Changing Out My Winter Bedding for Spring-Summer

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Changing out the bedding from fall-winter to spring-summer is not for the faint of heart. lol  Usually I wait until someone (like my son) is here to help me. My previous mattress was sooo much lighter and stiffer than my current one and changing the bedding was pretty easy. But my current mattress purchased a few years back, weighs a blooming ton! It must be double the weight of my previous mattress. Plus, it’s not as rigid as my old one and that makes a huge difference when you’re trying to move something!

Tartan Bedding for Fall and Winter


Though I love my winter bedding, I was ready to lighten up. It’s 78 degrees outside and spring is now here in full force, so I was determined to get my bedding changed out to my spring-summer bedding this weekend.

I started by moving the bedside table and lamp as I always do when making the bed skirt swap. Next, I slid the mattress off on one side. My plan at this point was to just lift the mattress up on its right side and pull the skirt off. The mattress had other plans. When I lifted it up, it slid right off onto the floor, wedging itself between the secretary and the bed. Great.


I managed to get it pulled back up, then I moved the secretary and the chair (that’s barely visible on the right) further out of the way. Then I just let the mattress slide down onto the floor while I swapped out the bed skirts.

After I made the switch, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get the mattress back onto the bed without shoving the new bed skirt right off. I somehow managed to get the mattress up on its side again, then lowered it back down onto the bed. It was about half on and half off at that point, and shockingly, the bed skirt didn’t budge when I lifted and scooted the mattress back into place. I can’t believe the bed skirt stayed in place during that process, but it did!


It was worth all the trouble–I’ve missed my summer bedding!

4-poster Bed dressed for spring and summer


Excuse the crooked coverlet. I didn’t realize until I looked at these photos this morning that the matlasse was crooked when I took these pictures yesterday. I’m sharing this photo anyway since it was sunny out yesterday and the colors are more accurate.

Changing Bedding from Fall-Winter to Spring-Summer


These were taken this morning and it’s pouring rain outside, so the color is a bit off.

Spring Summer Bedding, Summerton Rose Tree


Goodbye winter bedding.

Tartan Bedding for Fall and Winter


Hello Spring! This bedding is quite old now, but I still love it. I found it around 18 years ago in Linens and Things. I’m not sure that store still exists, I don’t think it does. The bedding is by Summerton and I think the pattern or design was called Rose Tree. I really loved the plaid moiré fabric that was used for the pillow shams, so I purchased additional fabric and had the longer bed skirt made. This particular plaid, moiré fabric must have been really popular around the time I had the bed skirt made because it was available in all the fabric stores for many years.

4-poster Bed dressed for spring and summer


I didn’t get the comforter out but here’s a not-so-great photo from 2009 with the comforter in place.


A few close-ups…


The small, adorable pillow in the center was made for me by a sweet friend.


Often our taste changes over the years, but after all these years I still love the soft rose and green colors in this bedding for spring.


This bedding is now around 18 years old! Would this be considered vintage bedding by this point? lol


Do you change out your bedding seasonally? If you use a bed skirt, hopefully, your mattress is easier to move than mine! lol

Spring, Summer Bedding, Plaid Moire


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Beautiful bed linens, Susan. I love the plaid/checks with the paisley comforter. Thanks so much for having us over. Have a great week!

    • Thanks so much, Debra! Hope you have a wonderful week! Ours here is starting out with lots of rain, but we def need it.

  2. Here’s a tip to make bed skirts manageable: you can cut the fabric base that lies atop the box spring on all 3 sides, leaving a foot or so of the base material attached to the top of the skirt, then hand tuck the bed skirt between the top mattress and box springs. You can use upholstery screw-type push pins to hold it in place on box springs top if concerned about slippage. You don’t need to hem the raw edges of the base fabric since they never show. After I required a trip to the chiropractor for changing out the bed skirt, this helps tremendously with the chore!

    • That does sound easier for sure. Thanks, Nan!

    • Bernadette M Mayer says

      I was going to suggest the same thing. The bedskirts I now make either attach to the back of a wooden bed frame with velcro, or do as you describe, depending on the bed. Soooo much easier!

  3. Debra Robbins says

    I have a similar bed and have not been able to find dust skirts long enough at retail. Where do you find your’s? I usually end up sewing my own, in a solid, neutral fabric.

    • I’ve had to have both of mine custom-made because the drop is so long. I have done some sewing the past, but I don’t think my machine could handle the thickness/weight of the fabrics I purchased for my bed skirts, so I had them them both professionally made. I wish manufacturers would offer them in longer sizes, although I’d probably still end up having to have them professionally made since I like them extra full, usually fuller than the ones that come with the bedding.

      • Debra Robbins says

        Thanks! I, too, like mine fuller. Seems like most at retail are the more “tailored” style.

      • Hi Susan. It looks like your four poster bed puts the top of the mattress up higher than usual. We have a Thomasville Ernest Hemingway “Plantation” four poster bed that does the same thing. From the top of the mattress to the floor it’s 34 inches. I literally have to take a little jump to get into bed. :0)

        • I’ve never measured mine from the floor to the top. I just did that and it’s exactly 37 inches from the floor to the top of the mattess. My bed was designed with two settings for the rails and I purposely put them in the highest one because I love, love, love that look of a high-up bed. I jokingly call it my “Princess and the Pea” bed. 🙂 I’m 5’4″ and I can get in it without using the steps. Hope I don’t shrink as I age! lol

    • is my source for longer bed skirts up to 21″ long. I keep a 21″ length skirt in ivory cotton with embroidered scalloped hem permanently on the bed as an underskirt, then layer shorter ones on top.

  4. Both bedding sets are lovely. Just wondering, what do you do to clean the bedding at the end of the season? Thanks!

    • The pillow shams don’t get dirty since they are just decorative. I don’t sleep on them. They get moved every night when I go to bed so they don’t even have a chance to get dusty.
      I don’t sleep under the summer comforter or the winter tartan duvet. I just remove those, or in the case of the winter duvet, I push it to the foot of the bed at night.
      I only sleep under the coverlet. I have two identical cream coverlets so I always have one to use when the other is being washed. Those wash and dry beautifully in my washing machine/dryer.
      I found in my earlier years that duvets/comforters never quite look the same once they’ve been washed, so I perfer to save those to be pretty and actually not sleep under them. Plus, I’d get too hot anyway.
      For the dust ruffle, I periodically vacuum those off the remove any dust.

  5. Nan, Odessa, De says

    Suggestion why not have a summer and winter bedroom?
    Sleep in two different rooms without ALL this work.
    Where/how did you get your matching dust ruffled?
    Is the bed king?

  6. Susan, my mother used to tell me that quality lasts and if you buy what you truly love, it never will go out of style! Look now we have grand millennial style! Your bed linens are truly beautiful. The room looks great. Will you place a picture over the bed? Or a wreath? Thanks for sharing.

    • That’s so true, good advice! I do have a painting, just having trouble finding a frame I like. I actually had found one but when I took the painting back to have it framed, the manufacturer had changed the style of the frame and I no longer liked it. I need to start looking again this spring, def want to get it framed and hung this summer. It’s a Christmas scene but I love it so much, I want it up year around. Thanks, Maureen!

  7. Snowflake281 says

    Wow, nice metamorphosis in the bedroom! My desire one day is to have my bed look as professionally made as that! As much as I love the look of all the beautiful pillows & pillow shams, I don’t have anywhere to put them aside when I’m ready for bedtime. Susan, do you remove a sham every single night or do you have an uncovered pillow ready to use? In any case, it’s looks great.

    • Aww, thanks! I use a regular pillow to sleep on inside a pillowcase that goes with the sheet set. The pillows inside the Euro and Standard shams are made just for the shams so they are super fat/padded to help them stand up well. I have a very hard time finding a pillow I like because I like them relatively flat and most are too fluffy.
      When I remove the decorative pillows at night, they usually end up stacked in the two chairs in that room or on the counter in the dressing room attached to that room.

  8. What a task! I’ll never know how you got that mattress back onto your bed! I would have had to call the Fire Dept. to help! I love your bed linens. Being raised on the east coast, my Mom always changed bed linens from fall/winter to spring/summer. I still do that as well, although living in CA, our seasons are not as defined! I just like the change. I’m sure you’ll sleep well tonight after all your efforts. Bravo!

    • lol I wonder what the Fire Dept. would do if I called them and told them I needed help changing out my winter bedding. I don’t think they would be too keen on helping with that. lol I would need to call them twice a year! Ha! Thanks, Rosie! 🙂

  9. 18 years! A testament to how well you take care of your belongings! The summer set seems to say “aaahh” for the lighter, brighter feel. And the winter set seems to say “mmmmm” for the cozy feel.

  10. *Sigh* I love bed skirts but I’m jealous. Down here they’re called scorpion ladders so obviously I don’t have any. Haven’t seen a scorpion for maybe 5 years but I’m not going to tempt fate.

    Your spring/summer bedding sure lightens up the room. Love it.

    • Ugh, I would def not have a bed skirt if scorpions were a problem here. Yikes! I hope they never find their way to Georgia!
      Thanks, Ginger!

  11. Linda J Doyel says

    This is so pretty! But what happened to the picture “Govenors Ball” ? Did you hang it some where else?

    • Thanks! I need to do a post about that. It’s kinda a long story but basically, after I chose the frame I wanted, when I went back to the store to leave the painting to have them frame it, when they went in back to check their stock, they brought out the frame and informed me the manufacturer had changed how it looks. I didn’t like the new version at all. I was so disappointed after agonizing and finally making a choice to find they had changed it. They said that the companies where they buy their stock do that all the time. I just went to a different frame shop a few weeks ago and the quote she gave me for framing it was insane! So I’m back to square one. I think I’m going back to the original frame shop I went to the first time and see what they have in now. I may visit Michaels. I don’t even know if they still do framing, but I think I’ll check.

  12. What a beautiful bed – both seasons! Just changed over to my Spring/Summer lighter quilt and pillows. YES…changing the dust ruffle is a big job. I have to admit I have a neutral color that goes with both and I don’t change it often. Am looking into the ones that attach with velcro…but you still have to move things around and give the bedding a good cleaning, so yes – you need a helper! Enjoy your Spring decor!

    • Thanks, Ann! I know just what you mean. I ended up vacuuming all under and behind the bed and basically the whole room and the adjoining rooms during the process. I also ended up dusting everything. You notice allll the stuff that needs to be done when you’re making changes. At least it’s all done for now. 🙂

  13. Oh I LOVE your spring bed linens Susan – they’re just beautiful. I need to remember to lighten up my bedroom in the springtime and now I’m inspired! Thanks and Happy Monday!

    • Thanks, Barbara! Happy spring, hope you are enjoying pretty weather today. We’ve had insane storms all day…not very springy today!

  14. Brenda S Lawrence says

    I love both looks, the winter bedding is just so cozy and perfect for a winter storm. lol But the spring/summer look is perfect for those airy warm nights. I love that the bedding is 18 years old and still looks as good as new. For the life of me, I don’t know how you got that mattress back on the bed AND have the bed skirt stay in place! My mattress must be like yours, it is heavy and not stiff at all. I hate it, but youngest son and late husband chose them for the beds. It is good for not causing joint pain with my RA, but hard to turn over and move myself. So my son turns it for me. No, I don’t change out for the seasons, I’d love to and I always say one day…lol Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks, Brenda! I’m amazed how well it has held up over the years! Mine is a typical name brand mattress purchased in Macy’s so not one of the heavy foam ones, so I have no idea why it’s so much heavier than my last one. I guess they are just building them differently these days. I’m glad you have someone that can turn it for you. Unfortunately, mine is one of those that can’t be turned. That’s the one thing I didn’t like about it when I bought it.

  15. Susan, you are right, that fabric was very popular. Until a few years ago you could still get it at Hobby Lobby and it may still be lurking around a few! I used it for a sink skirt in my powder room and agree, it has aged very gracefully.

    • It was really wild how popular it was. I literally saw it everywhere and for many years. I kept thinking it would go out of style or something but no, years later, I was still seeing it used for curtains at Country Curtains and a bunch of other online stores…and it all the fabric stores. It must have been a popular seller for it to have lasted so long. I can totally see it as a sink skirt, that sounds so pretty!

  16. Merri Jo says

    I miss Linens & Things! Before they went out of business, there was a store only 2 miles from my house & I found many good buys there. I think your summer linens are beautiful & timeless!(I’ve always loved moire) The colors are so refreshing & pretty without being “froufrou” I have had Peacock Alley metalasse coverlets for our summer bed for decades—such a classic look & great backdrop for colors/patterns.

  17. Patricia Diana Folk says

    Good Morning Susan……….
    That is such a job, but now it is done and looks great. I started with my bed early today because last week I procrastinated every day. I have the summer blanket in the dryer now and hopefully will get it completed by bedtime.

  18. franki Parde says

    I could just hug you!! Yes, I “change out” to “seasonal beding,” too! My comforter is..”reaching” 21 years…Ralph Lauren,tea stain w/ roses & for-get’me-not…I just luv it still. The pillow cases have become paper thin…I happened to find a standard flat sheet (same pattern) on e-bay…need to have friend make new cases. I luv yours…still…franki

  19. Love your seasonal changes. I also do seasonal, but years ago, quite by accident, I discovered I can remove my bed skirt without removing the mattress. I start at the top of the bed and “shimmy” the bed skirt towards the foot of the bed. Requires going side to side several times, but then it just comes off with a gentle pull. Reverse procedure for new skirt. I’m much older and it works. Have a great day.

  20. This is off today’s topic, but I made the chicken lettuce wraps this weekend and they were delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

  21. Thank you so much for another wonderful party, I hope you have a great week.

  22. FRANCES says

    The bed looks great. And I know what you mean about the mattress. What is with mattresses these days? I know I’m not as strong as I used to be but you have to be a weight lifter just to change the bed. I don’t think the bed looks dated at all. Beautiful colors and patterns.

  23. II remember when your friend gave you that little pillow. 😀 It’s amazing your set is still in such great shape after all these years, Susan! You’re like me, if you like something, you like it for a long time. If I really love something, I usually don’t get tired of it. Glad you were able to get that accomplished. Yay for Spring! (In 6 months I’ll be saying, yay for autumn!) 😀

  24. Linda Joseph says

    Lovely bedding! I change mine out, too, but it’s a subtle change from down comforter to a matelasse coverlet, all in off white.
    Clear, coiled screws are available to keep bedskirts in place. Just screw them every 15 inches or so along the upper edges which will be hidden by the top mattress. No more shifting.
    I also change out my art beside the kitchen door according to seasons, holidays, or whatever color placemats or China I decide on. I have several oil paintings, painted wood signs, and a favorite framed quote that are frequently swapped out. So fun, and keeps it feeling new.

  25. Hi Susan, love your spring bedding set it’s so pretty! Is your mattress king or queen sized? We have a king size bed and the mattress alone is ridiculously big and heavy. But earlier this year my husband BY HIMSELF moved the mattress and the huge Thomasville Ernest Hemingway bed frame TWICE when we were having the flooring replaced in our bedroom. I worry when he does stuff like this on his own, he isn’t 25 years old anymore. I’m afraid he’s going to throw his back out or something worse. But apparently my retired husband thinks he’s still Hercules Unchained LOL. He gets very offended if I suggest his Feats of Strength are not necessarily safe at his age LOLOL!! :0)

  26. Cheryl Simpson says

    I have this same comforter, bed skirt and pillows etc. I found them 50% off at Dillards several years ago. I had wanted them forever and was so excited to find them on sale.
    I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby that is almost identical to the bedskirt. I used it to cover the seat of a rocker and make a pillow for the rocker.
    I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.

  27. Karen Amatangelo says

    Hi Susan!

    I also have that same spring bedding and I still love mine too! I also have the Williams Sonoma tartan winter bedding which I got after seeing how beautiful yours was. I still love both. Thank you for all your great posts. I really enjoy them. I live in Canton, Ohio. I know your son lives in Ohio too.
    I also heard that Atlanta had a tornado today. Hope everything is alright with you and your home.

  28. Susan, just changed my bedding out for Summer.

    I had similar euro pillow cases at one time, form Pottery Barn.
    Your summer look is fresh and inviting!

  29. Margaret says

    Do you have a link for the coverlet? Stein Mart was my go-to store for things like that and since they are gone =(

    • No, afraid not. I bought it in HomeGoods around 18 years ago when I bought the bedding. Dillards also had them and they were almost identical, but of course a bit more expensive. So you may want to check to see if they still carry them.

    • Margaret, when you search for the coverlet, Google for Matelasse…that’s what it was called when I purchased it.

  30. When I got up this morning I said today was going to be the day to change out the duvet cover for our spring summer one. Then I looked outside and decided no. It was pouring down rain, and I like to take the all season down duvet out side to shake it good and to redistribute the down. With rain in the forecast till Wednesday, I guess I’ll have to wait a few days yet.

  31. Susan, I have curtains in my breakfast room in the same exact fabric as your summer dust ruffle and shams–with very pale yellow walls. I’ve seen your bedding featured here in past years, and always feel I’ve made a good choice if it’s ‘something Susan would choose’! It’s a very cheery and pleasing combination, especially under the grey skies of the Pacific Northwest, where we live.

    Also always choose off-white/ivory/cream matelassé coverlets and shams, and have a scalloped set much like yours, which I love–they do tend to shrink, even washed in cold water, so I end up sizing up. I try not to wash them too often, but we have a little Havanese…

  32. Susie Van Horn says

    Yes, Susan, I too change out my bedding. Your spring/summer look is drop-dead gorgeous! Love it and thanks for sharing!

  33. Cyndi Raines says

    Yes, I do know the weight lifting you had to perform in wrestling that mattress! I have the same problem. I usually do change out but since we have had such rainy cold days lately, haven’t done it yet, but hope to soon. I am going to try the idea listed above of shimmying the skirt off and on so we don’t have to lift the mattress off, but I will have to still maybe slide the mattress a bit over as I do use those little screws to keep it in place. Your spring / summer set is lovely. Happy Spring!

  34. Susan, it was like deja vu all over again when you described what happened with the mattress. I wrecked my favorite lamp on a stand when the mattress fell on it. Never found a replacement.
    This, friends, is why we only change them twice a year.

    • Oh, no! Myrna, it’s ironic you mention that. When I started this whole process and I moved the bedside table and the lamp, I thought that would be enough. But about midway through this debacle, I started thinking what if I lost control and the mattress fell the other way and got the other lamp. So I stopped right then and ended up moving both lamps into the hallway far, far away from everything. I would have been broken-hearted if either the lamps or the shades were broken since I don’t like most of the lamps (or the shades) that I find in the stores these days. I’m so sorry that happened to your favorite lamp. Have you checked on eBay just in case one may have ended up there? I hope you find another favorite to replace that one.

  35. What you have there is classic bedding, beautiful. A few more years will make it vintage. 😉 Hey, that work is definitely NOT for sissies. My sister broke a finger and had to have surgery changing her bed once. And let’s not forget shoulders that can ache for days after strenuous lifting and pulling like you did! I cleaned windows 5 days ago and my shoulder still aches – where in the world did that come from? Cheers to a good week of spring fun, not just chores!

  36. I love your Summer bed linens…
    I truly appreciate you taking the time to host this charming party each week!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  37. I also have the Rose Tree comforter, shams and bed skirt. It is so fresh. So many colors as well. It always makes me smile. It is old but I have never found anything I like better.

  38. Oh! I love both of your beddings Susan. Your story had me laughing since when we flip our mattress {king size} it takes both my husband and me and it’s still a struggle. So I can only imagine doing it solo. And then when you’re talking about the bed skirt- I’m thinking but it will move when you slide the mattress so I am amazed & impressed that it stayed put. Well done! It looks fabulous. XO- MaryJo

    PS. I have also been following along about the artwork and hope you can find the right frame. I follow the artist on instagram now because of your post and the piece you selected.

  39. Beautiful bedding! In Arizona, I make it a point to never have any of my bed skirts touch the floor! I don’t like scorpions crawling into my bed and since I’ve found 2 inside our home the past couple of years, I’m so careful now! I wish I could though! It looks so inviting and lovely! Have a wonderful week and thanks for hosting!


    Tee @ Teediddlydee

  40. Carlin Bass says

    Hey, I am hoping to buy the same Rose Tree bedding you have, on Marketplace, Although the lady isn’t being real responsive about mailing it, but hoping she will. My question is about the olive green drapes. I went in a west elm and saw them, love that they are not shiny. What I am looking for is a duvet, quilt, or comforter in the green velvet for the winter. And would like green velvet drape panels too. Can you think where I might find those the right green to go with the rose tree colors? (Sorry to be so long)

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