Southern Living Idea House, Kitchen and Dining Room Tour

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Southern Living Idea House in Senoia Georgia:

A few weeks ago, I toured the Southern Living Idea House in Senoia, Georgia. I took quite a few pics…too many to share in one post, so I’m just sharing a few more each week.

The photos in this posts that are small are from Southern Living Online.

All of the larger pics are photos I took while on the tour. This pic below from SL online is the view standing in the kitchen and looking into a room/butler’s pantry at the end of the kitchen.

Here’s one side of the pantry… It’s interesting seeing the subway tile combined with stained cabinetry. You so often see it with white cabinets… The refrigerator and dishwasher were in here…interesting, huh?

And the other side of this room/pantry… Note the rolling pin collection…

Isn’t it fun how you can take the simplest thing and turn it into some cool wall decor. πŸ™‚

Speaking of wall decor…back out in the kitchen this preserved boxwood decoration hung over the stove.

I’m really into preserved boxwood, though I don’t have any in my home. It looks real, is real and lasts a long time!

What do you think about the horsey head above the stove? I can’t decide if I like it or not. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry…it isn’t stuffed or real. That would be a bit Godfather like, wouldn’t it? HA! What a unique light fixture! Wish these pics would enlarge…but they won’t…I tried.

The tablescape below was on the kitchen table the day we took the tour. Sorry about the angles of some of the pics. The house was literally crawling with folks EVERYWHERE. It made it very difficult to get full views of rooms. That’s why so many of the pics you’ll see today are close-ups except the smaller pics that I’m pulling from Southern Living, online. I do love this table centerpiece! The natural mantel dressings and tablescape centerpieces were really stunning throughout the home!

The Dining Room…

A little tablescape on the dining room table…

China is Lenox, Holiday…

I’d never been on a Southern Living Idea House tour…but I’m hooked now. If you ever get a chance to go on one…I do recommend it! You can see some of the other posts I’ve done about this home HERE and HERE and HERE. I’ll be sharing more soon.

Southern Living Idea House in Senoia Georgia

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  1. HAppy tuesday to you…this post and pics are bbeautiful..thank you!!!Hugs, Flavia

  2. DanielleisNesting says

    The house is gorgeous!

  3. Nice pictures Sharon….You inspire me!

    Mel's Cabin

  4. Farah Muzaffar says

    Hello Susan,
    Oh how creative the JOY is…… very lovely… yes rolling pin idea is very cute too… I too have some different rolling pins and everytime I want to throw them… hmm now you give the super picture for them.
    Love the center piece arrangement.. its really very unique .. how a tall vase comes with such a beauty, china is obviously beautiful…
    Can you please spare a little bit of your time for my new post, its something different I hope you enjoyed

  5. Custom Comforts says

    Very pretty. Thanks for sharing. I love the kitchen. Was the backsplash on the stove wood? It looks like a wood cutting board, but I was thinking that would be hard to keep clean. I really like the look ~ just wondering about the cleaning part. Looking forward to more pictures πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for the tour. I like the size of the 'horsey' kitchen. And the dining room table n chairs. All lovely :o)

    Have a blessed day.

  7. Great fun touring with you! Looking forward to seeing more of this lovely house!

  8. forever lost says

    what a great blog! Your mantle is JUST LIKE OURS! DH and I were so excited to see you take the paneled room and make it warm and inviting!
    So you are fitting into your new life perfectly!

  9. Soooo many pretty ideas in here, Susan…thanks for sharing your tour! My DD & I did the one SL home tour in Celebration, FL one year & it was awesome! So much inspiration!! I'll have to dig out those old photos & try to scan them.

    I love the dining room's centerpiece at this home. Also, the preserved boxwood is wonderful. DD orders a wreath of it each year for her RED door. (looks a lot like your front porch, which I β™₯) πŸ˜‰

  10. What a lovely house! I love that rolling pin rack. I may have to try something like that for my Kitchen! πŸ™‚

  11. I would love to go on a SL house tour! I always buy the magazine and check out the idea houses online. Not the same as being there.

    I don't quite care for the horse head over the stove but love the J.O.Y. I wonder who came up with initial idea of using grass in decorating?? I'm all for using natural elements in decorating but never cared for the look of grass inside my home. I guess if you live in the city where you don't have grass I can see the novelty of it, just not in the kitchen. I'd much rather see kitchen herbs.

    Thanks for sharing the idea house!~Ames

  12. Yes, the SL idea house is awesome. We had one built near us 9 years ago. We had just moved into our home that was brand new. I got a ton of inspiration from that house and paint colors as well!

    Love your blog…..!

  13. Susan, I always enjoy these charming open houses and tours of homes.

    Enjoy seeing them and getting ideas as well as to see what is out there.

    Have a pleasant season and God bless,
    d from homehaven

  14. Designs By Pinky says

    I have the Lenox Holiday dishes and wine glasses too! I LOOOOOVE that pantry ROOM! I could fill those cabinets with DISHES! And to have a sink in there too is great! I also like the idea of the fridge in there, they are usually not so great to look at in the kitchen. I love both centerpieces too. How is your decorating going???? I have several QUESTIONS I would like to ask you about my blog…………. XO, Pinky

  15. Designs By Pinky says

    I just left a LOOOONG comment and it wouldn't connect! AAUUGGHH! I love that pantry ROOM!!! I could fill it with dishes!!!! I also have the Lenox Holiday dishes and wine glasses! I have several questions I would like to ask you about my blog……… XO, Pinky

  16. Janell @ Isabella and Max says

    Love the kitchen, wow…and your holiday header is adorable!!! Janell

  17. No one does it better than Southern Living … and you southern ladies!

    I love those blue Windsor chairs! And the boxwood … Not the horse head.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us. Have a great week, Susan.

  18. My husband and I went on one once when it was at the Governor's Club in Brentwood, Tennessee. It was very nice, but made me a little sad to go back to my own plain home. πŸ™ Thanks for posting these pictures.

  19. Susan (My Place to Yours) says

    Love that Butler's pantry! I did the light subway tiles with stained cabs in my old house, too. Thought long and hard about going with white cabs, but I'm so glad I didn't! Glad you finally got to see a SL Idea House in person. There's always so much to see!

  20. The refrigerator intrigues me. Was it full size doors with a double size freezer drawer? I am so fed up with side by side freezer space that the last set I bought was a full freezer and matching full refrigerator. Unfortunately, we are temporarily renting in CA. Although it is a true gourmet kitchen complete with pot filler, I am back to the side by side! πŸ™‚

    I also like the table in the kitchen instead of a breakfast nook. Very homey.

  21. What a beautiful home! I loved the preserved boxwood JOY, it makes a statement! I would not have that horse head in my kitchen but that's just me, I'm sure there are those who would love it. Because I live in Alberta, Canada I'm not going to be able to go on a tour of a Soutern Living home but if I could I would really enjoy it!!

  22. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Cindy…yep…that backsplash and the counters were wood. They were really beautiful…were real wood…not the butcher block faux stuff like we all saw years ago. They were gorgeous but not so sure how they would hold up.

  23. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Sorry Nancy, but I don't remember. I need to notice those details when I tour…will do a better job next time. πŸ™‚

  24. Courtenay@Signal Hill Interiors says

    This house is insanely amazing. I love that they copied me with hanging rolling pins up on the wall. Just kidding…I wish!

  25. Lovely rooms, but I'm seriously confused. Were there 3 separate houses? I count 3 distinctly different kitchens!

  26. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    Wow! What a gorgeous home, I'm not too fond of the horsehead..loved the boxwood Joy, and the gorgeous centerpiece. Thanks for taking us along. hugs ~lynne~

  27. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Mellodee, No, it's just one kitchen with a butler's pantry room at the end that had the refrigerator and dishwasher in it. Odd, huh? In some of the pics, the kitchen is decorated for Christmas and in some, it's not…so it probably looks very different.

  28. Wow that is a beautiful home, thus far! I can't wait to see more pictures. Love the subway tile and the unique touches they've added!
    Lila Ferraro

  29. No horse heads in the kitchen. Uh, no.

  30. I'm hooked – when can we see the rest of the pictures? Such a beautiful house. Blessings,

  31. What an unusual idea for behind the stove. I like it but wonder how pratical wood is around the flame of the gas burners? Looks like a fire hazard. Still very pretty though and I love the rest of the room. Oh, to have that great butler's pantry and the informal eating area is so pretty!
    The horse head kind of makes me sad which is weird because I always like the look of antlered animals hanging on the wall…..:)

  32. Sandy @ Cottage Style Decorating says

    I love the picture of the kitchen looking out the window with the sun streaming through. I don't usually like dark cabinets, but I can just imagine myself standing there looking out the window. It just "speaks" to me. So homey and cozy looking.

  33. A Hint of Home says

    Gorgeous house! i love those home tours!

  34. It's gorgeous, Susan! I love your new banner look too. The home is so warm and cozy. Don't really like the horse head though…

  35. Wonderful tour–great photos! I especially love that rolling pin holder! I was visiting our newly wed daughter 2 weeks ago and there on her counter sat MY pink & green retro rolling pin IN the wooden holder I MADE! I had to laugh. How'd she get that out of my house? But…it was an honor to see my daughter follow in my footsteps. No, not sticky fingers, sticking with dough only! lol~ Blessings, Heidi

  36. This home is really pretty. Thank you for sharing your pictures. My cousin has a rolling pin collection and he displays them just like SL home. I'll have to let him know πŸ™‚

    From Virginia


  38. Kim @ Savvy Southern Style says

    Susan, I usually go on these tours. Missed this one. Been too busy with guests and the grand baby birth and babysitting. I love that kitchen, but I prefer a cow head instead of a horse head. I think they needed you to set the table for them!

  39. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for taking us along. It's obviously a truly gorgeous home. The kitchen's great, but that butler's pantry is amazing! Not sure what I think about the the refrigerator being there (it would be a great spot for a 2nd one or for a freezer).

    Looking forward to the rest of the tour!

    Bye for now,

  40. Kathy and Dave says

    When my 19 yr old daughter was 9 months old, I gave her one place setting of Lennox Holiday and added to it every year. I've used it myself every year but she can have it whenever she wants (she's only a college sophomore now, thank goodness). But I loved seeing it used in such a nice table setting and I will share it with my daughter, Lauren.

    Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  41. Cindy Adkins says

    Oh how beautiful!!!

  42. Dana and Daisy says

    Thank you for the tip on the archival boxes. I bought boxes about 15 years ago of another brand and they have held up okay, but they are not nearly as useful as yours, such as the trays do not lift out in one piece. SO therefor I have to empty the boxes before I can get to the bottom layer. I might just have to ask Santa to bring me new boxes for Christmas!

  43. Donna@Conghaile Cottage says

    That was a WONDERFUL tour. In the last picture I'm REALLY Loving the curled ribbon on the plate. I'm thinking it looks like a chocolate curl, SO if you use a REALLY chocolate looking ribbon and a red ornament, WOW would that be nice, EVEN for Valentines Day!!! I do love that center piece… The horse head, "NO,NO,NO,NEVER!!!" I'm really a bit surprised at that!!!(I can't even LOOK at it)! The boxwood JOY, I LOVE, But I think over the stove MAY dry it out? But I REALLY LOVE it!!! Hmmm, I do have LOTS of boxwood outside that I "SHOULD" go prune about NOW!!!
    Thank you SO much for all this fun… Hugs to you, Donna

  44. Thanks, this was very enjoyable.

  45. Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) says

    Hi, Susan. Catching up on blogs! Loved this post of your, this house was GORGEOUS. Wish I had tours like that up here!

  46. I stumbled upon this post today and found it so refreshing to see real, natural wood tone furniture and not all this pale, painted, anemic looking white-washed furniture. I’m be so glad when all the pale wood furniture dissolves into a mere memory of a decorating trend gone wrong.

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