When Life Has Other Plans

Yesterday I had plans to post taking you on a  fun antiquing trip to A Classy Flea, followed by a historic home tour or two, but fate had other plans. The last couple of days my friend, Linda, has been visiting along with her aunt, Diane. You may remember Linda from when I shared the week we spent together touring over 13 historic homes across Louisiana and Mississippi. (See some of the tours I’ve posted previously from that week in LA and MS touring homes here: Historic Home Tours in Louisiana)

Oak Alley

Photo from Oak Alley Website

The day started out great with lots of bright sunshine. The birds were singing and coming to the feeders just outside the breakfast room window and we were all excited to have breakfast and head out for our day to A Classy Flea, lunch at Greenwoods on Green Street, ending with a tour of some of the historic homes in the area.

Garden at Greenwood's Restaurant on Green Street 10

Greenwoods on Green Street

When I came down early yesterday morning to set the table and start on breakfast, I found four delightful rooster/chicken salad plates spread out across the kitchen counter, a surprise gift from Linda and Diane. While they slept, I put together a quick little table setting, incorporating in this special gift.

2016-04-06 07.12.26-2


I was reaching for rooster glasses in the laundry room cabinet when I heard a loud thump/crash on the carpeted back stairway. I rushed around the corner to find Linda had fallen. She heard a disturbing crack when she fell and her foot began to swell in several places.

We didn’t waste any time and headed off to a nearby hospital/emergency facility just a couple of miles away. They weren’t very busy at the moment and were able to see Linda right away.

An x-ray showed she had broken her foot in three places. 🙁 Fortunately the bones were all still lined up properly and she wasn’t in a lot of pain. I was amazed by how little her foot swelled considering how many places she had broken it. I had a single, teeny fracture many years ago in my foot and it swelled up tremendously.

They placed a temporary cast on Linda’s foot and suggested she see their orthopedic doctor for a permanent cast later that day. Linda decided to wait and see her own orthopedic doctor since she would be returning home the following day. After a trip to Wal-Mart to purchase crutches (visible in the chair in the background) I prepared a quick breakfast for us once we got back home.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly plans can change. Linda and I have been talking about her visiting forever and I was so sad the trip had to end this way for her. Instead of antiquing, lunching and home touring, we spent the day in an Emergency Room, shopping for crutches and talking/sorting out all the details for her return trip home and her scheduled appointment for a permanent cast.

Breakfast Table


Crazy and a little scary how fast life can change in a second, isn’t it? Linda is a ball of energy, we both tend to always be in a hurry with places to go and things to do. She told me she had already been up/down the back staircase twice that morning with no issues. But that third time, she overshot a step slightly and slipped, catching herself on the hand rail but not before twisting her foot.

This was a lesson that day for us all three, to slow down and be more thoughtful and focused on what we are doing. I’m always so distracted, my mind thinking about the 20 things I want to get done that day instead of on what I’m doing at that very moment. I love a two-story home and love the exercise I get from running up and down the stairs all day, but this has made me much more aware that I need to really be careful each and every time. Take nothing for granted!

I remember once hearing a man I was passing in a stairwell in a parking garage describe going down stairs as “a controlled fall.” I never thought about it that way until he said that as we chatted passing in the stairwell, but that’s such a good description of the process. It’s the “losing control” part that will bite you in the tush every time.

So please think about that the next time you head down a flight of stairs: Going down stairs is nothing but a controlled fall. Be sure to hold tight to that handrail and control the fall!

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  1. Susan, yes life can change in a second! I am so sorry about Linda’s fall and her broken foot! Wishing her a speedy recovery!

  2. bobbi duncan says

    So true! Now that I’m mid-60’s I find I’m not as coordinated as I was a few years ago when I could still scale the stairs a few steps at a time, so I’m very cautious now.

  3. Oh, poor Linda! I hope her foot heals quickly and she is are able to return so you can make your planned trip to A Classy Flea (I love that place!) soon.

  4. What a shame, so sorry about your friends fall. I know she must be upset about the break and just as upset about missing all the fun.:(

    The last time we went on vacation our youngest slip by the pool on our cruise and split her chin open, my mother tripped over a tree stump on the private Island breaking her toe and I was sea sick every day…all day long.

    • Carrie, my son badly hurt his foot by tripping/falling on his honeymoon a few years back. I guess when we are out of our element, we need to be especially watchful. So sorry all that happened to you guys while on vacation.

      • You must be right. We kept telling ourselves we need to buy the T-Sirt that said…”Are we having fun yet?” Sorry about your friend, hope she is ok and on the mend.

  5. Kathy P. says

    Glad Linda will be OK. Life has a way of slowing us down to each just enjoy each other’s company. Such a sweet thought of them to give you those darling dishes. Beautiful table setting.

    • Linda Page says

      Thanks, Kathy. I survived an 11 1/2 hour drive back to Texas today but I am now laying down with my foot propped up. Our visit was short but sweet.

      • Bless your heart Linda! I’m sure you were ready to put that foot up after that long drive. Good luck at the ortho doctor. Vikki in SA

  6. It’s so true how everything can change in an instant. If you think about it, that’s how most of ‘change’ occurs…whether it’s through a death, a birth, a fall or a million things in between, the events that change our lives the most happen quickly and unexpectedly.

    The other day I fell on our steps just outside our house. They were icy (yes, we have snow!), but I didn’t get hurt.

  7. Oh my goodness! I will be sending positive thoughts for quick healing

  8. Well, you had a beautiful table to enjoy that delayed breakfast. Seems like the conversation and ah-ha moments were the Lords plan

  9. Linda Diane Carullo says

    Thanks for this column today. I broke a tiny bone in my foot last year and was in a boot for six weeks and PT for almost a year…it’s so important to be aware of your surroundings…

  10. Oh dear that’s terrible. I’m glad for her it wasn’t any worse but still what a bummer! I guess you two will have to take a raincheck on going out together. You are so right about stairs. I hang on to my railing because I’ve always been a klutz on the stairs. I grew up in a ranch with no basement- no stairs and always found them awkward as a child. Anyway- I wish her well on her recovery.

  11. Debbie L. says

    So sorry Linda’s trip had to end on a sour note, but I’m sure you all made the best of a bad situation. It is a good reminder that we do need to be more careful in our day to day activities. Wish Linda a speedy recovery!

  12. All that and you still set up a pretty breakfast table! Whatawoman!
    I hope Linda recovers fast and you get your house/antiquing tour another day soon.
    Sweet plates they gave you. They must be darling women…….
    All the best MJ

    • lol Well, I had actually already set it up in the dining room before the fall happened, just needed the glasses. I moved it to the breakfast room when we returned from the ER since it was easier for Linda to eat there. I forgot to show Jean Claude in that quick photo I took. He was the centerpiece. He gave Linda and Diane (her Aunt) a little chuckle, I think. They are both a lot of fun! Thanks, MJ!

  13. I forgot to add on my previous post…I LOVE the chicken plates you were gifted with. How thoughtful was that gift!?

    • It really was! Linda was so sneaky. She had placed them there after we all went to bed so I’d find them in the morning. 🙂

  14. Charlotte says

    I am so sorry your friend Linda fell, I wish her a speedy recovery. We all need to slow down and “smell the roses”, time goes by so fast it seems we get caught up in the things we need to do and don’t take time to relax and enjoy the things we should.

    • Linda Page says

      My son is always telling me that I get in too much of a hurry and never look down!! Now he gets to say “I told you so”. We never know when we just might take a fall. Susan was wonderful to take care of me and my aunt. I will definitely return so Susan and I can do some fun things instead of hanging out in an emergency care facility.

  15. I am so sorry your day went like that. It is never good when you end up in the emergency room. We all do need to be more mindful and present.

  16. 2 yrs ago I was going to pu my car from dealership and as I walked into customer service office I slipped on a puddle of water, broke my knee in two places. I had planned on shopping for hubbys bday dinner gift and was in a great mood. the next few months were nothing like I had planned for! Good news I had a great ortho dr and great physical therapist worked hard to get back to normal with my knee. Yes life changes can happen in a second – like everything else you have get on with your life. It took awhile but once I did I was over being angry and proud of the work I did in rehab. I hope your friend has a speedy recovery. We placed a folding chair in bathtub so I could shower. I would wrap my leg in plastic wrap and a couple of trash bags to shower. I also used an office chair to wheel myself around to cook and housework in general. Much better than a wheel chair for me mentally and being able to adjust height in kitchen really helped.

    • Jo, so sorry about your fall, wwful when something like that happens. 🙁 Thanks for that tip! I know Linda will be reading all these comments and will appreciate the ideas for getting around the next six weeks.

    • Linda Page says

      No, thanks for these great tips. I was wondering how to manage a bath and getting around the house.

  17. I love your rooster dishes. I particularly like to see the breakfast you prepared served on those dishes.

    • Thanks, Anita. It wasn’t anything too fancy…just scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, fruit and toast. We were all good and hungry and by that point so I kept it simple.

  18. Hi, Susan. I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s fall and the plans that went awry. I had a very close call on a staircase many years ago (I grabbed the banister JUST IN TIME) and I was so grateful I hadn’t fallen, I promised myself I would NEVER go down any stairs without holding the rail. I have kept that promise, and I like the explanation that going downstairs is a “controlled fall”. We all need to heed that visual. Enjoy what time is left for your friend’s visit. I hope her recovery is a quick and uneventful one. That way, maybe she can come back again soon to continue your planned adventures! Rosie

    • That is good advice, Rosie. I run up my front steps all the time, never touching the handrail. That’s looking like a bad idea right now. I should probably use it even when running up the stairs.

  19. Jane Franks says

    Oh, Susan! So sorry to hear of your friend’s mishap! Yes, life can change FAST!

    I discovered this first hand, recently, when I pulled a muscle (I thought) in my back moving a trash bin to the alley, in January. It turned out to be torn or strained, and I ended up spending much of the last 3 months in terrible pain, and aborting many of the lifting, moving tasks I ordinarly do, and assigned to some Physical Therapy! I spent Jan. 7 to March 29, 1/2 sitting 1/2 laying — sleeping on my unopened sofa bed in my office, and getting 2 hour naps with med and moving around in between, being totally sleep deprived and feeling (and acting, probably!) like a zombie!! I’m like you and your friend, “on the go” and with a zest for getting things done and enjoying life! This reminded me that I, too, am not immune to injury!

    Thankfully, I’m finally back in my bed, lying flat, and I never thought of that as a luxury, but have certainly come to appreciate it now!! And I’ve renewed my courage and hope, and revised my schedule this week. We are taking a road trip to my sister’s family in a month to celebrate!!

    I do hope for quick recovery for your friend, and how fortunate she is to have such a resourceful friend as you to take charge and buy her new crutches! And to even put on such a lovely breakfast table in the midst of it all! Bless you for your positive, courageous spirit. You are an inspiration to us all!

    Take care! And I will, too!! Jane xo

  20. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”
    I always thought that quote was so true. I hope Linda heals quickly. The bright side is at least she was there & you all still got to visit. The setting (hospital) may not have been in the plans but the company was still good!
    Also, those plates are very cute!

  21. Good to seethat she did not break her !@# as I nearly did falling down the Butler’s stairs, ha! We had just moved into our Victorian relic last winter and I had yet to put a runner on the back stairs. During a Spring visit from my husband’s family from Spain I was busy cleaning and doing laundry while they were out sightseeing.
    For some odd reason I thought it an excellent idea to go down these bare stairs with wool socks on, a cup of coffee in one hand and a laundry basket in the other. ( Blinking rapidly here ).
    I felt my right foot slip forward. I gripped my coffee cup tighter , hoping it would not spill, yet the contents splashed onto the east wall….( “so that is how all those coffee stains got on the stairwell walls!”, I thought to myself as my flat bottom hit the edge of the stair tread. With one hand still firmly gripping the 1950’s diner mug of coffee, and the other still holding the laundry basket, I noisily plunked down an entire flight of stairs.
    By the time I reached the bottom my mug was empty and I in shock. I was sure that I left my !@# back on that third step and did not want to turn around to look for it. :-O I mean….I could no longer feel anything on the ‘south-side’ so knew that could NOT be good news, haha.

    Moral of the story? ALWAYS invest in stair runner or pads FIRST when you buy a home. And, of course, never drink anything while going up or down a flight of stairs. 😉

    Glad that your friend only broke her foot!
    For super sonic healing may I suggest Arnica supplements? It works.

    • Jamie, that sounds just like something I would do. I’m always trying to carry too much up and down my stairs. About a month or so ago, I dropped something under my desk and reached under the desk to pick it up. When I went to sit back down, my office chair flew out from under me scooting across the room. I had just put brand new rollers on it and they are fast! I landed right on my tail bone. At first I thought I had broken it but I think I may have just bruised it because it’s a lot better now. I could hardly sit on even a padded chair for a while. Glad you are okay, now! I know Linda will read these comments, she’s on the way back to TX today. So appreciate those tips!

  22. Glad to hear Linda will be okay. Love the rooster plates.

  23. I’m so sorry to hear about your friends accident. I hope she will recover quickly. Falling on the stairs, I’m glad it wasn’t worse.
    Sweet plates they gave you and your breakfast break (no pun intended) looked delicious.

  24. Jo Marie Gray says

    Yes, I have also heard the term “controlled fall”, right after my dear friend and neighbor fell down the last 3 steps in her home. She was carrying a box of books to donate to a local charity, had made the trip up and down several times that day alone and then….BAM!!! She ended up flying across her foyer, breaking her wrist, bumping her head and suffering some stiffness for several days to follow.
    Age is not the cause…TWENTY YEARS AGO, I fell down the stairs carrying a laundry basket…only broke my big toe, but that was enough to make me aware of the dangers of the stairs.
    I was just saying this morning, that we do these things to ourselves, we rush and try to do so much. I remember years ago life seemed to go at a slower pace, we took a day to rest, now we just jet propel ourselves. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and be watchful.
    Speedy recovery to Linda.
    Jo Marie

    • Jo Marie, you are so right. I have a good friend who broke her foot falling on steps and she was in her 20’s at the time. I do think we are all just trying to do too much in too short a time…and we have too much on our minds. I know when I’m running up and down stairs, my mind is on the place I’m going and what I’m about to do, never on the navigating the stairs safely where it really should be.

  25. Thanks for the reminder because I too tend to move fast with a 1000 things to get done.

  26. Brenda Lawrence says

    Oh yes, I have learned how quickly life can change! I found that out when my all to young 52 year husband lost his life to colon cancer in Oct. I’m so sorry about Linda’s fall and injury. That just stinks, but happy that at least her breaks didn’t require surgery. I am happy that you ladies still got to spend time together as well. It’s the little things that are really the best. Hugs, Brenda

  27. I do hope Linda is feeling better.

    I loved the plates that she and Diane purchased for you and your tablescape. As someone mentioned above, you are indeed an inspiration to us all and not just for your decorating. You are a good person.

    Word of caution . . . some people don’t need stairs to fall. I can walk down the street and fall down. My boss says I am gravitationally challenged. I think he’s right.

  28. So sorry about your friend’s fall, glad she wasn’t hurt too badly. One of the things that happen as you grow older is your balance isn’t as good as it was in your youth. Your reflex reactions are also much slower.

    More difficulty with balance + slower reflexes = tendency to fall

    My doctor says I should do things that improve my sense of balance, like practicing standing on one foot for an extended period of time. Yoga is also supposed to be good for helping improve balance.

    In any case, I’m glad you and your friend at least got to have a delicious breakfast with those adorable rooster plates. Have a great day! :0)

    • Such good advice, Elena! I need to do the same. They talk about how important it is to strengthen your core, I bet that’s part of the balance thing, too.

  29. Catherine Schiele says

    I stepped off a curb while walking my dog and broke my foot last summer. Had to wear that dumb boot for what seemed like forever. My biggest concern was that my shoes would still fit (they do). Love the rooster plates. Could you share where they were purchased? Thanks. Cathy

  30. Yikes, things can get harry so quickly! I’m sorry Linda is injured and that your plans were suddenly changed. You can always reschedule a “next time”. I’m sure that next time will include careful descents and controlling the falls. :-/ (Lovely rooster plates, by the way!)

  31. Oh no! I hope she heals fast. It is painful since you must use your feet somewhat. I once got 5 stress fractures in my right foot just from the way I stood on a ladder to paint! It was so painful! They gave me the Frankenstein boot to wear, which made walking so difficult, and that caused me to fall and damage my right knee. The knee ended up needing surgery after my foot healed! NO FUN!

  32. Dear Susan, how dreadful for all of you. I’ve had several minor issues pop up lately because I wasn’t paying attention. My husband keeps telling me to “slow down” and I think for those of us with quick minds the trick is to slow down and then slow down some more. Praying for quick healing for your dear friend, Linda.

  33. Wow. Life is but a bumpy ride. Hope she has a speedy recovery.

  34. Gosh, I hope Linda will heal wholly and quickly. I have a friend who broke her foot this past January when her foot fell asleep while sitting, and she fell into an ottoman in her LR! It certainly makes you aware of your home situation when you find yourself impaired, doesn’t it? It was good that you were there for your friend. I’m sure that meant the world to her.

  35. So sorry to hear about your friend. Excellent advice about stairs. I had a bad fall twice on the same step stairway. Luckily, no injuries, but I certainly treat stairs with respect now!

  36. Here comes hugs for Linda from PA!

  37. We all need to be more careful. We always want to accomplish everything in one day. As they say “Slow down and smell the Roses”. I am so glad that her foot was able to get a soft cast until she got home.

    The rooster plates were beautiful and your breakfast looks so good. Sorry that you didn’t get to do all the things that you had planned. She will just have to come back again.

    Have a great rest of the week.


  38. What a shame that Linda broke her foot, but thankfully it was not worse. That’s how accidents happen, we hurry and don’t think about what we are doing and suddenly there is a problem. I know ~ I am guilty of the same thing. Take care!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  39. Hope she feels better

  40. Marlene Stephen says

    So sorry to hear about your friend Linda,hope she heals fast. Those are great rooster plates you received from her. Friends are a blessing.

  41. I move too fast too, EXCEPT on steps! I fell down a flight of stairs about 12 years ago and thank God my daughter was ahead of me and broke my fall somewhat as I fell face first!!! BOTH of my ankles hit every step on the way down and I was VERY bruised but nothing broken! I always hold on now, that scared the daylights out of me! So glad Linda will be OK, so sorry she broke her foot:(:(

  42. Bless her heart! My husband broke his foot in January and is still on crutches. He had to have surgery and have pins put in. They told him he wont be able to return to work until June or July. We wonder why things like this happen but, all things are for a reason.

  43. Linda S in NE says

    So sorry to hear of Linda’s accident, and glad her injury was not worse. I’m sure whenever you use those adorable gifted plates, you will have fond memories and reminders of Linda and Diane. I am wishing her speedy, uneventful healing.

  44. Both my sister and my daughter broke bones in their feet, a week apart. They were in different states, but both “missed the bottom step” in their respective homes. Yikes!

  45. I took a bad fall in my garage 4 weeks ago and finally went to the doctor this past week because of the swelling. I am grateful nothing was broken but really hit hard so felt really shaken. Everyone keep taking your calcium!!
    Sorry the shopping got interrupted!

  46. Yes, as someone said above, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” I am sorry your fun time, which, BTW, is my idea of a wonderful day, was so waylaid. I’m glad Linda wasn’t hurt any worse. I broke my first bone 2 summers ago, my wrist, while out pulling just a few weeds from the garden surrounding my sunroom. I wanted them gone from my pretty view. Well, it wasn’t worth it! I heard my bone break as I reached out to break my fall ( now a bad expression with me! ). I had to go to the ER with dirt on my shirt and hands. My husband and I tried to get it off, but only a shower will suffice for that. I hope that later in the summer, you and Linda and Diane can try again and have the beautiful day you started this week. I would LOVE to visit The Classy Flea, myself. Glad you are feeling better! And Linda and Diane found you some adorable plates!

  47. Nancy Corson says

    A number of years ago my mother-in-law slipped on our back stairs and broke her ankle. She was coming down the stairs with a glass of water in one hand and a post card she had just written in the other when she slipped. I heard her fall and her foot was already swelling by the time I reached her.

    You’re right! Things can change in a moment’s time.

  48. I’m sorry to hear about Linda’s accident. Hope she is without pain and that the break heals quickly. Too bad the emergency room had to replace the Classy Flea. Not a good exchange. Ha!
    The rooster plates are adorable. You’ll have fun with them, but I bet you always think of the fateful morning when you use them. Ha!

  49. Oh that is an awful thing that happened to Linda!

    My friend took a tumble down the basement steps in the church a few years back, in her 60s. (They are carpeted steps). She was ok. She told us that you have to RELAX when you fall. So we kid her now …anytime someone mentions a fall… in the news or whatever, we say they should have attended the Sister Morris School of Falling. LOL

    I was thinking….since Linda broke her foot in THREE places….did they check her for osteoporosis?

    My mom fell on ice in front of her house at age 60 (and she was VERY active, working a F/T job), and broke her wrist. They found she had osteo and treated her for it.

    Treating it could help prevent a more serious break in the future…like a hip or worse.

  50. Poor Linda! Life changes in a second. I highly recommend a knee walker instead of crutches if she has to be non-weight bearing. When I shattered my heel into 7 pieces (ladder fall on my porch), I could not put my foot on the ground for almost 5 months. That knee walker was a life saver, my husband is convinced I would have killed myself on crutches. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  51. So sorry to hear about your friend – I have had an ankle break and also just sprains and the doctor told me that the more the swelling, the less likely that it is a break – odd but true. I hope Linda recovers soon! And those sweet little plates are adorable!

  52. ~Susan~
    so sorry about your friend, so thankful it wasn’t more serious !! I remember when my dad fell off a ladder and broke all the bones going to his toes, of course back then all they did was put a case on it !! The chicken plates so cute , I bet it made your breakfast taste wonderful !
    Take Care and speedy recovery to Linda!
    Paula -IN

  53. I’m so sorry about your friend! I hope she heals quickly. It looks like you made her a delicious breakfast, though. Life can change very quickly. I found that out with my dad recently – a man who hadn’t been to a dr. in 58 years, had to be hospitalized for 3 weeks!

  54. I have recently become addicted to your blog. I have so enjoyed your home tours and posts. I’m so sorry your plans were foiled. Yes, we should ALL be more mindful. Life can change on a dime for sure. Hope your friend is better soon.

  55. Linda Page says

    Thanks to everyone who sent get well wishes. After a long 11 hour drive back to Texas, I am worn out but anxious to see the orthopedic doctor tomorrow and hear what he thinks about my foot. I am not looking forward to weeks in a cast. Susan took me to get crutches but I am very unsteady on them and I am concerned about how I will manage on them. I am too dang old for this nonsense!!Lol I am so glad you all like the dishes. I think they are darling. Now I am wishing I had gotten some for me. I plan on a return visit so Susan can take me to The Classy Flea. It will be such fun. Wish me good results at the doctor tomorrow.

  56. I feel so bad for Linda, and you, as well for your injury. As we get older we think we are as spry as we were when we were younger (not that this was the case with Linda). As so many of these ladies have recounted in their comments, we’ve all suffered injuries and aches and pains that we don’t bounce back from. I fell off a chair whenI was trying to turn on ceiling fan just last July. I fractured my arm in three places. Even after 8 weeks of PT I am in pain and I have a true fear of standing on chairs and ladders. I can’t believe that I did that sort of stuff all the time, filling bird feeders, getting things from high shelves and I hate depending others. Sadly, we don’t bounce back as easily as when we were younger. It’s a lesson to be cautious, to slow down. Stay healthy and think twice. Ask for help.

    Thank you for sharing, Susan.


  57. Cyndi Raines says

    I hate it when plans change like that! You so look forward to a good time and then it changes in an instant! I was excited to read you were going to take “us” to the Classy Flea, so now we have to wait too! haha Thankfully Linda is home and hopefully will have a speedy recovery and some encouraging news tomorrow. Really liked the Rooster plates. Hopefully you will reconnect soon.

  58. Sherry Thompson says

    Oh Susan,
    I am sad to hear of Linda’s fall. Sounds like something I would do. I will keep her in my prayers. I volunteer at a local hospital and many short courses are offered for volunteers. I plan on taking the one about helping those who fall and how to brace yourself when falling. And yes, there are excercises that will strengthen your legs and help with balance. Yoga is great.
    Those cute dishes are something to crow about! I know you will always think of your friends when you use them.
    Take care of yourself.


  59. Hi Susan, I am sorry your plans were interrupted! Your table is lovely! I especially like your placemats and napkins. Do you happen to remember the source? Blessings!

    • Thanks, Judith! I purchased the placemats so many years ago, it’s hard to remember. I remember when I bought them, they only had three placemats and three napkins and I purchased them hoping to find at least one more set and never did. I think I found those in HomeGoods, if I’m remembering correctly.

    • Judith, I was thinking again this evening and I think those came from Kohls.

  60. So sorry about Linda’s accident but glad it wasn’t any worse! I hope you 3 can schedule another visit soon and maybe even go on a few home tours. I love home tours so don’t forget to share pictures with us. BTW, I like your new rooster plates—they were a very nice gift. Linda’s fall reminds me of one I took many, many years ago when my children were all toddlers. We lived in married student housing and had concrete stairs. My tennis shoes had smooth bottoms and I slipped going down. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when my bumpy ride ended. Just picturing what I must have looked like sitting straight up and bouncing all the way down the stairs was hilarious! Fortunately I was not hurt. I promise you, if I took that tumble today I would have to go to the emergency room! I wish Linda a complete and speedy recovery.

  61. So sorry about Linda’s fall. Praying for a very speedy recovery!

  62. Diane Dixon says

    Susan, you’re a lovely hostess and visiting you in this delightful home was such a pleasure. At least Linda fell on day 7 of our trip instead of day 1 or we would have not seen you at all. We had climbed many steps along the way. Thank you for your hospitality and being Linda’s ambulance driver too. We never know what tomorrow will bring so we must rejoice each day for the gift of being. Thank you for everything. Your article was great.

    • Thanks so much, Diane. It was great having you guys here and I’m looking forward to when you come back. We still have houses to tour and some Classy Flea shopping to do. 🙂 Looking forward to the next time!

  63. Susan, so sorry to hear about Linda’s accident …. but thankfully it wasn’t her hip.

    @ Linda, I hope your foot is healing and you will be up and running in no time. Sending speedy recovery wishes your way. -Brenda-

  64. Oh, no! I hope Linda heals ok. I am forever injuring myself, too, trying to do too much. This is a great post, and a wonderful reminder to slow down, enjoy life.

  65. Hi Susan, I am just now reading this blog post because I have been in Marietta for 2 weeks taking care of my grand dog while her family went on a big vacation. I recall a couple of years ago when my other daughter in Smyrna broke her foot at the Marietta daughter’s house while hiding Easter eggs in the yard. My stay in Atlanta was extended for a few weeks then because her foot was broken too. She tried crutches but they were just too hard on her, so she rented one of those knee wheelers and it made life much better. She had a young child, so that is where I came in handy. Also, I became her chauffer, which was quite interesting in her huge SUV! Best of luck to Linda, and I hope y’all get to do that great day that was planned at some time in the future.

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