I’m Pretty Sure I Hold the Title for the Most Botched Furniture Deliveries

Welcome to the 527th Metamorphosis Monday!

If they were giving out awards for the most botched furniture deliveries, I have no doubt I would be in the running for first place! So though I don’t have a finished project to share, at least I can share a solution I have in mind for a small ongoing problem I’ve been experiencing.

Damaged Console Table


Just off my master bedroom is a small dressing room. It was originally a bedroom but the previous owners of my home cut a big opening from the master and turned this room into a dressing area/closet space. This room is where my Peloton Cycle lives. (Pssst: If you’re thinking of purchasing a Peloton bike, please feel free to use my daughter-in-law, Nancy’s, referral code. You’ll get $100 to spend in the Peloton Boutique and she’ll get the same. Her referral code is: A8NR56.)

Peloton Bike Set Up in Dressing Room


I love riding my Peloton cycle but I have one super annoying habit: A few times a month I hop onto the bike, get part-way into a class only to find I’ve forgotten something I really need like a water bottle or hair tie. When that happens, I have to either click out of the bike or remove my shoes and abandon the class long enough to retrieve whatever I’ve forgotten. Unfortunately, a class can’t be paused once it has started, not even a previously recorded one.

This problem doesn’t happen a lot–maybe a couple of times a month, but it’s super annoying when it does happen. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had carpet in this room, I could keep my cycle shoes on and just click out of the pedals to grab what I need that’s normally just a few feet away. But since I have hardwood flooring throughout most of the upstairs, I can’t walk while wearing my cycling shoes since they have cleats on the bottom and that would damage the flooring.

I decided to look for a skinny, little table that would fit behind the bike, a place to store extra water bottles, earbuds, hair ties and the other bits and bobs I occasionally need when cycling. In my search for a small table, I came across this cute console/bookcase table. It looked perfect for my needs. I could place extra water bottles on top within easy reach of the bike and keep hair ties and other items (like my wireless earbuds, remotes, etc…) inside the drawer. The shelves beneath would be great for storing the hand towels, biking clothes, etc…

(Console Bookcase is available here: Console Table and here: Console Table.)

Console Table, Book Shelves with Drawer


The console table measures 39.2 inches wide, 31.5 inches tall and just 11.8 inches deep. That should fit behind the bike with no problem, but I can always move the bike another inch or two out if needed. I don’t want to move the bike too far out since I want to be able to reach the table and its contents while on the bike.

Peloton Bike Set Up


Did you notice I leave my shoes attached to the bike? That’s something I started a while back when I saw my daughter-in-law doing that on her bike, except I’m doing it for a different reason than why she does it. She leaves her shoes attached because she finds it difficult to click in and out of the pedals. I don’t have any problem with clicking in and out, but a few months back it dawned on me that clicking in and out on a daily basis would eventually wear down the cleats or maybe the mechanism that holds the cleats to the pedal, making it necessary to replace them. I’ve read about that issue on the Peloton Facebook page/forums. Since I don’t want to worry with that, I decided to just leave the shoes attached to the pedals.

Leaving them on the bike also solved another minor problem. I’m too short to hop up onto the seat of the bike when I wish to ride. I used to keep a little exercise step thingy under the bike to help me get on, but with the shoes already in place, I don’t need that anymore. Now I get on the bike the way I imagine a rider gets on a horse: while standing alongside the bike, I place the foot that’s furthermost away from the bike into the shoe/pedal on that side. After that foot is strapped into the shoe, I can easily hike myself up onto the seat. It works perfectly every time! If you ride horses, you’ll get what I mean. lol

Supplies for Riding Peloton Bike


In anticipation of the arrival of the console table, I purchased this cute, seagrass basket to place on top of the console for holding water. This table will serve a practical function but I still want it to look nice. Normally, I use a refillable water bottle but these will come in handy for those times I’ve started a class and realize I’ve forgotten my water bottle.

This basket is the perfect size for a narrow table measuring 12 inches wide and only 5.3 inches in depth. I didn’t want a basket that would hang off the front or back of the table. This basket will perfectly hold 8 bottles of my favorite bottled water, Fiji Water. (Basket is available here: Seagrass Basket.)

By the way, I always order my Fiji Water HERE because it’s way cheaper than buying it in the store. It truly is the best tasting bottled water I’ve ever tried. I discovered it driving home on a long trip and I couldn’t believe how good it was. It sometimes cost a little more than other bottled water but it’s totally worth it for the taste.

Seagrass Basket for Storage


The shelves of the console table will come in handy for holding hand towels and possibly some of my workout clothes…will have to see how that looks.

Hand Towels for Peloton Bike


I like to use a hand towel across the handles of the bike, just more comfortable when riding.

Hand Towels for Peloton Bike


I think the drawer will be the perfect spot for storing small items…

Console Table with Drawer Storage


…like hair ties and the remotes for the fan and the fun light I always run when biking to recreate that “cycle studio” atmosphere.

Miscellaneous Items Use when riding


This is the light I use. I just replaced my old one because it periodically went into a strobe effect that bothered my eyes. This one is much better, just fun, bouncy lighting, no strobing. (Party light is available here: Party Light.) Once the table arrives and I get it assembled, the light should be able to sit on top instead of on the floor where I have it now.


So that’s the current plan for this room.

Peloton Bike Set Up in Dressing Room


Unfortunately, when the console table arrived on Friday, it was damaged. I was hoping it would be okay despite the big gash in the side of the box, but when I opened it on the end and pulled out a shelf, the shelf had a nasty dent in it. I’m not sure if the dent would have ended up on the back side of the table or the front, but I didn’t want to drag everything out of the box only to have fit it all back in again if the dent did end up on the front. Besides, I have this odd quirk in my personality where if I purchase something brand new, I actually want it to be undamaged when it arrives. Picky, I know! 😉

Damaged Console Table


This is giving me flashbacks to when I was sitting up all my shelving in the garage.


Remember all those dented and damaged shelves I kept finding inside the busted boxes UPS kept delivering when I was adding cabinet storage to my garage? The UPS delivery guy told me they didn’t have the proper equipment to move such long, heavy boxes around their facility and that’s why the boxes/shelves kept arriving damaged.


I didn’t expect the same issue with this console table since it’s so much smaller than the cabinets I was having delivered before.

Console Table, Book Shelves with Drawer


But here I am again, receiving damaged furniture. So what I’ve done is two things: I reordered the console table from Amazon again AND I also ordered it from Walmart. I’m not sure which will come first. I’m hoping if the Amazon one is delivered damaged again, maybe I can swap out the needed parts between the two Amazon boxes to have one whole console table in the end. That’s was what I did when I purchased the little bench for my closet, swapped out the damaged cushion for a good cushion when I reordered. That kept me from having to take the whole bench back apart to return it. (See that post here: Bench for Closet.)

If the Walmart console table arrives first, I will pick it up at the Walmart around the corner where it’s being delivered and bring it home in the back of my SUV. You may remember that’s how I finally managed to get undamaged cabinets for the garage, by ordering them from Walmart and picking them up myself at the store.

Then I can just open the box in the back of my SUV to remove all the parts for assembly since it will be too heavy to get out by myself. This method worked well last time. Then I can just return the Amazon console. Will keep you posted on how it goes. Hopefully, I’ll have a whole console table in place to share very soon.

Damaged Console Table


Again, you’ll find this console table available here: Console Table and here: Console Table. Maybe you’ll have better luck with your delivery if this table looks like something you could use. It’s not “fine” furniture but a cute, inexpensive table/bookcase if you have the need for some extra storage in a tight spot.

Console Table, Book Shelves with Drawer


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  1. Yes, it is so frustrating when the boxes come with damaged goods in them. The MDF they use to make the furniture with is so heavy, which in turn makes the boxes so heavy, but the actual boxes are only cardboard, so when the shippers are moving the heavy boxes around, I imagine they are just too heavy to maneuver properly and the cardboard doesn’t properly protect them. I think they need to start sending those heavy components in a couple of boxes… I know… then they’ll get half lost in the shipping. I guess I’m not sure what the answer is, but it is frustrating!

    • I so agree! You just reminded me of something I forget to include in the post. When I was checking out on Amazon, there’s a box you can check requesting that the item you’re ordering be placed inside an Amazon box so that the contents are not visible. I didn’t care about anyone seeing that I ordered a console table, but I checked that box thinking it would provide one more layer of protection for the table. They ignored that completely and shipped it in its own box. 🙁
      There is a layer of styrofoam (or whatever you call it) all around the table so I was hopeful at first that the table would be okay, but they must have really dropped it hard because it dented the front of the shelf even through that thick styrofoam padding.

  2. What a shame that this lovely console table arrived with damage! I agree, when you buy something new, it should arrive in “new” condition. I’ll be looking forward to see how the next ones arrive.

  3. Hi Susan! With all of your delivery trouble have you considered building some of your own furniture? I think I remember that you built a potting stand and have some tools. You should check out Ana White on you tube. She offers free plans and videos and built a table similar to this recently to put behind her sofa. I like her videos. She lives in Alaska so she often includes shots of scenery and wildlife.

    • Thanks for that suggestion, Lorri! I would be tempted to do that but for two reasons…the cost and the expertise needed. Building this console table or something similar would cost a lot more in materials than what I can purchase it for at Amazon. Also, anytime you build a piece of furniture with a drawer/drawers, it can be quite challenging, even for a fairly experienced woodworker/furniture builder. Drawers are a pain to get just right. I really love the look of this piece and the price is right…if I can just get it here in one piece. lol

  4. My son who lives in Manhattan, recently purchased a used P bike and shoes. It was discounted like $750 dollars — plus the cost of the Uber van to and from Brooklyn to transport it to his condo. He said it seems practically brand new and rides it nearly everyday. Not sure if it’s true in all markets, but in NYC, he says there are lots of people with dollars to spend who the P bike quickly becomes an expensive clothes hanger. Great market for those wanting to save some money and buy used. He’s trying to convince his dad and I to look in Pittsburgh for a used one.

  5. Sorry you are having problems with your deliveries but this seems to be the norm. A friend of mine recently got her bedroom set delivered and the dresser had a damaged corner. Lucky she had them check it before it got off the truck. So back it went and another wait on the dresser! Honestly, they could have seen this while loading it for delivery. Hopefully the second console will work out for you!

    • That is so disappointing when you are eagerly waiting on something and then it arrives damaged and you have to wait all over again. Companies just don’t properly protect or package furniture for delivery anymore.
      Thanks, Terry! The good news is the second one did arrive okay, despite the exterior of the box looking like it sat in a bunch of oil.

  6. I think this is what people call, “funny, not funny”.

  7. I can relate on the damaged goods. UPS, when they actually find our house (which isn’t rocket science btw) just don’t seem the have the wherewithal to handle or deliver things, or find homes. Yes, they do have a GPS, but that is only so UPS can track drivers’ locations and make sure they are on the job. Additionally, the delays involved in delivery (sometimes they send to the wrong facility, which delays delivery for several days, or they just seem to give up and take it to the post office a stone’s throw from the house!!!?) basically negates the 2 day free Prime membership delivery. Can you tell you hit a nerve? 😉

    • Carol, I totally understand! I had two prime delivery items that I ordered last month and they were showing “delayed” but no reason given. Eventually, Amazon emailed me to say they weren’t coming at all, again, no explanation. I reordered both and they arrived two days later. I think they had a glitch in their system or something because it was like I had never placed the other orders at all. So weird!

  8. Gaaaa….I feel your pain…my kitchen cabinets came damaged THREE TIMES…it was…just painful…then, they finally “special wrapped” and the Fed Ex guy could have thrown them from the curb and they wouldn’t have budged in the box…why this isn’t a “standard procedure”…gaaa…I think I need a nap. GOOD LUCK!!! franki

    • Wow, that is awful, Franki! There’s just no excuse for that!
      Exactly! I don’t know why these companies don’t package stuff properly to start with. I’m so glad you didn’t except any of the damaged ones and made them do it right. I see so many reviews on Amazon where people get damaged goods and just accept them and don’t return them or try to fix them.

  9. You’d think the holiday treat box on your porch over the holidays would have earned you better treatment. But it appears that the damages are done at the warehouse more often than with the door delivery. Still it is so frustrating to wait for the delivery and then get damaged goods.

    • Yup, that’s where I think it happens…when the truck is being loaded. Thankfully the new console came yesterday and it was fine, despite the box looking like it had been sitting in a can of oil.

  10. Judith Henn says

    I beat you on a dishwasher install through sears….they eventually fixed it but they didn’t care during the process…so sad that this is the way the industry expects.

    • Oh, Judith…I totally sympathize. I’ll spare you the refrigerator delivery nightmare my son and dil went through with Sears. It took about 7 deliveries to get one. It’s no wonder they are going out of business. I hate to see a long-loved company like that fail, but they aren’t the company they once were.

  11. Sorry about the problem, Susan, but your solution is ingenious! Rather than send that one back before the new one arrives, order the new and have both to pick and choose parts from, lol. Great idea!

    Also, a few years back I gave up on finding a shallow table like this. Everything I found was well over 12″ deep and I wanted a shallow table. I don’t know how you find things, lol, but if ever I need something and can’t find it (and believe me, I looked and looked and LOOKED!) I think I’ll just turn to you and ask … “Susan, have you ever found a **?” Chances are, you will have. 😀

    • Thanks, Pam! That seems to be the only way to get a “whole” anything these days, order it multiple times and pick and choose the pieces to put a good one together. Arggg. Fortunately, the second one arrived okay, so this isn’t going to be the debacle the garage cabinet deliveries were, thank goodness! This console turned out to be perfect for behind the bike. I’ll share how it looks on Monday.

  12. Thanks Susan, I hope you get your table issues resolved quickly and easily!

  13. A great area that you have planned!

    My irritation with Amazon is that I am informed my order was damaged in transit and then my order is cancelled…. Huh?

    I look forward to learning about your experience with Walmart.

    • So strange! Amazon is so huge, I guess they can’t keep up with everything.
      I’m going to cancel the Walmart purchase since the second console that came from Amazon was okay…but I can share how it went with the cabinets in the garage when I was putting those out there.
      That worked very well. I would order the cabinet online, then Walmart would email me when it was at the Neighborhood Market ready for pickup. I would go there and they would load the box into my SUV, then when I got home, I would open the big, long box in the SUV and take out all the pieces one by one. I was assembling these big cabinets in the garage so that worked out well. Not sure why, but the cabinets that were delivered to Walmart were always fine, it was the ones that UPS brought out that were always profoundly damaged…I mean really badly damaged. UPS said they didn’t have the correct equipment for moving around big, long, heavy boxes and Amazon wouldn’t have them professionally delivered by a delivery service unless they were over $250 each, and most of the cabinets were under that amount. So, I can recommend Walmart, if you go pick it up yourself, but don’t order large cabinets via Amazon if they are being delivered by UPS.

  14. So sorry you have to deal with that, but sooo glad to know you have the patience of a saint, Susan! 🙂 Love that console table you chose, and am sure you’ll have a perfect one in place, very soon!
    Several years ago I bought a chest of drawers from Denmark, which I really love, but I had to return its damaged surface the next day. The poor store clerk was very nice but he had to unpack 8 (!) more “surfaces” till we finally found the right one with no scratches on it! He kept asking me ‘Shall we open another one?’ all the time! You betcha! lol I just love that piece of furniture and would have spent the whole day looking for the right (undamaged) surface! 🙂

  15. I have a Peloton too and occasionally forget things.. or find I need a tissue. I wish they had a pause function on the bike… as I usually waddle on my heels of my cycling shoes as fast as I can without falling to grab something ( I clip in and out of the bike). I hope your new table works out for you!!

  16. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  17. Oh! good luck. I can’t wait to see it all set up, but I’m sorry you have to go through all this. thanks for hosting. xo-maryjo

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    I really like the table and think it will be just what you need for those odds and ends to assist in your exercise routine. It’s pretty cute too. Susan, while I don’t have a Peloton bike, I do want to say thank you for encouraging us to exercise. I have always been fairly good about doing something to stay fit, whether it was aerobics, Zumba, long walks, riding my bike, or gardening, but had lost a bit of my drive. However, now I am back into swimming and really enjoying it and am feeling better in my clothes. Completed a mile today and like the good feeling of goals being met. Keep up the good work and press on! ‍♀️‍♀️

  19. Wouldn’t you think that after awhile Amazon would figure out the cost of replacing damaged merchandise is a lot more than a better box ? Guess you can’t pay people to care anymore. Tell them to add wheels to large boxes !
    I have faith you will get it right.

  20. You’re not picky, you just want a brand new item you ordered to arrive undamaged and pristine!

  21. Hi Susan, A question off-topic- didn’t you previously recommend a specific scent of Jo Malone perfume or maybe it was a candle? I’m visiting my son in Miami and have a Jo Malone shop nearby. Searched your “shop” tab and didn’t see your recommendation. Also, just ordered the vitamins you recently recommended! Thanks so much for being a savvy shopper & sharing with us!

    • Yup, the one I’m absolutely loving is the Honeysuckle & Davana scent. It’s amazing! I’m wearing it right now. You can see here: http://bit.ly/2TiBGhp . I bought the small bottle to start with so I could carry it in my handbag, but I’m going to buy a larger bottle to have here at home. It’s so pretty for spring/summer!

    • Oh, and it only takes a small amount and really lasts all day long. Love that!

  22. Not sure if this is the case everywhere – but, I have a nephew in the trucking industry – they are crying for good drivers. It’s gotten so bad – they will hire anyone with a pulse! So I don’t think there’s much interest out there in getting it right. I think a lot of people just make the damaged stuff work – we often figure out a way to fix the broken stuff!
    On another topic – still having problems looking at the link parties – I updated Firefox but didn’t help – I have to grab the address and drag it up to the address line – not as nice as before. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Really, I didn’t know there was such a big shortage. I’m hoping between the two I ordered from Amazon, I can make it work.
      Thanks for letting me know, Beth. I’ll ask InLinkz what might be causing that issue. He really appreciates all the good feedback so thanks for sharing that!

  23. I get quite a bit of damaged boxes from orders delivered to my house and they are mostly being delivered by UPS. If I happen to be sitting in my office, I can actually hear the delivery person drop them onto the front porch!
    My deliveries shipped via fedex are 95% of the time in perfect condition. I really think UPS is terrible. But just my experience

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