A Chandelier for the Master Bedroom

Welcome to the 65th Metamorphosis Monday!

A few weeks ago, I shared this pic of the fixture that has been hanging above my bed for the past 20 years…to my dismay. This was one sad ceiling fan. It was made of some really awful fake wood, so shortly after we moved in, I painted it hoping I could make it “go away.” Didn’t work, I could still see it.

Crystal Chandelier for the Master Bedroom


Well, it only took me 20 years but I have finally said good-bye to the ceiling fan and hello to a whole new look!

Crystal Chandelier for the Master Bedroom

I found this chandelier several months ago at a local antique shop. I only paid $467.50 for it which isn’t bad for a chandelier this size. It cost $120 to have the arms tightened up, for two vintage crystals to replace two it was missing and to have it cleaned. David, the owner of the shop, Flourish,estimated the chandelier to be around 50 years old. He gave me good news saying the quality of the crystals was really excellent. That was great to hear since I was just going on instinct when I bought it. The repairs/cleaning put the cost of the chandelier at $587.50 which is awesome for a chandelier of this size. When I’ve been out antiquing, I’ve seen similar fixtures approaching the $2,000 range. Installation was $80…took a little over an hour and half to install. It’s installed with a dimmer switch so the lighting level can be easily adjusted.

Crystal Chandelier for the Master Bedroom


I decided to not go with a medallion on the ceiling. I kept it simple with a silver canopy…

Crystal Chandelier for the Master Bedroom

Here’s what it looked like underneath after the install. Actually, I’d already cleaned up a lot of the mess before I thought to take this pic. For the install, I laid a blanket on the matelasse and my installer and I went down to the basement and brought up my son’s old Brio board. Did your kids play with the Brio train sets? Years ago, we took a piece of plywood and painted areas of land and water on the board for the trains to travel over. Since my son is 26, this board hasn’t seen any use in many years. It gave a nice flat service on which to place the step ladder.

Crystal Chandelier for the Master Bedroom

Update:  Be sure to check out a little upgrade I made to this chandelier by adding beautiful resin candle covers and silk-wrapped bulbs in January 2013.  You’ll find that post here: Resin Candle Covers and Silk-Wrapped Bulbs for the Bedroom Chandelier

Master Bedroom with Crystal Chandelier


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  1. http://Allison%20Shops says

    It gorgeous, Susan! Couldn't be more perfect.


  2. http://Stephanie%20Lynn says

    I really wish I was closer becasue I would be in heaven at the Classy Flea! What a wonderful gesture though – I can't wait to see more pictures!!

    Your bedroom is goregous and the light fixture is stunning! It adds a huge statement to the room – very beautiful!

    Thanks so much for hosting! We greatly appreciate it! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. http://Pam%[email protected]%20Design%20Fanatic says

    Gorgeous chandelier!!!! It looks beautiful! 🙂

  4. http://One%20Cheap%20B*tch says

    Ready to partay!

  5. http://Paula says

    Your chandelier looks lovely hanging over your bed and was definitely well worth the wait. You must be trilled each time you walk into the room and see it.

  6. http://marty%20(A%20Stroll%20Thru%20Life) says

    Susan, the chandelier is just gorgeous. I love all the pretty crystals and such wonderful sparkle. Absolutely gorgeous. I would love to do away with the ceiling fan in our room, but with 120 degrees in the summer, the fan helps so much, so I guess it is there to stay. Hugs, Marty

  7. http://Kathy%[email protected]%20Creative%20Home%20Expressions says

    What a beautiful chandelier, Susan! Great view from the bed looking up, too. What a difference from the fan! We use our fans all the time, so I don't mind them.

  8. http://Kathleen says

    It looks lovely, Susan! You don't need a medallion, the light makes a pretty reflection up there..
    DH was on a board on the bed yesterday too..we had roof damage in the storm and it leaked in our room…A big job!
    Hope you had a good weekend!

  9. http://♥%20Calamity%20Anne%20♥ says

    I absolutely LOVE your chandelier!!! It's just so elegant!

  10. http://Confessions%20of%20a%20Plate%20Addict says

    Hi Susan! Love the chandelier! So pretty! It really adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom! Happy week!…hugs…Debbie

  11. http://Tammy says

    Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Beautiful! It really makes a statement. I love the underside picture. Cute idea.

  13. Thanks for hosting this party everyweek! It is my favorite because it is the first "big" party with everyone's weekend project. Off to visit links!!!

  14. http://Dragonfly%20Treasure says

    Just gorgeous!! Love the pic from underneath. Great job…so romantic 🙁

  15. http://Natasha says

    Thank you so much for the invitation Susan but sadly I can't come. I wish I lived in America!

    I love your new chandelier-it is exquisite. Your room looks so different now!

    Thanks for having me today and for hosting this great linky party each week.

    Best wishes,

    PS I had clicked "enter" accidentally before fixing my link's name properly!

  16. Beautiful. It really makes a statement. I like the underside picture.

  17. http://Dirty%20Hands-Beautiful%20Life says

    I like the view from under it…would feel very elegant and relaxing 🙂

    All linked up and thanks for hosting!!

  18. http://Heidi says

    Hi Susan,
    That is gorgeous! It turned out better than I even imagined it would. Great job. How romantic to have a crystal chandy in your bedroom! Thanks for hosting again, hope you have a great week!
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  19. http://Sonia says


    Your chandelier is gorgeous…what a beautiful view you have from your bed!! I know you don't miss that old ceiling fan! This really completes your elegant bedroom. Enjoyed your post. Come by for a visit…I'm celebrating my first blog anniversary and having a Pottery Barn giveaway! Would love for you to drop by as you have been such an inspiration to me over the past year as I've learned so much from you!


    Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  20. I love your new chandy, wish I could do the same thing.

  21. http://Tracy's%20Trinkets%20and%20Treasures says

    The light is gorgeous. So much better than the ceiling fan.

  22. http://Miss%20Merry says

    I love your blog. My favorite project is your dish storage closet!

  23. http://Mary says

    Your new chandelier is beautiful!

    You did get an awesome deal. We priced chandeliers last year and boy the crystal chandeliers are expensive! You are a great shopper!

    From Virginia

  24. http://Creations%20By%20Cindy says

    Congrat. on the win!
    Susan, I love your chandi! Be blessed. Cindy

  25. http://Amanda says

    I absolutely LOVE the plaid on your bed!

  26. http://Roberta says

    I would love to join the flea market but I live too far away :{
    Your chandelier is so beautiful…I would not want to get out of bed…ever! I've had a chandelier in my masterbedroom for years and had to move it to my dining room here at the "Love Shack"…but that is okay…cause we get to look at it all day long…and it gets me out of bed…lol Have a great week, fondly, Roberta

  27. http://Aprons%20Gone%20Wild says

    Lovely, lovely, as always. You're an inspiration.

  28. http://Deanna says

    Dear Susan, Your chandelier is gorgeous. Sure like how it looks in your bedroom.

    Appreciate your blog,
    d from homehaven in Kansas

  29. http://[email protected]%20and%20Cheese says

    That chandelier is exquisite!! What a nice change!

  30. http://Carol says

    Your bedroom was gorgeous before, but that chandelier just makes it even more so! Great job!

  31. Wow, simply stunning! It really changes the whole look of that area, it's so elegant & beautiful!

  32. http://Donna says

    Dazzeling chandelier! It really transformed the room! Thanks for hosting Susan! It's so much fun to see everyones treasures! thanks Donna

  33. http://Pinky says

    Oh Susan, the chandy is the icing on the cake of your beautiful bedroom! Just gorgeous! I sure wish I could join in on the fun at A Classy Flea! Can't wait to see and hear all about it! Congrats to Rhoda! I was just at HG today and could have used a $50.00 gift certificate:):) XO, Pinky

  34. http://a%20little%20bit%20of%20everything says

    Simply stunning!

  35. http://Tales%20From%20My%20Empty%20Nest says

    Your new chandelier is incredible!! I know you are thrilled with it. So beautiful! It just makes your bedroom. Thanks for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!

  36. http://Linda%20Q says

    Gorgeous chandelier Susan, goes so well in there. A girl can never have to many chandeliers!

  37. http://Leanne says

    Oh, what a beautiful chandelier. It totally makes the room. Do you just lay on the bed and stare up at it? I would!

  38. http://The%20Little%20Red%20Shop says

    The perspective of your lovely chandelier from below is just wonderful…and not one we usually see in blogland. How sweet!

    Thank you again for hosting. I'm sharing some before and after pictures of my 100 year old kitchen.

    Have a beautiful week!

    : )

    Julie M.

  39. http://Rettabug says

    Honey, that chandy was worth every single penny AND all the clean-up involved!! It is simply GORGEOUS!!! I ♥ it & am almost tempted to tell DH about it, but he already has you on his hit list. LOL "Tell her to go back to napping on that porch!" 🙂

  40. http://becca says

    susan, oh my, that chandelier is stunningly gorgeous! i am in love. i think it is well worth the price. you got a great deal. come visit and enter my pb giftcard giveaway (my first ever). thanks!

  41. http://this%20blessed%20nest says

    this bedroom is amazing & the chandelier.
    i too, adore the picture taken from directly under the chandelier. beautiful. you could charge for tours of your home & porch, & i know people would be wrapped around the street to take the tour.

    i'm linking up a cheap little gardening before/after secret of mine. i'm sure MANY use it, but i doubt many have blogged about it. 😉
    thanks for the party!

  42. Susan, I think the view from the bed is absolutely stunning! Beautiful job.
    I have just posted a minor metamorphosis for this week's party. Thanks so much for hosting. I look forward to viewing all of the before and afters.

  43. http://Tardevil says

    Your chandelier is beautiful! Makes me wish I had removed the one we put in the 1st house we built. Love the photo taken from underneath. I would never have guessed he stood on the bed w/ a ladder. I wouldn't be here today if I had tried that! I'm still not over that black piece of furniture @ the Queen of Hearts. I'm trying to figure how many trips to Atlanta I would have to make to fit it in my SUV! :O) I've picked out a couple pieces of transferware too. Congrats to Rhoda.

  44. http://Shine says

    What an unbelievable difference….and an absolute gorgeous one! I do so love a beautiful chandelier….you're a very lucky girl indeed. 🙂

  45. http://miss%20corner%20cape says

    that looks so great. i don't think you need a medallian, let that beauty take center stage. it really takes it from like a cozy bedroom to a classy cozy bedroom. fingers crossed for the homegoods giveaway, too! thanks as always for this fun linky.

  46. http://Laurie says

    I love, love, love your chandy! What a great addition to the room. Thanks, as always, for hosting a fun bloghop! Happy week ahead!

  47. http://Kate says

    Elegant…love the change. Bet it is fun to what the crystals play in the light…

  48. http://Mary%20Beth%[email protected]%20Live.%20Laugh.%20Make%20Something says

    Bee-You-Tee-Full! soooo charming! Thanks for throwing such a great party! I'm off to mingle….

  49. http://Glenda/MidSouth says

    Beautiful!!! I know exactly what you mean about the joys of being a homeowner!! I have a list a mile long. Have a great week.

  50. The chandelier is absolutely beautiful!

  51. http://40daysof says

    Love the new chandelier! Am getting rid of the ceiling fan in my guest room soon!

  52. wow, your chandelier is amazing!!

  53. http://About%20Debbie says

    I absolutely LOVE your new chandelier. It is gorgeous, simply stunning. I just put a chandelier in my bedroom last year too and I love it. My granddaughter says it is like a princess room now 🙂

  54. http://Sarah says

    Congrats to Rhoda. I so enjoy her blog. Happy she is the winner!
    Your chandelier is fabulous. Sure is a totally different statement from the ceiling fan. 🙂 You have a beautiful bedroom. What a fun shot looking up.

  55. http://AshTreeCottage says

    Now don't be offended but I'm calling you the "other Susan". Susans abound in my family, I have an Aunt Susan, a sister-in-law Susan and my husband's cousin is married to a Susan. You can call me the "other Susan" and I won't be offended. I really like your new chandelier. It looks perfectly lovely over the four poster. I think we Susan's must be on a similar wave length because I have a four poster too and a mirror just like the one over your bed. The "other Susan" sister-in-law has the same four poster too. As a side note, my mother almost named me Cindy, but that would have made me the other Cindy, because that's my other sister-in-law's name. Thanks again for your lovely blog parties! We all enjoy them!!

    Susan and Bentley

  56. http://Kelee says

    Hi Susan!

    Love the chandelier–looks glamorous!

    Thank-you for the party!

    love, kelee

  57. http://[email protected]%20with%20power%20tools says

    Gorgeous chandelier!!! Let me know if you ever want to sell it! 😉

  58. http://Greenearth says

    What an exciting chandelier.

  59. http://Bonnie says

    An absolutley gorgeous finishing touch!

  60. http://Sachiko says

    You have such a beautiful blog. Thank you so much for hosting the link party!

  61. http://Jenglamgirl says

    I want a CHANDELIER in my shabby love nest room, soooo bad!

    IT LOOKS GORG. SO MUCH BETTER, love the bedding too!!! Thanks for sharing. Jenn, I linked up too!

  62. http://Creations%20from%20my%20heart says

    Oh I just the the new chandelier. I've been wanting one for ages. I have the same bed as you. I actually called my husband over to look at your photos. He has to have a ceiling fan. Can I ask you how tall are your ceilings? I'm still working on him!

  63. http://Just%20a%20dreamer says

    Susan, when I first saw the chandelier hung, it literally took my breath away. I have never seen anything so grand. Words truly cannot do justice to it. I hope you enjoy it for a long time to come. You deserve it, lady. Jackie A HUGE Fan

  64. http://Jane says

    Beautiful chandelier! I still have our boys' "Brio board"…and train track board. They do come in handy every once in awhile.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  65. http://Titti%[email protected]%20Shoestring%20Pavilion says

    LOVE that chandelier! If I could I would have one in every room 🙂

  66. http://Kacey says

    What a gorgeous chandelier! Such loveliness to fall asleep to each night.

    P.S. Accidentally submitted my first entry before meaning to, so I resubmitted it correctly (I think it's late!). Feel free to delete the first one. Sorry!

  67. http://xinex says

    Beautiful chandy! The room looks very glamorous now..Christine

  68. http://Sherry says

    Wow! That is beautiful! It would be hard to go to sleep staring at that.

  69. http://Enchanted%20Rose%20Studio says

    Stunning, it's chandy perfection, Susan! Now, did you put that gorgeous chandy on a remote dimmer switch? 😉


  70. http://Johanna says

    This chandelier is really very exquisite. I love all th photos. What a nice bedroom.
    Greetings, Johanna

  71. http://Ann%[email protected]%20makethebestofthings says

    Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Is it wrong to want your bedroom? It isn't? Then I want your bedroom!

  72. http://Beverly says

    Susan, your chandelier is over the top beautiful. You certainly found a great piece for a great price. You must be so proud of it.
    Would love to go to the Classy Flea if I lived closer. Sounds like a fun evening.
    Thanks again for hosting Met Monday. I have been inspired to do some things so I can post.

  73. http://Cottage%20Dreamers says

    It's so beautiful and romantic! It turned out perfectly!
    Thanks for another Met Monday too!
    ☺ Celeste

  74. http://mishebe says

    beautiful chandy! Just the right touch for your bedroom..

  75. Love the new chandelier! Wonderful transformation!

  76. http://Playing%20Sublimely says

    Always fun linking up with you, love your chandy!

  77. http://A%20Cottage%20Muse says

    Stunning chandelier. I love the underneath photo!! Wish I lived closer to go to the Classy Flea event. Great idea for our shop though!

  78. http://Jennie says

    OMGoodness! That chandy is breathtaking!!! Loved the picture from underneath 🙂 Just lovely!

  79. http://Kim says

    Simply stunning! You must be thrilled.

  80. http://Tiffany says

    Beautiful room! Thanks for throwing a party!

  81. http://Susan says

    I absolutely ADORE your beautiful chandelier!!! You scored with this find! Thanks for having an awesome blog and for always being so gracious to ALL of us!! You're the best! If I didn't live over 2 hours away I would most definitely join y'all at A Classy Flea, but I know there will be lots and lots of pictures!!!

  82. http://molly%20susan%20strong says

    Oh I hate being so far!!

  83. http://Joselyn says

    I have one of those ceiling fans in my dining area that I want to replace with a chandelier but haven't found one that I really love. Your chandelier is absolutely stunning and truly worth your 20 year wait.

  84. http://Vickie%20H. says

    Just beautiful! Good for you! What a FIND! And you will enjoy it virtually every single day from now on!!! Thank you for sharing!

  85. http://LisasCraftiqueBoutique says

    Beautiful Job! Love it:0)

  86. http://becolorful says

    Yes, it is beautiful and aesthetically I totally covet it but I am at that stage of my life where I wouldn't give up a fan over my bed for love or money. 🙂
    Enjoy your new view.
    Pamela @ Becolorful

  87. http://ImagineCozy says

    Don't you love it when you find just the perfect thing! The chandelier looks just perfect in you bedroom. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  88. http://Cindy says

    OMG! (said in a valley girl accent) lol The chandelier looks absolutely gorgeous! I love it, love it, love it!

  89. http://Kristi says

    Your room is beautiful! I love in Greenville, SC and I don't think it's too far from Marietta so I might have to RSVP.

  90. http://Yoga%20Gal says

    I love the chandelier- I am looking for something new for our dining room. The one that I picked out while we were in construction is just too small. Thank you for hosting again this week, I really do appreciate it! 😀

  91. http://Cece%20Lively says

    B-E-A-utiful! I LOVE it!

  92. http://vignette%20design says

    What a difference! I love that chandelier, and yes, the price was very good for that size and style. It completely transformed your bedroom. How romantic! I bet it is lovely at night dimmed….
    Thanks for hosting MM. It's raining cats and dogs here so I plan on staying inside and viewing everyone of the 190 participants today! haha

  93. http://Fancy%20Pants says

    What a beautiful bedroom! And that chandelier is gorgeous!

  94. http://jen says

    Great chandelier! I would love to have something like this in my bedroom but I dont think my ceilings are high enough…

    Thanks for hosting!
    Jen from pineyflatsstyle.blogspot.com

  95. http://lafamigliadesignllc says

    Beautiful chandelier! What a wonderful transformation! And thank you for the opportunity to link up! Monica

  96. http://Ally says

    I hope I did this right– my first time linking! Fancy chandy!

  97. http://Design%20Junkie says

    It's amazing the difference the right lighting fixture can make in a room. That chandelier is gorgeous.

  98. http://Jen%20and%20Jared says

    That is so beautiful! I love it. We are looking for a light fixture for our room and I never thought about doing a chandelier…

  99. http://Kristin%[email protected]%20My%20Uncommon%20Slice%20of%20Suburbia says

    I am in love with your chandy! My girlfriend just gave me her mothers's (she has 2) I am so excited to give it a little TLC! I originally thought it would go well in my guestroom but I'm thinking it may have to go into my hubby and I master after seeing yours 🙂 Take care

  100. http://Sugar%20and%20Spice%20Mommy says

    Love the new light fixture!! Ive been looking for something just like that for my dining room! THis is my first time to praticiplate, thanks so much!:)

  101. http://bellacasa says

    Without a doubt, that chandelier is beautiful. Do you think you will miss having a ceiling fan though? No way, right!

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  102. http://Janice says

    Such a transformation! When I look at your house it makes me want to go more southern colonial with my decorating. Beautiful!

  103. http://Michelle says

    Your bedroom is beautiful! Love the chandelier!

    Thanks for hosting :o)

  104. http://gnee says

    Love! Love! Love it! You're such a talent and that you use what you find.

  105. http://raggygirlvintage says

    Thanks for hosting the party! I linked up my tea stained tags.

  106. http://Jeanette%20P. says

    Susan, the chandelier is gorgeous. It looks perfect in your bedroom. What a change! My husband seels alot of antiques and reproduction pieces and we think you did very well on the price! Good Hunting!! Wish I could go to the Classy Flea but unfortunately, NJ is not around the corner! I am sure you will have a blast:)

  107. http://Sausha says

    love the new light – so much better!!! very pretty

    Thanks for hosting another party 🙂

    Sausha @ {show & tell}

  108. http://Linda%20(Nina's%20Nest) says

    Susan, your room is a magazine picture – just beautiful! The chandy adds so much class. Linda

  109. http://Debbie%20(Meadowcrest%20Cottage) says

    Totally sublime. I'm in awe! Love it!!


  110. http://Angela says

    Love the chandelier! It looks really great in that space. I have a tiny one from Home Depot that I got for Christmas for my office and TOTALLY love it. Will try to wipe the drool off the keyboard after seeing your "real thing". 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  111. http://Sherry%[email protected]%20No%20Minimalist%20Here says

    Susan, I love your new bling! The chandelier is beautiful. I just wish I could talk my hubby into getting rid of our fan. He says he can't sleep without it on. Ugh!

  112. http://Marie says

    Hello sweet Susan – oh my, what an absolutely stunning chandy! I've never seen one so beautiful. I've been on the hunt for about a year now for a smaller one for my dining room, but can't seem to find anything in my area here. Might have to buy brand new. Yours looks amazing in your bedroom. Like it was meant to be the whole time!


  113. Gorgeous chandelier! I would have one in every room if I could!!

  114. http://Melissa says

    Thanks for hosting again!!

  115. http://My%20Slice%20of%20Heaven says

    How beautiful. It adds just another touch of elegance in your pretty bedroom.

  116. http://Roberta says

    Wow…it's 10:50 and I finally got my post done…woo hoo! First time that I've participated and now I can't wait to go back and read all these inspiring posts. Thanks for hosting Susan 😀

  117. Thanks so much for hosting! I love the chandelier! It is super wonderful!

  118. http://Jeni%[email protected]%20peppertowne.com says

    Always a party!!! We have a guest on our blog this week. Her name is Brittney and she asked us to feature her project for her! Hope she gets lots of great response.
    Thanks again…Peppertowne

  119. http://Fawnda says

    Thanks for hosting such a fun party every week! : )

  120. http://laurie%[email protected]%20bargain%20hunting says

    Oh My Goodness! What a metamorphosis! That chandelier is equisite, and it MAKES the room! Wish I could go on the shopping trip at the Classy Flea. How fun! laurie

  121. http://Housewife%20Bliss says

    Stunning light — love how you have done the room as well.

  122. http://Gloria says

    Hey, Susan! Well, First of all, that ceiling fan looked nice to me anyway! 🙂 Second of all, from the pics of your bedroom, who cares what lighting you have, because your decorating is so gorgeous. God! Love your bed-skirt, pillows, etc. The colors are fabulous! Colors that I love! And, ok, Third: All right, your new chandelier IS gorgeous! I am sure that you are saying to yourself that it was worth the wait! And it is so beautiful it WAS worth the wait, in my opinion! Good thing you took your time to find the perfect thing you wanted. Enjoy it! As my mother always said: Use it in good heatlh!
    Best regards,

  123. http://Rhoda%[email protected]%20Southern%20Hospitality says

    Gorgeous chandy, Susan! You must be in love.

    And I can't believe I won!! That's really exciting. I'm sure I will put it to good use at Homegoods, since that is one of my fave stores.

  124. http://The%20Summer%20Kitchen%20Girls says

    Wow – what a great chandelier – it's fantasitc- love that picture looking up at it – wonderful!
    I got a vintage chandelier off of eBay for our dining room – I never regret it!

  125. http://Kathy%20at%20Oregon%20Gifts%20of%20Comfort%20and%20Joy%20Welcomes%20You! says


  126. http://Jen says

    That Chandelier is GORGEOUS! Love what you did with it.

  127. http://Meet%20Virginia says

    Thanks so much for hosting such a great party!!

  128. http://amariaf2000 says

    I am nervous to say "YES" for your evening at the Classy Attic, but I am going to try and come. That is the first weekend I am home from vacation, so I will have to play it by ear until that time. I hope I get to make it though!! If I can come down, I will definitely let you know beforehand so I can get some recommendations on a good hotel in the area for the night!

    ~angela @ peonypatch

  129. http://Cindy%20~%20My%20Romantic%20Home says

    Wow, that chandelier is gorgeous! It looks so beautiful in your room! That was a really great deal!!! I bet it's nice to wake up in the morning and look up and see it! Crystal chandeliers just add so much elegance to a room!

  130. http://Cam%[email protected]%20Bedroom%20Chandeliers says

    Magnificent chandelier choice Susan. The intricate crystal style matches your bedroom's style perfectly IMO, and not to mention, it's pretty much the perfect size for the room from what I can see.

    Do you mind if I use some of the pictures on my blog as examples of good bedroom chandelier choices?

  131. http://Susan%20BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Thanks, Cam! Sure, feel free to use any you wish.

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