Tour Thayercrest, a Beautiful Historic Home in New Hampshire

I love taking you on home tours, especially when I come across a hidden gem and today’s home is truly a special home! This historic home known as Thayercrest, is located in Farmington, New Hampshire. It was built in 1915, thus making it almost 100 years old!

I was surprised to read that in its 100 year history it has never been on the market! Isn’t that amazing?! It’s not often one can buy a 100-year-old home that’s only had one owner! And it’s in such excellent condition. This is truly one of my all time favorites that I’ve ever featured here at BNOTP. Get ready for some serious gushing because I love this home!

Of course, as with all homes, it could use a teensy bit of updating here and there, but wallpaper and paint are easy things to change so look beyond that as we take this tour.

One of my favorite things about this home are all the outdoor “rooms” many of which are two-stories up. From this view we see a sun deck off to the left with a porte-cochère and screened-in porch tucked underneath. 

Historic New Hampshire Home for Sale 13


There’s another two-story, screened porch off on the right above a wonderful sunroom we’ll be touring shortly. You are going to love the sunroom! There are more wonderful porches and outdoor spaces in back, as well. See that attic space, we are going up there today, too! I am so excited to share this home…can you tell? πŸ™‚

Historic New Hampshire Home for Sale 08


A beautiful fan-light and sidelights surround the front door.

Historic New Hampshire Home for Sale 04


Here’s how the fan-light and sidelights look from inside. So pretty! There are even side lights on either side of the door leading out to the screened porch and porte-cochère. So even when guests pull up under the porte-cochère and come in through the porch, they are still entering through a beautiful entrance.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 13


Here’s where that side door leads, through a screened area porch on the side of the home that leads to the porte-cochère.  I noticed in the listing it says this home has entertained some famous people in the past. Something tells me this entrance came in handy through the years, especially when it was raining.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 25


I love a beautiful, historic mural. I used to drool over the gorgeous Zuber panels I would see in Colonial Homes Magazine back in the day. I’d love to know the history of all the murals we’ll be seeing in this home today.

Update:  The About page gives additional information about the wallpaper and states that it is original to the home. It’s called The Seven Wonders of the World. You can read more about the wallpaper and the history of the home and the Thayer family on the About page HERE.

Beautiful fireplace! I love the brick and hope whoever buys this home doesn’t change it or paint over it. I see a small closet tucked behind it, interesting, huh?

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 01


More beautiful murals. I hope those will be staying (and don’t get painted over) since they are a part of this home’s history.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 03


LOVE this staircase with all those fabulous windows . Look at the balusters going up the staircase! I love how they mixed three styles, so beautiful! Let’s finish our tour downstairs before heading up.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 21


Gorgeous mahogany  paneling here in the dining room and look, a fireplace! Oh, how I love a fireplace in the dining room! We can just see a hint of the sunroom beyond.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 17


So hope whoever buys this home doesn’t paint over this gorgeous paneling. There are so many built-in china cabinets in this room…love that! I see a window seat, too! Told you there was going to a lot of gushing, can’t help myself! This home just has so many special features you don’t see in homes today.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 18


The kitchen could use a bit of updating. It’s a large kitchen and could really be made spectacular! If I were buying a home, I’d rather the kitchen not be updated already because that’s one room I would want to make my own. I almost never like kitchen renovations I see online so much prefer to find a kitchen “as is” and turn it into my dream kitchen. Can you tell I’ve thought about this a lot when looking at older homes? πŸ™‚



This butler’s pantry blew me away! You can tell this home was built for entertaining and sharing with friends and family.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 09


There’s even a second pantry! I wonder if the long drawers are for tablecloths and other linens.

Food Pantry


It has a separate laundry room. Love that it has two windows, you normally only see one in laundry rooms today. I wonder what that little alcove space is to the left of the washer? Oh, I bet that was a laundry shoot at some point. What do you think?

Laundry Room


Love this cozy library. Do you think that’s grass cloth on the walls? I would definitely leave it, if it is. Grass cloth done properly is beautiful in a room where you want a cozy feel.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 07


This home has all my favorite spaces: a library, a butler’s pantry, plenty of porches and a big, beautiful sunroom!

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 12


I can’t tell if the wicker is blue or if it’s just the reflections. I’d love to see all the woodwork in this room painted white. There are more windows underneath the shades along the top, I noticed that from outside. Imagine removing the shades and the draperies…all the light that would pour into this space! It’s beautiful now but I’d love to see it in white and minus the shades and draperies. I wonder if they would be willing to sell some of the furniture we’re seeing on this tour. I love the furniture they have here in the sunroom!

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 29


Here’s what’s above the sunroom, a small screened-in porch. ~~~BIG SIGH~~~

Historic New Hampshire Home for Sale 14


The view from the screened porch above the sunroom. Are you dying yet? Is this not a fabulous home?   πŸ™‚

Historic New Hampshire Home for Sale 15


Okay, let’s go upstairs and check out the bedrooms. This home has five bedrooms.  It’s hard to see but the staircase turns to the left and continues on up. I wonder where that little hall under the arched doorway leads. I love a house that has little side halls that lead to different areas. Absolutely love!

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 21


Here’s where the staircase ultimately leads if you turn left and continue up. It takes you to this beautiful landing.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 04


From here we can see the little arched doorway again that we passed coming up the stairs. I’m still dying to know where that goes! Love all the natural light pouring in through the Palladian window. Okay, let’s check out some of the bedrooms!

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 19


Such a romantic space. I could definitely sleep here in this wonderful room! You can tell this home was last decorated when wallpaper was popular, so as  you’re touring it imagine it without the paper. I think the rooms would feel much larger minus the paper, too.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour


Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour


The bathroom appears to have been updated at some point. I love it. The only thing I might change would be the wallpaper.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 08


Another bedroom…the bedrooms have wallpaper but again that’s easy to change. Can you tell I’m already decorating it in my mind?  I bet the views are beautiful out those windows.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour


Another bedroom…

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 14


And another bedroom…some goregous furniture throughout this lovely home! Though so many of the rooms have single beds, most appear large enough for a double or maybe even a queen bed.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 11


I wonder if every bedroom has its own fireplace? Maybe some have been covered up over the years…that does happen.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour


Another wonderful bedroom and this one has a  porch to enjoy!

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 23


This may be the master bedroom because…

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 24


…it has a large adjoining bath. A little updating and this would be a wonderful master bath.

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 20


How often do you get the luxury of a bay window in a bath? Love that!

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 22


I’m not sure where this room is in the home. Wonder if this is where the little arched doorway would have taken us?  Are you already in love with this home as much as I am? And we haven’t even seen that cute attic, yet!

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 16


Look at this adorable attic space! Windows on two sides and love that slanted ceiling! Even the flooring is beautiful here!  I bet this was a favorite play space for the kids growing up here. This room has sooo much personality!

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 06


Why don’t we have wonderful attic spaces like this today?

Beautiful Historic New Hampshire Home Tour 02


Let’s go outside and check out the back of the home. Will it be as beautiful as the front?

Historic New Hampshire Home for Sale 01


That would be a, YES! πŸ™‚

Historic New Hampshire Home for Sale 03


I see even more porches! You can see the bay window in the master bath, the dormer windows down one side of the attic room, and the little side porch (far left end) that was off of the master bedroom.

Historic New Hampshire Home for Sale 10


See the porch that’s off the back of the right end of the home.

Historic New Hampshire Home for Sale 06


Here’s the view from that porch. I love that all the lattice-work or whatever you would call that beautiful woodwork around the porch. I love how it fits perfectly with the pool fencing and love how they did the fencing around the pool. It actually adds to the beauty of this space instead of detracting from it as fences often do. So many wonderful takeaways from the design of this wonderful home!

Historic New Hampshire Home for Sale 05


Did you love this home as much as I did? If you would love to see BIG, BEAUTIFUL photos that fill your whole screen or a video tour of the home, check out the listing HERE where these pictures were found. Exterior photos, video and the website for Thayercrest were created by Link Moser.

If you enjoyed this tour, please feel free to share it. Happy weekend, dear Friends!

Historic New Hampshire Home for Sale 08


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  1. I could live there very comfortably
    love the entire house ans my favorite is the sun room which I miss from my previous home

  2. Beautiful home. Love the murals. It appear that the little archway off the main staircase goes to another staircase. I assume to the attic and possibly a servant’s or nanny’s quarters. The video showed some narrower hallways and smaller bathrooms. I’m intrigued by the small arch under the stairs and what lies in the basement. Could be a pickers paradise! Thank you so much for sharing this home.
    – Lisa

  3. Gloria in Pgh says

    Susan: Thanks for taking us on a tour of such an incredible home!! I checked out the listing and was stunned to see that asking price of only $800,000! Granted, there are some costly updates that have to be done such as the kitchen and some of those bathrooms but still for such a grand home and unbelievable property the asking price seems very fair. It would make a great destination location – B&B maybe. Beautiful!

  4. You are SO a girl after my own!! I got so close to the computer screen looking…”is that grass cloth?” and, then you said the same thing. I feel the SAME way about kitchens…make it YOUR own! This place just took my breath away and then wondered about all the stories those walls could tell….aahhh… franki

    • πŸ™‚ I love grass cloth and the warmth it gives a room if it’s a pretty color and done properly. It made a brief comeback there for a little while, then has vanished again. I know, wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on the wall and experienced the parties and people who must have visited here. From the listing it sounds like quite a few famous people slept and dined here.

  5. pepermintpatty says

    My hubby and I drive by houses similar and always just wanted to go in and take a peek. This one is very nice, and they have an attic space that looks like our second story rumpus room. I never thought of putting a ping pong table in–going to do that!!!! Thanks for taking through this lovely home

  6. Hi Susan! What a wonderful house! Love that staircase and you’re so right about the kitchen. It could look amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  7. …the video on the sell sight is beyond beautiful…this home breaks my heart… for someone has either died or is no longer able to live in their beloved home…the word home must be used istead of house…this is home of generations of memories…it has been loved and treasured well…what stories its ocupants (hand held treasures and people) could tell…i too pray that no one paints over the murals…the tiny archway on the stairs leads to a smaller set of stairs…perhaps to the maid’s room…and the little archway under the stairs most likely leads to a small powder room (my brother and sister in law lived in an historic house in memphis…the little bathroom under the stairs was always my favorite room in the house)… thank you for sharing…will think of you in a few weeks…when we are both sharing the dreaded atlanta yellow peril…blessings laney

    • Laney, I thought the exact same thing, especially when I noticed the little chair in the shower of the master bath. That’s why I hate to see it become a B & B. I get so sentimental about things like that, wishing kids didn’t grow up and we could freeze moments in time and make them last forever. I know that sounds ridiculous and kids grow up and have their own children, but it does make me sad to see this home now on the market. Since it was in the family for 100 years, you know it was well-loved and cherished. I can just see children running through the halls and down on the floor playing board games in the attic. I hope another family with children buys it. I bet there were lots of recitals in the music room. πŸ™‚

  8. Susan,
    Thanks so much for showing this beautiful historic home as well as the others you have shown in the past.
    Like you I enjoy seeing all the beautiful details of these homes.

  9. Oh, this one is a treasure (and a bargain!). It was fun to read all of the family history on the source page. What a great story. I still have lots of those Colonial Homes that I still like to pull out from time to time. Thank you for sharing, Susie

    • Glad I caught your comment about the source page. Just went back and read that. What a treasure trove of family and gracious living – and dedicated community servants.

    • It was and it gave a bit of history about the paper, too! Since it’s original to the home, hopefully it will stay with the next owners. Wish we knew the source of the paper.

  10. kathleen says

    I agree with the posts above, re: time passing. I think of the young wives raising kids, the buzz of activity, then in a blink, they need a shower chair and help. When my mom first moved to assisted living, I would look around the dining room and see all the old precious hands that had cared for babies, cooked, run a household, planned so many Christmases, held grandbabies and now were missing their homes where those memories were made. I would ask them about recipes and wow, what great conversations we had. Now we are in long term care/nursing home, and there is a lovely graciousness with most of these precious folks, the WW2 generation. Time is a precious commodity…the builders of this wonderful home had such dreams for it all and it carried down so many generations, wonder what the story is there? Thank you for sharing this house.

  11. OMG – I will love you forever – you have SO outdone yourself with this home tour. Love the detail, the mural (I clicked thru to the real estate site from your post and watched the video tour…. why is it that homes like this one fill so many heart with joy? I’m having so much fun imagining all of the stories that must have taken place in this house.) Just wow, Susan. Thank you. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Kathy! It feels like a real home, though a grand one! πŸ™‚

    • Kathy, I just added a link to the About page where it talks about the wallpaper and the family history. Glad we can learn more about this amazing home and its history!

      • I just watched the video about Portsmouth, NH which is also available on the real estate site. When you take the town history and then read the family history together, it’s quite inspirational, I’m not sure how you’ll ever top this home tour, but I’m looking forward to whatever it is that you come up with. PS Think I got you a new subscriber – I’ve been “singing your praises” and linking to you on my FB wall.

        • Awww, thanks Kathy! I watched that video earlier today. They are really passionate about the town of Portsmouth and the history. Such a wonderful way to market a house, sharing all the history of the house and the area. Really makes you appreciate it that much more.

  12. Oh my word!!!! This is such an amazing home. Even though I would change some of the wallpaper, it would be sacrilege to touch the murals. There is even a mural around one fireplace!
    The thing which astounds me, is the price!! Only $800,000, it would cost millions in Canada.
    Some of the suggestions for buyers i.e. school, college, to my mind would be awful. I could not see the house being appreciated with all the love put into it.
    Susan, the wicker in the blue porch, is indeed blue, it shows up in the video and a lovely view of the pool.
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I love it most desperately!! πŸ™‚

  13. Oh I meant to comment about all the different writing desks in the rooms. Such lovely places to pen a letter.

  14. Peggy Thal says

    There is a lot to love in this beautiful home. It does need renovation or rather updating. When you live in a home so long you sometimes don’t see it. I think the worse is the kitchen and laundry room. Then a lot of wallpaper removal. I like wallpaper but some of it is really ugly. For such a large home I would like a grander entrance. This house has a lot to offer with some change it could be spectacular.

  15. Leila Marsh says

    Absolutely love love each and every room of this house. All my dreams come true.

  16. That little porch with the lattice work is off the kitchen, isn’t that sweet???? Morning coffee on the porch…….the big ‘blue wicker’ porch is off the dining room………..after dinner drinks and dessert on the porch are in order. You had me at New Hampshire!!!

    What a treasure…………and the wonderful memories that live there!!! The murals are exquisite, the rugs are breathtaking, wonderful moldings and trims, I agree on the kitchen (I’ll make it over myself),the price is low for the land and home……….and I have to say, it is in remarkable condition!!! So we remove some paper and do some painting…….when do we move in??? And I noticed lotsa antique furniture and ceramics……….
    Excuse me now, have to clean the drool off my keyboard!!!

    • I thought that little porch with the lattice work might be off the kitchen because I was wondering if the little garden just in front of it was ever an herb garden. That home definitely deserves a special person to find it and take care of it, doesn’t it? I just hope it doesn’t end up something commercial. It’s a good thing I don’t have a few million laying around because this is the second home I’ve seen in about a week that I want to adopt. πŸ™‚

  17. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GOURGEOUS!!! The pantry also blew me away…awesome and huge!
    Enjoy your weekend Susan,

  18. Linda Page says

    OK, Susan, somehow we have to find a way for me to afford this house on my social security check!!! We (notice I said WE) could make a few changes/updates, turn the attic into a scrapbooking area and offer retreat weekends! I already have customers that would pay top dollar for a scrapbooking 3-4 day retreat. Then home tours could be offered during certain times of the year. Can’t you just see this house decorated for Christmas? Your friend, former Governor first lady, could really do a fabulous job decorating this house for the seasons, don’t you think? I actually like about half of the wallpapers. I might change out some of the larger prints but would still use wallpaper as that keeps the rooms true to the original style and period. I noticed all of the radiators in the home. I have never lived in a house with radiators. I would hate to see that feature be removed. Did you notice how large the fireplaces are downstairs. Very large hearths. The kitchen and laundry would need to be updated first. The kitchen is just too brown. I can definitely see a large island in that kitchen. Good grief…..Susan, you have all of us redecorating this home just like we are going to buy it!!! Bad Girl!! Lol. Great home. Unbelievable price for that area. Anyone interested in being a partner with me on a scrapbooking retreat house and B&B?

    • LOL I’m with you on that! πŸ™‚ I know, I kind of like some of the papers, too. I miss wallpaper, may have to wallpaper a room again one day. I’ve never lived with radiators either but I love how they look in the home, love that vintage feel and I love how they turn them into shelves sometimes. I hope they don’t get removed either. I hear they pop and make a fun sound when working, I would love to hear that! I love your craft retreat idea!

  19. bet that place is covered in snow right now, going to NH this summer, wonderful murals in the home

  20. I am in love!! I, too, want to know about the arch on the stairs! If you look at the 3rd to the last picture you posted, you can see the back of the house & the direction that doorway leads. I bet it goes to the rooms over that side wing. One of your interior photos showed a bedroom to the right at the top of the landing, so I wouldn’t think you would get to that wing through the bedroom. I wondered if it was for servants, but I don’t think they would use the grand, front staircase with the family. Maybe a Nanny, or for guests?? Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Deonna, I watched the video that’s on the site and I clicked so it would open up in YouTube where’s its larger and I think you’re right. I think it may go to the bedrooms on that wing of the home. When the person making the video enters into the yellow bedroom at the top of the stairs, they either go into another bedroom (can’t remember) but they eventually end up in that cute sitting room and then they end up in a long hallway that appears to go toward some stairs which I think is that other little arched hall. Unfortunately, they stop the video so we don’t get to see where the hall led but I’m pretty sure it goes out that arch doorway ultimately. I know most folks like big, open interiors these days but I’m just the opposite. I love a house with lots of private, individual areas to hang out in. I love all the little rabbit trails and how one room takes you to another.

    • I figured it out! I am a floor plan nerd (please feel free to laugh away because I know it is ridiculous!), & I have watched the video a 1,000 times, studied all the pictures (several times each :/ ), & drew a floor plan! The secret arch goes up a few steps, turns a hard right, & leads to the hallway, bath/bedroom/sitting area that you see at the VERY end of the video. It is in that separate wing of the house over the kitchen. So happy now!! The Butler’s Pantry is probably my very favorite thing about the house, & it is under the stairway. The little arch under the steps turns left & leads to the kitchen. I just can’t quite figure out how the library & the front hall work, & would love to know where the steps are that lead to the attic! Okay, now everyone on this post knows how crazy I am! πŸ˜‰

      • You’re good, Deonna! I think I’m a floor plan nerd, too because I’ve watched the video several times trying to piece it all together as well! I was trying to figure out exactly where the big staircase went up, where those three windows were that are above it and where all those downstairs rooms are in relation to each other. I am wondering if the three windows above the staircase are the three windows we see at the very back of the home, one has an arch above it but you can see that part when they show the staircase. At first I thought the bay in the front of the house was the dining room but the dining room bay overlooks the pretty backyard. So I could never could really come up with a floor plan. I love a house with hallways that go off in different directions and all these little backways to get to different areas. I love that curved hallway that it showed leading from the kitchen or pantry…anyway, that house would be fun to walk through to see how it all connects! πŸ™‚

        • Okay, I changed my mind again about where the staircase is…can’t figure that out! In the video the windows above it are on the same wall as a door. Wish they had included a floor plan on the website. πŸ™‚

        • Susan, the big staircase goes up at the back of the house. See the paladian windows in the back? (Look at the picture you posted of the landing – you can see the arched windows in that photo). The Butler’s Pantry is just behind it on the 1st Floor (has the balcony above it). The bay in the front of the house is the music room. I love all the hallways, too, & how rooms are all connected. So much character!!

          When you walk in the front door, you are in a little foyer. Side door to the screen porch/outside on the left. The wall in front of you is the side of the library (you can see the edge of the room & the window just peeking out behind the screen porch in the close up picture of the porch), & I imagine, a hallway leading to the back & kitchen area. To your right is the Living Room. From the front of the Living Room you can go into the Music Room, & from the back of the LR, into the Dinning Room. The sunroom is accessible from both the Music & Dinning Rooms. The Butler’s Pantry runs behind the stairs, & the Kitchen & other pantry are accessed through the arched hallway under the steps, & are under the back wing of the house, with the Laundry in the very back corner behind the Library.

          Upstairs, the landing is in the back of the house overlooking the pool, squash, & old tennis courts. The yellow bedroom is off one end of the landing. The blue room & screen porch are at the opposite end. The bay windows up top in the back is the pink room with the shower. Across the front of the house – those three windows – the pink room with canopy bed is on the left, & the room with the fireplace, pink chair, & white wallpaper with small blue designs is on the right. The tiled bathroom is between them.

          Watch the video again, & it will all make sense. πŸ™‚ I am embarrassed at how much time I spent on this this morning, but OH. MY. GOSH…. I love this house!!! <3

          • πŸ™‚ Okay, I’ll watch it again. I did figure out that the bay/music room is on the front that last time I watched. You are amazing that you could figure out all the rest! I didn’t have clue how the downstairs all fit together. Good job! I’m glad someone else loves figuring out floors plans as much as I do! lol I think I’m spatially challenged though. lol

      • Yep, I just looked again…the staircase and the windows do go up at the back of the home. I just realized it when I was looking at the landing picture.

  21. beautiful home! and the little hallway/ door midway off the stairs…..many years ago I lived in a beautiful old home in Rhode Island which had a similar little hallway midway in the main stairway and it was a hallway that connected a back staircase that led down into the kitchen area…. perhaps it is the same with this house.

  22. Love it! I think the mural wallpaper comes from France and is hand-stamped. You can still get it today. It takes a skilled paperhanger to install as you cannot sponge it or the pattern will smear. The company that produces it has been making it the same way since the 1800’s.

  23. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Oh .. my … gosh! What a wonderful house! I can’t think of a thing that it’s missing … well, maybe a breakfast nook, but I bet I could find a place to put one! πŸ˜€ Like you, Susan, I love all of the things that make a house ‘extra cozy’ like the mouldings, the window seats, the beautiful stair case, the windows and and transoms and fan lights, the cozy niches, that funny little arched hallway, the butler’s pantry, the library, the paneling in the study, the fireplace in the dining room .. and on and on. It’s all so cozy and wonderful! What an imaginative person it was who designed this home. I even LOVE the mural wallpaper. I would want to keep that. It’s beautiful and so fits the home.

    But do my eyes deceive me? Is it only priced at $1,000,000. (I say, “only.”) But hey, that is a LOT of house for a million dollars. Worth a move to New Hampshire for, for sure! Haha. Wow. This is one that I will have to keep coming back to to study over and over. I even agree about the kitchen. Get out of my way and let me do it! πŸ˜€

    Thanks, Susan. πŸ™‚

  24. Wow! What a gorgeous home. It is so inviting, classy but not dauntingly stuffy. It seems to demand that you invite guests over to entertain and relax. America’s answer to the country weekend house, on a vastly smaller scale, but with no less panache. I live about an hour’s drive from this house, and would love to be able to afford it, but as a home, not as a business, as suggested on the website. Sigh, I can dream, can’t I?

  25. Oh, Susan, you have outdone yourself. Many thanks for sharing this stupendous home. When I saw the butler’s pantry I could imagine your face when you saw it!! I can’t add anything more; the other comments have said everything I would say, but the images here will stay in my mind for many a day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for finding this site.

  26. Oh my gosh…..I’ve been past this home many times. We lived in that area for 20 years. This would be my dream home. Yes, I’d also paint that woodwork all white in the sun room and so away with the window treatments. The arched doorway on the stair landing could join a back staircase…many of those homes had them. The first floor – I’d simply adore those rooms as they are and yes, I can fill those china cupboards…lol. Imagine a diningroom large enough to seat the whole family and still be able to easily walk around. That butler’s pantry is to die for and the second pantry? My baking pantry! All it needs is a sink and a pair of ovens stacked at the left side of the entrance. Am I in heaven yet? You’re right about kitchens. You have to live in them for a while and move around before you can decide how to make them yours but I’d give up those upper cabinets for more windows and keep room for a table and chairs. Yes, that would be a laundry chute. There would be a big basket so you could just scoop the soiled laundry out of the chute. The bedrooms all need refacing – I like the white woodwork but would have fresh wall paint with the hardwood floors and smaller area rugs. The bathrooms don’t impress me at all……they’d all be rethought bringing them back to the home’s heritage but with up to date convenience and there must be a powder room on the first floor. Wonder if there’s one in the basement just off the pool…maybe that doorway to the right of the back porch. And last but never least……that attic would become my sewing studio. It would need that wallpaper stripped and fresh paint on the walls and woodwork, good lighting in different sections for different purposes and a small kitchen set up – a sink for paint brush and odd cleanup, a little frige and a coffee maker. There’s more than enough room for my sewing, drafting table and long arm.
    Not sure whether to thank you or not for giving me a place to spend hours instead of cleaning bathrooms today!!

    • Chris, click over to the side and look through the interior pics. One of those pantries did have a sink…can’t remember if it was the dish pantry or the food pantry though. The drainboard looked like wood! It was really pretty! I loved that big dining room, too…mine is so cramped! That attic has so much potential! πŸ™‚ I bet the view from up there is amazing, too!

  27. Susan, I absolutely ADORED this place too! Thank you for this wonderful tour, as it brought back many fond memories! My family and I lived in a home near Phila. that was similar, but not nearly as large, house or grounds. It was wonderful. I felt like I was “strolling through” all the rooms, beautifully decorated & furnished… from another era! Sadly, the asking price shows that “maintaining” a home this size may be what brought down the value – even with the “older” the kitchen.( I would only put in a black refrig, paint the bottom cabinets Chinese black semi-gloss, above cabinets antique white (and walls), handles – stainless, like on the stove & refridge, stuff like that. And nothing else!) Anyway, I noticed the radiators in the rooms. Whether it’s steam heat, or hot water, it’s most likely heated by OIL. Even the home I live in now, though it also has 5 bedrooms,only two floors, and is not anywhere near as large as this fantastic place, is a lot to manage. Even though I keep the temp down to 62 deg. upstairs( where you sleep under blankets & quilts), and 68deg. down where I cook and stay most, my heating bill during the winter is almost $1000 a month! I can’t IMAGINE what it costs to heat this home! And in the summer, you have to keep it at least cool enough so mold doesn’t get into the bed linens, etc. They have a bit of a break being further north than I am and maybe not as humid, but it is at least some relief to only pay about $250/month using the efficient air conditioners that keep a temp without running all the time. So keeping it cool must be an expensive hit on their electrical too. I do hope someone can buy that home that is well able to keep it as in the past, not worrying about the expenses, enjoy it, and make their own lovely memories in the future.

    • The listing did say it’s heated with oil. I didn’t know that was so expensive. That’s a shame it cost so much to heat a home like that. It is a beautiful place!

  28. Susan I enlarged both pictures with the wicker furniture and the pieces are blue. I enlarged them as background for my screen and that way I could see the true colour. I love doing that to house pictures as ‘set as background’ on my computer truly takes one right into the pictures of a home/ yard and than I leave one of them until I find another picture I like better.
    Thanks for all the lovely pictures and the commentaries.

  29. Renee Cook says

    I sure enjoyed the wonderful tour! I love so many things about this beautiful home, especially the porches and sunrooms! Their layout gave me a great idea as I envision my own dream kitchen. I love lots of windows in a kitchen, but wondered how I could have windows and still have enough storage without the additional overhead cabinets? Well, their wide hallway with the butler pantry cabinets and drawers on each side would certainly make up for the loss of the kitchen cabinets. What a great use of space! Thanks for finding this treasure!

  30. Hello Susan. I enjoyed reading all the comments on the property. I am the person who build the web site for Thayercrest, shot the video and took the primary exterior photos. It is a remarkable property in need of a new owner who will cherish all that it has to offer so if anyone has serious interest, they should reach of to the listing agent directly! Susan, I am curious how you discovered this home? I have the opportunity to see many exceptional homes and if you would ever like me to share other homes, just let me know what you like to feature and I’d be happy to keep you in mind.

    • Hi Link,
      Your photography and the website is beautiful! Really shows how wonderful this home is! I can’t remember now exactly how I discovered it. I’m always looking for beautiful homes to share with my readers, so that would be great! I’ll also add your name to this post as the source of all the wonderful exterior photos, website and video. Link, I’ll email you so you’ll have my email address, as well. Thanks! Susan

  31. Hello Susan and all the folks who love this one-of-a-kind home! I am the listing agent for this special house and would love any of you to stop by and see it in person!! It is a true gem and I initially called it a house that the Great Gatsby would love!! We can imagine it as a “retreat” of some kind….a B&B or an educational type school building. Anyone interested in buying it?…..the family who owns it is truly special too….they are a long heritage of educators for private high schools and college themselves. Every time I show this mansion, I feel like I have gone back in time to a wonderfully special era!! Love your thoughts and ideas, call me anytime…..Diane Silva, Berkshire-Hathaway Home Services Verani Realty, 603-294-5717.

    • Thanks, Diane! It truly is a special home and I’m sure filled with so many wonderful memories. Loved seeing all the beautiful pictures and enjoyed sharing it with my readers! They loved it, too!

  32. LOVED the video tour of home. The murals are magnificent and sure add a great deal of character to this lovely place. Enjoyed seeing every detail of this place. Oh to have $800,000.00 in my hip pocket to buy this place! I still think I would like to try painting a mural in my home haven on the prairie!!!
    Blessings to you,

  33. Thayercrest sold last week for $510,000 to an individual right here in New Hampshire who is excited to enjoy this historic home!

  34. Donna Hubbs says

    My sister purchased this home and loves every inch of it. She just redid the kitchen, but otherwise she is keeping it pretty much as is. It has plenty of room for all of us when we visit and we are enjoying it thoroughly. So much to discover each time we are there.

    • How wonderful, Donna! It is such a beautiful place! I absolutely love it…the gorgeous wallpaper, the beautiful woodwork/paneling. It’s just stunning! I think the kitchen would have been the only room I would have wanted to change, too. It’s so hard to find houses these days that haven’t been ruined with a bad renovation. I just love hearing that your sister decided to leave much of it, as is. These days, so many folks want to knock down walls and turn everything in a one giant room with no personality. Thayercrest is such a treasure! Thanks so much for letting me know it’s in such good hands…makes my heart happy to know! πŸ™‚

  35. Elizabeth Glass says

    Once upon a time I lived in this house.
    It was the month of August of 1966.
    Mrs Thayer through The Women Club hosted a group of 10 Mexican students traveling with the Experiment in International Living and each one stayed with a family in the Farmington area. I was the leader of the group so I had the privilege of living there one month.
    I have wonderful memories and even a photo of some of the girls enjoying the pool.

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