A Special Halloween Birthday Tea Party

Welcome to the 738th Tablescape Thursday! Selma throws the most amazing tea parties! In a recent email, Selma wrote, “I wanted to do something special for my granddaughter for her birthday, and my first thought was a Princess Tea, but when her mom mentioned how much Gia loves Halloween, I asked (Gia) if she wanted a Halloween Birthday Tea. The answer was, YES! So, you know how it goes with the grandbabies– she got a Halloween Tea!!” Selma had a company called “Card my Yard” make a fun Halloween sign for her front yard. Soo fun!

Halloween Birthday Party Yard Sign


Selma decorated her dining room for this Halloween birthday tea party.

Decorate for a Halloween Birthday Party, Tea Party


I can just imagine how delighted Gia must have been when she saw all these festive decorations!

Halloween Party Tablescape, Halloween Birthday Tea Party


Birthday Decorations for Halloween Party


Selma said, “I decorated the chandelier with Old World Halloween ornaments and some of that shiny wide mesh ribbon.  Amazing the change a small touch like that adds!  I got the idea from you because you covered the chains on your porch swing!” I love the sparkly mesh ribbon–will have to steal that idea for my dining room chandelier sometime!

Decorate a Chandelier for Halloween


The decorations continued right to the chairs…beautiful!

Halloween Party Decorations, Halloween Tea Party


Beautiful centerpiece! I know all the moms must have enjoyed this party as much as the little ones!

Party Table, Halloween Tablescape


Selma said, “I used Fiestaware “Boo” plates at one table and vintage style Halloween plates originally from Williams Sonoma at the other.  I used multiple layers of table linens because it was whimsical and fun!  The girls were really blown away, which was rewarding!  One little girl said, “This is the best party EVER!”  Awww, that really shows how our little ones really do notice when we make things extra special for them. Love that!

Halloween Party, Halloween Tea


Selma found the adorable black cat wine glasses in Pottery Barn several years back. The moms attending the party enjoyed using those.

Black Cat Glassware


I love the yummies Selma served for this special tea party for her granddaughter. The witch’s fingers are a hoot and the chocolate-cover strawberries look amazing!

Halloween Tea Party, Tiered Display for Tea Party, Tea Party Food


Oh, what do we have here on the sideboard?

Halloween Party Decor and Desserts


Ha! Selma is a huge kitty lover, as I am. These chocolate Halloween Cat Cupcakes are adorable! I know they were a big hit with the girls!

Kitty Cupcakes for Halloween Birthday Party


For this tea party, Selma set up another table nearby to accommodate all the guests.

Birthday Tea Party, Halloween Party


Notice the cute pom pom garland visible across the windows there in the background.

Halloween Birthday Tea Party


Selma made each pom pom by hand! I can’t imagine how long it took to make this beautiful garland! Gia was delighted to take it home with her at the end of the party, I bet it’s decorating her room at home right now.

Pom Pom Garland, Hand-crafted


There were lots of fun activities for the girls after their tea party. Selma said, “I set the coffee table up with a big piece of cardboard, you know, the thick cardboard that you just KNOW you’ll find a use for, so you keep it? That was the buffer between my table and a giant sheet of coloring paper printed with tons of Halloween shapes. As a party favor, I gave each girl a box of crayons in Halloween shapes. They were so cute!”


Thanks so much to Selma for sharing this wonderful Halloween Birthday Tea Party! What a fun, fun idea for a tea party!

Decorate for a Halloween Birthday Party, Tea Party


Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Too awesome! I couldn’t begin to meld the two concepts for a party…and for kids at that. Every child will remember this event, especially the guest of honor. Loved everything she did. What a gift!

    • Selma Kessler says

      Thanks, Mia! It really WAS a lot of fun to plan! And all the girls (moms and littles) really loved it! I was worried that kids that young might not appreciate it, but they did. I should have sent Susan a photo of the cauldron with the Witches Brew–there was a little too much dry ice in the first attempt, so we really had the whole “bubble, bubble, toil and trouble” going on!

  2. Oh that is so cute!! I wish Selma was MY grandma! So glad you and she shared this darling tea party – thanks for the great ideas! And thanks for hosting this party too!

  3. Tina Reynolds says

    Oh, my goodness! Selma, everything is perfect. There are so many beautiful and useful ideas here, nothing was overlooked. The Kitty Cat Cupcakes are just too cute! The very most important thing is how much joy this brought and how many memories were made that day. I’d say this tea party was a triumph! Now, other grandmas and mommies pay attention…the bar has been raised!

  4. warren giering says

    wonderful, just wonderful, such fun.

  5. Well…WOW! What a labor of love this was. Really so special and I bet it will always remembered. Beautiful, and so much detail.I am going to copy that ribbon in the chandelier in my kitchen for Christmas, cute.

  6. Heather Snively says

    What a giant smile these pictures of this creative fun party has given me today. I LOVE Halloween and enjoyed planning and throwing Halloween parties for years. The pleasure these pix gave me says perhaps I retired them too soon and next year, at least a small one? The children’s delight has transferred to this about to be 77-year-old. Well done!!!

    • Selma C Kessler says

      Never retire from the joy of hosting! And if you have a history of Halloween parties, well, those are SO fun! Age is notorious for hampering our ability to do a marathon of prep, but I bet your Halloween parties were fabulous, and if there’s a will, there’s a way!!

  7. What a wonderful party!

  8. What a darling and precious Halloween tea party! I know all the little girls were enchanted by everything. So creative. Selma has so many beautiful Halloween decorations. Being a Halloween fanatic this just warmed my heart. I would love to have been there celebrating with them!

  9. What a darling and precious Halloween Birthday tea party! I know all the little girls were enchanted by everything. So creative and festive. Selma has so many beautiful Halloween decorations. Being a Halloween fanatic this just warmed my heart. I would love to have been there celebrating with them!

  10. Selma, what a memorable & special day you created for your granddaughter! The love you have for her shows right down to every creative detail. Grandchildren definitely are our pot of gold to treasure that makes everything we do for them as rewarding for us as it is for them I think. Thanks for sharing this special celebration with us and best birthday wishes to your granddaughter!

  11. WOW! What a nice idea for tea party. The decorations and the tables setting are lovely and fun. Thank you for sharing .
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  12. I love the decorations! So much work and detail went into everything. Great job!

  13. All I can say is, “Wow! Selma is the best grandma!” Her set-up is beautiful and thoughtful, and I’m sure her granddaughter was thrilled.

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