Inspiration in Blogland

So much inspiration around blogland…sharing some of my favorites today. Enjoy!

Mary Carol Garrity has created a wonderful backyard paradise for entertaining: Innisfree: Cottage By The Lake

Mary Carol Garrity's Outdoor Entertaining Spaces


Imagine if you went on a photographic safari and a Cheetah decided to get up close and personal: Cheetah Face to Face (video)



Tired of seeing so many kitchens with a white tiled backsplash? Check out this wonderful alternative: Beautiful Kitchen in Green and Pink

Green Backsplash for Kitchen


I want to go back to 1935, please: 100 Years of Fashion in 2 Minutes (video)

1935 Fashion


I have to try this Bird’s Nest Napkin Fold sometime: Southerner At Heart

Bird's Nest Napkin Fold


Do you love plaid? I’m completely obsessed with it and probably always will be. Scot Meacham Wood just opened an online shop that celebrates all things tartan: Scot Meacham Wood Home

Scot Meacham Wood Home


Pat visited Downton Abbey in person. Check out her pictures of the house here, Visiting Downton Abbey and the surrounding village here, Visiting Downton Abbey Village, Bampton England

Downton Abbey


Ever wonder which flowers are edible and which are not. I love the idea of using flowers in a dish, if only as decoration, but you have to make sure they are safe. Here’s a detailed list: The Ultimate Edible Flower List and Recipe Guide

Fried Dandelions

From The Daily Spud

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  1. I’m always checking my local thrift shop for decorating books, and just picked up Garrity’s “Nell Hill’s Style at Home”. I paid $4! Her style and mine are nearly identical, so I particularly look for her books.

  2. What a fun post! The clothes really weren’t becoming until the last outfit for the model. I am so glad we don’t dress like those styles way back then, they really weren’t flattering. I love green so the green tiled kitchen had me at hello!

  3. Love Scott Meacham Wood – but for inspiration only. At $375 & $395 for a single pillow (and $825 for a pair!) . .. even if they are big – forget it! I’m a thrift girl all the way:)

  4. Thank you SO much for the mention of our new collection!


  5. Scot Meacham Wood! I follow his blog too, Susan. Loved his Camp Citron in Traditional Home’s Hampton Designer House. These are good ones! [ps I think have all the examples of purses in the fashion video. ;)]

  6. bobbi duncan says

    What an interesting mix of topics! When I think back on some of the clothes and makeup I once wore—what was I thinking????? A home not far from us won best kitchen of the year HGTV award a couple years back for her white kitchen with Morrocan shaped green tiles—I loved the shape of those tiles and am planning to use that style in our guest bathroom, but in white marble.

  7. Loved the cheetah. It’s easy to forget you are dealing with a wild animal when they look so cute! The green glass tile is luscious. I would want to cook in that kitchen everyday, and I don’t like to cook. The bird in the napkin nest is totally charming, but I have a question about tablescapes….if you actually sit down to eat at a table that has all the “pretties” on it and on the plates themselves, where do you put all that stuff before you eat? I hope I’m not the only one who has thought about that

    • In the case of a sweet birdie candle as seen in this post, you could just place it directly in front of your place setting to enjoy all evening. Each person would have their own little candlelight glow by which to dine that evening. If it’s dishes that are stacked up, normally you eat working your way through them, one at the time. For example, if an appetizer plate/dish is on top, you would use that first, next might be the soup, then the salad, etc… But when it’s just a casual dinner, you can eat the salad along with the meal, it doesn’t really matter. I feel sooo pampered when I go to someone’s home and they’ve set a special table. It just says, “You are loved and appreciated…so glad you are here!” 🙂

  8. Thanks for your reply, Susan. I guess I was thinking about some of the blogs I have seen where it is just over the top. One in particular had bird’s nest in the middle of the plates with a terra-scape running down the middle of the table. The little blue bird candle was just enough, and like you, I really appreciate when my hostess goes that extra mile to create a pretty table. Perhaps the tables I’m speaking of were created just for “looks.” I always like your tablescapes because they pretty and doable.

  9. Loved the post Susan. So many interesting things.
    Did you go on your cruise yet, if so how was it?
    Have a great week.

  10. Great post! Oh, I would love to see Downton Abbey in person!!!
    Michelle from

  11. Great post, Susan. I havn’t watched the video yet, trying to play catch up this morning! I will watch it though! Love seeing the old styles. Blogland provides us with TONS of inspiration!!!

  12. What a fun round-up! Thanks for including one of my posts in it. I do love that green tile. 🙂

  13. So much gorgeous inspiration here, from Scot’s wonderful new home collection to that amazing kitchen. What a cute way to fold a napkin as a “bird’s nest”…love it…

  14. This was such a fun post! I finally had a chance to watch the fashion video, and it’s the 1970s all the way for me. I would love to own that denim jumpsuit right now — I wonder where they got it?

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