A Decorated Tree & Whimsical, Fun Gift Wrapping Idea

Welcome to the 460th Metamorphosis Monday!

The tree is decorated, all except for a pretty topper. The star that I’ve been using is literally falling apart, plus it has always been a pain to position since it’s so heavy.

I know the tree probably looks rather simply done, compared to the way trees are decorated in magazines these days. I just prefer a simpler look that let’s you see more of the tree. It does need a few more ornaments, though. I’ve lost a few ornaments through the years due to breakage, so it’s time to look for some new ones this year.

This tree is available here: Christmas Tree.

GE Canadian Fir Tree Decorated with Glass Ornaments


I went with pretty gold beading this year, that’s what I normally use here on the living room tree. The gold beads are a bit dressier which seems to work well with the glass ornaments.

After it was decorated I wondered how it would have looked with the red, wood beads I’ve had for over 35 years. They always make me think of strung cranberries when on the tree. May have to try those next year unless I put up the kitchen tree which is where those are normally used.

Christmas Tree, Glass Ornaments, 2017


A few close-ups…

GE Canadian Fir Tree Decorated for Christmas


I had a very  odd/annoying thing going on while creating this post. Photos looked sharp and clear on my computer, but as soon as I loaded them into the post, even though the photos were reduced to the correct size for the blog, they appear slightly blurry once in the post. I’m hoping that’s just how they look in the “compose” mode and that when this post goes live, they will look as they do on my computer.

Glass Ornaments for GE Canadian Fir Christmas Tree


I know it’s hard to see, but do you see the woody truck carrying the tree toward the left side of the photo below?

Glass Ornament, Woody Car with Christmas tree


Here’s another one that’s bringing home the tree. Those two ornaments are a big hint as to how I’m wrapping the gifts this year.

Red Truck with Christmas Tree Glass Ornament


Whimsical Gift Wrapping Idea

Christmas Vacation Gift Wrapping


I came across this adorable gift wrap while doing a bit of Christmas shopping online. (This gift wrap is available here: Wrapping Paper.) It sparked an idea!

Christmas Vacation Wallpaper, Perfect for Christmas Presents


You know how much I love the old-fashioned woody cars, especially the ones that are bringing home a pretty Christmas tree. (This large green truck is available here: Green Woody Truck.)

Christmas Doll House & Truck with Christmas Tree


I began wrapping gifts last night and thought I’d share this idea in case you’re looking for a fun way to wrap your gifts this year, too.

Gift Wrapping Ideas, Tartan and Christmas Vacation Wrapping Paper


The plan is to top off all the gifts with a vintage style car or truck that’s bringing home the family Christmas tree. 🙂

Christmas Vacation Wrapping Paper, Bringing Home The Tree


I’m also using two tartan papers found in Marshalls last year. I love to collect plaid wrapping paper whenever I come across a beautiful pattern.

Gift Wrapping Idea, Chevy Truck Toy Bringing Home Christmas Tree on Plaid, Tartan Paper


The little Christmas trees are from Hobby Lobby and were available in two sizes. I’m kinda wishing I had purchased the smaller size tree, as well. I just realized last night that two of the sets of vehicles I ordered (they will arrive today) are a bit smaller than the truck you see above and below, so they may need a slightly smaller tree. Will have to see.

Gift Wrap Supplies


The trucks are available in a package of four. They are 5 inches long and are the perfect size to for a present topper on a medium to large size package. They are nice and sturdy, made of die-cast metal. They were even nicer in person than what I had expected. The doors open and close, which is really cute! I think my grandsons will love playing with these.

Gift Wrapping Idea, Chevy Truck with Christmas Tree on Christmas Vacation Paper


Before tying the tree onto the truck with the red yarn seen in a photo earlier in the post, I removed the round disk off the bottom of each tree. It’s easy to get off since the metal tree stem is just screwed into the wood disk. The disk was ruining the look since trees don’t come with a disk attached when we cut them down at the tree farm. lol

I wrapped the tree stem in brown jute yarn to give it a brown color more in keeping with how a tree trunk looks. You could just paint the metal stem, but the jute yarn beefs it up a bit, which again, looks more tree-trunk-like.

I just love how these trucks look topping off a gift! You’ll find the trucks available here: Trucks.

As mentioned, the trees can be found in Hobby Lobby in two different sizes. The ones I used are the larger of the two sizes and are currently on sale for $1.39 here: Trees.

Gift Wrapping Idea, Toy Chevy Truck with Christmas Tree on Tartan Plaid Paper


I’ve ordered several cars to use on all my gifts this year. They should all be arriving today. I can’t wait to add a tree to the top of these adorable Volkswagen Bugs! lol Won’t that be a riot! 🙂 The VW Bugs are available here: VW Bugs.

VW Classic Beetle Toy Car

They should look very similar to the yellow VW car in the gift wrap. Maybe I should tie my little tree down to the car the way they did below. lol

See the bright-green VW van that’s loaded down with presents across the top?

Christmas Vacation Wallpaper, Perfect for Christmas Presents


Found these adorable VW vans online, complete with surfboards. They also have them available minus the surfboard, but I could only find them sold individually that way, which was more expensive.

I purchased a set of four thinking the tree may look cute atop the surfboard. It will be as if the owner of the van loves surfing so much, he refuses to remove his surfboard even at Christmastime. lol One of the reviews mentioned that the surfboard could be removed, just not reattached, so I guess if the “tree-on-surfboard” idea doesn’t work too well, I can just remove the board.

These vans are available 4 to a package here: VW Vans.

Classic 1962 VW Van with Flowers and Surfboard


Looking again at this adorable gift wrap, notice the aqua car pulling the camper. The only place I could find a car pulling a camper was here: Car Pulling Camper. They are more expensive than I wanted to use on my presents, but they would be great to top off a special gift for an antique car enthusiast.

Christmas Vacation Wallpaper, Perfect for Christmas Presents


I did order these, though. Aren’t they wonderful?! They are a bit smaller in scale, I think–so I’ll have to see if they are big enough to work. I may need to use them on smaller presents and pick up the smaller size Christmas trees in Hobby Lobby, although placing a way-too-big tree atop the car is a fun look as seen with the VW Beetle on the paper above. These cars below are available here: 1955 Chevy.

1955 Chevy Nomad Die Cast Cars


Love these, too! They are available here: Chevy Bel Air Coupe.

Chevy Bel Air Toy Car



I also ended up purchasing this adorable Christmas tree remote. It works great and is available here: Christmas Tree Remote.

Christmas Tree Remote in Christmas Tree Shape


Again, the adorable wrapping paper that started it all is available here: Gift Wrap.  They are very thick rolls, so you get a lot of paper! Love that! The quality of this paper is excellent, too. I liked the paper so much, I purchased three more rolls for future Christmases.

Christmas Vacation Wallpaper, Perfect for Christmas Presents


Once the other cars arrive today and I have all the presents wrapped, I’ll be sure to share a photo of how they look. I plan to wrap my son and daughter-in-law’s gifts this way, as well. So when all the presents have been opened, my grandsons should have a fun little collection of cars, vans and trucks. Their dad loved his toy cars, so I’m sure they will, too.

Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Susan, the tree looks terrific, and the pictures very clear. I really do love the natural look of those branches. Adorable gift wrapping too!
    Well, we finished transforming our booth spaces for the holiday (sharing), and now I’m starting work on my holiday house. But first, some Thanksgiving. I appreciate you sharing your blog with all of us at your parties and more. I hope you have a wonderful week.

    • Thanks, Rita! I wish they looked as clear as they do on my home computer…gotta figure out why they blur when I put them in a post. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Looks like you hunted down and bagged a great tree. I love how you did your decoration too, and like you, prefer fewer ornaments than in magazines. But those presents! And that wrapping paper! As a kid, we had a station wagon like that. Then a few years later a small camper. Then my first car was a VW. (so let’s not call them vintage, OK ;)) Adorable ideas for gift adornments. It’s all so Christmas-y.

  3. Another good thing about the wrapping paper is that you can use so many different colored ribbons with it. Tree looks great! I bet any little boys seeing those cars on the gifts before Christmas won’t be able to keep their hands off them.

  4. Denise Marsden says

    Oh, Susan…absolutely so cute and so creative. I love the idea. Wish I had grandkids so I could use the idea. So, You said that you needed a new angel, so do I. I have been looking for weeks and either they are so drab in color or they really aren’t very pretty. I ordered a santa tree topper from Balsam Hill but it’s not really what I wanted. They had a couple of angels, but I just didn’t like the, plus I think they might be a little big for my tree. It is 7 1/2 ft. I looked online at Amazon as well but didn’t find one. If you know of someplace to find angel tree toppers, could you share? I live in Texas so it would have to be online or a big regional store. Too bad Pottery Barn doesn’t have angel tree toppers b/c I am sure they would be beautiful if they did. Thanks for your creative insights and all your wonderful blogs. I really enjoy them and I think we would make wonderful friends.

  5. Susan,
    Everything looks beautiful. Have you noticed all the decorations out this year with a car or truck carrying home the tree? It seems everywhere I go I see that same scene!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Your tree looks gorgeous, and I love the way the gold beads reflect the light but are still subtle and don’t overshadow the pretty ornaments. That “bringing home the tree” paper is adorable, too.

  7. I love the tree – it’s perfect! I’m a vintage truck lover, so I love your package toppers too. How creative! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  8. We have the same idea of how the tree should look. When I see the overdecorated ones I just keep going. Next page or next window. Besides one can not see the ornaments either.
    Was much relieved you had not added to the big truck collection. I maxed out last year keeping up with you. The small cars are adorable and what a fun theme for the boys. All three. I’ll be doing fruit on the boxes.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, then blast off to Christmas.

  9. Kim JEFFERSON says

    I love the wrapping paper and Oh, the vehicles with the trees are just too darn cute.
    Your tree is beautiful, just as everything you do. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I always look forward to your post

  10. How appropriate the paper is called Christmas Vacation.
    Very neat with the cars on the presents. You know sometimes we fall in love with tree thats just too large but we struggle to get it home. Your little cars with big trees are just right. Your tree looks great.

  11. Helen Peterson says

    The tree looks great and the photos are clear. Have loved your doll house since I first saw it last year. I have a yellow doll house with green shutters that I built from a kit 20+ years ago in Maryland. After I moved back to my PA hometown, I saw a home with similar colors on a charming little street that always makes me smile. I will freshen my doll house decorations for Xmas and post photos of my little house and the larger one downtown and post it in a few weeks. I enjoy your Monday and Thursday posts!

  12. The tree looks lovely! I love the cute car idea on the packages. Here’s an idea….use the road tape and glue to card stock and make your own gift tags if it’s large enough? You could write the name of the person on the road side and a little message on the other or just leave blank. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m anxious now to get my own tree up!

  13. PS: Pictures look clear in case you wondered.

  14. Your tree looks picture perfect and I’m crazy about your wrapping idea, super cute and fabulous fun! I wanted to buy a truck with tree this year but opted for a Santa in a vintage turquoise Cadillac convertible! I can’t wait to bring him out to play! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  15. Wow! You are so ahead of me! I love your tree and your adorable wrapping paper and gift toppers. You are so clever.

  16. I love the way your tree looks. Those overly styled trees make me kind of sad. For me, it’s the old and sentimental ornaments, mixed in with a few new finds each year that make a tree special. Speaking of trees, I had to laugh at all the Balsam Hill ads on your site. Lol!
    I just love your wrapping idea! I had a 1974 yellow VW bug that I received as a high school graduation gift. It looked just like the one on the wrapping paper and my husband had a V W bus, although his was bright red. So fun!
    I’m also ordering the tree remote. You always have the best ideas! Thanks for a great post!

  17. I love the look of your tree as well. I just don’t go for the overstuffed look that a lot of “decorators” use for their trees by stuffing the extra pieces of florals into the branches – it just makes it so you can’t see the ornaments, which to me is the whole purpose. I have red beads that I’ve put on my tree since my kids were little, so they are always a must. But I also have a skinny “angel” tree in my foyer which holds my angel collection – it’s simple with just the angels & white lights & tiny silver beads. I don’t want anything to distract from the angels.

  18. Susan B. Jones says

    Would love to see a recent pic of your grandsons!

  19. Your tree is so pretty! I love this idea for wrapping gifts – the paper is adorable, and adding an actual car with the tree! Even better!


  20. Veryl Stockdale says

    Your tree looks lovely and the wrapping paper and cars….so fun

  21. Love, love the package decorating. I really enjoy the vintage cars and hope they stay popular for a long time. Toooo cute, thanks as always for sharing.

  22. I’ve been totally enamored of the vehicle-bringing-home-a-tree theme this year! I won’t be using mine as package toppers (great idea, BTW), but I, too, bought die-cast vehicles and bottle brush trees to make my own little vignette. I didn’t like the resin ones I saw in the marketplace. I also splurged when Pottery Barn had their woody with tree appetizer plates on sale. They were just too cute to pass up.

  23. OMG! Cutest idea EVER! Love that wrapping paper and your creativity! Lucky grandchildren (& children, too)! The tree looks beautiful on my monitor. I ordered the same tree after your recommendation. We needed a new one and it is being picked up today. I swear…following your blog costs me MORE MONEY but I am never unhappy with those things I choose to purchase after reading your reviews! 😉 I wouldn’t miss your posts for anything!

  24. Oh – how cute are these! What a fabulous idea for “the guys” presents. Thanks, Susan for sharing!

  25. Selma C. Kessler says

    Susan, I have twin grandsons who will benefit from your clever gift topper idea! Well done! I also thought of you this weekend when I was putting up my tree. You know those projects that morph into PROJECTS? I decided I was finally going to add lights to the three branches that didn’t work on my otherwise beautiful tree…well once I added lights, those branches looked so much better, I thought I should add a few more strands. 8 hours and 1800 lights later, I added lights to every branch of our 9 ft tall 60″ diameter tree! It was a very “Susanesque” thing to do! 🙂

  26. Susan, LOVE the wrapping paper and the cars/trucks on top of the packages. What a clever idea. Way to cute! Can’t wait to see all of your packages when all the cars arrive.

  27. The word “delightful” may be a bit overused these days, but it is the very best one to describe both your Christmas tree decor and the wrapped gifts!!! You have given me a great idea that I may or may not be able to see to fruition this year since I’m almost done with decorating. I remember my Dad’s Woody. To recreate something from my childhood like that would be magical!!!

  28. Your tree looks beautiful! I use glass bead garland on my tree too. Cute idea for the gift wrap – your grandsons will love it!

  29. Susan,
    All I have to say is awesome, awesome awesome, awesome! I wish I could come to your home on Christmas!
    Will your son and family be coming to visit?

  30. Susan, your tree is perfect. I love your gift wrapping idea too. I don’t have little boys anymore, but, I think this idea would be good for the big boys too.

  31. Snowflake281 says

    How fun was that for you to do! You know how sometimes kids end up playing with the box instead of what’s inside, well I have a feeling that your grandchildren are going to be playing with the cars atop the gifts before they even open their present! Great job. Your hard work will surely pay off.

  32. Marlene Stephenson says

    Your tree is magical, i love Christmas trees and all the ways they get decorated. And your presents are just for kids, they will love them. I can just see them taking the cars off and get busy playing and have to be told they need to finish unwrapping their gifts. Have a great Thanksgiving and eat too much,lol!

  33. Your tree is beautiful! The cars, vans, trucks etc on the presents are such a great idea with that wrapping paper. Unfortunately having the dog that I do would never leave them alone.

  34. Margaret Robinson says

    Hi — Like everyone else, I think your wrapping is fabulous as are the trees! In case you want something a tad larger, there are a couple of different trucks and cars with trailers at Target – at least the Targets here on the west coast. There more like something you’d use for a centerpiece or table top decoration.

  35. Rhonda Storey says

    Susan, you have the BEST ideas!! I am obsessed with the red trucks with the tree tied down in the back. I found a large (green) metal one last year at Homegoods. I bought it and spray painted it red of course! It already had three trees in the back, so I added some battery operated twinkle lights, and painted our farm name (Sandland Farm), on the doors. Then I found a Chevrolet magnet at Hobby Lobby and added that on the tailgate! Love it!!! And of course I have a pillow with the red truck/tree theme for the bench in my kitchen, where the truck is under that tree. I would have never thought to buy those cute little trucks and cars and add them to the presents! You are SO creative! Can’t wait to see your next post. That tree is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  36. I love the tree and ornaments. That wrapping paper is just perfect and I see they also have one with dogs. Walmart has smaller bottle brush trees for about 74 cents and this year I found some at Old Time Pottery without a base. I am making an arrangement for someone with a Flower Power VW I found in Walgreens. They also had a pink one in the display.
    So glad you turned your experience with Balsam Hill around to a happy tree.

  37. Thanks for hosting!!

  38. Susan,
    You always inspire me just when I need it the most. I love your wrapping present ideas for this year. I got all inspired last year with your green woody car and just so happened to get it for me during our Sassy Santa. So now I can add this and the wrapping ideas to the Grandkid’s tree. Thanks for sharing all your awesome ideas. Happy Thanksgiving.

  39. Oh Susan,
    your new Christmas tree looks beautiful! I love it! And I love your gift wrapping idea, too! That wrapping paper is tooo fancy and those cars/trucks you added are tooo cute! You are an excellent giver and one can tell you really care of the recipients of the gifts you give! Your son and your grandsons are very lucky and I bet they all will be enjoying those toppers so much, the boxes could even be empty! lol
    Susan, I enjoy seeing your yellow doll house again and I loooove those large trucks! There’s even a teddy bear couple sitting in the green one! How cute is that? ♥
    Hugs to you

  40. Susan,
    My son and I made a quick stop at Walmart,
    And I found some of those salad plates with
    The retro truck vehicle on the front of the plate. As we were leaving, I saw the retro truck being sold fir a veeery reasonable price,
    And was utterly surprised to find it was a cookie jar! Naturally, I couldn’t resist!
    When I was at Bath and Body works earlier,
    I saw they had retro truck gift bags fir 5.99!
    Going back tomirriw to complete my Christmas theme!!! Thanks and always look forwArd to your wonderful blog!

  41. Susan, the gift wrap is adorable, but your idea of adding the cars, vans, and trucks with Christmas trees is very, very clever. Your grandsons are going to think this is more fun than the gift within. They will have hours and hours of fun playing with these. And your tree with these gifts is going to be exceptional.
    I love the look of your tree as is. I don’t like a tree so packed that everything touches. I want my ornaments to standout and be noticed. That said, I have to limit myself on which ornaments make the cut, and that is not easy. I end up putting up a few smaller tabletop trees here and there just to get to use more of my ornaments.

  42. Hi Susan! I am not sure if you are going to love me or hate me after this comment. Ha! Just opened my new Ballard Designs catalog and lo and behold on page 6 are the most adorable vintage car ornaments with Christmas trees on top. Three for $35. They would be a great addition to your wonderful Christmas theme! With a smile, Kym

  43. Deena Salvatore says

    The tree looks beautiful Susan. I love adding ornaments when I see something really beautiful. It’s a work in progress and a true work of art when it’s finished. I absolutely LOVE the car gift wrap. I ordered a roll immediately for my sons even though they’re 29 and 31. They’ll still think it’s “cool”. I ordered the cupcake gift for my daughter-in-laws. It’s so adorable. Thank you for always providing us with such great ideas. You are such a blessing. You have no idea how much “leg work” you’ve saved me over the years, lol! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Susan! Deena

  44. Susan, just FYI, Pottery Barn has some cute Woody car throw pillows right now. Your tree looks gorgeous, maybe just add a few more of those really large round ornaments for some drama?

  45. Susan, I love your tree, it is just right and it looks so real! AND the wrapping paper with the vintage cars/truck and tree on top…you have definitely hit a home-run with it! Your grandsons will love playing with the cars and trucks after the gifts have been unwrapped. It will surely be a Christmas that they will always remember and treasure. Happy Thanksgiving and be Blessed!

  46. Susan, Susan, Susan, you’re killing me here! Your blog is going to send me to the poor house! You find the best things. I just ordered the pick-up trucks and just bought the last tree like yours in stock at Home Depot in Canton. I haven’t put it up yet, but probably tomorrow. I hope once I get it unpacked, it will be as beautiful as yours.

  47. DARLING!!! Love the wrapping paper with vehicles. The way you’ve wrapped adding with vehicles is so cute. May you have a super Thanksgiving and Christmas,

  48. Susan, I think you need to add these shoes to your wardrobe when the big Black Friday sale starts at Talbots:


  49. Elizabeth Roderick says

    Your tree is so warm and perfect for your beautiful room. The wrapping paper is a must have. Thanks for the adorable ideas.

  50. I love the cars with the tree’s on top. I have made a few and discovered a little something. I didn’t like the look of the metal tree trunk. It looks like you may clip yours off. I had a bag of scented pine cones that had different sized pieces of cinnamon mixed in from Michael’s. I slid the cinnamon piece over the metal and it makes a nice looking tree trunk. Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks, Kim! I just unscrewed the little wood disk/removed it…then wrapped the metal stem with some jute yarn which beefed it up a bit and made it look more trunk like. I used some of the fast drying glue on the stem before wrapping it. I like the way it turned out, much better than having the wood piece still attached. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  51. Cyndi Raines says

    How very CUTE! Do you have a Big Lots near you? I was there to day and they had small trees for Christmas villages a pack of 3 for$3.00 AND cute ornaments that are trucks with trees. The package had 3 or 4 trucks that were like 4 inches long and only maybe inch think. They were flat but realy cute. Your tree is very lovely. I am thing about getting the remote for the tree. I currently use the step on button and that works well so I may say with that.

  52. Susan, your tree turned out wonderful. I’ve been wanting to get gold beaded garlands, but there are so many to choose from. Don’t want the gold ones that have a green tint. Any suggestions as to where to find them. And how many did it take for your tree. Love your present wrapping.

  53. Bobbi Duncan says

    So, so busy with lots of company of late, but just had to take a moment to tell you that I love your new tree–so happy you found just the right one, and at such a great price. It looks beautiful!!! I know what you mean about the designer trees because I got on that bandwagon and ended up with enough decorations, garnered of the last few years, to do four or more tree themes, and after all is said and done, we feel most Christmassy with the first one we had; the old school theme with red, green, and gold like we had in our youth–easier to decorate, too. The designer ones are beautiful, but somehow, I don’t get that special feeling like when we put on all the cherished, memory-filled ornaments that were collected for many years and just seem to go with all the old Xmas movies we love. I also love to decorate in the Williamsburg style with all the natural elements for fall and winter. BTW, your pictures are coming over very clear on my end. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Susan. We’re all going over to my cousin’s this year, just five minutes away, so it’s an easy trip. Big hugs!

  54. WOW-OH-WOW!!! That is just the most beautiful tree and that wrapping!!! Late reading all of these…14 in a cabin for 5 days…including an uninvited skunk…life in the country…*sigh* franki

  55. Margaret Sowers says


    Has there been a change in sending your blogs? The last one I received was dated 11/20/2017 and trying to find whether there were additional ones, I discovered that I could click on “Home” on that 11/20 email and see a thumb nail sketch of emails dated the 23, 26, 29 and 30th. These did not come through as a regular email so I did not know if there is a problem on my end or if sending criteria has changed. I love what you share and would like to continue receiving emails from you. Below I have indicated my email as it was initially given so I hope it will reach you.

    • Hi Margaret,
      No, there hasn’t been any changes. Not sure why you aren’t getting them as before. Maybe it’s a setting in your email or something?

  56. Karen Cook says

    I have had more fun with the cars and wrapping–no kids left in the family so they are all for the adults. Sure I bought way too many cars but will have to play with them myself.

  57. Victoria Austin says

    Oh my! Thanks you for the inspiration! I’m going to copy you — isn’t that a sincere form of something good? 🙂 I’m too tired this year to think — my husband does a big Christmas light show to music in our yard and this year is bigger than last year’s. I need something to take my mind of blinky lights. Thank you!

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