In The BNOTP Library: The Bee Cottage Story

It’s not often a decorating book comes with a great story…this one does.

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In the BNOTP Library: The Bee Cottage Story
Author: Frances Schultz

The Bee Cottage Story by Frances Schultz

3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • I’ve had this book on my wish list ever since I blogged about France Schultz adorable Bee Cottage here: France Schulz Decorated Bee Cottage and Herself Back to Happiness. It had completely sold out and was awaiting new stock. It finally came in and  it’s one of those books that you don’t want to put down once you start reading it. Frances is brutally honest in this book about some of the challenges and struggles she’s had in life. This book is really part decorating, part gardening and part memoir. Frances is a survivor and her story is inspiring! She brought both herself and charming Bee Cottage back to life!
  • I love how Frances takes us through her thought processes as she turns each room of her home into her dream cottage. She has a great sense of humor and she’s very candid about the ups and downs of restoring/renovating an older home, even sharing about the choices she made that she later regretted. If you’ve ever wished you could be in the pocket of a designer as she restores and renovates an older home from scratch, you’ll definitely get that from The Bee Cottage Story.
  • Reading Frances’s story has made me wonder if I could ever take on a little cottage makeover of my own one day. If I ever do and find myself feeling overwhelmed and bogged down, I’ll remember Frances inspiring story and the story of Bee Cottage.

You can read more about this book and preview it where I normally buy my books here: The Bee Cottage Story

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  1. I loved Frances’ book and life story. I agree, it was hard to put down, and I finished it in one day. I was flattered when, after passing the book onto one of my sisters to read and her returning the book, she said I could write a book like that. I’m not so confident of that, but I loved the story (and her cottage!).

  2. Marlene Stephenson says

    Well,i didn’t get to Kansas ,we found out my cousins wife has cancer and it has been hard. Hope i don’t ruin anyones day just wanted you to know.

    • I’m so sorry, Marlene.:( I hope things improve for her very soon.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      So sorry to hear that, Marlene. Please look into Drs. Thomas Seifried and Dominic Dagastino on youtube. They speak of approaching the treatment of cancer from a metabolic rather than genetic strategy and have had some good success.

  3. Hi, Susan! I really have enjoyed your recent posts preparing for your trips, sharing your trips with your readers, and getting back into the every day mode! I have just finished reading Frances Schultz’s book about Bee Cottage; I loved it! Love that she makes you feel like she is talking to you! Like you do! Have fun on your cruise! Linda

  4. I have “the bee cottage story” on my Christmas list! I, too, have enjoyed your trip posts –

  5. Mary from Virginia says

    I just put this on my Christmas wish list! Thank you for the review and recommendation.

  6. I’m reading her book currently and you’re so spot on…she comes across as truly real which is so refreshing! Such an easy, can’t put it down, type of book!!
    Hope you enjoy reading your copy!

  7. Cyndi Raines says

    Thanks Susan. I’ll have to put this on my list of books to read. I’ve been doing some deep fall cleaning, i.e. washing all items in china hutch, the glass shelves, curio cabinet, cleaning out the refrigerator, etc. A good book to read sounds inviting. Trusting you’ll have a great time on your cruise. Looking forward to reading all about it.

  8. Bee Cottage is the only book I have ever returned to Amazon…’nuff said.

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