Two Small Bath Updates to Appease My Bath Renovation Yearning

I had a little eye scare recently–it started a couple of days ago. I had something floating across my vision and was seeing flashes occasionally at the top right corner of my right eye. The first time it happened, I thought it was sunlight glinting off my glasses, but then I noticed it happened when I didn’t have my glasses on. I called the eye doctor today and they had me come in right away.

They dilated my eyes so I wasn’t able to create a post earlier in the day as I had planned, but before this day gets completely gone, I wanted to share something, actually, two somethings, that I just added to my master bath and LOVE!

By the way, my eye is fine. Apparently, I’ve just developed a very large floater, something you get in your eyes as you get older. I’ve had those before, tiny ones that were like a speck, but never one so big that it caused flashing. Fortunately, I don’t have a detached retina or anything like that–thank goodness! Just wanted to mention this so you would know that if you ever notice flashing, be sure and call your doctor right away just to rule out anything serious. If it had been a detached retina, that would have needed to be dealt with immediately. All is well, though–so no worries!

Okay, enough about that–on to the fun things I wanted to share. I really need to renovate all three of my bathrooms, especially my Master Bath. I hope to start working on those next year. In the meantime, I thought I’d appease my yearning for a bath renovation by adding some pretty touches to my current bath.

I wish I’d taken a “Before” picture–before I had a plain container of Cetaphil Face Cleanser/Wash sitting out on the counter beside one of the bathroom sinks. I love Cetaphil, it’s great stuff, but that colorful bottle was ruining my aesthetics in here. lol


I found the perfect solution with this beautiful soap dispenser below. It came in a set of two and I filled the other one with hand soap to place beside the other sink, replacing an unattractive handsoap container.  I just think this dispenser is sooo pretty and it’s such an improvement over before! (Soap dispensers are available here: Soap Dispensers.)

Bath Soap Dispenser, Pretty


The other item(s) I added were these beautiful bathroom tumblers. Before I had a very plain kitchen glass here in the bathroom but these are so much prettier and more appropriately sized. I placed one by each sink and love them!

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to spruce up your bath area, I can highly recommend both of these. I really love the bling and elegance they’ve added to my master bath! The glasses below are available here: Bathroom Glasses. The soap dispensers are available here: Soap Dispensers.

Bathroom Glasses, Elegant


I also purchased my 4th (yes, 4th!) birdie tissue holder. lol I love this tissue holder so much and it works perfectly here in the master bath. So now I have one in my office, in the guest bedroom, on the desk in the kitchen and now in the master bath. (The birdie tissue holder is available here: Bird Tissue Holder.)

Bath Soap Dispenser, Pretty


Hope you enjoyed this quick, late-night update! See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. Donna R Boyd says

    Be careful with heavy glasses in your bathroom sink. I dropped a heavy short glass in my sink when I was brushing my teeth and it cracked my plain white sink. A lot of cracks! Who knew! we now have to replace it before it starts leaking. I now use a plastic glass.

  2. Cyndi Raines says

    SOLD! Hehe, just ordered the beautiful bird tissue holder (Happy Mother’s Day to me, I’ll say it’s a gift from our furbaby, Buddy, hehe) and I ordered the soap dispensers. I really like that you get 2 along with 2 extra pumps, how cool and economic! Did you notice it said you could use one as a mouthwash dispenser and so I’m going to. I am a big believer in Listerine, especially during cold and flu season and for sure now with this horrible covid, but really don’t care for the original bottle to be on the counter, so filling one of these will solve the issue. Thanks Susan, you come through AGAIN! Happy Mother’s Day this weekend!

    • lol Buddy has great taste! 😉 You are going to love it, Cyndi! I’m obsessed over mine as you can tell since I purchased it 4 times.
      I know, I really liked that two…that they included the extra pumps. I stored mine in my bathroom cabinet so I’ll know where they are in case I ever need them.
      No, I missed that about the mouthwash. I’m very tempted to buy another set so I can do that, too! That’s a great idea!
      Happy Mother’s Day to you! I hope we have beautiful weather this weekend for all the Moms!

  3. Brilliant! Your dispensers are lovely – much nicer than having plastic product bottles on your counter! 🙂 So glad you’re ok and your eye was nothing serious. It was sweet of you to still send out your post – better late than never! See you tomorrow!

    • Exactly! I never thought about it until I was pretting things up in my bath and they stuck out like a sore thumb. lol
      Thanks, Barbara!

  4. Rebecca Dexter says

    Flashing lights sometimes almost like a kaleidoscope can be a precursor to a headache which is often a migraine

  5. So glad your eyes are ok – take care! I am the same way about containers…I have a brushed silver soap dispenser near my kitchen sink to hold dish soap, and two matching containers in the master bath ( from The Container Store) for my soap and face wash. It just makes everything look SO nice!

    • It does! It reminds me of how much nicer the tissue boxes look when covered. I never realized what a big difference it makes!

  6. Glad your eyes are okay! That happened to me several years ago and I couldn’t believe the size of the floater. It felt like I had black lace over my eye, I’ll never forget it. Scary. I knew the flash was potential retina detachment, good point to remind readers to not waste time seeing an ophthalmologist if that happens (not an optician!).
    Pretty dispensers. Bath renos are okay as long as you don’t rearrange plumbing. Then it gets into crazy.
    Happy Mother’s Day weekend to you, Susan!

    • Rita, did the floater ever go away or at least go down and out of your direct vision? I’m having such a time seeing my computer with it constantly moving across my vision. It’s so distracting! I think there’s more than one and it’s driving me nuts this morning as I complete my post for today!

  7. Carolyn says

    You always have the best ideas and I am filling up my house with your suggestions. Thank you!
    I am so thankful your eye was alright. I have had a torn retina, but glad it didn’t fully detach. Keep that eye appointment.

    • Thanks, Carolyn! I’m thinking about getting a second opinion just to be safe. The doctor I saw yesterday is one I’ve never seen (my previous one retired) and he was very young, although seemed very knowledgeable. Sooo glad your’s did not detach! Did you see a flashing light, too?

  8. Brenda S Lawrence says

    I am really glad your eye is ok Susan! That’s always scary! Great little small updates to the baths. Glad is always beautiful, so storing everyday used items in them is perfect. Love those glasses too. The tissue holders just take elegance up a notch as well. Just beautiful! Hugs, Brenda

  9. Glad your eye is okay. Because you find odd numbers or one of really nice crystal glasses in GoodWill, I have used those in the bathroom (after bleaching). Some have never been used.
    Happy Mother’s Day

  10. Dawne Marie Anderson says

    I have seen flashing lights and oversize floaters! Retina dr seen no problem. Ever since the episode, I visit the retina dr yearly.
    The large floater subsided. Seems like my brain got used to it. The flashing lights subsided also. I think you’re ok, although I’m not a retina physician!

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