Lighting a Dark Corner of the Porch

Recently I shared an outdoor lamp I purchased for the oval table here on the screened porch after I nabbed the lamp that had been there for use in the guest room.

Porch Lamps, Waterproof


When I shared that lamp, I also shared this rather blurry photo of a floor standing version of the same lamp.

Outdoor Wicker Style Floor Lamp, Great for Porches


I’ve always had three lamps on the porch, two are visible inย this photo below.

Build a Screened Porch


The third lamp is here on the hutch near the dining area of the porch. (Previous post can be viewed here: The Summer Porch: Beach Cottage Decor)

Beach Hutch


I really loved the look of this lamp and thought a floor standing lamp would make a nice addition to the porch. I also hated to pass up getting one because who knows how long they will make it and I don’t want to be kicking myself later for not getting it while I had the chance, especially since these outdoor lamps are so reasonably priced.

Outdoor Wicker Style Floor Lamp, Great for Porches


When my sweet friend, Sarah commented that she thought it would be a great idea, too, I decided to go for it. (Thanks, Sarah! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Ummm, but where should I place it?

In this old photo from May 2012 when I shared a Kimberly Queen fern I had just bought for the porch, there are two places where a floor lamp could work. One place is there behind the chair where the Kimberly Queen fern is sitting on a plant stand. The other spot is over in the corner behind the swing.

Since I don’t need two lamps by the chair, I decided to place it in the corner behind the swing. Currently, the swing doesn’t have a lamp near it and it would be nice to sit there and read late into the evening.

Screened Porch with Kimberly Queen Fern


So that’s where I tucked it, into the cozy corner right behind the swing. I checked and the swing will not bump it if someone swings unusually far back. There’s plenty of distance so it’s definitely not in the way.

Waterproof Outdoor Floor Standing Lamp for Porch


I love the little birdie finial on top. I think it will be nice having this corner of the porch lit up at night. At Christmastime, I often place a skinny lit tree here, so I may move the lamp to the garage temporarily when Christmas comes along.

BTW, these lamps (table lamp and floor lamp) are VERY heavy. The base is super heavy and weighted, I guess they are designed that way so they can stand up to the wind wherever it’s used. That’s perfect for a porch!

If you need a floor lamp for your porch, you’ll find this one here: Outdoor Wicker Floor Lamp. The table lamp can be found here: Outdoor Wicker Table Lamp

Floor Standing Lamp for Porch, Waterproof for Outdoors


Outdoor lamps are so much cuter than they were years ago when I first added on the porch. Can you believe that this is an outdoor lamp! So cute! This whimsical rooster weathervane lamp is available on sale here: Weathervane Lamp

Weathervane Outdoor Lamp


A Lazy Hill Dovecote Birdhouse

The Lazy Hill Dovecote I ordered arrived this past week and it’s beautiful! I had been reluctant to order it because they are now made of something called cellular vinyl. I was envisioning something that felt kind of soft and vinyl-like.

Well, apparently cellular vinyl is nothing like the vinyl siding I felt many, many years ago. I would not have known this wasn’t wood, by just touching and seeing it. It pretty much looks just like my older Lazy Hill dovecote birdhouse. When you touch it, it’s just as firm and sturdy. It’s also quite heavy, like my other dovecote. So if you’ve been wanting a Lazy Hill Dovecote, don’t let the fact that they are now made with cellular vinyl put you off. I’m very pleased with this one and I’ve heard from several readers who have told me their cellular vinyl dovecotes have held up very well.

Lazy Hill Copper Roof Dovecote Birdhouse


I also like that these birdhouses are made in Maine, right here in the good ole United States. If you’re interested in a dovecote like the one I bought for my garden, you’ll find it available here: Lazy Hill Dovecote with Polished Copper Roofย . That price is a good bit less than what I paid for my other Lazy Hill dovecote many years ago.

Lazy Hill, Made in Maine, USA


The nice folks at Good Directions, the company that makes Lazy Hill birdhouses, also sent me some new shingles for my old dovecote that was attacked by a woodpecker.

Dove Cote Damaged by Woodpecker 2_wm


I’ll be working on it this weekend and I’m looking forward to sharing the repaired house with you soon!

Shingles to Repair Dovecote Birdhouse Roof Attacked by Woodpecker


Hope wherever you live, you’ll be getting some of this warm weather I’ve been hearing it’s moving in this weekend. I’m seriously looking forward to a little porch time. What are your plans for the weekend?

Floor Standing Lamp for Porch, Waterproof for Outdoors

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  1. So glad you got the floor lamp; it will give you some lighting versatility, if you temporarily need some in another spot.

  2. Susan, that was quick! I’m glad you went ahead and ordered the floor lamp. It looks great on your porch. I don’t think you will regret it.
    Love, love, love the beautiful copper roofed dovecote. I may look into adding one to our garden. As discussed with you, the squirrels are a problem on our property. They completely took over the owl house my husband put up for me some years ago, and they have chewed up a few bird houses over the years. ;-(
    I’m impressed that you will repair the roof on the dovecote that the woodpecker attacked. Guess out in nature it is always something. ‘-)
    Beautiful weather here. I’ll be in the garden this weekend.
    Enjoy some porch time!

    • lol I think I ordered it the night we talked about it. They shipped it fast! No, definitely won’t regret it…I love it already. So glad you encouraged me, I would have definitely regretted not getting it if they discontinued it next year.
      Yep, squirrels can be a big pain. Ever since so many hawks started visiting my backyard so often, the squirrel population has dropped. I’m not sure if they moved to a backyard with less hawks or if they became lunch for a hawk. They are gradually starting to show up again so maybe they just moved temporarily.
      I need to do the same thing…work in the garden. Should be a good weekend for it. I’ll be thinking about you while I’m out there in mine!

  3. While I love everything you write and the beautiful designs and table settings, I have to ask WHERE do you store all that STUFF!??… We are moving and downsizing, and I real love everything I see, but there is no way to store it all…not to mention the cost. Please tell me how you do it.

  4. bobbi duncan says

    The pole lamp looks sooo good there–I love the corners to be lit up. And the dovecote looks like real wood. Your birdies will enjoy their little houses. Right now, I’m looking out my window at three robins , one of whom is acting like Crazy Robbie, chasing the other two from territory he’s claiming as his own–too hilarious!

    • Thanks so much, Bobbi! It really does look like wood, so pleased with that! Too funny about the robins. I actually have a robin now who comes to eat from my platform feeder each day. He also loves the crushed up peanuts I put out for the bluebirds. You never see robins at feeders, but don’t tell this guy that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Love hearing about your porch and garden and wonderful ideas. It is intriguing for us hearing about the squirrels as we don’t have them in Australia. The month of the year might be different but spring and associated ideas, summer, Christmas etc all translate beautifully. Setting an Easter table always happens weather it is autumn (fall) or spring. Thank you for your wonderful ideas.

    • Thanks so much, Barbara! I know, it’s so strange and wonderful that you guys are in the midst of summer when we are fully in winter and vice versa. That always amazes me. I think we need to import some squirrels to you guys. We have more than enough of those over here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sorry to be off topic but wanted to let you know that Stubbs Wootton has the Chester Burlington shoes in size 7.5 now for the great sale price. They are adorable and I wanted them but I need an 8.

    • Susan, thanks so much for letting me know. I just ordered a pair. I hope I actually get them. A while back they had a pair I wanted on sale and I ordered them. Then the next day I got an email telling me that they had actually sold but their system hadn’t updated in time. So I didn’t get them.
      It’s so ironic because I was checking that sale page hoping they would magically find a few more of the Chester Burllington shoes. After checking everyday for a couple of weeks, I finally gave up. Then they sneak those in when I quit looking.
      I’ll watch it every day for a while to see if I see any size 8’s pop up and if they do, I’ll email you. Hopefully they’ll find a few of those to put on there.
      When I was trying to find them in my size, I actually called their Palm Beach location and they told me that all their display shoes are a size 7 1/2, so maybe they are clearing out their display sizes now and that’s how they became available. Thanks again for letting me know! You are so nice to have done that!

  7. I love both the birdhouse and the lamp. Thanks for the links!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    • Thanks, Susan! I wish these lamps had been available when I first added on the porch. All the outdoor lamps I could find back then were so ugly looking. Someone finally made cute outdoor lamps!

  8. I really love that lamp! You put it in a great spot too. Whenever I see your porch I have such porch envy! Have a great weekend. We are both a little under the weather so are taking it easy.

  9. I do hope the bird house repair work will turn out okay! Let’s hope that woodpecker does not attack again!
    I am surprised you do not have a couple of cute chandeliers in the porch

    • I hope to, I’m trying to work up the nerve to use my brad nailer again. It’s been so long since I used it, I’m a little rusty. I have the battery all charged up and ready to go, though.
      lol Don’t give me any ideas! Ha! It might be tricky cleaning pollen off all those little crystals. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Susan, I am happy to see you bought the lamp. All I could think about was how I bought a new light fixture for our garage to try out . We really liked it and in the mean time they were put on clearance. Since I work there I can’t buy any thing on clearance. Now I can’t find any more to match and I need 2 more. I told my family that my plan for this spring is to really decorate our deck and front porch. Keep the good ideas coming!

  11. Love the floor lamp as well as the table lamp that matches. I especially love the dovecote as I am partial to roosters and chickens. love that they are both made in the USA,, you have inspired me. Got my back injections on Thursday and am feeling much better. We are going to be hitting 70 for a few days next week, so I just might take to the porch for some dusting, vacuuming cushions and ordering new lamps. The dovecote will look great on my coffee table between the benches, since I also have a grouping of cement birds on the table. Thanks for the tips!

    • Mary Anne, glad you are feeling better, that’s wonderful! Just wanted to mention, the dovecotes are pretty big, so you may want to check the measurements to make sure it won’t be to big for where you’re thinking about using it. They are beautiful focal points in the garden and would be on a large table, but you may get a bird living inside it before spring is out. ๐Ÿ™‚ To get an idea about their size, you can see the other Lazy Hill dovecote that I’ve had in my garden for many years in this post:

  12. The lamps give a warm and cozy glow and is a perfect spot for reading.

  13. Your porch is lovely, decorated in a way that would easily translate to an interior room.

  14. Cyndi Raines says

    Hey Susan! Love, LOVE that dovecote, a little pricey for me, but will have to drop some strong hints to hubby for a special gift – hehe. I did look back at all your suggestions for beautiful tablescapes and they are lovely. My eye especially caught the vintage salad plates used in the possible Mother’s Day / shower setting. I have my grandmothers Homer Laughlin Eggshell Nautilus pattern and they are very similar, however, yours has a wavy edge and my is a smooth circle, mine also has a small blue flower with the grouping and some gold filigree around the flowers. Please show more of your vintage dishware – would like a better look. Thanks Susan for all the lovely inspiration.

  15. I took the weekend off to clean the carpet and start spring cleaning. It was so nice when i woke up. Sunny and a nice temp. But of course Virginia doesn’t know if it wants to be the south or the north as it is about 40 degrees now. I am getting something from work this week for my fake porch, some outdoor lights that you on a patio of a restaurant. But for the rest of the day, i’m snuggled up with the dog on the couch.

  16. Hi Susan,

    I just LOVE your porch. My house, unfortunately, is not configured so that I can have a porch. I have two roof decks, but they just don’t have the charm of a porch. (I have a confession to make…sometimes I just click on your blogpost to look at your porch without taking time to read your post!) Sorry, I shouldn’t tell you that! Shame on me! :^( Oh Well. What I want to ask you is; what do you do with all of your porch furnishings when there is inclement weather? If memory serves me right, you live in the South, but somewhere in the South where there are pretty harsh winters. I live in northern California, so anything besides rain, which has been a stranger to California, except for very recently, and temperatures above 90 degrees, with very low humidity, is harsh weather. Thank you, Susan.

    • Thanks, Lisa! You are too funny! ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, most of the furniture on the porch is outdoor wicker, the only thing that isn’t is the dining set and the oval table by the window. So it’s all done fine out there. We don’t get a lot of snow here in Georgia, it might snow once or twice for a day or two here, so it has worked out fine. You may want to get a few quotes because you may have a spot that’s right for a porch and just don’t realize it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. BTW, your new dovecote with the copper roof is a stunner!

    Lisa D.

  18. Susan, I love the look of your porch — but what are you using on the chains of your wicker swing??? I want to have such elegant coverings on my porch swing as well! You’re inspiring . . . .

    • Thanks, Carroll! I couldn’t handle those ugly swing chains showing, so I hid them with cord covers purchased from Hobby Lobby. You just reminded me, I need to take them down and give ’em a good washing. It’s been a couple of years since I did that. They always wash up beautifully.
      You can see them up close and read more about them in this post I wrote about how I covered the chains: Electrical Cover Covers Hide Metal Swing Chains

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