Sometimes It’s the Little Things That Can Make Life A Lot Better!

Welcome to the 753rd Metamorphosis Monday! Have you ever had something annoy you for a long time, then one day that final straw hits and you realize you have to do something to fix it, or at least find something that works better? That’s what finally happened to me with these super annoying tape dispensers I’ve been using for ages. The red one normally lives in the basement and I have another one just like it that I keep in the garage. I use the one in the garage the most, sealing up packages before putting them in the car for a trip to the post office or UPS.

Annoying Packing Tape Dispensers, Not User Friendly


I keep the blue one with the handle in my office, another spot where I often seal up packages for mailing. Both of these dispensers drive me bonkers! Not sure how it happens, but the tape seems to forever be getting loose from the cutting area and sticking back down to itself where it ends up tearing into narrow strips when I try to disengage it. Argggh! Definitely an exercise in frustration!

Annoying Packing Tape Dispensers, Not User Friendly


As I was taking these photos, I noticed the tape on this one has managed to stick down to itself again. That means wasted tape the next time I want to use it since I’ll have to tear that section off. That’s at least better than when it comes entirely loose and I have to try and unstick it from itself on the roll. That is the worst!

Annoying Tape Dispenser, Tape sticking to itself


A few weeks ago, I decided to look and see if anyone had made a dispenser for packing tape that functioned more like a normal tape dispenser. I was delighted to find someone had and immediately purchased it. I placed it here in the garage atop my tool chest where I so often need tape for sealing up packages.

Garage Organization


I’m happy to report that it works perfectly! I can’t tell you how much better this is than the old dispenser I was using–it’s like night and day!

Ditch the Bad Tape Dispensers for the Best Packing Tape Dispenser


This dispenser is weighted down, so when you pull off a big piece of tape, it doesn’t budge. I also really like how it’s designed to hold regular-size tape, too. There’s a little section toward the back that’s perfect for holding scissors or pens and markers for addressing packages. This tape dispenser is available here: Best Tape Dispenser I’ve Ever Used. This is the tape I purchased to use with it: Heavy Duty Tape.

Best Tape Dispenser for Packing Tape and Regular Tape


I LOVED this tape dispenser so much after it arrived, I immediately purchased a second one for the basement. If I can find a good spot for one in my office, I may order a third one–that’s how much I love this thing! I could kiss the person who invented it!

Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser for Work Room


Important Tip: When you insert a roll of tape into the dispenser, press firmly down and forward until you hear the little tape wheel (that the tape goes on) snap into place. There’s a tiny, white sticker on the dispenser reminding you to do that, but it’s sorta hidden and I didn’t see it when I first added tape to my dispenser. I discovered it later and it’s an important step–the tape dispenser probably won’t function as well if the tape isn’t locked into place. This was definitely a lifestyle improvement so had to share it! If you are beyond frustrated with the tape dispensers you’ve been using, you’ll find this one available here: Best Tape Dispenser I’ve Ever Used.

Best Tape Dispenser for Packing Tape


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  1. There’s a knack for using those shipping tape dispensers with handles — one I’ve never mastered LOL. Have a fun and happy Fourth of July!

  2. That does look like a great tape dispenser! Thanks for the info and have a wonderful 4th of July!

  3. Melanie Knight says

    For your tape gun problem – place a paper clip under ( on the sticky side )
    And you well have no problem the next time you use it.

    • Oh, that would have been a good idea for sure. I think this one is going to be retired until I one day move…may bring it out then.

  4. I’ve had my tape dispenser like that for a few years now and still love it.

  5. Elena MacDermant says

    I love all your posts but especially those that make life easier. Over the years I have purchased many of the products you like and have been equally satisfied. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. This is a great tip, Susan. It immediately reminded me of a funny scene in the movie, Father of the Bride with Steve Martin. He is beyond stressed out while at the grocery store. He is furious that the ‘bun sellers’ got together with the ‘hot dog sellers,’ and agreed that they wouldn’t match quantity. So he’s in there pulling buns out of a package so he can match up the number of buns to the number of hot dogs. 😀 I suspect he would say the same about the tape sellers and the tape dispenser sellers. ‘Hey, we’ll make our dispensers so bad that the customers will use way more tape than they should have to, if you’ll give us a cut.’ Haha. Great tip though, thank you. Of course I have the same dilemma and I had no idea this style of dispenser was sold. (Naturally you found it!) I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day!

    • Ha! I think I remember that scene. Yes, it must be a racket to make us buy more tape and move an inch closer to losing our sanity. lol Seriously, I hope whoever invented it living the good life for creating such a great invention!

  7. Yes! Thanks for this! I have a love/hate relationship with the tape dispenser for the same reason and I send quite a few packages, so this is ordered. Yay!

    • Hope you love it as much as I do, Jillian! Just remember to push that little wheel the tape goes on down and forward until it clicks into place. I’m looking forward to using the small tape part for wrapping presents this Christmas since the tape dispenser will stay put when I’m pulling the tape off.

  8. Another brilliant solution to a common frustration!

  9. Jean Spimont says

    OMG you and the inventor are life savers. Once again yesterday I did battle with the darn packing tape dispensers and again lost. For years I’ve thought they have failed to better explore dispensers. Three M did produce a double one I used & am still using for regular and two-sided tape, but stopped producing it. Now if only they would offer one for all three. Tons of thanks for passing this on for us.

  10. Oh yea, that can save me a lot of headaches, thank you! I always fold back the tape on those shipping rolls, but in between strips while packing, it invariably will stick on the roll before I can (and it’s not convenient to do that with every.single.strip). Good gadget!

  11. I didn’t even know they had dispensers like this for packing tape! I have the same frustrating ones that you have and have the same issues. Yep, this tape dispenser is a must have and is on my wish list to purchase in the future. Thanks Susan, you have saved us all! LOL Hugs, Brenda

  12. Susan,
    Happy July 4th!!
    Thanks again for hosting this charming party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! I hope you have a great week!

  13. sarah galshack says

    ordered one right up! Thanks, less stress for sure!

  14. Wow, Susan, this was a hit with me! I often have to get packages ready to mail and I long ago gave up on the dispensers you showed above. I keep my packing tape in a drawer in my office and just cut it with scissors. That is fraught with problems often, too. I can’t wait to receive this! And I love that it holds regular tape, also. Win-Win! You did your good deed for the day with this post! Happy 4th!!

  15. I pack boxes daily going out to the dental labs I use. I’ve noticed that the only tape that doesn’t give me problems is the 3M tape. I simply won’t use any other brand of tape as it does exactly what you’d described in sticking to itself and then tearing into thin strips. Never have that issue with 3M, which I do use in one of those large tape guns/dispensers. However, I will get one of these tabletop dispensers for home for when I’m mailing packages from that location. I notice the tape in your new dispenser is the 3M tape and that may also be a contributor to the success. I think it is just a better quality tape! Great find!

    • That’s good to know about the 3M tape. I purchased this tape because it said Heavy Duty and I was hoping that would make it less likely to tear. Now that I’m using this dispenser, I don’t think I’ll run into issues with the tearing like I was when I was using the other handheld dispensers. That’s where I really saw the issue–when the tape would stick down and tear as I tried to peel it back up. Thanks for mentioning the 3M tape, though. I’ll make sure I continue to buy that kind. Hope the dispenser helps, Debra…I really do like it!

  16. Michele M. says

    Oh my word I am soooooo getting one of those. Yes yes yessss! Thx, Susan.

    Happy Independence Day.

  17. Genius. Thank you!

  18. The solution seems so obvious now–but not much promotion for this product out there. Happy 4th!!!

  19. Tina Reynolds says

    I never even thought to look for one of these dispensers, but what a lifesaver! So many times I’ve blamed myself for simply not “getting” how to use the handle type which is a daily use item at my husband’s business. We’ve got to get a couple of these!
    Happy Independence Day!

  20. Received my new tape dispenser last week, via your link; and set that baby up yesterday. Love it! Takes up more space in my desk and it’ has some weight; but so worth it!

    I’ve ordered several items over the years per your recommendation, and have no regrets with any of the items. The battery storage case was my fav until this tape dispenser
    Have a wonderful Monday! I’m off to scour your blog for information about the storage cabinets. I need space for dishes! ☺️

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