Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

I couldn’t stand it.  It was a gorgeous day yesterday and the porch was calling, begging me to come out and play.   Pollen, you are not the boss of me!

I liked Lisa’s idea from yesterday’s post of just covering the seating areas with sheets during this high pollen season.  Then when you want to enjoy the porch, you just remove the sheet and replace it when you’re done.  Sounds like a plan!

The fans were gently turning overhead while Blossom Dearie sang sweet love songs as only she can do.  I hung up the freshly laundered sheers, still waiting to put the swing chain covers back in place.

Waking up the Porch for Spring
The breezes are wonderful this time of year on the porch. They gently stirred the sheers…

Porch Sheers Stirring in the Breeze

Sheers fresh and clean from the laundry, ready for lots of long sunny days and starry, moonlit evenings on the porch.

Porch Sheers Stirring in the Breeze


The shell wreath is in its summer place on the door…

Shell Wreath for Porch Door

Found it in HomeGoods last summer.

Shell Wreath

Remember the Shamrocks from these past table settings here, A St. Patrick’s Day Table Setting and here, St. Patrick’s Day Table Setting with Help from the Easter Bunny

Wicker Swing with IKEA Pillows

They are blooming up a storm now.  Ummph, where were all those blooms on St. Patrick’s Day?


A little swing time was definitely in order.

Wicker Swing with IKEA Pillows

Along with a book about cottages by the sea.  ~~~sigh~~~

Cottages by the Sea, Homes in Carmel

Love these fun pillows from Ikea.  I found these either last summer or the summer before, forget which.  I think they stock a “signature pillow” for spring each year…does anyone know?  Wonder how this year’s pillow looks?

Wicker Swing with IKEA Pillows


I saved you a spot here on the swing.  Happy springtime dear friends!

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  1. Dear Susan,

    Oh, yay, porch time. Your porch is one of my very favorite places to be!

    (Pollen be danged!)


  2. “Pollen you are not the boss of me!” Haha. That made me smile. And you know, just after posting earlier about your pollen situation, I went for a dip in our new pool. It’s a bit early, still a bit nippy, but I took the plunge so to speak … (well, actually … I toed my way in there inch by inch like a big baby) And at one point I was resting my arms on the side of the pool and noticed a couple of yellow specks on my arms. Yup! Pollen! Ugh.

    You know, I specifically refrained from chiding you about doing too much too early (and was secretly happy to see others who took on that mantle, lol) and I’m so glad you’re feeling better. But please don’t get over confident and wind up taking two steps backward.

    The porch is gorgeous, as are the bulbs, wreath, pillows and all your other fun things. Wish I was there to join you in that not so hidden margarita! πŸ™‚

    • It’s everywhere! Even in the pool! I know, I’m trying. So hard because it’s so pretty out. No margarita in there just yet…Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner, though!

      • pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

        I know. We’ve had such a weird, long, extra cold and dreary winter, I have been just bursting waiting for Spring. πŸ™‚ Do you have any special glasses for strawberry daiquiris? Because I’ve learned how to make the BEST strawberry daiquiris and I rarely have occasion to. Cinco de Mayo is as good a reason as any, lol.

        Say, there’s at least one other Pam here so I’m going to post as Pam ~ Snowy Trees in the winter and Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage the rest of the time. πŸ˜‰ Just so you can tell us apart. πŸ™‚

  3. I didn’t realize you had a pool, Susan. Margarita’s are a staple year round here in TX. I say go ahead and enjoy……

  4. See,if you lived in the desert like I do there would be no pollen problem! πŸ™‚

  5. How did you hang the shell wreath?

  6. Your porch looks so lovely, the flower deesign cushions from IKEA make a lovely finish to the whole effect.I think Ikea do change their style of patterns every season . I remember my daughter in law in Denmark having this pattern & it always looks so fresh & summery. Now that you are well & over your awful illness enjoy sitting relaxing & reading on your beautiful porch.

  7. There’s something calming about sheers blowing in the breeze. Love the post. Thanks!

  8. You little booger, you didn’t mind me! πŸ™‚ Well, I’m glad you’re feeling so much better. Everything you’ve done looks great and I know we’re going to see lots more of pretty tablescapes on your table. Continue to take care of yourself and little Max.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  9. Cynthia Christensen says

    Dear Sweet Susan: Soooooooo happy to hear you sounding so joyful… sound like you. However, I do piggyback what Pam encourages you to do. Be gentle with yourself. I know, I know, you just want to get back to your life but we want you to be completely well and we Are the Boss of you. Okay, chicky poo, you are the boss of you but Gramma CeCe says, “Be gentle little one.” You expect a lot from yourself, but you CAN moderate. (What was that you say: I am NOT a Bossy Cow!) Take care little one… are our own sweet Suzy Q. Gramma CeCe

  10. Gorgeous as usual, Susan! Glad you felt like ‘playing’!! Love the sheers on your porch!

  11. So glad you are back in good humor – as long as you are in good humor I am going to assume you are doing better. I just spoke to my neighbor yesterday, the one that gave me the pots of herbs. He said his wife got sick in a restaurant last Friday – the one with all the salad and garlic sticks. The manager apologized and gave them a voucher for another meal. He was astonished that the manager would assume you would want a second dose of that.

    I am anxious to see what happens with those lights. I like the idea of battery operated.

  12. Oh I just love your porch! Perfect place for curling up with a wonderful read and a cup of coffee. I live in central Minnesota so we really don’t have the pollen problem here. In fact…we’re in a winter storm watch! Crazy huh? My poor robins in the backyard don’t know what’s going on! I’m so glad you are feeling better. Did you ever figure out where it came from? Warm thoughts to you and Max.

  13. Susan,
    The song “Summer Breeze” is one of my all-time favorites. Found myself humming it while reading your post! So glad you are feeling fine! I so need to clean (again) the pollen from our porch, but I’m in the midst of 1000 things right now. Love those little battery operated lights that you showed!

  14. Hi,
    Your house makes Me so happy!! I can imagine how wonderful it is sitting out there having a cup of coffee and listening to the birds, or reading.


  15. I knew you couldn’t stay still and rest for too long and that pollen filled porch was calling your name, wasn’t it?
    From the pictures of your porch, you have nice wood flooring on that porch so you couldn’t hose it down from the inside. Won’t those sheers get pollen all over them and you’ll have to wash them again? Today it is beautiful here in Md. I am expecting the landscaping man/and his helper to come and do the Spring maintainence and put down mulch so I have spent two days trying to make sure every plant has plant markers so he won’t think they are weeds. I’m using my son’s P-Touch label maker that I bought for him about 6 years ago and it is printing the letters way too big and I can’t understand the directions how to reduce the letters. Some labels, I have to put variety name on back and name of plant on front label. I think I’ve going to order some more of the vertical plant markers. I have decided I like them best.
    The daffodils are still pretty but some are finished blooming and I saw one or two tulips blooming today, the creeping phlox in the back flowerbeds are blooming and I need to fill in some pink color and the ones in the front flowerbeds is just starting to show some colorl I love Spring and Summer. Can’t wait to get out and plant some more flowers. You were talking about your shamrocks; we used to bring ours out into our screened porch in the early Spring and they loved being out. Once we bought them back inside in the Fall, they would croak. In the summer, they bloomed their heads off. I’d like to get one of the dark leaves variety. I bought a nice full philadendrum today at grocery store to hang in the sunroom. I took my spider plant outside 2 days ago and need to divide it. Don’t overdo it just because you’re feeling better and Spring weather is calling your name.

    • Betty, good thing about the sheers, if they get pollen on them, it just blows off in the breezes. Sounds like you are really getting ready for spring. I’m not sure how I managed to keep two of the three shamrocks alive all fall and winter…it was a miracle! I love spider plants…so pretty! I won’t, don’t worry!

  16. My favorite, your gorgeous porch!!! I adore it and I can just imagine the bereezes this time of year.


  17. Mary from Virginia says

    Hahaha! “Pollen you aren’t the boss of me!” It sure tries to be the boss doesn’t? =)

    Glad you won and made your porch beautiful again!

    What are you reading on the swing?

    I went shopping with my neighbor (that I met through your blog!) We made a dent in the stock at McDonald Garden Center. I bought the Goldflame Honeysuckle like you have and a bunch of other flowers to plant. Today is a great day to be outside.

    No need to tell you take it easy, next you’ll be telling me that Mary from Virginia is not the boss of you!

    • Mary, it’s Cottages by the Sea, The Handmade Homes of Carmel by Linda Leigh Paul. I just ordered another “coastal” themed book that looked really neat called Barclay Butera, Living on the Coast. Can’t wait until it arrives! Oh, you’ll love that honeysuckle! lol You are so funny!

      • Hey Mary, It’s Vikki from Chris’ garden Buddies. How fun that three of us gals love Susan’s blog. I’m looking forward to seeing you Fri when we go to the Edenton, NC Pilgrimage Tour of Homes & Gardens. Take a look at the event page.

        Susan, Your porch looks so relaxing as usual. I love the Ikea pillows and am bummed cause the nearest Ikea is 4 hrs from me and the pillows are not available on line, sigh. So happy that you are feeling better. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Vikki in VA.

    • Mary, I didn’t have time to go through all the pics I took earlier but I just finished and add a photos showing the book to the post. There’s another book about the Carmel Cottages that I’m thinking of buying…love that area!

  18. Susan, I know you are enjoying the “clean” porch and I am so glad you are feeling better. I kinda knew you would be out there this week. Hugs to you and Max, Ginger

  19. Susan, your porch looks so pretty! Dear Hubby and I got out and cleaned ours over Easter weekend. I usually give it a quick ‘wipe down’ each Thursday, after the lawn guy leaves. That way, I can stay on top of the pollen and any dust specks, from his blower. Love those pillows! I need to make a trip to Ikea!

    • That sound like a great way to do it! I was thinking the same thing today…I’m due a trip to IKEA. I’ve been gradually collecting their white wood hangers and replacing all my wire ones.

  20. Susan,
    I adore your porch, it’s how I found your blog.
    Googling porch one day and there you were.
    This is a good place to hang out. (Your porch/blog)
    I think that was 3 years ago maybe more.
    So glad you are on the road to recovering for your bout
    with e~coli and getting to enjoy the breezes.

  21. Sharon in Tulsa says

    Wishing you many, many years of pollen-free, sneeze-less porch-swing days in your future. πŸ™‚

  22. I always enjoy seeing how up decorate that wonderful porch.

  23. Margo Kuhn says

    Susan, your porch looks so inviting. I wanted to come over and visit with you, but it’s a bit far. I also want to know your secret for keeping the shamrocks alive. They look so healthy, mine are struggling in my kitchen window.

    • Margo, for a little while they were looking pitiful. I had them close to the bay window on my breakfast table. I moved them back away from the window some and they are doing a lot better. I read online they do not like afternoon sun. Does your kitchen window get the afternoon sun? Mine have been doing way better since they aren’t getting quite as much sun. They also like to be watered a lot, or at least mine do. The soil mine are in is very porous so I have to water them a fair amount. That’s why I lost one of the three….I’m not real great at remembering to water indoor plants.

  24. Ah, it’s looking so fresh, Susan!! Love those Ikea pillows — I saw them last summer and didn’t have a place for them then… could sure use them now in my guest room makeover!
    Thanks for sharing ~ xo Heidi

  25. TippysMom says

    The porch looks like it’s ready for you to enjoy, even if it’s just to catch a breeze! I noticed and like your darker wicker dining set out on the deck. Where did you purchase it?
    Thanks and glad you’re feeling better πŸ™‚
    PS> How’s Max?

  26. So glad you are feeling better!
    We haven’t even put the snow shovels away! Porch time is a long way from now, so I will enjoy seeing yours!

    PS still having to fill in all the info before I can comment.

    • Kathleen, check to see if in your browser settings you have it set where it clears any cookies once you close out your browser. I’m not sure what’s causing that. I haven’t had anyone else mention it so not sure if anyone else is experiencing it. I use Chrome when I visit sites and when I click in the box, it shows me choices and it autofills in. If you’re visiting via your iPad, it may automatically clear stuff out…not sure. Try via Chrome a few times and see if that works. I think Firefox will save your info as well.

  27. Sandi Lee says

    Glad you are feeling better-hope Max is too.

  28. Hi Susan,
    I know you just couldn’t resist cleaning up all that pollen and now I hope you just can’t resist enjoying your efforts for the next few days. How about you and Max getting some zzzs out there and just enjoying the Spring breezes?
    All my best…

  29. I love your porch it is so restful – to sit on the swing or in a chair, read or just watch the world go by is wonderful. Don’t over do Susan, rest some and get your strength back. Hope that Max is doing well.
    Take care of your self.

  30. A beautiful porch like yours is still on my Wish List, Susan. πŸ™‚ I can’t tell you how much I adore it! The soft sheers, the coziness of the furniture and pillows….all just so welcoming! You always do such a stunning job of designing your interiors!!! πŸ™‚

    xoxo laurie

  31. Betty Todd says

    Your porch is perfectly invited. We had a nice day here in Michigan but not porch weather yet. I love the swing. My husband has a million reasons why I can’t have one on my porch so I have rockers.

  32. So very glad that your are feeling well enough to do a bit of ‘spring cleaning’. Yup, I have plenty of greenish pollen coating everything around here too…I need to paint my front porch floor, the paint is peeling off…this was before I knew anything about staining concrete, I think I would have gone with that instead. Anyway….I’m still traipsing back and forth to the barn where my mini-kitchen is set up while we tear apart our old kitchen and go from the floor up. A lot has happened since we started this, my mil getting sicker and passing away (God bless her) , hubby not being well, me trying to pass a HUGE kidney stone (lotsa fun there). Hopefully, we will be able to complete the kitchen before it gets too hot to breathe (living in Ga. surely you know what I’m tawkin’ about, being a Bama girl enduring the heat).

    Please take care of yourself and your sweet Max…and DON’T OVERDO IT! Yeah, I yelled at ya… ; )

    • Denise, I know you’re going to love that kitchen when it’s done. I’m so sorry to hear about your MIL. Hope hubby is much better. I’ve heard kidney stones are brutal! Yes, Ma’am…I’ll try to behave. πŸ™‚ You don’t overdo either!

  33. Hi Susan, as always I love your porch, love your pillows too. I have the same pillows that I placed on the sofa in the sunroom. Glad to know I must have good taste, as I think you are a super great decorator.
    Thanks for sharing.

  34. Hi Susan! What beautiful pictures! Summer breezes make me feel fine, too! πŸ™‚
    I am there on that gorgeous porch with you….in spirit!

  35. Susan, I’m another Pam that loves your posts. I’m so glad you are feeling better. I won’t say what many have said about not overdoing it. Your swing is a wonderful resting place. I had colon cancer 2 years ago so I can relate to what you went through. I was holding my breath when I began reading your post. So happy you had a happy ending. It’s hard not to get attached to those who write the blogs we read so often. So many of us care about you! Love your porch. So understand why you were ready to enjoy it now. The pillows are adorable…they just say Spring!

    • Pam, that is so scary. I’m so sorry you had to go through that! I hope you are completely fine now and never see a recurrence. I am so ready for sunny days and springtime…I know you are too!

  36. You know, one of these days I would love to sit with you on your beautiful porch with the sheers blowing in the breeze and music playing in the background and that margarita glass we got a glimpse of filled to the brim. I like mine on oce with salt, please. πŸ™‚
    I still think about us getting up at Haven and going and sitting on that sofa and having coffee. Was that rude? No matter, I enjoyed spending time with you. Hope to see you there again in August. xxoo

  37. Ah, its good to see you back on the porch again Susan.
    Nothing beats a gentle breeze on a summers day especially when there a Marguerita on offer.
    Best to lovely Max.

  38. I hope you enjoy lots of porch time. I like to start my day on our porch, but I must confess that pollen has gotten me this year making it hard to be out there. I’m ready for it to go away cause I miss morning coffee there.

  39. I think I will take a nap, wake me when the drinks are ready. Love you porch, I am in Roswell and will wait another week until the pollen is a bit better.

  40. Susan, how I envy you your gorgeous porch. Really glad to hear you are feeling better, hope Max is as well.

  41. Makes me happy to know you are feeling better! Enjoy your porch!


  42. Susan – this post brought such a smile to my face! It’s good to see you enjoying some sunshine, breezes and porch time! Pace yourself, though, ok? I know many have already said that, but I just help myself. πŸ™‚

    I love, love, love those lights from Pier 1. I wonder if some of those might end up in my daughter’s room…hmmm.

    Right now our weather is calling for severe thunderstorms and maybe a tornado or two plus heat. But by Friday night there’s a slight chance of snow. Sheesh, mother nature is certainly fickle, isn’t she?

    Happy to see you perking up!! Enjoy your porch time, you deserve it!

  43. Hi Susan,

    I LOVE your new Ikea pillows!! I’m just going to have to get over to our nearest Ikea store one day; that would make for a fun day trip.

    I’m sure you had fun spending time on your beautiful porch; it’s a wonderful time of year. I saw your post on Sunday (?) when you got home from the hospital. What a harrowing experience!!! You’re so fortunate that everything turned out okay; I’m really glad it did! πŸ™‚ I’m so sorry you had to go through that — how awful. That’s just not something most of us give much thought to catching, but it really makes me more aware of where and what we eat.

    It’s great to see you back to your healthy self. I hope the rest of your week is wonderful!


  44. Glad to see you are feeling better. Try not to over do it. Drove 2 hours to go to Ikea with my daughter and grandbabies spent over 4 hours of shopping and came home with a car full of goodies. The babies were angels. They are almost 3 and the baby is 10 months. You can’t let the pollen win the heat will take over soon enough. Have a nice weekend.

  45. yellow yucky stuff BE GONE…we are cranking up the pressure washer…lock & load!!

    How do you get rid of the dreaded yellow pollen monster?

    Love your spring/summer porch.


    • Jo, I usually vacuum the porch. I have a shop vac and never thought about using that until someone else mentioned using one…so I think I’ll try it next time. Then I just wipe everything else down with a damp cloth. I couldn’t believe how thick it was!

  46. Susan,
    There’s joy in your voice, once again, dear friend!!!
    Your porh looks amazingly inviting!!!
    We’ve had to pull the cushion OFF the back deck multiple times!
    So much so, that they are now resting on the Guest Room floor until Spring weather returns ( or arrives)!
    Have a marvelous weekend!!!

  47. Susan, have you done any designs with your Pier 1 sea glass lights yet? I loved the look of them, so I bought 2 sets. I would love to use them on my dining room table, perhaps inside a glass container or hurricane. Can’t wait to see what you do with them!

    • Donna, I actually ended up returning them. I couldn’t find a good spot for them on the porch. Also, when I plugged them in to just see how the colors looked lit up, I was a little disappointed how “not bright” they were and the colors looked kind of faded to me. So I just decided to return them. Whatever you end up doing, take pics and share them with me. I’ll be sorry I took them back once I see your pics! πŸ™‚

  48. That is so pretty! I love that look. I’m pinning!

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