard wasn't enough space for them they moved on around to the front yard and have taken over there as well.. since my daughter started driving and gets home late from work she's the one that gets to park in the garage an my poor defenseless car remains parked in the drive .. I am on my THIRD new fuel line .. yes they love the taste of rubber and gasoline apparently… that or they're trying to off me .. not sure but they are for sure costing me alotta money.

  56. Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) says

    First of all, WONDERFUL PHOTOS!!! Man, your camera is a great one. (Plus, you are a damn good photographer!) I feel badly that the squirrels are so mean and destroying the wicker and lights outside. I read some of the other comments, because I think I had a squirrel in my attic… I'm afraid to check it out though!! Some others have nasty squirrels too, and some have nice ones! Well, I hope your new feeder works and that the squirrels start to act nicer for you!

  57. Oh boy… I think this is when i would send my son outside with a sling shot. The physics of a sling shot are a valuable and challenging learning opportunity. But that's just me.

  58. Kelli Culpepper says

    We have a boxer that constantly runs off the squirrels for us. I’ve loaded down the seed with hot pepper seeds and I think it just makes the squirrels faster and more determined!

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