Spring Tablescape with Blue Willow

Welcome to the 387th Tablescape Thursday!

It’s that time of year when I feel I’m in season limbo. It’s still very much winter outside but my heart and mind are already deep into spring. I can’t change the weather outside, but we can go spring inside. 🙂

Green and Blue Table for Spring


Can never remember the name of the plant I’m using in the center of the table, but it’s a common plant that’s great for offices and places where lighting may not always be ideal. I have several of them from where I’ve rooted pieces that have grown really long. They are super easy to root, just pinch off a piece and stick it in a glass of water. In a couple of weeks, it will have lots of nice long roots, all ready to be planted.

This one is starting to look a bit gangly since it’s been trapped inside all winter and I’ve been a little late in watering it a few times. It’s very forgiving, and will fill out nicely once I can return it to the porch in a couple of months.

I had this idea of taking the long tendrils/offshoots, the ones I’d normally pinch off and root, and draping them in between each of the place settings. I had three tendrils/runners that were more than long enough for that, and one that was just about long enough. lol Anyway, I think you probably get the idea. This would be really pretty with a more mature plant that had a lot of long runners, a little like eating in a greenhouse or jungle. 🙂

Spring Blue and Green Table with Blue Willow


One of my favorite color combinations is blue and green. It feels so vibrant and so spring-like!

Blue Willow in Green & Blue Table Setting


Green and white polkadot/striped flatware was a find on eBay back in 2014.  The set didn’t come with a salad fork so I borrowed a salad fork from another one of my other green flatware sets. It’s fun to mix/match flatware in table settings; it adds a new element of interest to the setting.

Blue and White Table Setting with Green Stemware and Flatware


I’ve had these napkins for a few years, but I think this is the very first time I’ve ever used them in a setting. Have no idea where I found them, now. I should have taken a photo of the napkin open, it has the prettiest scene that makes you think of Blue Willow dishware, so I chose Blue Willow for this blue/green setting.

Blue & White Table, Blue Willow, Green Polka Dot & Striped Flatware


The beaded butterfly napkin ring is from Pier 1 several years ago.

Blue and White Tablescape, Beaded Butterfly Napkin Rings


They may still have these since they carried them for a very long time. Or, maybe they have a new style in now for this spring.

Blue and White Tablescape for Summer


The small plates are a sweet gift several years ago from my friend, Sue, at the blog Rue Mouffetard. They are by Noritake and the pattern is Roseara. I think they are actually bread plates but we’ll pretend they are appetizer plates in today’s setting since I needed a bit of green for this “blue and green” tablescape. 😉

Noritake Roseara in Blue and White Table Setting


Did anyone else collect this Churchill Blue Willow dishware when Publix offered it in their stores many years ago? The way it worked was, each time you purchased a certain amount of groceries, you could purchase a dinner plate with a cup and saucer for $2.50. The salad plates and serving pieces had to be purchased separately but they were also super inexpensive.

I wish they would offer this again with another classic pattern, maybe a toile pattern in red or green. I remember making a lot of grocery runs and stocking up because I was worried they would end the promotion before I could collect 12 place settings.

Churchill Blue Willow, Made in England


I believe the green stemware came from HomeGoods. I’ve used it in a table setting once before for Tablescape Thursday, I think for a Christmas tablescape.

Blue Willow in Green & Blue Table Setting


Happy Tablescape Thursday, dear friends!

Green and Blue Table for Spring


Pssst: If you’re looking for additional Spring/Summer tablescape ideas, you’ll find many more here: Spring/Summer Tablescapes

Chargers: Horchow, 2008
China: Churchill Blue Willow, Publix many years ago,
Appetizer Plates: Noritake Roseara, a gift
Green & White Flatware: eBay, 2014
Green Etched Stemware: HomeGoods
Lace Napkins: Don’t remember, probably HomeGoods
Blue and White Napkins: I think Tuesday Morning but may have come from HomeGoods
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  1. Be still my heart! This table is dear to my heart with blue and white. Caught my eye immediately. Love your gorgeous emerald goblets and the cute dragon fly napkin rings! So much eye candy! Going back for a more detailed look.

  2. Susan, your plant is a pothos. It is in the philodendron family.
    Forgot to mention your very pretty napkins. Can’t believe you have not used them before.

    • mary eberle says

      Yes, Susan, it’s a pothos and you can trim it back even in the winter. Just pinch it off and it will fill out nicely. I love pothos because they are easy to maintain. And yes, very forgiving. A little water perks them right up. I love your blog!

      • I was going to say pothos but everyone beat me to it. It is the only plant I was ever able to grow. I gave up on plants in the house, they just do not like me! Anyway, love the blue willow, but never thought to do green glasses. They look great. The plant probably helps to pull it together, but if I go for the green glasses I will use my fake topiaries!

        • Thanks, Mary Anne! This has been the only one I have been able to keep alive inside. It seems to do well even in fairly low lighting. Amazing little plant!

    • Thanks, Bonnie! I’m going to try to remember that this time. lol I always forget the name of it.

  3. Gorgeous napkins Susan! I love the freshness of the Blue Willow with the touches of spring green!

  4. Susan, this is a breath of Spring air. I love anything blue and white and adding the green adds the happiness of Spring to the blue and white. I love those stems, and I love how they pop in this setting. I can’t believe you’ve had those napkins for awhile and haven’t used them. They are beautiful. This is one of my favorite tables, and I can’t wait to borrow your idea of adding green to the blue and white.

  5. I think the plant is Philodendron-scandens-Sweetheart-Vine. I love the napkins. Obviously being in the UK we didn’t have the same offers as you, but in the past there have been different offers on in our stores and garages.

  6. Loving the gorgeous color combo. And those napkins both the blue and the white lace one are just stunning. I wish I could help with the name of that plant, but it is not coming to me either. Sorry!

  7. Blue and green is a fresh combination. Love Blue Willow pattern too!
    It feels like spring here in Texas. Our days are sunny and in the 70s.
    Pretty table! Thanks for hosting.

  8. She is correct it is called Pothos – common name is “Devil’s Ivy” I am with you Spring cannot come quick enough!

    Do we have a Tablescape for St. Patrick’s Day?

  9. Your plant I believe, is a pothos. These btw are great natural air cleansers!

  10. That’s a Pothos plant. I always like their two tone coloring. Love the plant mixed with the Blue Willow dishes. Spring is tugging hard on us isn’t it. It happens every year and causes lots of day dreaming! Love the pops of green pretty. Those Noritake plates and the green glasses stand out beautifully and I love the napkins!

  11. I love the Pothos plant – so easy to grow! Unfortunately, it is one of a number of plants which are toxic to cats. Since our sweet Maggie loves to nibble on almost anything, Pothos has taken a permanent vacation away from our house. Beautiful table, though! Definitely puts me in the mood for spring!

  12. So pretty and how fun is that mix of flatware! Thank you so much for 387 inspirational parties!

  13. Hi Susan! Love, love this tablescape! I have that same Churchill Blue Willow and bought mine piece by piece at the grocery store, too!! Have 10 place settings, sugar, creamer, coffee pot. I love it!! I use it as my everyday dishes. I hadn’t thought of using green with it. A great idea!! I have a green antique cake set I inherited from my aunt! It looks very similar to your green plates. I must try that!! I also grew the Pothos, too, in my Washington, D.C. “period”! Had them all over my apartment!! Thanks again, for some great ideas!!

  14. Susan, wow your table setting is simply gorgeous…..how I just love those blue and white napkins……
    Blue and green look so beautiful together…..

    Wishing you a wonderful day~

  15. Marlene Stephenson says

    My mom collected that Blue Willows set for me and my sister. I love it and will cherish it. I mix all kinds of other dishes with it to use it for all seasons. I love your green Susan it is lovely.

  16. This is such a pretty table setting. I love your creative idea of using your houseplant for the centerpiece. Wow, the Churchill Blue Willow plates take me back to my grandmother’s home for Sunday dinners with fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, and banana pudding. It’s funny that a simple picture of a plate can do this to my mind. Thanks so much!

  17. I purchased only 6 place settings of the Churchill Blue Willow from the grocery store long ago and always wish I had bought more. Love your mix of blue and green, and especially love the green goblets! That color combo never crossed my mind, but I will definitely try it now — maybe for St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. I especially ove the touch of spring green with the bread plates; they are so cute.

  19. What a beautiful table! I love Blue Willow, wish I had lived near Publix while that promotion was going on. Alas, I have not lived near a Publix in many years. I do have a few pieces though and am on the lookout for more. I love the green touches with it, although I doubt I’d have thought to try this. That’s why I read your blog! Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. What a lovely tablescape! I love blue and white dishes, I have the Spode Blue Italian which I think is what your napkins are.

  21. Denise Alford says

    Lovely table. You achieved the spring look. Adore navy and green together. Remember getting the Churchill blue willow at Publix. Can often find it on eBay if you need more. I too wish they would do it again. Take care and keep up the wonderful work.

  22. Such a pretty color combination, Susan. I am always torn between blue and green and it’s always good to use both! The napkins are super pretty in that bolder blue.

  23. Gorgeous tablescape! I too am anxious for spring. I’m placing my recently purchased bunny on our table today. I also
    collected blue willow, but at a different store. My husband’s sister was collecting also. At some point in time I gave all my pieces to her, and she uses it often and displays it in her china cabinet. I was on Pier 1 site last night, and there is a warehouse sale going on.

  24. I have Blue Willow by Johnson Bros., and also a antique set by Homer Laughlin, in my great grandmother’s step-back cupboard! Love the napkins! If you ever find them again, please let all of the Blue Willow ladies know!

  25. Such a pretty color palette! I ADORE those napkins, gorgeous!

  26. LOVE Blue Willow Dishes!!!

  27. Love Blue Willow! One if my favorite classic patterns. The napkins are perfect…,Christine

  28. Love your cheery table! The blue and green elements work so well together! I’d be very happy if a grocery store offered dishes in a toile pattern–I’ll take mine in red, please. Pothos is such a great, easy-care plant. Your post serves to remind me that plants are a very pleasing, quick centerpiece. Thanks for sharing your lovely tablescape!

  29. I’m such a blue and white fanatic so I really enjoyed your tablescape. You’re right about adding the green goblets and plates with the blue…It really is a fresh, lovely combination! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!!

  30. Susan, I love this table. I have been collecting Blue Willow plates. Whenever I’m in an antique store, I look for them. I have 8 plates right now and would like 4 more so I can keep them in my hutch for this period post Valentine’s and pre-Easter (I don’t really decorate much for St. Pat’s). Just this past weekend I found 2 Willow plates, but they were Johnson Bros., not Churchill, like my others. Do they patent patterns? I noticed there are slight differences in the two manufacturer’s patterns. One has black windows and some difference on the border, and the other has white windows. I figured they had to do this so the patterns were not identical. I LOVE your napkins and would love to find some to use with these dishes. Also, what a great idea to accent with green! Inspiration, as always. Rosie

    • Thanks, Rosie! Rosie, check on eBay, I used to see a lot of Churchill Blue Willow on there and it was super reasonable. Okay, I just looked on eBay and there are over 1,400 listings on eBay for it and 1,379 are “Buy it now” so you don’t have to worry with bidding, can just buy it outright. Just search for “Churchill Blue Willow” and they’ll all pop up. Just check the seller’s feedback to make sure they are a good seller and read the description closely to make sure there’s nothing chipped/damaged.

  31. Unfortunately, I was unable to attach a photo of what happens when you toss a lowly “almost dead” normal sized Pothos house plant, under a tree in Florida. The vines grow up the tree,and the leaves can grow to almost two FEET long. Florida gardening at its best (and easiest)

  32. The green goblet probaly was from Home Goods. The maker is Stelle, an Italian company. I’m pretty certain that the napkin is Spode Blue Italian. Yes, I collected a grocery store set of the Churchill Blue Willow for my sister-in-law. She uses it every day. Your Spring tablescape is charming. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

    • Thanks, Cherry Kay! The napkins have a label on them that says, “Pimpernel” and on the back it says, 100% Cotton, Designed in England, Made in SriLanka, Portmeirion Group UK LTD.

  33. Cyndi Raines says

    Very pretty Susan. I haven’t heard of the plant being called Pothos, we always just called it a variegated philodendron -it’s good to learn something new every day! I’m ready to start decorating for spring/Easter. I really don’t do much for St.Patrick’s Day, but we usually celebrate by having a nice stew / bread and watch the great movie “The Quiet Man” with Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne – a wonderful, delightful old classic!

  34. Geri Gesell says

    This is so pretty, Susan! I’m always looking for ideas for my Blue Willow. My mom lovingly collected mine for me piece by piece at a grocery store in Michigan years ago and gave a 12 piece setting to me for Christmas. They are very precious to me and I absolutely love them!

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