Top 10 Reasons For Not Hosting a Party

Party season…it’s almost here. With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, family will be coming in for the holidays and very soon festive party invites will begin appearing either via e-mail or my favorite way, snail mail.

I have an idea! What if this year you gave the party? Yep, Y.O.U! πŸ™‚ I know, I know…there are so many reasons why you could never have a party in your home. Do they go something like this?

1. I work full-time…no way I have time to host a party.
2. The furniture is looking worn and the house needs painting.
3. My house is just too small, where would everyone sit?
4. It’s too expensive and the budget is tight this year.
5. I don’t have enough dishes or the things you need to have a party.
6. The kids are too young and would act up or get in the way.
7. I don’t know who to invite…everyone is so busy anyway.
8. I don’t know how to plan it…where to even start.
9. It’s just too much work, too overwhelming to think about!
10. What if I fail?

Over the next 5-7 days, I’m going to help you find some solutions. Remember the day you walked through your home…remember the dreams you had of entertaining and sharing your home with friends and family? It’s time those became a reality. It’s time you were the house where the awesome holiday party is going to take place.

Stop back by over the next few days and I’ll share my secrets for planning a party for 20 or more. Start gathering together those names and addresses…it’s party season!

See you tonight for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Hi Susan, you don't know how much this mean to me.. I always wanted to host a party, but I could quote almost all your points.. πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to hear about your party planning secrets.
    Have a good day! πŸ™‚

  2. Lori Lucas says

    Great idea! I LOVE to throw parties…of any kind. I am always wondering why everyone else never does! I think your "reasons list" is probably spot on. I can hear people saying that now. And I especially loved the part about "remember when you got your house and wanted to entertain". …That made me think of all the HGTV shows where they buy houses. I would say 100% of them say, "Oh this would be so good for entertaining." Ha. I'll bet most of them never do. Again, great idea. I'll stop in every day. Lori L

  3. I could sure add 5 more reasons to that list, so I'll be reading your tips and perhaps I'll get inspired. Thanks, I need this.

  4. Donna T Whatley says

    I am so excited about these posts! I could have written the list of why NOT to host a Christmas but I've always wanted to! So looking forward to the next 5 days!

  5. The Little Red Shop says

    What a lovely idea, thank you!

    : )

    Julie M.

  6. ~Tablescapes By Diane~ says

    Hi lovely lady, I know am coming back ever day for your Inspired of the Holidays partys get together and your help having one.

  7. Graceful Moments says

    This sounds really helpful and fun! I have hosted many family parties (including Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Eve) over the years with 30+ people but have yet to host a party for my friends. I'm all ears!

  8. I can't wait to hear your ideas..I always plan the big party but never can get it together..

  9. Tales From My Empty Nest says

    I'm so excited! This will be fun and hopefully will inspire some of us to host a party this holiday season. Thanks for sharing your tips. Love & blessings from NC!

  10. Designing Lady Jane says

    Love that idea! I'm guilty of ALL those excuses!

  11. Cozy Home Scenes says

    Great idea! My family used to host a Christmas party every year and rotate with some other families. There was one family who came to our parties every year, but I can count the number of times they had their own party on hand. Usually they gave all the reasons you showed.

    Really people, don't let these things hinder you from having friends at your house. If they are real friends, they will overlook store bought food if you are busy or not care that your house doesn't look like a magazine. Avoiding entertaining year after year for these reasons begins to look rude over a long period of time. Hopefully the tips that will be given here will help you!

  12. we three dogs and me says

    thanks for sharing your tips on entertaining. I wouldn't have one that large but I know your hints will work for a smaller group.

  13. I used those excueses for years. I spent days decorating the house for the holidays to only have 3 or 4 people ever see it.
    Then one year I really wanted to do something for New Years and suddenly came up with a New Year's Day open house in the old Scotttish tradition. Pretty paper plates, buffet style service, wide-open time slot, invited 100 + people including older friends who don't drive at night so don't go out for New Years eve. I cooked New Years eve while watching Dick Clark and then stood back the next day and woooo hoooo! 60 + people arrived at different points in the day – one set of friends meeting others and finding old friends they use to know. This year's party will be the 5th annual Homanay event – last years was held in memory of my Dad who use to hold court at these and had passed away a couple of months before.
    I will tell anyone – just do it! It is a lot of fun and you will end up being "the house to go to"

  14. Oh, lawdy! We used to have 100s & parties of such delight yearly in the summer, winter, spring & fall. I got bored with them all, cut everything down to sheer personal closeness & enjoy them so much more … I actually don't miss the parties one bit. I enjoy the peace …

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  15. Hi Susan…Sounds good. Look forward to all your posts. I love to entertain but lack of time and money defiitely put a crimp into it. Susan

  16. Susan, I can't wait to see your ideas for holiday entertaining! Since our house is small, we always entertain buffet style if there are more than 8 of us so I'm always looking for buffet tablescapes. Looking forward to ALL your great ideas in the next 5-6 days.

  17. Well you got my attention…thinking about it πŸ™‚

  18. Blondie's Journal says

    I always have excuses and have to force myself to have people over. I'm looking forward to your posts!


  19. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    I'll look forward to your posts, Susan. We don't do it every year, but we did host a couple of Christmas open houses over the years. It always seemed to be less structured as to time and I thought people would be more likely to come to something with no set time of arrival.

  20. One Woman's Thoughts says

    I love it that you are exciting and inspiring people to celebrate life. Too often we have the deisire to wait until everything is perfect to have a party. Celebrate the imperfections . . . good people, a little food, music and love . . . what more do we really need? I'll be stopping by to read your posts as well. ANd . . . should I be expecting that party invite soon in the mail????

  21. I can't wait to hear all of your advice Susan. We will be hosting a party on Christmas eve and any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!

    Best wishes,

  22. I would love some help, because I always dreamed of a big party and here is my problem:
    I have friends who can not control their little kids. They drive me crazy when they start taking food to the white sofa, climbing the stairs with dirty hands on the walls, fighting, screaming and crying…
    I love big parties where the adults can eat and talk.

  23. Hi Susan,
    this sounds so interesting. I am looking forward dor your next posts.
    Greetings, Johanna

  24. Hi Susan,
    I will look forward to your tips on hosting.
    Also, thank you for the link to my garden yesterday- I am honored!


  25. Judy @ In His Grip says

    Although I have hosted holiday parties in the past, and plan to again this year. I look forward to your hints on how to plan. I can always use some more help.

  26. Michelle @ Sweet Something Design says

    Exciting Susan! 1-10…that's me!!

  27. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Susan, I loved the title of this! LOL!

    I will be hosting Christmas this year and also will be having the garden club tour, so I have my work cut out. Does Christmas for 14 count??? I hope so because that's all I can handle and keep my sanity this year. LOL! I'm still going to read your tips.


    Sheila πŸ™‚

  28. I look forward to this special series. La

  29. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says

    I LOVE that you are doing this! Of our family members, our house is the smallest, but I LOVE entertaining! However since we moved in almost 3 years ago I haven't really done anything at my own house & just recently I had the conversation with my husband about THIS is OUR house, regardless of size, I need to start hosting so that it feels like "home". Since then I've already hosted a few gatherings and it makes me SO happy to have people come to MY house!

  30. Splenderosa says


  31. Debbie (Meadowcrest Cottage) says

    I am looking forward to your tips and suggestions, I am hosting a Christmas party luncheon for 30-40fellow women pilots in the Florida Suncoast Chapter of the Ninety-Nines Oragnization of Women Pilots. I think I am ahead of the game. I have all my table decorations made, committed to a caterer, reserved the tables, etc, but can still use as much help as possible!! Thank You.

  32. Becky in SC says

    Hi Susan! Can't wait to hear your ideas on not having enough space. I've always wanted to have the house that family comes to…BUT, if they can't all sit around a festive table then I just rather not. Alot of times when we go to the in-laws, my husband and I usaully have to sit out on the back porch usually propped up on the washer/dryer!! If my guests have to do that…then, well, no party at my house! I'm quite anxious to hear your ideas. πŸ™‚

  33. Le Chateau des fleurs by Frenchy says

    Susan ! This is great ! i can cross all the list off ! i have told myself this for years. i can't wait for your tips. You are so good at this !

  34. Susan (My Place to Yours) says

    This is a great idea for a post. Always nice to encourage people that THEY CAN DO IT! When we renovated our old house, we were close enough to "finished" to be able to have an open house celebrating the 100th Christmas season of the house. A couple hundred people showed up to see the old girl (the house, not me!) dressed in her finest! Such good memories…

  35. Just for the next month–36 for cocktails on the 18th; 12 for lunch on the 21st; 5 for lunch on Thanksgiving but leaving for Virginia as soon as the dishes are done; 30 for supper on the 26th and then 25 or so for a Sunday school party. I am always looking for new ideas. I am already walking around with my calendar and a to do list–Having new floors put in this week, too. Wish me luck. Always enjoy your ideas and thoughts!!! Madelyn

  36. Good, good, good, Susan! This is a great idea! I know we'll all be happy to "pick your brain" for good ideas on how to throw a party. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  37. Sailing Simply says

    Sound exciting! I used to host parties all the time but have gotten out of the habit. Looking forward to hearing your tips!

  38. I've used just about every one of those excuses at one time or another. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts.


  39. I have been contemplating a party this year. I can't wait to read your tips!

  40. vignette design says

    Oh, I've used everyone of those excuses. I can't wait to read the next posts from. Maybe this year, we will have a party!

  41. Lady Katherine says

    Such a wonderful idea! Check out this week post, where the Manners went out the door! lol

  42. Ah… the dreaded 'I work Full time' excuse. I work full time also… but I don't work weekends, and most parties are held on the weekends πŸ™‚

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