Tour a Beautiful Historic Home in Savannah Georgia

One of my favorite places to visit in this big old world is Savannah, Georgia. I love the history, the wonderful old homes and the unbelievably beautiful squares. I’ve taken you on several home tours in Savannah in the past. I’ll link to some of those at the end of this post in case Savannah captures your heart the way it has mine.

Today were touring a beautiful Greek Revival home that overlooks one of Savannah’s most beautiful squares, Madison Square.

Madison Square in Savannah


The home was built by Eliza Jewett as her own home in 1842.

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 16


This 5,025 square feet, historic home is located across the square from the Green Meldrin House, General Sherman’s headquarters during the Civil war.

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 01


I love this amazing curving staircase! Such an elegant entry!

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 09


The Corinthian columns are all hand carved. Beautiful!

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 08


This home has four gas fireplaces, three original marble mantels, gorgeous wide plank hardwood floors. It even has an elevator to reach all four floors.

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 11


The home has two parlors, one on either side of the front entry. I wonder if originally one was for the women and one was for the men. I’ve toured several historic homes where they had separate parlors for the men and women to retire to after dinner. Normally, you can spot which is the women’s parlor because the fireplace mantel will be a good bit shorter than the one in the men’s parlor.

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 10


More of those gorgeous columns! Look at the crown molding! Sooo beautiful!

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 12


Seriously love the chandelier!

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 13


The kitchen has been fully remodeled. My favorite part about the kitchen is that huge window overlooking the garden. I would totally give up overhead cabinets for a view like that!

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 14


An upstairs bedroom… Rugs always cozy up hardwood flooring in a bedroom.

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 04


The other side of the bedroom…love all the windows! Wish they built houses now with more windows in the bedrooms.

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 03


Another beautiful bedroom with a lovely 4-poster canopy bed.

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 05


This is one of my favorite rooms in the home. I love a cozy library. I would be very happy curled up in this space with a wonderful book.

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 02


Hope you enjoyed this tour! If you haven’t been to Savannah, you MUST go. Just don’t go during July and August, it’s way, way too hot and humid during those summer months. June and September can be pretty hot too. I recommend going in early spring or in the fall. Early spring would be perfect because all the flowers would be blooming. The squares are even more beautiful in the spring, if that’s even possible! So many wonderful places to see in that area!

Historic Home in Savannah Georgia 07


You’ll find additional pictures of the home we just toured HERE where the pictures in this post were found.

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  1. if i could live anywhere on earth it would be beautiful savannah! we love visiting there and always hate to leave. we stayed one time at the marshall house (hotel) which was rumored to be haunted….i posted about it a few years ago (but didn’t see any ghosts)! my sister has never been and her husband won’t go (since golf is not involved) so she and i are planning on a trip there. my husband actually wanted to go back 2 years ago and we did….he loves it too!

    thank you for posting about this home, it’s gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Judy! I love it, too. I’ve been many times but I’m always ready to go back. Have you ever taken any of the ghost tours? They are a lot of fun and you get to hear a good bit of history about the area, as well. If you get a chance, click on the Isle of Hope Tours (Part 1 and II) that I linked to at the end of this post. I accidentally stumbled across Isle of Hope on my last trip while looking for Wormsloe and oh. my. gosh…it is a beautiful place! One of the pictures I took on that trip is now my background for my computer. It’s in the Part II post of Hope of Isle Tour. πŸ™‚

  2. Susan, I think this must be the most beautiful home you have post about. It is hard to believe that Sherman stomped through those rooms. And, yes on the kitchen, I am sure I could grow herbs in that garden. I could watch them through the window.

    • lol I love the way you put that Madonna! I can see him stomping now! That would be wonderful, stepping out the back door to pick herbs for that day’s cooking.

  3. Linda Page says

    I love Savannah! I went there with 3 girlfriends (dubbed by one husband “The Bad Broad Society”) one Halloween in 2001 or 2002 for 5 days. We loved it. We shopped like crazy and did walking tours through the beautiful squares. We toured the home of the founder of the Girl Scouts and too a nighttime haunted house walking tour Halloween night. We also went through the cemetery where the statue from cover of The Garden of Good and Evil is. My senile mind can’t remember the names of these places right now. We also ate twice at Paula Deen’s restaurant and she joined our table both times and visited with us for an hour both times. She was so much fun! Seeing this house tour today makes me want to go back to Savannah. Maybe you can be my tour guide!!!!!!

  4. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    It strikes me how beauty is timeless. Save for needing to update kitchens and baths, you could walk into this home in the 1800’s, 2000’s or 2200’s and it would be beautiful, wouldn’t it? The bedrooms in so many of these older homes were so generously sized when you think all they had to keep them heated were those little fireplaces. πŸ˜€

    I’ve never been to Savannah. Can you believe it? Sounds like a weekend trip is in order. I’ll have to see if any of your other Savannah posts recommend a good Inn or B & B. If not, are there any you can recommend? I’ve been wanting to have a little get away with my husband and Savannah might just be the ticket. Thanks, Susan.

    • Suzy Laird says

      We stayed at The Mansion on Forsyth Park, and also at the Holiday Inn (which is an elegant old traditional building and beautifully furnished. My husband preferred The Mansion, which actually is a former mansion, where the interior motif was art decor and plush! We went during the Christmas Holidays, and there was so much to do and see! We had Christmas Eve dinner at The Pink House (reservations needed!). You can arrange with your concierge to have a carriage pick you up at the hotel and return you after dinner. Lovely! We enjoyed the Christmas Day river cruise wonderful buffet noon meal. All of the squares are so beautiful, and the homes around them a feast for the eyes. We toured several houses, and for me the Mercer House (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) was the best! We also dropped in at the nightclub where Lady Chablis of the movie entertained. Although she/he was not on stage that night, the other female impersonators were. There was also a rollicking dance floor! The Pirate House is a popular and unique place to eat. The lines out the sidewalk at Paula Dean’s twice discouraged us from eating there. Of course the Market must not be missed and provides some great shopping in such a picturesque setting! I have only touched on all the places we went and the fun we had. Savannah is a magical city that I would return to again and again!

      • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

        Suzy, I am just seeing this now, but thank you so much for this reply! What great info and wonderful suggestions. I am taking note of it all. Our anniversary is Christmas Eve and as such, we generally aren’t able to go out to dinner because everything is closed. It would be magical to spend it there, doing and seeing the things you mentioned. Wow. Great information. I’m glad you had such a wonderful visit and thanks again for taking the time to share.

  5. She’s a beauty!! franki

  6. Thanks for sharing this, the house if gorgeous. Only thing I didn’t care for were the dried flowers around. They all looked beat up and just didn’t bring any life to the rooms. I prefer fake to dead and live most of all.

  7. We drove from Connecticut to Savannah 3 years ago to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and we absolutely loved it. The city was beautiful but I just couldn’t get over the people. They were so very welcoming and warm. I would love to go back someday.

  8. Oh Susan!
    Savannah is one of my favorite places! I went once on a business trip and stayed at a lovely hotel in the historic district, not too far from the river. I was alone and decided to take one of the haunted tours. I ended up with a group of girl scouts on a little open trolly of a thing riding around town in the dark. I had the best time with them. They all would screen in unison when they got spooked! The stories the guide told were interesting. Seeing the large grave yard at night was quite the thrill. I hope to go back some day. I would like my husband to see all the historic squares and he loves antiques!
    Thanks for tour!

  9. Susan, this is on my bucket list, have always wanted to tour the old Southern regions. The house is so beautiful and I love the idea of an elevator!! The fireplaces in the parlors are beautiful, I could live very happily there. Thank you for one more eye candy tour!!

  10. cheryl s says

    My hubby and I visited Savannah several years ago. We toured the house where they filmed Midnight in the garden of good and evil. We also visited the bonadventure cemetary-quite interesting. Our hotel was right on a canal where large ships past by. Ate at Paula Deens. But the most interesting were the squares-to me they were little parks with the beautiful victorians surrounding the aquare.

  11. Betty819 says

    Savannah, Ga. and Charleston, SC are two of my most favorite vacation spots. We were in Savannah last Dec. 2001, stayed at the Hampton Inn a block from the river area and Paul Dean’s restaurant. The hotel was decorated so elegantly and beautiful. Weather was nice enough for a bus tour which we enjoyed tremendously. I’d love to come back in the spring when the flowers are all in bloom and also to meet blogger” Cherry’s in the Garden ..and more” Would love to be there when that 70 mile yard sale is going on.. Has anybody been over to Island of Hope near Savannah? Cherry did an article on that and you can only go there by boat. The only commerical establishment is the Marina that takes care of the needs of boat people and like a small 7-11..The residents of Isle of Hope do not want commercial condos there and you have to walk around to see everything or ride a cars allowed on the island. The old homes are beautiful. Maybe you can find Cherry’s article on the Isle of Hope. Cherry is a great storyteller/writer and a great artist..I have been following her blog for years too.

  12. I love these tours; thanks for posting them.:)

  13. I so want to go. How do you know which homes you can tour? So nice, when gorgeous homes have been cared for and lived in and are still gorgeous.

  14. Sigh . . . ! What a wonderful way to start my Sunday morning. I do believe I was born to live in a home like this one! Savannah is on my list of “must visit” places. Would love to do some home tours.

  15. The house is BEAUTIFUL, but the kitchen doesn’t go with it.

  16. ~Susan~
    Thanks for sharing, I was just looking at my photo album yesterday from our trip 2 years ago already πŸ™ in May.
    We stayed 5 days and covered a lot of the main site seeing. I loved all the squares and the history each one has.
    We are very ready to make another trip to Savannah !!

  17. I love Savannah! My husband and I go at least twice a year. We actually stay on Tybee Island but spend alot of time “in town”. This post isnt long enougth to list everything we do and love about the area! I will say that we walk everywhere when we are there because we love looking at the beautiful homes and squares. We have taken the ghost tour and enjoyed it. We also love taking the on-off trolly tours. I would highly recommended it for first time visitors. You get a quick overview with some history. We have an adult son with Down Syndrome and he would recommend the Pirate House for lunch. If you make it to Tybee, check out Officers Row. These are beautiful houses built about 100 years ago for the officers stationed at Fort Screven.

    • Fidelia, thanks for those tips! I love the ghost tours, too…have been on a couple of those. I also did a “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” trolley tour right after the book came out. That was long before it was made into a movie. It was a great tour! I’ve been to Tybee Island a few times but I think I missed seeing Officer’s Row. I remember how wonderful Officer’s Row was at Fort McCleallan in Alabama when we were stationed there. I was able to attend a few parties in the homes there and they were wonderful inside, too! In your trips to Savannah, while staying on Tybee Island, did you ever eat at The Breakfast Club? I bet you have since it’s so well known! I love the breakfast we had there on one of our trips. You can see a quick photo of it in this past post: Thanks for your son’s recommendation. I think I’ll take him up on that next time I’m in Savannah since I’ve never eaten in The Pirate House.

  18. I love Savannah, especially in the Spring when the azaleas are blooming…we go there often and love it every time…
    Thanks for the tour…such a gracious, exquisite home!

  19. SharonFromMichigan says

    Oh WOW, how beautiful. I just adore the room with the built in bookcase. I love how cozy it is with the books and the paintings on the walls. Even the sofa looks cozy with a slipcover on it. It’s been a looong time since I visited Savannah. (1986 I think) Maybe I can talk my hubby into a road trip this year!

  20. Such a beautiful home. I have toured many homes in Savannah including the Juliette Gordon Low house and the Isaiah Davenport house and you got to do something that I never have….take pictures in those homes!! I wish they would let you do that more often in the historic homes. I saw that this was available as a vacation rental. Did you get to stay there? If so, I bet that was so much fun. Great article and beautiful home. Kathy

  21. Donna Bridges says

    Oh I so really want to go tour both there and New England , I just love the green and the look of it and the history . Oh my gosh that house is elegant. I really like the mirrors over the fireplace . We had one up but had to remove it as I frightened myself so many times at night walking into the room and “seeing” someone . Of course it wasn’t until one night I heard my dear yelling that it was actually removed . I now have it in the end hall where our youngest uses it to perform in front of .

  22. I love visiting Savannah as well. Such a beautiful historic city. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  23. Rosey Owings says

    Hey Susan! Love, love, love the tour of homes especially in Savannah — one of my dearest and most favorite Southern towns!! Birthed my daughter there and she LOVES that she was born there especially since there’s a historic home there with her name: Juliette Gordon Lowe home!!! (My daughter’s name is Juliette but she’s named after an ancestor not Mrs. Lowe.) Anyway, I have a question that I’m hoping you can answer in regards to decorating. Is it okay to have mismatched lamps and mismatched end tables in a living room or a den or even a bedroom? I’m seeing it more and more even in high-end magazines such as “Traditional Home” which is one of my favorite magazines! Thanks so very much and I so enjoy your tablescape decorations, too!! HAPPY SPRING and celebrating that HE IS RISEN!!!

  24. Kathy Hammett says

    We just built our home six years ago. If I had it to do over, again, I would give up those top cabinets, in place of a bigger window. Wow! The light coming into the kitchen would be worth it! This Savannah home is one of the most beautiful that you have posted. There are dozens of Savannah homes that I would love to tour…

    • I love those windows, too! Savannah is one of my favorite places to visit. Have you ever been there, Kathy? If you haven’t and you get a chance to visit, you will love it. Just don’t go during the months of June-September…the humidity is terrible. But it’s a wonderful place to visit in the spring and the fall!

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