The Sales Have Begun! Tablescape Shopping for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Welcome to the 470th Tablescape Thursday!

As we head into the holiday season with Halloween only a month away, one of my favorite things to do this time of year is to visit my nearby Pottery Barn. I always love their displays and it totally gets me in the holiday mood. I was surprised to see so many things are already on sale!

Fall Dinnerware, Pottery Barn


These adorable pumpkin plates are currently on sale here: Pumpkin Plates. They are melamine, so perfect for the little ones on Halloween night.

Pumpkin Plates, Pottery Barn


This table was all about cozy with plaid tablecloths (really throws) and the warm, rich colors of autumn.

Fall Table Setting with Plaid Tablecloth-Throw


Fall Dining, Plaid throw as a tablecloth


LOVE these pumpkin plates. In this set, each plate is different.

Pumpkin Plates for Fall, Halloween and Thanksigivng


Here’s how they look in a table setting.Pumpkin Plates, Fall Dining, Pottery Barn Plates


The set includes both white and green pumpkins, which I really like!  These are available and on sale here: Pumpkin Salad Plates.

Pumpkin Plates for Fall Dining, Halloween and Thanksgiving


I was super tempted to get this throw while there, love the sherpa combined with plaid and you don’t normally see that. It’s available in two colors here: Plaid Sherpa Throw.


Plaid is big again this year and I LOVE it!

Plaid Candle for Fall and Autumn Decorating


I remember this pattern from last year and I’m so glad they brought it back. They don’t always do that. All the dinnerware is on sale so you’ll find the dinner and salad plates on sale here: Thanksgiving Turkey Dinnerware.

Turkey Dinnerware, Autumn, Fall, Thanksgiving Dining


Such a pretty pattern! Dinner plates are available HERE and salad plates HERE, all on sale!

Beautiful Fall Dinnerware, Pottery Barn


I always get a lot of questions about the large turkey I often use in my holiday decorating and as my Thanksgiving table centerpiece. I found him in Pottery Barn a few years back. I noticed this year they have a large turkey tureen available, more practical than my turkey since not only is he decorative, but he also serves a function. You’ll find him here: Turkey Tureen Centerpiece.

Turkey Tureen Centerpiece for Thanksgiving


I think I may add bark-edged chargers to my charger collection this year.

Bark Edged Charger Plates and Servers


I love how they look in a table setting. These are currently available here: Bark-edged Chargers.

Bark Chargers for Holiday Tables


I used paisley napkins in a tablescape this past week, it’s one of my favorite patterns for fall and winter napkins. I noticed PB has quite a few paisley patterns in this season…see those here, including some really cute plaid napkins: Paisley Napkins.

Paisley Napkins for Fall Autumn Table Settings, Entertaining and Dining


Before leaving, I wandered back into the pillow department. I’ve seen several pillows online this year that I would love to get this year!

Remember the adorable Santa-Reindeer Pillow I often use on my bed. (Tartan Bedding is available here: Tartan Bedding.)


It’s back and available here: Santa-Reindeer Pillow. Always makes me smile!


The only thing better than a woody car is a plaid, woody car! lol This adorable pillow is available here: Plaid Woody Car Pillow.

Plaid Woody Car Pillow


This woody car pillow I purchased a couple of years is available again this year, too. So if you missed it last year, you’ll find it here: Woody Car Pillow.



During my visit I bought this cute pillow for my office chair. You’ll find it here: Christmas pillow. It comes with an insert so no need to buy one, and it’s only $35.50! Love this time of year!


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I enjoyed this post, Susan. I love Pottery Barn.. Christine

  2. I always enjoy one of your field trips. I love that plaid tree on top of the plaid car–best holiday pillow cover ever!

  3. Makes me super sad that we do not have a Pottery Barn store of any kind in my area, the closest one is almost two hours away. πŸ™

  4. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Too bad the little ghost mugs are sold in sets of four. If I could get just one, I would. Sometimes, after the season, I’ve found sets broken down, but somehow I suspect they’ll just save them for next year’s apparition.

  5. Whenever I see your PB posts, it makes me want to run to my local store! So many pretties for the fall season. (sigh). I love that turkey tureen; double-duty, indeed! The plaids and paisleys are luscious. I’ve got to shake off our warm temps right now and get into the fall decorating mode. Thanks for sharing, Susan.

  6. Sharyn Kimbrough says

    Morning Susan! Just passing along that your blog is the highlight of my day. Have a blessed day.

  7. Thanks for all the great sale info! Sadly the closest Pottery Barn is 3 hours away. However, my daughter likes to shop online with them. She just gifted me one of those plaid candles! I have a service for 12 of His Majesty from Johnson Brothers, which I’ll be putting out next week. I use my apple plates in September, then switch to turkeys in October/November! I love all the pillow styles! Thanks for always keeping us in the know!

  8. Just saw bark edged chargers at Target for $17 each. Looked nice in person. Sherri

  9. I love Pottery Barn too! I have been drooling over the copper cauldrons, but can’t quite justify the purchase.

  10. Pottery Barn always has such great table top themes and accessories! If I only had more space, lol!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. Susan, I’ll buy one of each if I can store it at your house. I like everything you select, but now I may have room for one more pillow. The one with the small wagons, and only one. Maybe…….
    I enjoyed the shopping trip. Thank you, Black Belt in shopping Susan.
    Do you use your throws as a table cloth? Inside the house?
    Happy shopping.

  12. Your making me crazy girl… I love it all.

  13. You temptress you….. Did you see the Christmas train pillow? Sweet childhood memory for me. Just ordered four. Grrrr….. πŸ™‚

  14. Love all the plaids……hooray!!! Paisley is also one of my favorites!!

    Our heat wave ended today with temps now in the 60’s……..thank goodness!!!

  15. I love paisley and plaid, and that crewel woody pillow is cute!
    I found some great wood charges last year from an Etsy dealer that I love. Those will add some weight and volume to your cabinets, Susan. πŸ˜‰

  16. LOVE me some Pottery Barn!!! I’ve had a chance to get out a little bit over the last few weeks and see all the sales going on in various stores. Nice stuff out there this year. I agree: plaid is THE BEST!!! It NEVER goes out of style for me no matter what time of year! I LOVE it! It just has tradition written all over it. I like that turkey tureen. It would be really terrific for serving post-Thanksgiving turkey soup. Happy shopping!!!

  17. Elizabeth Roderick says

    Made the drive into town yesterday to check out the Thanksgiving dishes at Pottery Barn. Last week I did the same thing and visited Pier One…so many choices. I really like the green pumpkin on the solid dish and the pillows are delightful!

  18. Ok….I see more storage cabinets in your future! Those chargers are cool and would look great with your dishes and twig cutlery!!

  19. Pumpkin plates?! Pumpkin plates that are not only beautiful but also on sale?!
    Susan, I’m dying! I wish we had Pottery Barn here or that the stores here were as customer-friendly as PB seems to be! (German stores rarely reduce prices and if at all then only at the end of season.)
    But I really wonder why don’t we have Pottery Barn stores, here?! πŸ™
    I could unobtrusively live in one of them … (but only during fall and Christmastime). πŸ˜‰

  20. These days I can only visit. I have no more space for anything though I am often tempted!

  21. Have never been to a pottery barn, Not even sure there is one near me. Will have to see…

  22. OMG this blog is amazing!!! I love those pumpkin plates…wish we had Pottery Barn in Italy. So much inspiration here. Have a great weekend, Silvana Joanne

  23. All of the pumpkin plates look so good! I’m amazed every year on the creativity behind fall and I love it!

  24. I love shopping for the Holidays at Pottery Barn!….I was there recently to pick up something and had my mother with me…I love that store, but must say it was hard for my mom to maneuver around it with her little walker that was not very wide…that is when you realize they do pack the store lending to a environment that is not very user friendly for the handicapped…

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