St. Patrick’s Day Table with 4-Leaf Clover & Shamrock Dishes

Welcome to the 389th Tablescape Thursday!

I was so hoping to put a table out on the porch this week since we’ve been having warmer weather, but it turned cold again the day I set this table, so we’re back in the breakfast room for this week.

I pulled out my favorite centerpiece for this St. Patrick’s Day table.

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting, Table Scape


This friendly little leprechaun only comes out to play during the month of March, so I look forward to using him in a table each year. He was a find in Marshalls one year.

St. Patrick's Day Table with Leprechaun and Garland Centerpiece Decorations


The sun was casting wonderful shadows across the table as I took these pictures. I filled the little shamrock bowls with confetti/glass filler decorative pieces. Some look like gold nuggets and others are in the shape of 4-leaf clovers.



I kept this table setting playful using striped and polka-dotted flatware found on eBay years ago. Cabbage plates work great for St. Patrick’s day. BTW, I just got a flyer in the mail for Tuesday Morning and I noticed they have this cabbage dishware in their stores right now. The napkins are actually hand towels, I think from the dollar store.



I didn’t need anything new for this table setting, just reused things I already had from year’s past. I think the Good Luck/4-Leaf Clover coins and garland came from Big Lots or Dollar Tree many years ago, either there or Party City.

Leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day Decorations


Shamrock Garland


Are you doing anything special this year for St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick's Day Table with Leprechaun and Garland Centerpiece Decorations


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  1. I love your leprechaun! He masterfully takes over the gorgeous table. Everything is coming at us so fast with Easter in March too! Ahhh…..

  2. Love your leprechaun standing in a mound of green coins Susan! St. Pat’s day is a very special day for us since it’s our granddaughter’s birthday! The big 3 this year, and she is indeed full of mischief! Thank you for the table top fun today- I love all your shamrock dishes, lucky you

  3. The leprechaun is so cute! Thanks for hosting and enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. I am working on my St. Patrick’s day home tour next week and I am so inspired by your St. Patty’s day table Susan! Love those clover bowls and plates and that leprechaun is too cute:). Hope you are having a great week and take care, Tara

  5. Love your leprechaun centerpiece, he has the cutest face…your table setting is just beautiful….

  6. Susan I love all of your table settings! but, please tell me how you store them, getting new items out each month.

    • Thanks, Debbie! Well, I wish I had some awesome system but I don’t really. Everything is all spread out. I keep all my Christmas dishware in my china cabinet in the dining room and some of the dishware I love to use on the porch in the porch hutch. I have dishes stored in my kitchen cabinets and I turned a little used coat closet in my kitchen into dish storage. You can see that here:
      I keep a lot of my glassware in the cabinets in my laundry room.
      I would love to have a big Butler’s Pantry where I could store everything together because it takes me a while to find the item I want. It would be so much easier to create new table settings if I had it all stored in one place.

  7. Mr. Leprechaun is just too cute!

  8. As usual, your table is very cute. Susan….Christine

  9. This is festive! Like the photo bomber in one of mr. squirrel too!

    • Thanks, Kathy! lol Yea, he and a few birds were scooting around eating some of the peanuts I spilled on the deck when I refilled a peanut feeder.

  10. Thank you for hosting TT.

    I love your leprechaun and shamrock dish. The flatware is perfect and the napkin/dish towel makes it.
    Thanks for the heads up about the cabbage plates. I looked last week. Hope our nearby store gets it. I need some more pieces.

  11. Nice match up with the glass table; the leprechaun looks like he’s floating. So much sparkle with all that sunshine too.

  12. Elizabeth says

    Very nice! I just skipped right over St. Patrick’s Day and went to Spring decorating!

  13. Jane Franks says

    Hi Susan! I love the way you buy inexpensive accents at Dollar Store, etc., and recycle things, combining with your good china and silverware. A great knack! I picked up some of that from my interior decorator, too. One of their great hidden secrets is using really dirt cheap (money wise, not quality) stuff for fill in and making it look great! We are just a mile from Hobby Lobby and when she was doing our living room in our then brand new house, she kept sending me over to HL to find baskets and trinkets! I still have a lot of those things in place! They just worked!! Thanks so much for the cute St. Pat’s Day ideas!! I may fix a fun Irish type meal and get out my green!! We’ve been swamped with all kinds of medical appointments and some PT for an injured back! Ouch! But improving! So doing something fun is overdue!! πŸ™‚ Jane xo

    • I love decorating that way, Jane! In my early days in this house, totally by accident, I discovered if I added one really nice or special piece to a room, especially if it was a focal point, it often elevated the whole room. Then I could just fill in with less expensive pieces and the whole room still felt “high-end,” so to speak.
      Ouch, hope you get to feeling better real soon! I did the dumbest thing the other day. I got down under my office desk to retrieve something I had dropped, and when I came back out and went to sit down in my office chair, it scooted out from under me and I landed on my tush. I had just replaced all the wheels on the chair and the new wheels roll really well. Too well!
      Anyway, I landed directly on my tail bone and wow, did it hurt! When I lay down at night to sleep (I sleep on my back) it feels like I’m laying atop a tennis ball, I think because it’s so swollen. Advil has helped a lot.
      A friend of mine broke her coccyx bone and I’m wondering if I have broken or cracked mine. It’s much better today and it has only been three days, so maybe I just bruised it. You can’t exactly put it in a cast! lol

      • Jane Franks says

        Oh, Susan! I feel your pain! I’ve had coccyx bone injury, too! No fun. You won’t believe this!! I did EXACTLY the same thing with my office chair a couple of weeks ago. I replaced my chair floor pad with a new bamboo one which I love, and the chair just glides on it. I was sitting on the edge of it with my head down under the desk trying to untangle some of my electronics cords (I need to go cordless but not there yet!), and all of a sudden the chair scooted backwards and dumped me on my rear, too! I sort of rolled to the side so didn’t land directly on the coccyx bone this time. It could have been worse, but I didn’t need that after injuring my scapular a couple of months ago! I sure felt stupid — and surprised!! I hope you recover quickly. Probably ought to get an ex ray. Par for the course for us “DIY-ers”, huh?!

  14. I still have up my christmas/winter setting up. I did put those plastic easter eggs in those glass jars. (What are they called? Aromatherapy jars? Old-Fashioned candy jars?) The weather has been so wishy washy so I haven’t gone to the storage to pick the clover towels like yours and all of the spring decorations. Especially since Easter is so early. I now need to figure out how to do a spring table instead of an easter one.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I can’t wait until I love and am able to have the boxes back in a garage.

  15. Hey Susan, hope my vintage looking scale with grass centerpiece is ‘tablescape’ enough to qualify for this linky party… but if not… pull ‘er off. πŸ˜‰ Thanks, have a great weekend. Liz

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    He’s really cute Susan. We’ll probably have a stew and watch “The Quiet Man” with Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne. A favorite of ours. I too fell, only on my left hip. My husband and I were lifting my mom’s wheel chair out of the van and as we opened it up, my foot/ pant leg became caught on the left foot pad and I started tumbling, tried to catch myself, but down I went – kaboom on my left hip and it really knocked the wind out of me. Hubby felt so badly that he couldn’t get to me in time, but the chair was in the way. 600mg. of Advil, 2x a day and on the mend. Just a little tender yet on that hip. SO thankful nothing is broken! Glad you’re on the mend too. We just had another winter blast of 6-8″ of snow, but this weekend should be in high 40’s so I’m thankful Spring is on the way!

    • I’ve never seen that movie, need to look it up. Yikes! It’s so weird how crazy stuff like that happens, and in a matter of a few seconds. Glad you didn’t break anything and glad you are starting to feel better. Glad your snow should be melting soon. I’ve heard it’s going to warm up here this weekend, I definitely ready for it!

  17. Wonderful tablescape, Susan! Love all the pretty touches. Thank you so much for hosting!

  18. Another fabulous table, Susan! I just discovered you a little over a year ago and have had more fun looking at all your tablescapes and all your other posts. One of the first tablescapes I saw on your blog was one for St. Patrick’s Day. It really caught my eye, since my husband’s birthday is March 17th. I do a table each year for him and have gotten some really cute ideas from you. Last year I did the shamrock cookie tree! I have a tree like yours and decorate sugar cookies as a sideline and I had a lot of fun with it. Your imagination is only bounded by the time you have to unleash it! I so look forward to all your posts, but most especially to Tablescape Thursdays. Another thing; my husband and I are traveling to Italy this next Oct. with our church and your blogs on preparing for your trip to Italy are helping me immensely! We are so excited! I am constantly telling him what “my blogger Susan” says we need! LOL!

    • Thanks so much, Martha, you are so kind! I bet your tree looked amazing! My cookie decorating isn’t the best, but at least they taste good. lol
      You’ll love Italy and it’s beautiful in the fall! I’m so glad those posts were helpful. When I went to Italy, I wasn’t afraid of traveling, I was just worried about getting over there and being unprepared, having the wrong clothes or shoes, etc… It really went well. I wish we hadn’t had so much rain while we were there, but at least I had the right shoes for it. Our trip guide/director who is from Pompeii, said that it normally doesn’t rain that much in October, so that was unusual. Italy is such a beautiful place!

  19. bobbi duncan says

    This week has just been awful–found out my closest and dearest cousin has cancer. Then, a few days later, my other cousin had a major heart attack (he is alive, thank God, but just got to the ” right” hospital in time). After a week of worry and sadness, I am glad to look at your perfectly set table and have something to smile about. As always, you know just what goes together to make an amazing tablescape–love it!

    • Oh, now…that sounds like a terrible week for sure, Bobbi. Life can definitely throw a lot of challenges our way. Big hugs sent your way! XXX

  20. This is an adorable tablescape, so cheerful and fun. Now you need to throw a beer and brisket party on St. Patrick’s Day LOL! Have a wonderful weekend, Susan

  21. The flatware is delightful, the cabbage plates are perfect, and the shamrock salad plates and the shamrock bowl top everything off wonderfully in this happy tablescape. Your leprechaun is a lovable old fellow. Every time I see him a great big smile sweeps over my face and stays there all day. He is such a delight! I have been searching for one like him for years (ever since I first saw him gracing your Saint Patrick’s Day tablescapes), so far I have not found one like him.

    • Candy, if I ever see him again somewhere, I’ll try to remember to let you know. I found him in Marshalls and you know how they are about hardly getting in any stock. They need to bring him back again!

      • Susan do you know who he was manufactured by? He’s lovely!

        • I just looked on the bottom of his feet and there’s no sticker or anything. He may have had a tag when I purchased him, but that was so many years ago, I don’t remember now. Sorry I don’t have anymore info on him.

  22. Where did you buy the shamrock plates?

    • I found those in HomeGoods many, many years ago. I think Marshalls had them also one year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got something similar in this spring. They always have fun holiday dishware.

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