3 Party Table Settings with Coca-Cola Dishware and Coke Memorabilia

Welcome to 226th Tablescape Thursday!

Greetings!  How is your week going?  I’ve been dragging my feet taking down my Christmas decorations.  I decided this year to not rush things and just enjoy them a little longer.

The last few weeks we’ve been touring the wonderful home of Governor and Marie Barnes decorated for the Christmas season.

Victorian Home Decorated for Christmas

Today we’re going down these stairs for a tour of the terrace level.

Christmas Decorations in Beautiful Victorian Home

This area of the home is beautifully finished and could easily be a large apartment since it has a living space, bedroom, full bath and a wonderful kitchen.  The Barnes’ home has elevator so access to the different levels of their home is very easy, even for older visitors to the home.

It will take two posts to share the downstairs.  Today we’ll enjoy three Christmas tablescapes and the beautiful kitchen.

Entertaining Party Area for Basement Terrace Level

The first tablescape is here on the kitchen bar area.  The grandchildren love to have sleepovers and parties here.  Also the Barnes open their home for various charity functions and fundraisers throughout the year, so dining areas with seating always come in handy.   I see a popcorn popper…bet that gets some good use during parties.

Bar Dining Area for Terrace Basement Level with Christmas Tablescape

The recipe for Coke was formulated by John Pemberton in Columbus, Georgia and the first sales took place in Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, so Coca-Cola is big here.   Collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia is a lot of fun and it makes for some really cute table settings, especially in areas designed for parties and entertaining.  Notice how the white flatware has the shape of the original coke bottle in the handle.

Coca-Cola Dishware and Flatware

While we’re here, let’s take a closer look at this wonderful kitchen.  I love the pops of lime green in the cookware here and there.

Kitchen with Marble Top Island and Glass Tile Backsplash for Basement Terrace Level

The counters are “Black Absolute” granite while the center island is marble.

Kitchen with Marble Top Island and Glass Tile Backsplash for Basement Terrace Level

The backsplash is gorgeous!

Kitchen with Marble Top Island and Glass Tile Backsplash for Basement Terrace Level

It’s a mixture of tile, marble and glass.  Marie told me she found it in Lowe’s.

Beautiful Black and White Glass Tile Backsplash for Kitchen

Did you notice the other little seating area here in the kitchen?

Table Setting with Coca-cola Dishware and Flatware_wm

I love how the stools tuck up underneath and out of the way when not in use.

Table Setting with Coca-cola Dishware and Flatware_wm

The whimsical Coca-Cola theme continues here in the plates, mugs and flatware.

Table Setting with Coca-cola Dishware and Flatware_wm

Love the polka-dotted stemware!  This setting has a different style Coca-Cola flatware.  So fun!  If you don’t live in Metro Atlanta and you would like to collect Coca-Cola dishware or flatware, you’ll often find it available on eBay.

Table Setting with Coca-cola Dishware and Flatware_wm

Across from the kitchen there’s a little bistro table with a lovely view of the garden.

Entertaining Party Area for Basement Terrace Level Bistro Table

A cozy seating for two.

Entertaining Party Area for Basement Terrace Level Coca-cola Dishware

I just realized Santa and the cute Polar Bear on the right have a Coke in their hands.  I love how Marie adds these little surprises here and there that so beautifully fit with the theme of the tables.

Entertaining Party Area for Basement Terrace Level

Has this not been the most fun tour?  I’m so looking forward to sharing the living space, bedroom, bath and wrapping center on this level!  Coming soon!

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Four Beautiful Christmas Table Settings, One Gorgeous Victorian Home


Looking forward to all the tablescapes for this Tablescape Thursday.

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. It’s so fun touring this beautiful home. Thanks for sharing with us and for hosting.

  2. I’ve so enjoyed the tour Susan! Love the Coca-Cola Santa plates! Thanks for having me this week~ Happy New Year!

  3. What a fun room and fun tablescapes. She has so much space to play, and she plays beautifully. laurie

  4. I have enjoyed this home tour so much, every post is more amazing than the last! This kitchen is gorgeous, I love the lime accents with the black and white. The Coca-cola memorabilia is so much fun, and so perfect for this area. Again, no detail is spared. I will be coming back to look through this house often, just incredible fun!

  5. What a beautiful kitchen. I love the coca cola dishware. Happy, New Year, Susa!…Christine

  6. Hi Susan! I have never been a Coke drinker but I must admit that the memorabilia is so appealing! Bright, cheerful, with excellent graphics! These tables and this entire house have been keeping me very entertained. There can never be too many stools in the kitchen, as far as I am concerned, as everyone seems to congregate there. If you go to Epcot in Disney World you can visit the Coke pavilion and see lots of examples of Coke items, buy some and even sample the Coke formulas that are served around the world. Some are quite…interesting, shall I say? Thank you for taking us on this tour. Happy New Year! Linda

  7. What a fun tour.. Loved all the Coke flatware!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful home.. happiest of year to you! xo marlis

  8. I love the coke items, and I have a special love for it, as for me there was nothing better when I was a child, than to see the CocaCola Santa, holding a small bottle of coke!! Thank you for sharing such memories. I love the stool table, everything is gorgeous. Fab post!! Thank you for hosting the first 2013 TT of 2013 and looking forward to joining again this new year. Happy New Year 2013!!

  9. Susan,
    I love black, white and green combination for the kitchen. . .and this decor is stunning!!!
    A dear friend of mine does a Coke theme for Christmas every year! I’m sending this link for her to enjoy!!!
    Thank you for hosting Tablescape Thursday each week! I’m planning to participate more frequently in 2013!!!

  10. Happy 2013, Susan! Those are neat stools, though no one here will sit at the counter. You are either counter eaters or not! πŸ™‚
    Coke flatware, who knew! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for hosting!

  11. Hi Susan, The Barnes home is beautiful and the Coke Cola dishes are awesome. The kitchen is amazing. Thank you for sharing it today. I look forward to more.
    xo, Jeanne

  12. Susan, it has been a real treat to see the Barnes’ home. All the Coke Cola dishes and collectables are darling and perfect for a home in Atlanta. Thanks for sharing all the details. You are a fabulous tour guide. ~ Sarah

  13. Thanks for hosting, Susan. I’ve always loved the Coca-Cola Santa Claus, and these tablesettings are fun.

  14. Love the kitchen! I always feel that one has until the 12th day of Christmas~ January 6th (Epiphany) to take down the decor, so you are doing great!

    Happy New Year!

  15. Happy 2013 to Susan and all readers! Hope we all have a terrific year. Susan, the Barnes’ home is fabulous in every way. Thanks for sharing the tour with us.

  16. That is a fun room Susan and oh so immaculate. Which brings me to a couple of questions for Marie. Do you need a group of cleaners during the tour season? Also since you spend so much time decorating for Christmas, what is the rest of the year like for you? I know you hold other viewings.
    I just love, love your home, you must be so proud. I will be sad when we come to the end of the tour, although we can come back and visit it any time on Susan’s site.
    Thank you Marie, it has been such a pleasure.

    • marie barnes says

      I do decorate some for all the other holidays, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day. These decorations stay up through Labor Day to take in the 4th of July and Labor Day. Then the big push starts, we decorate for Halloween outside and Christmas inside. Of course its way harder to decorate for Thanksgiving (I mostly decorate the table and serving island) with a few Turkey, Pilgrams, and Native American Airblown figures outside.

      Now in my spare time I play tennis, and play with grandchildren. They turn into fish in the summer and stay in my pool till their fingers are like little raisins. of course I am right in the middle of all the yelling and screaming.

      And then in between swims Roy and I host several events either political or for charity.

      Not too much down time, I am afraid if I stop moving I won’t be able to start again.

      • Thank you for the reply Marie. Gosh, it doesn’t sound as if you have too much downtime, but you obviously love what you do and the results are fabulous. I hope we can see some of the other holidays you decorate. I am truly enamored with your home.


    Happy New Year to All..
    Have you seen the great buys listed on the Pottery Barn Site?I just picked up 12 wonderful 9″ turkey plates for next Thanksgiving.Marked down to 14.99 from 50.00 for a set of 4.

    • marie barnes says

      Funny you should mention that I bought back for the Kids chairs for Easter, Christmas, and Valentines. I missed the Turkey plates. I will have to revisit that site thanks

  18. Happy New Year. I have so enjoyed the tour of this amazing and beautiful Georgia home. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Hello Susan,
    Hope you had a great moment with your loveones and friends.
    The theme “Coca-cola” is soooo cute. Isn’t it fun having all those dinnerwares, glasses, cups and even flatwares in Coca-cola? That’s absolutely charming.

    TY a mill for bringing us at The Barnes. Absolutely beautiful home.
    Greetings from rainy Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  20. Great way to start the new year, thanks for hosting a great party!

  21. Great kitchen! Wonderful how they reversed the cabinet & countertop colors on their island. Cozy table for too! As for the Coca-cola items – Can’t get enough of retro charm! Thanks for sharing these photos with us, Susan!

  22. I am just mesmerized with this home!!! Thank you and Marie for sharing this magnificent home!!! This is only the second home I have ever seen with a kitchen downstairs. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  23. Oh my gosh, Susan!
    Such a beautiful kitchen! The Santa & Coca-Cola theme is sooo funny and all of those dishes are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the cute and cozy little bistro table for two and the “snow” tree skirts! β™₯
    ~Hugs to you~

  24. Loved looking at this darling room. Do you think Marie would mind a 65 year old granddaughter? πŸ™‚ Ironically I was at Marshall’s today and they have a black bench with stools tucked underneath. Don’t know if it is exactaly the same but very close I’m sure. The black and green is stunning in Marie’s room . Love the glasses that look like clear Coke cans, how cute is that. Thanks again, Susan, for taking such beautiful pictures of such a beautiful home. God bless you & yours in 2013.

  25. Gosh what a treat this tour has been! I’ve loved every room ….but with four grandgirls — the pink room just captures my heart. This Nana would adore such a space as that!

  26. I have enjoyed every bit of this tour and look forward to the other posts! Thank you so much for sharing this special treat with us!

  27. Thanks for hosting all the Coca-Cola fun, Susan.
    It is always a pleasure to visit your home tours for inspiration and pure pleasure!
    Happy 2013!

  28. This is a bittersweet comment.
    I want you to hurry up and post the remaining pics BUT I don’t want the tour to end!!
    Thanks again

  29. Susan I do hope you will post the dates of next year’s tours when they are announced
    I really would make the drive to see this. Funny how things work, my son was transferred to GA last November but he just took a new job back in MS. So glad to have him closer but would have been a nice trip to see him and tour this home. Ha!

  30. Susan, love ALL you Christmas posts. I’ m in for awhile recovering, and you keep me entertained. lam traditional.,,Hope to see you soon at . rub real.

  31. The creativity is just fascinating!! That umber colored ceiling (the fifth wall!) in the kitchen is so striking….everything, again, just COOL!! franki

  32. I love loved your blog about the governors home. It’s beautiful – thank you so much Susan/ for sharing.
    I just started a new blog please come over and visit.

  33. I missed this, but will definitely show my husband who has been collecting Coca-Cola paraphernalia for many, many years. Doesn’t have the plates though. Would you happen to know if they are Franklin Mint editions? (I think they are so pretty.) I love the entire space!!!!!!!!!!! -Brenda-
    Footnote: The collection thankfully is displayed in the games room area of our basement as the chore of dusting it was/is a nightmare. In this case I admit, ‘ out of sight, out of mind works for me’ as I only do it occasionally. Since our children have left the nest, it is only he and I that really go down there.

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