Tablescaping With Blue Willow

Welcome to the 48th Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape 1: Dinner by Candlelight, on the Porch…

I can’t help myself…when it’s this nice outside, all my tablescapes end up here on the porch.

The trees are all dressed in their best spring-green…

I’m using my Churchill Blue Willow this evening…

Salad plates are by Gibson…it’s part of a large set from Big Lots…

White chargers are from Horchow online…Neiman Marcus had them, also.

Ooops, forgot to take a pic of the Napoleon Bee flatware…so I snagged this pic from a previous tablescape.

Wine glasses were only a $1 each from Dollar Tree…that’s 6 glasses for $6! Yay, Dollar Tree!

Crystal is Araglin by Waterford…if you didn’t know better, would you have ever guessed the wine glasses were only a $1 each? They are proudly holding their own next to the Waterford.

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Found this darling pitcher at Marshalls…didn’t buy it the first time through, but when I went back a couple of weeks later, he was marked down to $10! He jumped right into my buggy! He was so happy someone finally bought him and took him home, he’s been crowing ever since!

I filled him with irises from the garden and their sweet scent was wonderful on the porch this evening.

A final glance as the light begins to wane…

It’s a little darker out now and the soft candlelight begins to give the table a look of enchantment. Won’t be long before our froggy serenade begins.

Thanks so much for stopping by this evening!

Tablescape 2: A Romantic Magnolia Moonlight Dinner for Two…

The breezes on the porch are filled with the sweet “lemonade” scent of magnolias…I love this time of year.

Our table is filled with crystal, sterling, floral china, touches of lace and magnolias…all lit with soft, romantic candlelight.

This vintage china was made right here in America by the Syracuse China Company. The pattern is “Orchard.”

The light was fading quickly this evening as I took these pics. I love the bouillon cups with their little handles…I have 8 place settings of this china, but only two of the bouillon cups.

I adore “wreath” shapes, so this china captured my heart. Here you see the salad plate…

Dinner plate…the plates are encircled in apple blossoms.

I love the soft, muted colors in this pattern. Chargers are from Neiman Marcus, online.

Lace napkins to compliment our lace tablecloth…floral napkin rings are from Macy’s a few years back.

Sterling flatware is Towle, King Richard…

Crystal stemware is by Riedel…found the little crystal “zipper design” salt cellars years ago on eBay. The tiny salt spoons are also King Richard.

A birds-eye view…

I love the way the brown tone of the the lantern pairs beautifully with the brown in the Syracuse Orchard china.

A blossom from the Southern Magnolia (Magnolia Grandiflora) in my front yard…

Lots of pretty layers.

Gravy boat…

…found on many a Southern table.

Such a lovely evening for dining out….

So glad you stopped by…be sure to smell this big, beautiful magnolia blossom before you leave…it’s heavenly!

Tablescape 3: A Candlelight Dinner at the Faerie Ball…

The Faerie Ball…by Susan Settje

I dream a dream of faerie queens and kings…

…in forest glade where I know faeries dwell.

The full moon dancing as the zephyr sings…

…through cedar boughs and round the wishing well.

Oh romance sweet, a brave and noble knight…

…to princess fair was married on this day.

A royal banquet, such a festive sight.

Great merriment, we’ll dance the night away.

Sir Owl, from high atop a lofty pine, acts sentinel.

All’s well;

…his distant call.

In shadowed woods the new born fawns recline…

…too young to be at this year’s faerie ball.

No, don’t wake me just yet,

it’s almost dawn,

Come sunrise, all the faeries will be gone.

Enchanting tablescapes await your visit this evening…enjoy! 🙂

China: Gibson, Big Lots; Chargers: Neiman-Marcus, online; Crystal stemware: Riedel, Williams-Sonoma; Sterling flatware: Towle, King Richard; Napkins: Neiman-Marcus, online; Lantern: Colonial Candle ; Pitcher: Home Goods; Tablecloth: A Classy Flea

Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful tablescapes!

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  1. Oh Susan! My eyes always get such a wonderful treat when I visit here. Each of your three scapes are fabulous. How fun that you can give these great lanterns away. I really like the one with the birdie on top!
    Have a great rest of the week and weekend!!

  2. sharonavinger says

    Both are beautiful, Susan, as are your tablescapes. I think my favorite is the one with the bird on top.

  3. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Susan, this is all just breathtaking! I cannot get over all of your pretty tablescapes. I need to go back and take it all in again!

    My "tablescapes" aren't exactly of this calibre this week, but I am having a giveaway on my blog abd hope it's okay that I put that after my name. I guess I should have asked first. I just want everyone to have a shot at winning. Makes it more fun.

    Happy TT and thanks for hosting all of us as always. Now, I'm going back to scan those gorgeous 'scapes again!


    Sheila 🙂

  4. Barb~Bella Vista says

    Hi Susan, what a treat to view all these tablescapes. Beautiful!!!!! I like the one that is the Charleston Collection the best.

    This is wonderful and so generous….thank you!

    I LOVE Tablescape Thursday!


  5. blushing rose says

    Who could ever pick just one … they are all exquisite presentations. I prefer the second settings. You do elegant & beautiful creations. TTFN ~Marydon

  6. Hi Susan,
    I had so much fun going back throught all these stunning and perfect tables! My fave is the apple blossom china and table! Those pieces are stunning! My fave colonial candle is the white with birdie but they are both great! Such fun, thanks for being our hostess! Cindy

  7. Anonymous says

    I love visiting here everyday-such an inspiration! Both lanterns are beautiful-but I think the birdie lantern is my favorite! [email protected]

  8. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Susan! I'm back, and all of the pictures finally loaded!!! Oh, I love both lanterns! I'm so happy that we will have a chance to possibly win won. I love the bird one, but that other one is neat as can be, too! WOW! Thanks so much to you and Colonial Candle.


    Sheila 🙂

  9. I think I like the Rustic Tea Lite Holder lantern better… is hard to decide
    All your tablescapes are sooooooo lovely!!!

  10. I can not decide which one I like best.I would love to have both of them,they would go perfectly in my house. Thanks Susan.

  11. I love the one with the bird on top – just beautiful. As always, it is a treat to see what you come up with!

  12. The Tablescaper says

    I loved each of these tablescapes the first time and love them even more the second. I love the lantern with the little bird. Actually, I could have used him in my tablescape for next week. As I was photographing it today my little tea lights kept blowing out as there was just a bit of wind. – The Tablescaper

  13. Hi Susan-As usual you have such beautiful tables! As for the candle holders, they are both beautiful. If I have to choose one, I think I like the one with the bird on top. Wish me luck!

  14. Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio says

    I love them both! And all of your table settings looked fabulous with them. My favorite is the Charleston….

  15. I am really drawn to the Rustica one. The other is cute, but I am not into birdies.

    All of these tablescapes make me realize that I have a long way to go in the tableware department. Oh well, baby steps:)

  16. What beautiful tablescapes.Hmmmm what a difficult decision I guess I like the rustica lantern thanks for having the giveaway….Jo

  17. Hi Susan,
    Naturally, I've spent hours looking at ALL your previously-posted tablescapes, but what a treat it is to see these three again! They're all pure magic!!! You definitely have a gift, and you're as nice as you are talented.

    Thank you for all that you do.
    You don't have to enter me in the drawing, but my favorite is the one with the fleur-de-lis (my French ancestors insisted that I say that!);)

    Bye for now,

  18. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    They really are both lovely, but I have to say the one with the bird on top and the fleur de lis is my favorite. I could not take my eyes off it in your pictures of the tablescapes you used it in!

    I'm off to check out the website to see what else they carry!

  19. Thursday is now my favorite day of the week since I discovered "Tablescape Thursday". All the beautiful tablescapes inspire me to set a pretty table for my family. I had gotten into the sad routine of just "throwing" the table together at dinnertime. Growing up my family certainly wasn't wealthy, but my mother always set a nice table with cloth napkins with placemats or cloth tablecloth.

    I would have a very difficult time choosing which of your tablescapes is my favorite, but I especially love the ones on your magnificent porchs. Both of the Colonial lanterns are lovely, but I am drawn more to the Charleston inspired one.

  20. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    I'm not posting this week because of my hectic schedule — but I still had to visit — I love both of the lanterns – but have a special affection for the Charleston one. I would be more than thrilled to tablescape with either one though!

  21. I'm happy you posted three tablescapes tonight as I'm so new to this and I've missed so much.
    Each of your tablescapes are so beautiful it would be hard to pick the one I liked best, each one a picture of perfection!

    I'm not going to choose a lantern either as I wouldn't feel right as I think one of your long-time readers should win.
    Best of luck to everyone!

    All the best,

  22. Sandi@ My Yellow Door says

    Hi Susan,
    All three tablescapes are beautiful but my favourite is the second. And I LOVE the French inspired fleur-de-lis lantern with the little birdie on top. It is gorgeous! I would so enjoy dining at any one of your tables. Thank you for sharing.


  23. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Here is a link for another item that caught my eye, also under the pillar heading, in a lovely green:

    Two entries are enough for me! Thanks for the chance!

  24. I always enjoy seeing your tablescapes. You give such attention to detail!

  25. Susan, I have both of those lanterns and it is truly difficult to say which is my favorite…maybe the bird one. I don't know, because they're both so beautiful, and I wouldn't mind having a second of either of them. This giveaway is so great, and I've already seen some things on CC that I'd like to have, so I'll link those on other days.

  26. Both lanterns are beautiful and memorable…I remembered them from your posts before. I think my favorite is the Rustica collection. Thanks for the opportunity for a great giveaway.

  27. Pearl Maple says

    Beautiful post full of all those little ideas that inspire us all to dress our nest in the prettiest ways.

    The huge magnoilia bloom sure is eyecatching.

    The little bird latnern has a certain cuteness about it.

    p.s. as an international guest, the postage would be way too much but just had to stop and say your tablescape parties are a big buzz in my week.

  28. Really Rainey says

    Oh my gosh Susan, what a fabulous post! I had to look at it twice! Was that a HUGE magnolia on the table? was it real? I can't those growing that big for real! Hubby says he needs to take me to the south when the Magnolia trees are blooming someday.
    I hope you have a fun rest of the week!
    ~Really Rainey~

  29. Oh how beautiful!!! It is always such a treat to visit your site!!! Eye candy on steroids!!! I love it!!!

    Thank you so much for hosting TT…one of my favorite events in blogland!!!


  30. I love the first tablescape this week as I love the blue willow dishes with the white! I would love to win the lantern with the bird on it but both are exquisite. Such a great give-away Susan. Thank you.

  31. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    Susan, shame on you asking us to pick which lantern is our favorite.. They are all as wonderful as your tablescapes.. I would pleased to win just one.. however.. I'm not usually a big winner so will be happy for any of those that do.. as always thanks for hosting another day for us to be able to play with our dishes…and be creative as well as having fun.. hugs ~lynne~

  32. A Hint of Home says

    All three of your tablescapes are lovely using the two lanterns. I especially like the Multi-tealight holder by Rustica Collection.
    I went to their site and also love the Lantern tealight candle holder and also signed up for their e-mail alerts.
    Thanks for hosting today.

  33. Marsha's Mpressions says

    Susan, you are the Queen of tablescapes! Beautiful tables! My favorite lantern is the one with the cute little bird on top in the Charleston Collection. The other one is special too. You make them both look exquisite! Have a good week!

  34. Susan- I have enjoyed every week of TT. I guess it takes a giveaway to make me leave a comment! Thanks so much for the chance to win the Rustica Multi-tealight holder-my favorite. I went to the Colonial Candle site and really like the Candle snuffers!

    Hope my link works and thanks a bunch!

  35. Susan I so remember these tablescapes and what a treat to see them again. All three are stunning. I would love to be entered in the drawing to win. I love the multi tea light holder. It is so different and just stunning. I went to Colonial Candle and found this that I would love to have. It is such a beautiful butterfly votive holder. I love the lacy design on it. So pretty. Thanks for sharing your tablescapes again and thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Hugs, Marty

  36. Reflections ... says

    I love revisiting these tablescapes! They are all lovely!

    As far as the drawing, I like the lantern with the bird on top!

    Thanks for always being an inspiration!


  37. i can't get over your magnolia blossom!!!! (my neighbor has a huge tree in the front yard & it takes all my willpower not to thief them!! hahah)

    such gorgeous table settings. Have been meaning to join in for a while & am so glad I did!!

    love the little birdie lantern.
    thanks so much!!
    lauren @ Pure Style Home

  38. Janie's World says

    Your tablescapes are always amazing and you find the most beautiful things. This is what drew me to your blog. Who could pick between the two candleholders? Each beautiful and unique in their own way. Please enter me in the drawing for the multi candle holder. Thank you for setting up Mr. Linky each week and for starting this wonderful club where women can come and share their love of tablescaping!

  39. wOW, what a fun way for this company to get a lot of hits. I am totally in love with both but would like the one with the birdie on top. Either would be devine.
    Thanks for the chance at winning one of these delightful lanterns.
    And, thanks once again, for hosting this weekly event.
    xo bj

  40. Your tablescapes are so inspiring to me. In this time of recession, setting the table in a fun or beautiful manner makes eating at home more enjoyable than going out to a crowded overpriced restaurant anyday. Mary @Boogieboardcottage :O)

  41. A Classy Flea says

    Three tablescapes!?! I thought I was doing good to complete 2 today (and I'm saving the other one for next week!) Love the apple blossom china – it gives me an idea for my next one and you are so creative with matching your wonderful pictures to your selected verse. I'm going to have to give that a try some week. -Glenn

  42. Reflections ... says


    I visited Colonial Candle's site and I saw the Medium 2 Row Crystal Pillar Holder. This is so pretty!


  43. Jadehollow says

    I loved seeing them again.. each time I view each picture I see something I missed before. Love both lanterns.. but I have a passion for lil birds so I really love the fleur-de-lis lantern with the precious lil bird. My favorite tablescape of yours has to be the Magnolia.. to me it speaks true Southern.. love it.

  44. Susan,
    You never fail to amaze me, all three tablescapes are beautiful. I saw them the first time around and I am still amazed at the beauty I saw tonight. I think my favorite is the Charleston lantern, and that would be because I lived there for so long. However I don't feel you should enter my name since I am so new at all this. You show your thoughtfulness and kindness every week by allowing us to come into your home not to mention all the advice you give to everyone. Thank you for your kindness and knowledge.

  45. Susan,
    What beautiful tablescapes. Loved the first one, but love, love, love the second one!!!
    Beautiful apple blossom dishes.
    And, cute how you did up the napkins with the little 'bouquet' on them.
    That big magnolia on the table was gorgeous!!

    I would love to be entered to win that first lantern, although both are beautiful.

    blessings, and thanks for such a nice post and giveaway!!

    Barbara Jean

  46. Susan, your tablescapes are always fabulous. Tablescape Thursday events were the reason I created a blog – too much fun to miss.
    Thank you,

  47. A Touch of Country says

    The multi tealight holder works for me!

    Thanks for a great giveaway and thanks to Colonial too!

  48. Susan..Lovely scapes, xoxo~Kathy.

  49. Frugal Fine Living says

    These are all just so beautiful, Susan! What a hard decision on the lanterns. They are all so beautiful! I think I like the second one best.


  50. Amy@TheLemonCottage says

    I just love the magnolia 'scape… it is just breathtaking…
    Both of the lanterns are beautiful… I think I like the tea light one the best… no, wait… the one with the bird… hmmm… ???? 🙂

  51. All of your 'scapes are gorgeous and I love that honeysuckle! My favorite lantern is the one using tea lights. Thanks, Susan!

  52. salmagundi says

    All of the tablescapes are wonderful, but I think my favorite lantern is the dark brown one holding the tea lights. Great post. Sally

  53. Both of those lanterns are beautiful, but I do think the tea light holder is so unique.

    BTW, I'm going to have to look for some of those chargers. I believe I saw them in at least two of those tablescapes.

  54. Entertain Exchange says

    All of the tables look so beautiful…I would love either of lanterns.


  55. This sock monkey reminds me of the ones my aunt used to make, and it's on sale:

  56. Yellow Rose Arbor says

    I'm so happy when you re-post your tablescapes because I missed out in the beginning. Is there a way to go back to the very first ones?

    These are all very beautiful! I can almost smell the magnolia, and the honeysuckle!! Mmmmm!

    I have just posted my yellow rose tea party (greens and yellows!) I hope you will join us for tea!


  57. Hi Susan, Ilove them both, And I might say I love the way you used them both. I am a big bird watcher so I guess I will have to go with the one that has a bird. Have a great day. Julie

  58. Brittany says

    Goodness! Do we have to choose? I love both of them, but I guess my favorite would be the one with the birdie – so Cute!

  59. Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training says

    What a wonderful giveaway!!!!! I love rustic tea light holder! I’m waiting with my fingers crossed!

  60. Kristin Hughes Photography says

    I love lantern with the birdie on top!!

  61. Cindy ~ My Romantic Home says

    What a wonderful giveaway! It's so hard to pick a favorite! I love them both. I guess if I have to pick a fav it would be the little birdie!

    Your tables are just breathtaking! You are the best at those!!! I learn so much just by looking at them!

  62. I love the magnolia moonlight tablescape, although I think your tablescapes always are beautiful.

    I bought the lantern with the bird after seeing in on one of your tablescapes.


  63. Your tablescapes are always wonderful. It was fun seeing those three again — I like the lantern with the bird — there are, after all, lots of birds at Linderhof — both inside and out!

  64. Sarah Anderson says

    Susan, love visitng these tablescapes again. Each one is stunning! The wicker table and the magnolia are oh so southern. Just beautiful! Thanks for hosting the fab give-away. My favorite would be the lantern with the bird perched on top.

  65. The Clines says

    How beautiful! I like the lantern with the birdie on top the best, but they are both gorgeous. I grew up in Syracuse, so I was glad to see your tablescape featured fine vintage Syracuse china.

  66. Oh you make them both look so good. I think I would prefer the one with the birdie on top.

    Thanks for the inspiration to set a special table. I shouldn't tell you my husband is eating a late dinner on his lap right now should I?

  67. My favorite lantern is the Rustica one but I would be THRILLED to win either one! They are both gorgeous! I hope you like my new table! It was a great, fun evening! YOUR tables are of course, the BEST of the best! YOu never disappoint. I saw each of these the first time around but NEVER tire of seeing your beautiful tables! Hugs, Pinky

  68. Christy Lee says

    I truly love the one with the bird on top. Actually, I love them both, but I have a few other pieces that sort of match that bird. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!

    [email protected]

  69. Beautiful tablescapes! You do such amazing scenes. And, I love lanterns – I love both of them but I think I like the multi-tiered the best.

  70. Christy Lee says

    I signed up for the Colonial Candle emails! (and I still want that sweet little birdie!)

    [email protected]

  71. I have posted my tablescape for this week. Yours are beautiful, as always.

  72. Christy Lee says

    I know it's not candle-related, but who wouldn't love a sock monkey gram? Seriously, so cute! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. (I love that birdie!)

    [email protected]

  73. Great to find another place that has lanterns – I really like the Gold Burnished Metal and Crystal Tealight Candle Lantern - – I think the light shining through the crystal would be very pretty.

  74. I love all your tablescapes, Susan, and the lanterns made them even more beautiful. I like both of them but if I have to choose, I think I will pick the one with a bird on top. The other one's just as pretty but you know I love birds. I will visit Colonial Candle's site now…Christine

  75. Sarah Robbins says

    I love all things bird, so the bird candleholder is my favorite!

  76. wow, awesome giveaway! MY favorite is the candle set in the magnolia tablescape! Very romantic! Good luck in the giveaway everyone!

  77. once in a blue moon... says

    it is always so enchanting here, thanks for the magic show every week~

  78. cedwards55 says

    Those were so much fun to see again. I love the way you've used the lanterns. There's just something about candle light, isn't there? Especially like the one with the bird on top. Reminds me of my sweet mother.

  79. Hi Susan-

    Everthing is beautiful as usual. I love your blog.

    I like the Charleston Collection lantern.

    Thanks for doing this each week,

  80. I love all those tablescapes, Susan. glad to see them again!

    And those candle lanterns are gorgeous!

  81. Susan, I always enjoy looking at your tablescapes. I made not always comment, but I always look. The lanterns are gorgeous. The one with the bird on top is my favorite, but I got to say, either one would work just fine. Debbie

  82. Hi Susan,
    As always your tablescape is beautiful! My favorite is the one with the bird on top…since I have just starting collecting items with birds. Oh…what a wonderful birthday present that would be…my birthday is July 26th!

  83. I will admit to being drawn to the lantern with the bird on top. Thank you for the opportunity to win; either would be mighty appreciated and used.

  84. squawmama says

    Hey SUsan, Loved your tablescapes today BUT really loved the candle holder with the little bird on it… Thanks so much for hosting this fun event…


  85. Susan, the tablescapes are lovely, again! The pillar lantern from the Charleston collection is my most favorite…just gorgeous. The blue and white tablescape coordinates great. Thanks so much for sharing your tablescapes and for the opportunity to win one of these beautiful candle holders. Crystal

  86. Bama Belle says

    Oh Susan, what a fantastic give a way! Being that I collect fleur Dis Lis(as my blog most likely gives away) I think I have to pick that one! Going to post my TT now. Thanks for hosting again and I hope you will check out the give away at my place

  87. Mary Ellen (megardengal) says

    Susan what a fun giveaway! I love all your tablescapes – each on is a feast for my eyes!! I love both the lanterns but the one with the bird on top is my favorite!


  88. Mary Ellen (megardengal) says

    Just went over to Colonial candles and they have some wonderful things! Like the Bird on a Branch Taper Holder – Iron.

  89. Claudia@DipityRoad says

    🙂 I a voting that i borrow one of your 3 tablescapes for today.

    I have to admit that living by myself, while i adore the artestry of presentation, I yet again failed to get one put together… but be very VERY careful… one of yours just might disappear.

    Thanks so much for the usual inspiration… OHH

    I would love the BIRD atop the lantern!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  90. YEAH BABY…going for my 2nd chance to win. When you said leave a comment with a favorite item from Colonial Candle, I immediately knew what mine would be. I spotted this line the first time I visited their site. It is the "gem" collection. My favorite is the gem hurrican pillar candle holder.
    I also would like to have the tea light holder. Wait though, when I first saw them, they immediately reminded me of a pattern in the first dishes I ever owned, Pfaltzgraff Heirloom. Check out the link here.,default,pd.html
    Notice the flower design. It's a perfect match! Unfortunately, I gave these dishes to my niece when she first moved away from home. I have deeply regreted this since. I have been thinking lately of replacing these as they were my very first set of dishes in my very first home. The "gem" candle holders from Colonial would be perfect!! Thanks, Susan, for a
    2nd chance…who doesn't appreciate a 2nd chance in this life??

  91. Leigh of Bloggeritaville says

    Susan, You are both such an inspiration and a host! Delightful. I cannot help feel inadiquite in my tablescapes. But yours are so magical! Thanks for hosting each week. I enjoy it so and have made such wonderful friendships!
    I would love to be entered to win a lantern. My favorite is the one with the bird. I LOVE birds! And I love the fluer de lies! At the website, I love the fireless fragrances, the summer snpis, but most of all the lanterns. Reaklly, this is my favorite:
    My favorite candle smell, the summer beach:

  92. Fifi Flowers says

    GORGEOUS tables!!!

  93. Southern Fried Gal says

    Wow – so exciting! My first week to join AND there's a giveaway! I hope to join your fun more often. You make it look so easy to craft beautiful tablescapes. You make it very hard to choose a favorite, though. Everything is so beautiful! You probably wooed me a little more with the birdie lantern. Thanks again for hosting!

  94. Hi Susan, I just adore the second settingsl
    They are so beautiful and I love the layering. You did such a wonderful job. As far as the lanterns, I like the one with the birdie on top.I have to attempt this one of these days l I used to love Syracuse China
    as it was practically in my backyard.
    This was a real nice treat ! Thanks.

  95. The Barnett Family says

    Mercy ME….how do I chose? I love them both but the one with the birdie on top is my favorite….i think! You are sooo creative, and you have soooo many dishes. I am so jealous. Thanks for all of the eye candy every week!

  96. The Barnett Family says I can just see myself using these little beauties for Tablescape Thursday. Love the look of milk glass…..pretty with blue tranferware….heck any color of transferware. They are not expensive either…..could buy enough for each place setting.

  97. the lovely bird one! oh i hope i win it!! thank you

  98. It's all a visual feast–simply eye candy. Thanks for sharing the beauty. My favorite lantern is the sweet one with the bird on the top. Birds and fleur de lis–winning combination for me.

  99. prof en retraite says

    Hi Susan! Your tablescapes are breathtaking, as usual! I think the magnolia is my favorite…such a very Southern table! How nice that Colonial Candle is providing lanterns for you to give away! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes for Baby Kitty! I think a little friend for Mr. Max is a good idea! It will make him young again! Keep me posted on how he is doing! Enjoy the rest of your week!…hugs…Debbie

  100. Susan,
    Your tablescapes are always so beautiful – you have such a flair for putting them together and making them feel so inviting.

    I LOVE both of the beautiful lanterns! I think if I had to pick my favorite though, it would be the one with the bird on top.

    Thank you for inspiring us with all of your amazing pictures and talent! You always keep me coming back for more!
    Blessings to you,

  101. Susan, each setting is breathtaking. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win.

    My favorite is the piece from Charleston Collection.

    I'll be going over to visit the site now. Thank you for the link.

  102. inner_child says

    They are both so beautiful, it is truly a tough choice. I believe that the Charleston series lantern with the birdie has a slight edge. ~ Paula – Mise en scène

  103. Susan, OMG…Each one is prettier than the last and I can't imagine how you keep doing this. I wouldn't be able to eat just gazing at the table.

    Thanks for opportunity to win.


  104. Anonymous says

    Every tablescape you've ever created is so lovely. Each week I can't wait until Thursday to see your newest creation. Thanks for brightening my life.

    I soooo love the pillar candle holder with Mr. Birdie on top.

    bettyd_z7_va (I don't have a blog. I hang out at the Holiday Forum)

  105. I forgot to leave my favorite, I guess the one with the tea lights.


  106. Anonymous says

    Hi Susan, I don't have a Blog yet.
    But I Love to visit them.
    Also I'm really enjoying all the Tablescapes. We did a couple tables at our Church, and you gave us such Great ideas. Thanks, Robin

  107. Do I really have to decide which I like best?? Oh, alright, if it has a bird on it I am for it! That little bird perched atop just makes it!

  108. The Lazy Peacock says

    You have the most beautiful things. I love your Bee flatware.

    My favorite lantern is the one with the bird on top. So cute!

  109. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says

    I so adore your tablescapes! My favorite (though a tough choice) would be the Charleston collection one – with the birdie.

  110. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says

    Upon visiting the website, I felt drawn to…
    The lantern tealight holder.

  111. Anonymous says

    It is always a treat to feast my eyes on your blogs. Your tablescapes are gorgeous. I love them all. I love the lanterns and it is difficult to decide which one is a favorite, however, I believe I would choose the one that holds the tea lights. I eagerly look forward to your next blog.
    [email protected]

  112. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says

    Oh Susan~ ~ ~You have out done yourself. Thanks so much for the white one with the flur de la, I love it and have been wanting one for some time~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  113. It's hard to pick after seeing them both in your tablescapes, but my favorite is the one from the Charleston collection.

  114. Blue Creek Home says

    Susan, First thanks for hosting and the fun give-a-way!
    As usual, all of your tablescapes are beautiful. I especially love your "Orchard" pattern.
    As for my favorite lantern…I would have to say the multi tealight holder.

  115. I love the fleur de lis. It would be a great starter as a center piece for the tables at our daughter's upcoming wedding dinner/dance.

  116. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says

    Susan~ ~ ~
    This is the link to my favorite votive Amber Etched, it looks like it mirrored and would reflect the candle glow so nicely.

    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  117. Dorothy B. in TN says

    Susan, your tablescapes (and all your posts) are such eye candy! Thanks for adding a little beauty and inspiration to my day and for this fabulous give-away. My favorite Colonial Candle lantern is the Charleston birdie.

  118. I agree with everyone else – they are both lovely. For me, the bird lantern wins.

  119. Susan, your tablescapes are lovely and I ADORE the lantern with the little bird on top. I shall have to try to join in at some point with your mr. linky but as a professional organizer I would really love to see a post on how/where you store all your china, silverware, and various accessories. I'm very curious!

  120. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says

    Hi Susan~ ~ ~
    I signed up for the newsletter and found the great little crystal 2 row holder just like Sharlotte did. Love the little votive that matches also.
    This was a very good idea to have you represent Colonial Candles and for them to work with you in this give a way. I have wanted to visit their website since you began talking about the quality of their candles but haven't made time till now! So glad that I did~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  121. denisemarie in Houston, TX says


    I love your birds eye view shots!! I hope you are not taking your life or the life of your beautiful china at risk for them.

    I love the birdie/fleur de lis Colonial Candle holder.

    I love your apple blossom gravy boat and ladle!!

  122. Faye Boyd says

    Susan I am having a hard time choosing which one I like the best but because I love birds I am going to pick the one with the cute birdie on top.

    Both are beautiful in your tablescapes.


  123. 9405018--Pat says

    both are beautiful, Susan, as are your tablescape my fave colonial candle is the white wih the birdie on top. I would be thrilled to have either one. I love visiting here everyday…thanks for sharing your beautiful home…Pat H

  124. Your tablescapes are always perfection! My favorite is the candle holder with the bird on top.

  125. Dianne Different says

    Super job I like the white lantern best. I enjoy your blog. Dianne

  126. lilsista says

    I just love tablescape #2!!! Very pretty and elegant! Have a fantastic day! :0)!

  127. Faye Boyd says

    This is something new that I really like. It would be great in a fall tablescape.

  128. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    I do love the eye candy on your blog. So, so pretty! My favorite candle holder is the one from the Charleston collection. Colonial Candles have a beautiful selection. I went to their site and found this:

    Beautiful way to bring the outdoors in!


  129. Tammy518 says

    I love these fat little reindeer tealight holders!

  130. Susan- I am just visiting this week but delighted to see some of my favorite tablescapes. I am pretty sure the votive holder ( look stunning on my red and black deck!

  131. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    Eeeekkkk they are both so gorgeous! I think my favorite-favorite is the multi-tealight candle holder though. So pretty!

  132. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    Eeeekkkk they are both so gorgeous! I think my favorite-favorite is the multi-tealight candle holder though. So pretty!

  133. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    Eeeekkkk they are both so gorgeous! I think my favorite-favorite is the multi-tealight candle holder though. So pretty!

  134. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    Eeeekkkk they are both so gorgeous! I think my favorite-favorite is the multi-tealight candle holder though. So pretty!

  135. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    Eeeekkkk they are both so gorgeous! I think my favorite-favorite is the multi-tealight candle holder though. So pretty!

  136. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    Eeeekkkk they are both so gorgeous! I think my favorite-favorite is the multi-tealight candle holder though. So pretty!

  137. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    Eeeekkkk they are both so gorgeous! I think my favorite-favorite is the multi-tealight candle holder though. So pretty!

  138. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    These sock monkeys are hilarious! They would make such a cute tablescape for a kid's party!

  139. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    These sock monkeys are hilarious! They would make such a cute tablescape for a kid's party!

  140. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    These sock monkeys are hilarious! They would make such a cute tablescape for a kid's party!

  141. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    These sock monkeys are hilarious! They would make such a cute tablescape for a kid's party!

  142. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    These sock monkeys are hilarious! They would make such a cute tablescape for a kid's party!

  143. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    These sock monkeys are hilarious! They would make such a cute tablescape for a kid's party!

  144. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    These sock monkeys are hilarious! They would make such a cute tablescape for a kid's party!

  145. "Blossom" says

    love viewing your recent tablscapes thursday; it's always a treat to see them again. I just love the tealight candle holder.
    I will have to check out their products.

  146. Cheri Peoples says

    They are all lovely. I have some old plates of my grandmothers that remind me of the blues ones a little bit.

    Come by for my give-a-way this week by 10 pm Fri.
    and then check out our newest addition.


  147. Kathleen says

    Triple the fun, and they are all so beautiful..
    Mine won't be up till late if I can do it..
    Have a good TTH…
    The lanterns are wonderful!

  148. Terri and Bob says

    My favorite is the multi candle one. I love how the lights go up!

    These are gorgeous tablescapes.

  149. What beautiful tablescapes, Susan! I love both lanterns and it's hard to pick a favorite but the fleur de lis would go with all of my other fleur de lis items around my house. Please keep posting such gorgeous photos! I'm off to visit the colonial candle website now….

  150. Again, you have totally outdone yourself! These pictures are magazine worthy. I would love to be entered in the contest. Both are beautiful, but my favorite is the Rustica multi-tealight holder lantern.
    [email protected]

  151. Beautiful…as always, Susan.
    The one with the little bird is cute but the other one is calling my name. I think it would look great on my table post today!
    You are a sweetie, Candy

  152. fourkidsmom says

    I love anything you do because of your fabulous porch. It is exactly what I would love to have. I really like the lantern in the middle and the first one, oh and the last one. I can't decide!

  153. Back from visiting Colonial Candles…. Susan, you definitely picked the best of the best with those two lanterns. This little guy caught my eye as being adorable on a fall tablescape. Check him out here.
    Have a great Thursday!

  154. Gorgeous! You create such beauty!

  155. Thanks again for hosting! I love this. As far as the lanterns, I really love the little tealight one…so cute. It was tough…the little bird on the other is cute too! :> Beautiful Tablescapes! I so covet your sun-room 🙂

  156. Miss Britt says

    So happy to see the magnolia table again! I am in LOVE with the Rustica tealight lantern.

  157. i swear Susan you just keep getting better.I can't understand for the life of me where you get all these lovely ideas.but you definitely are the queen of tablescapes.
    i like the one the best of course with the bird on top.they are both so elegant in your hands of course…..ann

  158. Anonymous says

    Absolutely love the one with the bird on top!!!!! And we love your blog, too!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for entering me in this giveaway.
    Karen at
    [email protected]

  159. Anonymous says

    I LOVE every single one of your tablescapes – and I love the participation of all the tablescapers…I look forward to this post each week! Both lanterns are very beautiful – but I guess I like the one with the three candles hanging inside the best!
    Terry in Milwaukee

  160. Miss Britt says

    I visited Colonial Candle's site, and found these pretty votive holders- I'm partial to votives and tealights. They are copper and amber and would look great with a fall tablescape.

  161. Maryrose says

    Hi Susan,
    Love these tablescapes. You are such a lovely person to share your knowledege. Thanks for offering the givaway. I would love to be in the running for either. I think maybe the tea light candle, even though I have a fondness for anything birdie.

  162. Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern says

    As always, thank you so much for hosting this weekly event! I always look forward to it every week! How exciting that you're offering a giveaway. My favorite piece would have to be the candle holder with the little bird on top. It's just precious. Thanks again and Happy TT to you!

  163. Ok…comment 2…. I love candles! This was a tough choice….

    but, this one was probably my favorite:

    an adorable little tealight "tray" it is so versitale and has a bit of a Napa Style feel.

  164. Susan, you are the tablescape diva! I remember these beautiful tables… my fav candle lantern is the one with the bird on top… but they are both beautiful!

    have a beautiful weekend.. hope you're staying cool out there on the porch!

  165. Susan,
    SOOOO enjoy seeing all the beautifully set tables. Any person would feel very very special seated at these productions. I wanted to get my comment in for the Fleur-de-lis Birdy lantern. It is beautiful with or without the candlelight. Thanks for the opportunity to win a goodie!!

  166. Miss Janice says

    I love this post…looking back at those beautiful tablescapes. I love the fleur de lis lantern in the ivory color…beautiful. Great giveaway!

  167. jerseygirl211 says

    The only candles in our home that are not Colonial Candles, are those that were given to us as a gift. They were one of the first things I bought when I was stocking my boutique, years ago. I still have boxes of them in our basement, I keep them in an old cabinet down there to keep them cool. Of course I would love to win one of the lanterns, I favor the one with the bird on top.

    Thank you and C.C. for doing this.


  168. Anonymous says

    I would love this teal candle holder – this is the accent color I have gone with this year for my deck!
    Terry in Milwaukee
    [email protected]

  169. Giovanna says

    Susan ~ these are all absolutely beautiful but my favorite has to be the multi-tea light lantern. I love give a ways , what fun it will be to see who wins! : )

  170. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    I need to scour your blog to find out what camera you use. Your images are beyond lovely.
    The fleur de lis has captured my fancy.

  171. Wow Susan, What a great giveaway. I would love to win the one with the bird on top. Thanks for posting such beautiful tablescapes

  172. Giovanna says

    I really like the white decorative votive holder from Colonial. It's gorgeous and I would use with all my white dinnerware settings.

    Thanks for hosting Susan !

  173. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    Here is the link for a second entry.

    Make sure you enter my giveaway as well.

  174. Anonymous says

    Hello Susan,

    I absolutely love visiting your blog…you are such a creative and talented woman! You put so much into everything you do! I just adore the white lantern with the little birdie on top! Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas and inspiration!

    ([email protected])

  175. gypsylulu says

    OMG!…such delightful eye candy!…your tablescapes are all gorgeous! I live in Canada, but still LOVE the southern magnolias!…
    thanks for a chance to get my name in…love them both, but prefer the Rustica with tealights!

  176. Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern says

    After drooling over all the beautiful things offered by Colonial Candles, one of my favorite finds was a white candle holder that can be found here

    Isn't it pretty?!?

  177. I do love those Colonial Candles, pretty please count me in. I am in aww with your tablescapes. That Magnolia is just amazing.

  178. Ooooo, I really like this Leaf & Berry Hurricane Triple Pillar Holder over at Colonial Candle. Here's the link:

  179. Susan,
    Can you direct me to a resource for learning how to add a link to a post? I have not been able to add the link back to your site on any of posts and in the above comment I only added the URL, not an actual link. Thanks so much!

  180. The Summer Kitchen Girls says

    Beautiful tablescapes Susan! One of these days we'll join in the fun. We love both lanterns… and surprises! If we would be so lucky, the choice is yours.
    Karla & Karrie

  181. Cheryl B. says

    Most definetly I prefer the one which holds tea lights. Somehow it reminds me of a little glassed in gazabo with swings inside – you could swing and watch the approaching storm ….
    While I really truely enjoy all of your tablescapes, I often chuckle – you never leave any room on the table for bowls of food. Either you use a side buffet – or you have a butler who takes the plate for each course and fills them ;-p
    "Someday", I hope to again have a three season porch. We had the use of my brothers while living with him after the fire, and now 7 years later, we find ourselves still missing it. "Some-day" …
    Thanks for letting us see your pretties Susan! :-}

  182. How very nice to have these companies donating gifts, I just love it. If possible I would win I would love to have the one with birds on it.

  183. I love the rustic tea light lantern and can visualize it on my table for Thanksgiving!! Your tablescapes are always so beautiful and creative!

  184. Ldy ~~ Dy says

    I loved revisiting your beautiful tablescapes. You are so talented when it comes to bringing all the pieces together! I think my favorite lantern is the white frenchy one with the bird on top! But they are all wonderful!! Happy TT!

  185. Susan,

    You certainly do know how to help me spend my money! I purchased the lantern with the bird on it when you first talked about it. So, my new favorite is the tea light lantern. Because of my past purchases, I'm already on their email list. My usual thanks for all of the inspiration…


  186. …And I forgot to add the link to the bird votive holder…Hmm…where did I get the idea for this?


  187. teachermomof2 says

    Wonderful tablescapes as always! I really love both lanterns, but think the tea light holder lantern is more "me".

    Thanks for hosting!


  188. The Rustica caught my eye when you originally used it, and I think it's so unusual and so appealing because the light is thrown off at different levels.

  189. All your tablescapes are beautiful and unique. I would love to win the multi tealite holder. I ordered the one with the birdie after I first saw yours, and I love it and of course you can't have too many candle holders.Have a wonderful day.
    jean in virginia
    [email protected]

  190. Gorgeous displays….You are so talented;I love checking your site to see what new tablescapes you have come up with….For your giveaway, I like the one with the birdie on top…Alice

  191. Thanks for posting these lovelies! Your blog is such an inspiration…I always feel that I need to stop reading and run to decorate something! I love the lantern with the birdie on top, and would love the chance to win him!

    [email protected]

  192. The Fajdich Times says

    WOW….what beautiful tables! I like the Colonial Candle on the first table. Your Syracuse chine on the second table is so nice. I expecially love the magnolia. How wonderful to have that tree in your yard:)

  193. Leanne Helums says

    Oh those are both just beautiful. I really love the one with the bird on top. Thanks for sharing

  194. Leanne Helums says

    While visiting the website I found these and simply love them.


  195. Leanne Helums says

    While visiting the website I found these and simply love them.


  196. Diary of an army wife says

    I really enjoyed looking at all the tablescapes…I love dressing up a table for company, or a candlelight dinner for me and my hubby. Though they are both gorgeous my favorite in the white lantern with the bird on top…I love the shabby chic look and it would work indoors or outdoors!

  197. I remember all of those tablescapes simply because you take the best pics of your tables.

    Being from Louisiana originally, I would have to say my favorite is the white fleur de lis latern.

    Happy Thursday –

  198. Oh, Susan, now you've done it! I've been drooling over the lantern with the bird on top ever since you posted. Now I have a chance to win..many chances if I get busy. Thank you so much. Peggy from PA [email protected]

  199. Domestic Designer says

    What a great idea! I love both of the lanterns but I think the one with the bird on top is my favorite! Thanks for the opportunity and have a great weekend!

  200. Lynn Osborne says

    I like them both of course, but the pillar lantern is my favorite.

  201. Lynn Osborne says

    There are so many things I love on the Colonial website. The butterfly night light is one. Here's the link:

  202. Lynn Osborne says

    I signed up for Colonial's newsletter.

  203. Dirt Princess says

    I would be happy to win either! I do like the one with the bird though…I also LOVE this:

  204. I love the one with the bird on top and I love your blog!

  205. Sarah Anderson says

    ake a look at these precious sock monkeys:
    These will make wonderful baby gifts for my new nephew and his cousin that is expectd early next year.

  206. Hi Susan,
    Once again you've outdone yourself with not only beautiful tablescapes but a wonderful offer too. I love both of them but the Rustica one with the multiple candles has to be my favorite.


  207. Susan,

    Your tablescapes as always are spectacular. I would love to win either one but the multi tealight one is my favorite.


  208. A hundred and ninety-six comments!
    Whoa! I am impressed!
    OK, I like the swirly one without the hangy things in side.

    I DO always like your tablescapes!

  209. Oooh, what an awesome giveaway! I love the black tealight holder from the Rustica Collection!

  210. For my second entry, here's a link to a set of pillar holders that I absolutely LOVE! I've had my eye on them for quite a long time…

  211. For my third entry I signed up to receive emails from CC!

  212. You're right, it's hard to decide which one I like better. They're both so pretty. Eenie, meenie, minny, mo…the Charleston Collection – bird lantern. 🙂

  213. Fountain Gardener says

    I love the fleur de lis accents on your first tablescape. So old world chic! It is also especially beautiful on the faerie table! Thanks for sharing

  214. Abcdebbie says

    Hi Susan, You have an awesome blog and are very talented at decorating. I find your all of ideas inspiring, but your "tables" make my day. I love what you did with both lanterns, but as for my favorite, I have to go with the one with the bird on top. I did find 2 little garden birds at Colonial Candle's web site that I thought would look nice with it.
    Thanks for making my summer vacation so relaxing and educational 🙂

  215. WOW! I'm new to your blog and I love all of your ideas. The three tablescapes are awesome.

    Both lanterns are beautiful, but I love the multi-tealight one. It would go so very well in my newly (last week) remodeled kitchen.

    I would love a post and pictures showing how you organize all of your dishes and linens. I need help with that!

    Thanks for the great blog.


  216. Envoy-ette says

    I liked the second tablescape the best! So warm and summery! My favorite was the multi-tea light holder. Love the color, the size and the several levels of candles!
    And woman…203 comments!
    You are famous!!

  217. I like the multi-tealight holder. that would look amazing on my new to me rattan table when I get it painted ;D

  218. And that large nautical, weathered lanter…gorgeous!

  219. Libby Murphy says

    Over the top, off the chain, where do you find the time and energy? Your creativity is endless!
    Happy Twirls

  220. carolinajewel says

    WOW! Such a feast for the eyes! I love both lanterns, but I guess the white fleur-de-lis is my favorite.

    I love, love, love your bee flatware!!! 😀 Jewel

  221. Anonymous says

    Susan, since I've let all my mag subscriptions go, your blog is my reading of choice. Who needs the clutter, anyway! Thank you for sharing your home and decor ideas with us. You are a generous soul. As for the lanterns, I would choose the multi tea light one, because you could use those little holders for tiny violet pots or ivy or nests or wee bowls of candy…..

  222. mary beth says

    I think I can visualize the first one on my porch..and I love the little bird standing guard. Great job as usual!

  223. I LOVE the one with the bird on top! [email protected]

  224. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite lantern is the birdie lantern from the Charleston Collection.

  225. Best Life says

    I'll start here by saying I love the one with the bird on the top (but you're right. It was hard to choose!). Lisa~

  226. Megan Lee says

    I love the dark bird lantern the best. So cute!

    Off of Colonial Candle website, I like this wall sconce:

  227. Best Life says

    From their website I love the large silver pillar lantern. It's narrow, so you could do a lot with it and it's so simple yet so beautiful. Lisa~

  228. Reflections ... says

    Thanks for having this drawing. Here's another item:


  229. I really like the Charleston latern. Thanks for sharing all of
    your beautiful tablescapes. Been
    wishing I had a porch lately. Yours is so inviting.

  230. Anonymous says

    It is so hard to decide, but I love, love, love the Charleston Collection lantern with the little birdie! Your blog is such eye candy! Janet,
    janetgrant at cox dot net

  231. imjacobsmom says

    I'm drooling over here! A great re-cap of my favorites from the porch! Of course, I would have to love the one with the bird on top. ~ Robyn

  232. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    So much gorgeousness (is that a word?-well, it seems to fit) in this post! All of your beautiful tablescapes and those wonderful giveaways! Coming to your blog is the best deal in Blogville this week! I love both of the lanterns so much, and would love an opportunity to win either one of them! laurie

  233. Cass @ That Old House says

    Oh three gorgeous tables! What a treat — you really do the absolute BEST job of tablescaping. Fabulous.

    (And I love the lantern with the bird on top — so pretty!)


  234. Dining Delight says

    Susan, I love your blog! Your tablescapes are always fabulous and your photography captures them perfectly. The three versions you have posted again this week are no exception. So much attention to detail and the description you give of each one is an art in itself! Keep up the great work! (its not work, is it?!)
    P.S. I like the lantern with the birdie on top best!


  235. Anonymous says

    WOW! After checking out those lanterns again, my favorite is still the one with the bird on top.

    The distressed nautical lantern
    would really look great on my "Beachy" tablescape.

    I tried to post a link to it, but wasn't successful!

    Have a great day,

  236. Hi Susan!

    Just wanted to say hello before I start my tour through tablescape thursday. I haven't had much time to dedicate to the blog world lately, however, that hasn't kept me from visiting your Tablescape Thursdays. Keep up the fantastic work of inspiring those of us with a great appreciation for the art of table settings.

  237. The bird lantern is my favorite it looks romantic to me! I love your blog =.


  238. Hey Susan! What delightful tablescapes and such a great give away also! My favorite is the tealight candleholder. Have a wonderful day!

  239. Chairlady says

    At the Colonial Candle website, I found a wonderful addition to a nautical tablesetting:
    I would love to see you incorporate that into a tablescape using my Fitz and Floyd "Seaboard" pieces. You would know just what to do with everything!

  240. amariaf2000 says

    I love both of the lanterns…and all of your tablescapes! I think my favorite is the cream fleur lantern as we use more big fat candles than smaller tea light candles. Love your site!
    ~angela @ peonypatch

  241. Heather L. says

    What lovely tablescapes! I have to say that my favorite is the one with the birdie on top – too cute!!!

  242. Heather L. says

    One of my favorite items (so far) is this set of birds:

    I need those for sure!

  243. Heather L. says

    Just signed up for their email list – thanks for sharing such a great website!

  244. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    Good morning sweetie, I had to pop back over and take another look at the lanterns and your beautiful tables. I'm leaning towards the Charleston one with the bird on top.. I think it would work in well in my home in sooooo many ways…lol… I hope your Friday is all that you want to be..
    hugs ~lynne~

  245. Love the one with the bird on top. Your tablescapes are gorgeous.
    [email protected]

  246. faye boyd says

    These are just the cutest little candles. Perfect for the bathroom. I really like the different flowers available on the outside of the candle.

    Check them out…..

  247. Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern says

    As I searched Colonial Candles again today to find a pretty item, it didn't take me long! I love the little tea light holders found here
    I thought I might could even use them as salt cellars? And what a fantastic price!!

  248. faye boyd says

    I really love how simple and pretty this candles are. Perfect for the bath.

    I should probably leave my email. Sorry I forgot int he last two comments I left.

    [email protected]

  249. The bird lantern.


  250. Mimi Sue says

    Everything's so beautiful. My favorite is the one with the birdie on top. Mimi

  251. Reflections ... says

    Ok – this is another entry for the giveaway. I love these!


  252. Anonymous says

    It is hard to choose they are both so pretty! I will go with the one with the fleur de lis pattern as I can't resist the bird on the top! It has been on my "wish list" since the original post.


  253. Connie from Big Bear Lake California says

    Oh my goodness!!! All of the tablescapes are beautiful!! Great job!! My favorite is the one with the little bird. Thanks so much for sharing!! Connie

  254. This is my first visit to your blog – thanks to Terri @ Chocolate for Breakfast; Stitching for Lunch. It has been such a treat to see your wonderful tablesettings – amazing! My favorite lantern is the one with the bird perched on top – just darling!

    Thank you for entering me in your contest.


  255. This is my second entry with a link to an item I liked at Colonial Candles. (ok, don't laugh at me) I just loved the cute little monkeez which you can find at the link below

  256. Ok, chance #3 – I did sign up to receive emails from CC – can't wait to see all the new items they receive.


  257. I vote for the bird-topped lantern!

  258. welltraveled says

    My favorite is the lovely one with the fluer de leis..I collect things with this French symbol and also have the blue willow plates you have.. Would adore having this to add to my collection..You are so generous..

  259. Anonymous says

    Hi Susan,
    You are so talented when it comes to tablescapes. Both of the lanterns are pretty but I like the bird one the best.
    [email protected]

  260. Anonymous says

    Hi Susan,
    I visited Colonial Candle and chose the large butterfly votive candle holder. The link is
    [email protected]

  261. My summer days have been a swirl of popsicles and sticky fingers, scrapes and bandages, swingsets and wading pools. But a visit to your lovely porch calms my nerves and keeps me going.

    Thank you for sharing your talents. Your home is one of my favorite "happy places."

    I love your all your tablescapes, and I suppose the birdie is my favorite lantern.

    Thank you again for your wonderful blog,
    [email protected]

  262. Sarah Anderson says

    Posting the link to these grande tapers, my favorite taper shape because they aren't so tall that they obstruct the view on a table. I chose the java color to go with my china that is rimmed in gold and chocolate brown.

  263. Melissa Miller says

    ~WOW! I'm late to the party but I would sure love to be entered to win! I do adore the white fluer-di-lis one but the darker one fits my decor bettter. Love it!
    What gorgeous tablescapes and a generous giveaway.

    Have a blessed weekened.
    ~Melissa 🙂

  264. I've so enjoyed your blog and decorating ideas. I think the multi-tea light candle holder is my favorite.


  265. I always enjoy your tablescapes! Your attention to detail is wonderful. I absolutely love both lanterns but if I had to choose, I guess it would be the one with the little bird on top.

    Thanks for the great blog!

    [email protected]

  266. Dining Delight says

    I have purchased this "On the Beach" candle in the jar form from Colonial Candle and it smells wonderful! It really does remind you of the beach without being too coconut-y! It is a lovely taupe colour. I highly recommend it. so


  267. Melissa @ The Inspired Room says

    oh, thank you so so much for linking to me and your kindness. 🙂 a tablescape definitely makes life beautiful!

    your tablescapes are as lovely as ever, i adore lanterns (all of them) they make a table so festive!


  268. Michelle says

    Susan, I think you out did yourself this week! Stunning tables…just gorgeous.

    No question which lantern is my favorite! I love the first lantern with the hanging candles!

  269. Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 says

    The nature and garden nightlight collection is so cool! I especially like the butterfly nightlight ~ something like this would be so sweet in a child's bedroom. I'm linking here to all the garden and nature nightlights though because there are so many great ones.

    Check it out!

  270. My dear MIL used her Blue Willow Dishes for everyday and my sister-in-law loved them and when MIL died, we gave them to her. She was thrilled and I'm sure she probably uses them for everyday too. I do love that rooster pitcher; you always find the best bargains for your tablescapes! On your table, you make even a simple item as that pitcher come alive with elegance. Your blog is the greatest! Please consider doing a book on all your tablescapes. If Phyliss Hoffman can do one; you can. Give her some competition! Your stories behind all your tablescapes adds to them.

  271. Sarah Anderson says

    I'm taking the opportunity to get another chance at the give away, so here is another suggestion from Colonial Candle:
    I'm going to order three of these little birdies to use in a tablescape. These are dear!
    Thanks, Susan for hosting this give away.

  272. someplace in thyme says

    Good morning Susan, a little Target birdie told me it was your birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SUSAN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I hope you enjoy your special day to the fullest, it only comes around once a year. Be sure to eat lots of cake and enjoy yourself to the fullest, Char

  273. Giovanna says

    I also love this beautiful white embossed warmer – so adorable!

  274. Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern says

    I found these beautiful white rose tealight holders today. I think they'd be gorgeous surrounding a wedding cake or scattered throughout a bridal shower table.

  275. FOR THE SAKE OF TIME says

    I hope I"m not too late but I love the one one that holds the tea lights. Your setting with the magnolias is just the best! Thanks for sharing.


  276. Vickie H. says

    The pillar lantern with the bird perched at the peak…my favorite! Love your blog…such a sweet give away!

  277. Love this!

    Ceramic Flower Triple Tealight Holder: A romantic approach to nature inspires the beautiful Songbird Collection from Delight. Rustic, hearty materials and finishes provide lovely imagery.

    [email protected]

  278. Hi Susan,
    I love the Colonial Candles site and especially the holly and berry triple pillar holder. Here's the link

    What fun to see their displays.


  279. I like the charleston one with the bird on top.


  280. Here is my second post for the lantern giveaway. I like the Crystal Cut Taper Holders.

    Did not know how to link to it.


  281. I signed up for the email on Colonial Candle.


  282. Reflections ... says

    For today's entry, I selected the cardinal light. Too cute!


  283. Anonymous says

    I would have to say the multi-tea light candleholder is my favorite. Hmmmm I am also thinking about how I am going to search one down if (when) I don't win.
    Thanks for the chance anyway

  284. Hello Dearheart…

    Ohhh myyyy goodness!!! What a fabulous giveaway!!! My friend, I really had a difficult time trying to decide between the two…both are divine! I guess if I were to choose…I would have to go with the lantern with that sweet little bird on top and the fleur de lis!

    I also clicked on your link to Colonial Candles…there are soooo many pretty things over there! I found a beautiful gift set of vanilla candles (vanilla is so simple…yet one of my favorite fragrances!) Here is the link…

    Oh and did I mention that this pretty vanilla candle gift set is on sale? Yeeeehawww!!!

    Well Darlin'…I thoroughly enjoyed all three of your spectacular tablescapes again!!! Each one is soooo very beautiful…but I do believe my favorite is the Romantic Magnolia Moonlight Dinner for two!!! Maybe it was that big ol' magnolia bloom…it was simply divine!!! Like the saying, "it had me at 'hello'"!!! Hehe!!! Susan, I am always just swept away by all of your creativity and talent!!! You are such an inspiration to me!!!

    Love you Sweetie!

  285. Enchanted Rose Studio says

    Hi Susan! Love the white one with the little birdie! It has my name all over it! ha! (crossing fingers and toes!)

    Enjoy your weekend!


  286. I love the one with the birdie!!!! Took after my Mamaw…love the little birdies!!! Thanks for such a sweet give-a-way…and so many chances to win!!!

  287. I visited the site…and I'll have to say…I LOVE the sock monkeys!!! They're adorable!!!

  288. Me…again!! I signed up for the e-mail alerts on Colonial Candle!!!

  289. Count me in! You tablescapes and poetry is a bright spot in my hectic day.

  290. Birds are always a sign of happiness for me…I love the song of enchantment they give us each day so I love the lantern with the sweet little bird on top! God Bless Pamie G.

  291. OH, how to decide! I love them both, almost as much as I love your blog. I like the one with the bird on top! Thanks for the chance to win.

  292. Pam Kersting says

    Hi, I'm a first time visitor. WoW! What beautiful tables you have created! You make it into it's own artform! I would gladly sit and eat with you any day! Yes, I'd love to enter your drawing. I particularly loved the lantern with the little bird on top and the fleur de lis! Thank you! Come visit me some time, too.

  293. Gretchen says

    Susan – I'm a new subscriber after wandering onto this site and find much inspiration from your tablescapes. What incredible photos! The lanterns are both beautiful, but if forced to choose a favorite it would have to be the multi-tealight holder from the Rustica Collection.

  294. Beautiful! I love them all, but I think I like the last one with the intimate fairy lights best.

  295. jenniferparkcox says

    My favorite is the one that has that has the 3 votives in it. I love it and I love your blog. Thanks for all you do!


  296. For my second entry…love the Gemstone pillar candle holder on the CC site.

  297. my home sanctuary says

    Oh gosh to choose I think the colonial lamp. They are all so pretty. I loved your post too.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for offering the giveway.

  298. Sarah @ Different Dog says

    So many entries! Wow.
    I love the lantern with the little bird on top. It would suit me well.
    One day I will have a chance to do Tablescape Thursdays…but my little girls are keeping me so busy.
    Love your blog!

  299. inner_child says

    More Chances for the Charleston Lantern! Gotta love that!

  300. Tammy518 says
  301. You always do such a great job on your tablescapes!
    I love the Rustica Lantern. What a great contest!

  302. I really, really love that tea light holder one. SO pretty!

  303. Oh my gosh, I really love the night lights they have on their site!
    We use night lights a lot in our house because of our children. These are so pretty!

  304. And…I signed up on their site to receive emails about promotions.

  305. Susan, I discovered your blog and have since become a follower. Your blog is so warm and welcoming. I am in awe each time I visit your blog. You have such exquisite taste and your Tablescapes are always so breathtaking! I am a newbie to blogland and,although I am a little intimidated, I am in the process of setting up a blog of my own. Both lanterns are absolutely lovely and unique in their own way. My favorite is the Charleston pillar lantern. I love the french inspired fleur de lis decor. Thank you for being so gracious, generous and sharing your inspirations with each of us.

  306. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    I missed this,Thursday, because I was on a much needed, several day, bloggy break.

    Gorgeous tables and fabulous giveaway! Even though it's a difficult decision, which to choose, I've decided the Rustica Collection tealight holder is my pick.

  307. Susan, I discovered your blog and have since become a follower. Your blog is so warm and welcoming. I am in awe each time I visit your blog. You have such exquisite taste and your Tablescapes are always so breathtaking! I am a newbie to blogland and although, I am a little intimidated, I am in the process of setting up a blog of my own. Both lanterns are absolutely lovely and unique in their own way. My favorite is the Charleston pillar lantern, I love the french inspired fleur de lis decor. Thank you for being so gracious, generous and sharing your
    inspirations with each of us every week.

  308. Pricilla says

    So beautiful and relaxing. I like the Rustica lantern.
    Thank you!

  309. Pricilla says

    I signed up for Colonial Candles emails.

  310. Judianne says

    Susan, your blog is beautiful in every way. It almost makes me feel melancholy when I visit because I envy your beautiful things and most of all, envy your creativity and talent. I love BOTH candle holders, each has a different quality…like one's children. Would be thrilled to have either.

  311. Pricilla says

    I like the Amber and Golden Pillar holder.
    Thank you

  312. Jadehollow says

    I found these darling ceramic bird pillars.. with my fav bird.. Gold Finches! LOVE THEM!!

    Here's the link:


  313. Jadehollow says

    Signed up to receive emails.. Here's the message I got:

    The subscription for e-mail [email protected] has been successfully processed.

    Thank you for joining the Colonial Candle Newsletter. You will be hearing from us shortly!


  314. I'm not much of a cook nor an entertainer. Therefore I've not give a great deal of attention to setting the table. Just sort of the basics at Thanksgiving and such. But your magical table scapes are the most inspiring ever. I really like how in the first one you used two large items of interest (the lantern and the rooster pitcher – wild about the rooster) instead of one. I love that!!! I need those types of ideas in order to be able to break out of the "one arranged bouquet in the center" rut. That, by the way, was one beautiful table scape. However, the magnolia table scape touched me the deepest. I liked it so much I'll not sully it with common descriptives of why. The fairy table scape? Well, you couldn't go wrong with me. Throw a candle on a table outside in the night, and I'm there! Well, as much as I love a fleur de lis and a bird, my favorite lantern at this moment is the second one that holds multiple candles and which added so much charm to the magnolia setting. Do you have a meal on them afterwards, or are they just for posting???

  315. I went to the Colonial site and poked around. Really all the lanterns are so nice, but if I had to choose it would be the tall silver pillar lantern. It would make a big statement with its height and is simple enough to use in many settings.

  316. My Shabby Rose Cottage says

    They are both so very pretty….I would be honered to have either one of them.


  317. Country Wings in Phoenix says

    Oh Susan the Churchill Blue Willow is my fav. I love blue everything. I love the pillarn lantern with the birdie on top. How beautiful is that? I love it all lit up on the table. Just breathtaking. I would love to sit at that tablesetting and dine. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for the wonderful opportunity to win one. Country Hugs, Sherry

  318. Sarah Anderson says

    Here I am again with a link to Colonial Candle. This is another lantern with a fleur-de-lys motif. this would look great almost anywhere.

  319. Sarah Anderson says

    Susan, don't know if I need to let you know, but I signed up for CC emails.

  320. Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern says

    I've found yet another beautiful item. This time it's milk glass inspired. Lovely, isn't it?

  321. It is so very hard to chose, but I think I like the three candle one best as I have another one very similiar to the birdie one. Since it was my birthday on Friday, what a great chance for another BD gift. Thanks.

  322. what a fantastic giveaway…some one is going to be a real happy camper! 🙂 Today I went to the website and just have to say that I love the lime green Tapers. My every day plates have a ring of lime green around them and this is the first time I have seen tapers in the exact same lime green shade!
    [email protected]

  323. I love this six votive holder. It could be used in so many different ways. Check it out

  324. jociegal says

    I would also LOVE to have THESE:

    They would look so great in so many places around my home. I love them.

  325. Anonymous says

    On, my. I absolutely adore the bird lantern. It is amazing. I love your talescapes…just beautiful!

    [email protected]

  326. LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango says

    Hi Susan,
    I haven't been on a long while. Your TT post is just both wonderful and so inspiring. It really makes me want to decorate my tables more often! You truly are a talented lady! I like the bird top lantern because it's so unique. I also like the leaf top….any of them would be great!

  327. Reflections ... says

    Hi Susan,

    This is my Sunday comment on the drawing. I have really enjoyed looking that Colonial Candle's website.

  328. Charlene says

    I would love to win one of these lanterns. My fav is the one with the bird on it. But, of course you would know that since we are both bird girls. Have missed visiting with you. I think I will play Met Monday with you tomorrow. Stop by to see me it's been ages. Thanks for the give away chances.

  329. Hi Susan:

    I have so enjoyed visiting your blog this weekend – your home is beautiful and your table settings are exquisite.

    For my second favorite item at Colonial Candles I am choosing Cafe au Lait Gift Boxed Candle Set

    Enjoy your evening.


  330. Anonymous says

    I don't know if I qualify even though I am not a blogger/writer. (I am, however, a blog reader!!) I would love to be included in your drawing. Both lanterns are lovely, but I think I like #1 best.

    [email protected]

  331. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    Been out of town so I haven't been back on, but, I wanted to get back to enter again. My favorite candle holder is the one from the Charleston collection. Colonial Candles have a beautiful selection. I went to their site and found this:

  332. Gorgeous tablescapes, as always. I love the wine glasses. I need to be on the lookout for bargains of that nature, as I have promised daughter number one that i would buy her a first set of wine glasses.

    Both lanterns are beautiful. 🙂

  333. Orphaned Decor says

    Gorgeous tables and lanterns. I also love the one with the bird on top. Thansk sor sharing. Leslie

  334. Yes, it's so hard to choose one, but I must go with the pillar lantern with the birdie! Oh, how I hope I win!!!!!

  335. Snowbrush says

    The bird lantern is my choice.

  336. my word! what gorgeous tablescapes! those lanterns are exquisite. I live in SC so i am partial to the charleston lantern. it really captures the charm and quiet majesty of the south.

  337. wow! i just went to colonial candle's site. they have such lovely things. i loved the little damask votive holder – so pretty. and i really liked the way they have their cloches displayed – inspiring, indeed.

  338. Graceful Moments says

    After much debating with myself, I pick the Pillar Lantern with the Bird.

  339. My favorite is the one from the Charleston collection (coincidentally, I live in Charleston), with the bird on top.

  340. Graceful Moments says

    My second chance link is for three pillar candle holders:

  341. Graceful Moments says

    Third entry: signed up to receive email promotions from CC at
    leeelish at yahoo dot com

  342. Love this scented candle from Colonial Candles

    Island Pineapple 3 x 4 Smooth Pillar

    Thanks for the 2nd chance to win!!!!

  343. What a hard decision, they are both beautiful. I might have to buy one for myself if I don't win one! Of course, I could never arrange a table as well as you do!
    Thanks for the inspiration, and the giveaway, too.

  344. Melissa Miller says

    I can enter again? WOOHOO! 🙂

  345. Abcdebbie says

    Hi again Susan, I just found the Personalized Photo Night Light on the Travel and Leisure page of night lights. I've never seen anything like it and since I love to travel, I know I could find a nice photo for it…

  346. Wonderful giveaway!
    I would love the tealight holder lantern if I won.

  347. Love the birdie lantern,it would be perfect in my house!!

  348. Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria says

    Good grief girl I had to take a No-doze and slap myself silly to get to the bottom of the comment page ha ha!! as always susan you did an awesome job …you are indeed the Queen with your tables and your photos always loo so wonderful my friend…I hope you have a great week and I'll see you when I get back from Texas…Yes I'm going to see Kyra YAHOO!! I have a zillion kisses waiting for that sweet little thing…Take care my friend…Love ya sis…Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  349. i visited again and like
    which is a sleeve for a piller candle!

  350. Hirondelle Rustique says

    I love your tablescapes, they're always soooo pretty! I love the multi-tealight holder from the Rustica Collection!

  351. Good Morning:

    I thought I would peruse Colonial Candles before heading to work and choose my favorite item today:

    Large Flower Stake – Set of 3 As seen in Modern Bride

    They are so cute!


  352. FiddlersBride says

    My favorite is the multi-tea light lantern– never seen anything like it! It's beautiful and would look lovely on my front porch.

  353. FiddlersBride says

    Also just signed up to receive CC emails….:)

  354. FiddlersBride says

    LOVE these for my bathroom and kitchen!

  355. jenweinman says

    I love these! They would be great for my own screened in porch table 🙂 I especially love the second one. Beautiful!

  356. Miss Britt says Another beautiful candle holder from Colonial!

  357. Reflections ... says

    Hi Susan,
    Here's my Monday note:I really like this nightlight from Colonial Candle.

    Enjoy your Monday!

  358. I love the Rustica lantern!

  359. Giovanna says

    I also love these

    These LED lights are great for people like me with three little ones around. It takes away the worry of someone or something getting burned and hurt.

    See you tomorrow! : )

  360. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I love the multi-tea light holder. Your tablescapes are beautiful.

  361. Thinking ahead to fall… What about these snack plates offered by Colonial Candle? Here is the link:
    Thanks, Susan, for yet another opportunity to be in this amazing give away. I'd love to own either of these lanterns. They look fabulous on your tables.

  362. tami_heart says

    My friend told me about your blog and I have visited it faithfully since then. You inspire me with all of your posts. I have now started to think about changes I can make to my home and look at decorating in a different way.

    As far as the give-a-way. I would be pleased to have either one. There is no way I could pick one as a favorite because I have ideas for both.


  363. Mrs. Sensibility says

    I love both of them! I suppose if I must choose one it would be the Charleston Collection with the sweet bird on top.

  364. Those lanterns are wonderful!! I think either would be charming on my table by the pond!

  365. Susan,

    Your tablescapes are always stunningly gorgeous. I just love both of the new lanterns by Colonial Candles. They always have such wonderful items. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful way to display the lanterns for two different looks. Either one would be a delight to have.

  366. I'm still loving that shabby chic white one with the bird and fleur de lis!!

  367. Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern says

    These would be so cute on a Halloween table. Aren't they cute?

  368. Hello Dearheart…

    Well I'm back this evening with the second item on my "wish list" from Colonial Candle…

    The item is a gorgeous "Lantern Tea Light Candle Holder" listed for $25! It is really pretty and I sure could see it being used for some pretty summer tablescapes! The link for it is…

    My dear, this is such a grand giveaway! I sure don't envy you when it comes to figuring out just how many entries we all have! Eeeekss…I hope you have a system Sweetie! If I can be of any help just let me know!!!

    Now…I've commented two times and I've listed two links to items that I just adore from Colonial Candle!!!

    Love ya Sweetie!

  369. jerriesthings says

    So so pretty! My favorite one is the pillar with the birdie on top.

  370. Carol in Indian Springs Village says

    Both of these are beautiful but if I had to choose, I would choose the white one. I am trying to lighten and brighten up my home and this would look beautiful in the kitchen!

  371. FiddlersBride says

    Good Tuesday morning to all!

    I can only imagine how beautiful the light would be coming through this blue mosaic tea light holder. Have just the spot on my mantel for it!

  372. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says

    Susan, I'll have the one with the birdie please. Here is the link to the 3 taper candleabra that I love

    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  373. Anonymous says

    Tablescapes are a lovely idea…. I told my family I would have to start thinking of doing my own. They replied, "You certainly have enough stuff". To add to that STUFF, I would love to add the Rustica lantern to my collection.

  374. Anonymous says

    And I love this hanging fairy with a tea light….. just the sight of it makes me think of magical evenings on the porch. Check it out for yourself.

  375. Anonymous says

    I love both the lanterns but my favorite is definitely the bird one. Thanks for sharing!

  376. Anonymous says

    Both are adorable, but I love birds and fleur-de-lis so that would be my fav. I enjoy your post and your home is beautiful.
    shelia- [email protected]

  377. They are both beautiful! However, being a French teacher, I'm a little biased. I'll have to vote for the fleur-de-lys lantern.

  378. tupelobrigitte says

    I am a fleur de lis girl..

  379. I'm still holding out for the white one – thanks for doing this Susan.

    Happy Tuesday –

  380. I like tablescape 2.

  381. I really like the Rustica multi-tealight holder – I've never seen one anywhere else but at your blog.

  382. Pat n Fl says

    your table scapes are absolutely beautiful. I would pick the lantern with the bird on top, I am into birds and birdhouses.

  383. Here is another Colonial Candle link to something I like on their site. So many wonderful choices.
    I think this mortar and pestle will be fun with the plates I selected yesterday.
    Here's the link:

  384. Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern says

    Wouldn't these little starfish look darling on a beach table!?!

  385. I have only recently found your
    Tablescape blog and have enjoyed it
    so very much. I too like the candles and the bird candle lantern
    is the best to me. I love birds and have quite a few of the Lenox
    collections. I am so proud of found your blog and look forward to
    following it from now on.

  386. Anonymous says

    You have such lovely pictures. I would love the multi-tealight holder (Rustica Collection).

    Kristen G

  387. Great giveaway! I love your tablescapes and the black lantern from the Rustica Collection!

  388. Both are so pretty. I think the Rustica tealight holder would look great on my porch.

  389. Abcdebbie says

    I so enjoyed seeing the progress on your porch construction start to finish. Where do you get your inspirations for going from new construction to the beauty you now have?

    I did find one more thing on Colonial Candle's web site that I love. The leafy, laser cut pillare holder.

  390. cdclaycomb says

    Oh I love the patina of the single candle lantern in the faerie tablescape. Your tables are always so lovely!


  391. FiddlersBride says

    Your tablescapes are absolutely gorgeous! And very inspiring!

    I love this pillar holder found on the CC web site. Love the shape of it!

  392. I'm a little late to the party but I would love to win the rustic lantern.

  393. Today I found a lovely bowl – Mortar & Pestle Treat Bowl –
    I just may add this to my monkey purchase.

    Can't wait to see who wins tomorrow!

  394. Loving the white one STILL – can't wait to see who the winner is!!

    Thanks Susan –

  395. Thank you susan for all you do for us !! I signed up.
    The subscription for e-mail [email protected] has been successfully processed.

    Thank you for joining the Colonial Candle Newsletter. You will be hearing from us shortly!

  396. Susan, here is my latest link to Colonial Candle.:

    This is a lovely weather vane for a beach house!

  397. Charli and me says

    Good evening Susan. What a fantastic give away. I just love them both but I love anything to do with birds. Thank you for entering me in the contest.

  398. I just love your blog and the beauty of the room settings are so refreshing and gorgeous. Of the two lanterns, I absolutely adore the one with the birdie on top. I have just the perfect spot for it.

    I also signed up for the Colonial Candle's email notices.

  399. There are so many beautiful things on the Colonial Candle website. I found a rustic table lantern with three tealight candles that I absolutely love. Here is the link:

    Thanks again

  400. I enjoy your blog very much, thank you! I would love to win the fleur de lis lantern, it's gorgeous.
    [email protected]

  401. It is so hard to pick just one but if I'm have to choose i'd have to go with the pillar lantern the bird on top

    thanks for the giveaway


  402. I love this tea light holder with a bird on top from their site


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