Syracuse Orchard & Magnolia Centerpiece for a Spring Table Setting

Welcome to the 555th Tablescape Thursday!

How is your week going so far? I hope you are seeing some glorious springtime weather. It has been beautiful here!

Screened Porch Spring Dinner


I took these photos late in the day. The trees have all leafed out completely now so the porch has become very shady throughout the day. Recently, I gave all the bottles on the bottle tree a good washing. Do they look clean and sparkling there on the deck? I need to add a few new ones to the tree this year…must be on the lookout for pretty bottles this spring.

Porch Dining for Spring


My magnolia tree is blooming its heart out. My timing was off, though. The flowers seem to be either past their prime or not open yet.

Add on a Screened Porch for Summer Dining


I managed to find one that was open and still looking pretty fresh for our centerpiece.

Springtime Table on Screened Porch


I wish you could smell these big, beautiful blossoms! The scent always makes me think of lemonade. Do you remember these tall candleholders? I bought those back around 2008 so they were one of the first items I used in a table setting here on the blog. I think I found them in A Classy Flea if I’m remembering correctly. Miss that place…it just closed a few months back.

Magnolia Centerpiece for a Spring Dinner on the Porch


Years ago someone snarkily asked me in an email if I purchased dishes to use in tablescapes, then returned them once I had posted the table here on the blog. The answer to that would be, No. Occasionally, if I find I’m not using something any longer, I will give it to my son/dil, but I never buy dishware just to use in a post and then return it. That wouldn’t be fair to the stores where I shop, not to mention time-consuming.

Candlelight Dining with Magnolia Centerpiece


I took a lot of photos so feel free to just scroll through if you’re not really into viewing different angles/views. I know some of you have said you like a lot of photos, so I’m erring on the side of “more is better” in this post.

Eyelet Napkin, Pierced Chargers in a Spring Table


For this table, I layered cream eyelet napkins over dark green, linen napkins. Both napkins are from Pier 1 several years ago.

Eyelet Napkins, Spring Table Setting


The dishware I’m using for this table setting is by Syracuse China, made in the USA. The pattern is Orchard.

Beautiful Syracuse China, Made in the USA


I found this china antiquing many years ago and it’s still one of my favorite patterns.

Pierced Charger, Syracuse China, Orchard


Such a pretty pattern, I just love it so much! The pierced chargers are from Horchow online back in 2008.

Syracuse China, Orchard Pattern


Drawing a blank right now on the pattern name for this silverplate by Oneida. I purchased this flatware on eBay many, many years ago. I need to look at an earlier post to remember the name but I bet someone reading this post will recognize it.

One of the things that drew me to this flatware, other than the beauty of the pattern, was its gorgeous patina. I can see why patina is so valued in sterling and in silverplate. It is luscious!

Silverplated Flatware


The napkin rings say “Friends” on one side and “Family” on the other. They were a find in Pottery Barn years ago.

Do you remember these little birdies? I first used them in a table setting many years ago. If I can find the table, I’ll add a photo to this post. They are actually little ornaments purchased from GardenRidge. I love using ornaments as napkin rings, they always add a bit of whimsy to a table setting.

Friends & Family Napkin Rings


A birds-eye view…

Magnolia Centerpiece, Springtime Dining, Screened Porch


Happy spring, dear Friends!

Porch Dining for Spring


Looking forward to the beautiful tables shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I always love seeing your porch – especially when the trees are blooming. I can imagine how wonderful it must smell. Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend!

  2. Love, love the idea of using ornaments on the napkin rings. Brilliant, Susan!

    • Thanks, Helen! 🙂

      • Teresa M says

        Beautiful table. I love cloth eyelet napkins matching the china.
        Ironing is a pain but part of the fun for me is going the extra effort to make guests feel special. Your table is set for special guests worth the effort.
        That tip of clipping ornaments to a napkin ring is clever. Thanks for sharing this inspired table.

  3. A lovely table! Magnolia blooms always remind me of my grandmother, she loved them so much.

  4. Gail Bell says

    Lovely…just lovely!! Thanks for the great tip using the ornaments on your napkin rings…so clever!
    Enjoy this pretty spring day!

  5. Dear Susan, I want you to know today you “killed” me!
    I absolutely NEED/WANT photo #5 as a framed poster hanging on the wall in my kitchen! And #13! Pliiiizzzz! LOL
    You choose all my favorite colors to create that beauty on your porch and as if that wasn’t enough, you even added those adorable, chubby birds to the napking rings! I ADORE them! And I remember them… I know you already used them in the past… so, you didn’t return them to the store, back then?! 😉 Aren’t people “funny” sometimes and ask ludicrous questions?! YES!
    PS: And, no, YOU can never take too many pictures to show us! 🙂

    • Susan, I love this table. The china is beautiful and looks wonderful with the Magnolias. It is such fun to see one of your tables and take time to study each of the lovely elements. Thank you. M

    • Thanks Cecilia! I’m happy to email you the originals if you wish to ever print them.
      Ha, ha, ha! 🙂
      Awww, thanks Cecilia!

      • Awww, Susan, thank you very much!
        Yes, please, email them to me! I know a store where I can print them and even turn them into a puzzle!
        Love, love, love the idea of having an original “BNOTP” hanging in my house! 🙂 Thanks, again, Susan! You are a doll! ♥
        I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! Sorry, if I will not reply to your email, but we’ll be heading to Holland in the afternoon and stay till Monday, and I will not take my laptop with me. (Three overnight stays are the minimum you can book in most vacation homes… not that I wouldn’t agree with that rule…) Doing a happy dance, here! lol
        Hugs to you!

  6. I imagine the snarky comment came from someone who follows the fashion bloggers. They all order clothes from Nordstrom, wear it long enough to have a photo shoot ( and who knows how long that takes. Yuck), and then they send it back to Nordstrom, so someone else will get clothes that have been worn for several hours already. I think it’s disgusting.

    • I’ve heard of that happening, too. I know the stores must really hate it, I’m sure the cost gets passed along to everyone else.

  7. I love the china pattern, and your table is very serene. Lovely!

  8. THOSE CHARGERS AGAIN!!! ARGH! You’re just tormenting us, Susan. We are all in love with those gorgeous chargers! You’ve also used several of my other favs in this tablescape, including the china, the napkin rings, and my most favorite colors. Such a feminine table. I’m tempted to head down I-75 to join you right now! (But since I live much closer to your son, I think I’ll be late for lunch!

    • We need to start a petition to Horchow, demanding bring them back all these years later. 🙂
      Well you would be welcome, although I wasn’t at home much today. 🙂

  9. Linda Rubin says

    This is one of your prettiest tablescapes. It is simple and elegant.

  10. Magnolias are blooming here! I love this time of year. Your table is springtime fresh.

  11. Your magnolias are gorgeous Susan! And those birdies are adorable! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    • Thanks, Jenna! Hope you have a wonderful one, too! I won’t be with my son but fortunately, I’ll get to see him in just a few weeks.

  12. Kim Jorgenson says

    Beautiful porch and table so inviting and calming… I love that you layered off white dishes on white chargers…now I know it’s ok!

    • These chargers are a soft cream color, but they are definitely whiter than the vintage Orchard dishware. I hadn’t even thought about that. They do seem to work pretty well together. I think the gold border on the plates helps create a little separation. Maybe that’s why they look okay together. Thanks, Kim! XXX

  13. I like that dish pattern mixed with the magnolias! Love the addition of the birds to the napkin rings and the double layered napkins! Your bottle tree is looking good. We aren’t quite all leafed out up here yet but soon will be. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day.

    • Don’t you love watching the trees green up, Liz? I love seeing them do that so much! Spring is such a gorgeous time of year! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  14. WANDA BRADEY says

    Beautiful as always. A classy table. I love the napkins. Do you recall where you purchased them? And…the chargers! Awesome….

    • The napkins are both from Pier 1 quite a few years ago and the chargers are from Horchow online back around 2008. Keep an eye out at Pier 1 because they get it some pretty napkins throughout the year.

  15. I’m a Syracuse Girl, and I love to see our china out there. My husband’s Dad worked for the pottery and he had a card that gave him “permission to flip” a plate to see if it was a piece of Syracuse China. We still have the card and have been known to peak under a plate. Beautiful table!

    • That’s so awesome, Patti! So how did card work? Why did he need permission? That is so cool that he worked for the Pottery! Would love to hear more. I love this pattern so much! I wish more china was made here in the USA.

  16. Brenda Lawrence says

    Beautiful tablescape Susan! So light and airy looking. I love magnolia’s and some people have trees here in PA, but most of the time the buds drop off because of frost, such a shame as they really aren’t made for the north zones. When I was visiting my aunt last May, I had to pick a bloom off her tree. lol I couldn’t even imagine asking of you take the dishes back to the store. Besides you have shown how you are storing all those dishes now anyway. lol Snark comes out in some people, another shame. Hugs, Brenda

    • This was a few years back, before I set up my storage in the garage, although I had previously done a post sharing where much of my china was stored. That’s a shame they don’t grow well there. I bet you guys have Lilacs, though. Those don’t do well here and I love the ones that grow in my son’s backyard in Ohio. Would love to grow those!

  17. Bobbi Duncan says

    Love everything about this tablescape, Susan, from the “gotta get me those chargers!” to those precious chubby birdies. More is ALWAYS better when it comes to your posts. We all know you have integrity and would never purchase and then return something for a photo shoot. I’m so glad that magnolias grow this far north because that’s a look and smell I’d truly have missed when I moved from Georgia. We have had a glorious spring–unlike last year when we were deluged with rain. It’s so nice to be able to take my walks in all our many local gardens. Hugs!

    • Thanks so much, Bobbi! Appreciate that! We had such a gorgeous spring, too…no late killing frost and just the right amount of rain. Wish all our springs were this awesome, I know you do, too!

  18. Love that magnolia! So far, you’ve never posted too many photos–not even close 🙂 I can imagine a casual late lunch on a fine spring day there. (More magnolias)

  19. So pretty!! Love the chargers! And the dishes are beautiful. Thank you

  20. I can imagine the sweet smell of those beautiful magnolia blossoms. Lovely! Everything is lovely, even the green shady background. Obviously the reader who thought you returned dishes missed your AMAZING cabinets holding everything in your garage! Those were unforgettable posts and hard work to get everything organized so perfectly. Love that shady porch!

  21. Ann Bradley says

    Love your photo’s and ideas. Love your web site. The silver pattern reminds me of one called Tara. Don’t remember the company though. Maybe someone else will. It is a beautiful pattern. I have one similar to this, that I got about 50 years ago as a new bride.

  22. Kay Brown says

    The magnolia blossoms are beautiful. I love everything about this table setting!

  23. Shirley says

    The flatware is Beethoven by Oneida. I have this pattern also. I love everything about this tablescape.

  24. Kathleen says

    You are just too funny! When I got to the end of your post (after I was enjoying those little birds) and you said Here’s a Bird’s Eye View…I laughed out loud. Thanks for that! Very pretty table.

  25. Kathlen says

    Oh and that bit about returning china after using it, reminds of those kinds of people who keep the tags on clothing and returning it after wearing it! Who does these things?

  26. Marilyn says

    So lovely and elegant.

  27. Beautiful table Susan. I love the china and those cute bird napkin rings. The magnolia centerpiece is gorgeous, I love magnolia flowers. So much I bought in Madrid a beautiful Portuguese china with the magnolia motiff.
    Happy Mother’s Day dear Susan.

  28. Hello, I grew up in TX & loved those magnolias. Now I live in NJ. The native magnolia is the teacup magnolia. The pink and white blossoms are shaped like a cup and the bottom petals open up to a flat dish shape. They are the same size as a teacup and saucer.

    Question? What does one do with two napkins? One would stay on the diner’s lap but the other? I’ve seen double napkins in several other tablescapes.

  29. Susan,
    This is a beautiful table setting on your porch. I can smell the magnolias! Growing up in north Alabama, there were grand magnolia trees all around. I love them so much, we had fresh magnolia blossoms on every window ledge of the church for our wedding.


  30. Your porch is gorgeous! I love all the magnolias and your beautiful place setting too. I’ve never seen that pattern before, it’s really pretty. Thanks so much for hosting. Have a great weekend, CoCo

  31. Hi, Susan. Love magnolias; they smell like lemonade to me, too!
    I can’t open any of the links that have been added to your post. This occurred last week, also. A message is below the links reads: “Cookies are disabled.” Do you know how I can fix that? I am viewing your blog via IPad.

    • Linda, I’ll check with InLinkz to see what could be causing this and we’ll figure it out. I’m sure he’ll know. In the meantime, double check to make sure you’re using the most current version of your browser, in case that helps.

  32. Beautiful! Love everything, particularly the Magnolias as do not have them in our zone either. (Ontario/Canada) Re the remark from a reader years ago; one time I purchased a beautiful table cloth and upon opening the package it was covered in candle drippings running right down the center of it but oddly enough it had no other stains, yet talk about a mess! (This was from a high-end linen store BTW.) Fortunately I was able to return it immediately as lived in close proximity to the store as otherwise I probably would have been stuck with it. All said; it does make one wonder ‘what kind of people do these things’? -Brenda-

  33. Thanks for bringing such beauty to us. Magnolias and Gardenias are my favorite flowers. The table is lovely, you make my day with these lovely ideas for all of us!

  34. Charlotte Marie Bruce says

    Love love this table setting! So simple and elegant. Can smell the magnolias from my laptop! lol Love the eyelet napkins and the darling fat birds. AND the plates. It’s all just perfect. Wish I could join in person, but since I’m in the state of WA that isn’t possible. Keep on keeping on!

  35. Elegant! I love the magnolia flowers with the candlesticks and eyelet napkins. And I love the dark green linen napkins with the leaves of the magnolia and those green glasses. I love those glasses! They always catch my eye. Such a pretty shade of green, and if I remember, not particularly expensive, either.

    The chubby little birds are such a cute, warm touch. And that flatware is gorgeous! I don’t remember ever seeing that or the pretty Orchard pattern china, despite all the years I have been following you. You’re sneaky like that with the surprises. 😀

  36. Such a pretty table. I especially like the napkins and the napkin rings. The magnolias are blooming like crazy here in central Florida, too, and I really enjoy the fragrance on my morning stroll through the neigborhood.

  37. Love this table setting especially those chargers! I’ve been looking for those on EBay forever! Please Susan, get Horchow to bring them back! I want them so bad! Lol!

  38. This is a very attractive table setting. Your dinnerware goes so well with your pretty magnolias. I’m from Montana and we of course don’t have them here, but I sure appreciate seeing them grace many Southern tables. I especially like the birds!

    I’m glad that you, too, enjoy what you purchase and pass them on to those who will also enjoy them. I love collecting and creating my own table settings with the things I buy…and like you I don’t return them after I take my pictures. How rude of someone to suggest that.

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