Granite That Looks Similar To Carrara Marble: Bianco Romano

Thanks so much for all the awesome suggestions and information you left on Wednesday’s post about the bathroom update/renovation I’m starting to plan. It has been so helpful! If you’re thinking of updating a bathroom anytime soon, I really recommend you check out the comments on that post because there are tons of great ideas and information about what to avoid in that post. You’ll find that post here: Shopping for Bathroom Vanities: A Guest Bath Renovation

This post is going to be a short one…I’m super sick right now. I spent Easter weekend visiting with my son, dil and grandson. On Sunday my son started getting a very sore throat. I think I caught whatever he was getting because on Wednesday evening, I came down with a brutally sore throat.

I thought at first I had breathed in a cleaner I had been using earlier that day that had bleach in it, but when I awoke the next morning, it was obvious it was much more than that. My throat felt like someone had taken a blow torch to it. Then the aches and pains kicked in. So, I think it’s a combination cold/virus and it’s the pits.

I’ve been in bed all day but finally got up this evening to eat and drink something. I’m going to bed as soon as I finish this post. Advil Cold and Sinus has helped but nothing really stops the aches. My body just has to fight it off, which means getting a lot of sleep.

Two Cool Things To Share

I have two things that are pretty awesome that I want to share. One is a product the VP of the company that manages my lawn care recommended to me. He was having a terrible time with mildew and mold getting in between the folds of the outdoor curtains he has hanging from his pergola/porch.

So, he cleaned them really good, then sprayed them with a product called Spray and Forget. He said it’s amazing and he hasn’t had anymore issues. Every so often, he sprays them again.

He said, the best way to use it is to clean whatever it is (deck, outdoor curtains, outdoor furniture, etc…) then after you have it cleaned, spray it with Spray and Forget. You’re supposed to let it completely dry before pets walk on it. If you buy this product, be sure and read all the directions on how to use it safely as you would any product.

I had read all these reviews online where folks sprayed it on decks that were in terrible condition. They all said it took several months, but eventually the decks looked awesome again without any scrubbing. I’m not that patient, I know I’d have to clean the decks first. You can read the reviews here: Spray and Forget

Out of curiosity, I decided to try it on a spot on my front porch. As mentioned, I’m impatient, so I knew I probably wouldn’t be willing to wait for it to work, but I just wanted to see what it would do.

Here’s how a spot on the front porch look before I used it.

Before using Spray & Forget


Here’s how it looked about 5-6 days later. You can definitely see a big improvement. I have friends coming to my home on Monday so I was too impatient to wait for it to work on its own, so I went ahead and cleaned this area with a bleach solution. But if Spray and Forget could improve it as much as it did in just 5-6 days, I think it would have really worked if I had been willing to wait.

I’m think I’ll spray that area about once a year as a preventative. Just wanted to share this in case you are having a mildew issue on outdoor cushions/furniture, etc… I think it’s supposed to be safe to use on fabric since that’s what the person who told me about it used it on, but read all the directions first to make sure. Warning: READ THE DIRECTIONS BEFORE USING THIS OR ANY PRODUCT!

Spray and Forget Beginning to Work


Granite That Looks Similar to Carrara Marble

The other thing I wanted to share is this: Did you know there are a few types of granite out there that have a similar look to Carrara marble? I had no idea! After reading some of the issues you can have with marble in the comments on Wednesday’s post and online, I was starting to worry about using it in the bathroom renovation I’m planning.

So I googled for “granite that looks similar to Carrara marble” and found this picture of a granite-covered island at Countertop Specialty. The granite that you see below is called Bianco Romano. Isn’t it beautiful! Amazing how much it looks like Carrara marble! I love how white and bright it is. It would be nice to have a countertop in the bathroom that I didn’t have to worry about.

Bianco Romano Granite, Similar Look To Carrara Marble


Anyway, just wanted to share this with you in case you are thinking about a bathroom renovation and contemplating using marble. You may want to check into some of the lighter granite that somewhat mimics the look of marble.

Okay, I’m going back to bed now, the aches are back in full force. Have a wonderful weekend and stay well out there!

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  1. So sorry you are feeling bad, Susan. Take care and rest!

  2. Take care, Susan. I know exactly how you feel. I’m just now getting over mine. An 11 day ordeal. The virus settled in my chest, too and breathing was difficult and it felt on fire. Coughing was miserable. Never had anything like it before. It’s horrible. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Susan, I’m sorry you are feeling so miserable. Are you sure it isn’t strep throat? If it is, you need to get on an antibotic. Hope you feel better soon. Don’t ignore your symptons. Go to an emergency clinic and see what this is.
    Take care!

  4. So sorry to hear you’re under the weather! My hubs and I just got over an awful virus that started like a cold and then developed into a violent cough that hung on for awhile. To make things worse, we came down with it near the end of our trip to Europe (at least it was near the end!).
    Rest and get better!! Hugs!

  5. Try a local Honey for your throat. You can put it in hot tea, hot water or eat a couple of Tbsps. Straight out of the jar. Be sure it isn’t an imported (from China) honey, and not pasteurized or it might not work.

    Sure did help me!

  6. Iris McCloud says

    Hope you feel well soon.

  7. Kathryn H. Peltier says

    Check out Vicostone Romance Series quartz. They are the most realistic looking marble patterns out there.

  8. Hope you feel better soon and thanks for that tip about the cleaner!

  9. Hope you are feeling better! It seems like this year the cold/flu viruses are hitting later in the winter. Ugh. I love the granite in the picture. I went thru the same thing with our kitchen reno. I would have loved marble but went with White Ice Granite. It has a similar look to the one in your picture but maybe with a little more black mixed in. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Oh wow, sure hope you don’t have Strep! It is going around here. I am all to familiar with that sore throat you wrote about. 🙁 Prayers for your quick recovery. ((hugs)) Vikki in Va.

  11. Holly Rigby says

    Hi Susan,
    Hope you feel better soon! We just don’t bounce back the way we did when we were 20! Have you thought of Formica FX 180. We have it in our lake house…it is gorgeous! We have had it in our newbuild NH house for 6 years. Is still perfect! Looks just like granite. Now they have an carrera marble look alike and lots of people are using it as islands in a granite kitchen.
    Holly in Texas

  12. Oh, Susan, so sorry you’re not well. Please rest, don’t worry about pushing yourself to make deadlines, HYDRATE and seek medical advice if you’re not improving. Get well soon!! Rosie

  13. Ewwww, sounds like you caught a doozie! Hope it clears up soon! You might want to check out the natural black elderberry product Sambucol.

  14. Hope you’re feeling better soon–I’ve got it too and am finally rounding the corner 12 days in.
    LUV that granite–didn’t know there was such a thing either!

  15. Susan, I second the comment about making sure you don’t have Strep! Please take care of yourself!

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh Susan, will say a prayer for a soon recovery. My friend was sick with that for over 2 weeks. I just recovered from a lower intestinal virus – not fun. Get LOTS of rest and get to a dr. quick. God bless.

  17. So sorry you are feeling bad; hope you are better soon! I have used Spray and Forget. It works well, if slowly. Word of caution….I used part of a bottle and stored the rest safely, I thought, in our paint storeroom. It leaked out the closed sprayer over time and ran. Our dear pet escaped into the storeroom, apparently walked through an almost dry leak spot, burned his paw and after almost a thousand dollars at the emergency vet (holiday weekend) he was ok, but had to take meds internally in case he had licked his paw since it could burn esophagus, so PLEASE keep well away from animals. I store mine now locked up inside a big bucket to avoid any further leakage problems. Not sure I would use it on cushions or anywhere pets would be in case rain or water could reactivate it.

  18. Therese Kirkendall says

    When we remodeled our kitchen 8 years ago I was looking for granite that looked like marble. I used Bianco Romano and had it honed.

  19. Judith L says

    If you really want an easy care countertop, quartz is the way to go. It never has to be sealed/resealed. I had quartz countertops and backsplashes installed in my kitchen and I love them! Hope you get well soon.

  20. Catalynn says

    The Bianco Romano is gorgeous Susan and although I didnt post in your vanity thread I will just say that we used Carrara Marble on our master bedroom ensuite vanity and I wish we hadn’t… I’ve had so many problems with it etching even though it was properly sealed after installation… the first time it etched was from me cleaning the mirror above it with Windex.. some of the mist landed on the counter and we had teeny tiny etched circles all over the carrara marble… it wasn’t super noticeable unless the sun was shining in the window and you stood at a certain angle so we left it.
    Then some time later I was cleaning the shower which is a number of feet away.. I sprayed the ceramic tiles in the shower with a tile cleaner.. and yup.. somehow the mist floated and when I had finished the shower I noticed OBVIOUS etching all over the marble on the vanity top… I was so upset.
    We found out that you can buff it out with this powder they sell at Home Depot and other places so that’s what we did… but it still shows a bit under certain light…I guess we’ll have to get it professionally buffed and resealed.
    I will NEVER put marble on a counter top again.. I know some love it and it’s beautiful but for me it’s just too finicky.
    Go with the granite it’s perfect.. we have Brazilian Arabescato granite on our vanity in the main bath, it’s opposite coloring of the carrara… being mainly grey with white veining and I’ve never had any problems no matter what cleaners I use…it looks as gorgeous as the day it was installed.

    Just for reference in case you’re interested..there’s also another product that’s white with grey veining like the carrara.
    It’s Cambria Torquay quartz.. it has a finer veined appearance…my friend put it on her ensuite bath vanity and it’s gorgeous, she says it’s very easy to maintain no etching or anything like that.

  21. Susan, with terrible aches like you are experiencing, you may have the flu. There is a very short window for the anti-flu medication to work, so you need to hightail over to an urgent care. All your loyal readers have turned into your mamas…full of medical advice!

  22. I used a quartz in my master bathroom that looked very similar to marble. Can’t remember the name but it was made by LG. I really love the look and much easier to maintain than granite or marble.

    Hope you feel better soon! I agree with the other comments – if you feel really bad make sure to get checked for strep. I’ve had it a few times and it feels like your throat is on fire.

  23. Highly recommend the Cambria quartz. Nothing , but nothing, will harm it and it is beautiful. I agree with Catalynn about the Torquay pattern. Also, seams will not show. I have it in my bathroom and love it.

  24. Linda Gardepe says

    Susan, I am so sorry to hear that you are sick, there is so much going around now!

    The Bianco Romano is exactly what I used after my horrible experience with the marble in my bathroom. It has been perfect and I love it! Take care of yourself and feel better.

  25. Susan~

    Bless you my gosh, hope you feel better soon!! Warm lemonade helps sore throats too.

    Thanks for sharing the information on the spray and I Love the beautiful counter top looking like marble !!

    Take care of YOU
    Paula -IN

  26. Susan, so sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather and hopefully you will make a quick recovery.

    Re the granite; totally lovely as IMO there is nothing that surpasses the beauty or variations that nature has to offer. That said and a little tip if choosing any ‘au natural stone’ for a project; if at all possible purchase it from a stone yard and view it outside in the daylight (not at dusk) for colour and/or for imperfections. (i.e.: stains, fissures, flea bites, buckshot, etc.)
    – Brenda-

    P.S.: For those who prefer a Quartz product that resembles marble; FYI Cesarstone just recently released two more on the market. One is called Nobel Gray and the other is Statuario Maximus. (I don’t believe they were listed in the link that Susan provided.)

    (Footnote: I am not a spokesperson for Cesarstone …. ☺.)

  27. Oh, Susan, so very sorry you are sick! This is really going around now. I had the respiratory version a few weeks back and was sick for two weeks. These 2016 winter bugs are very hard to shake. Do take care and I know if you are not much betterin a day or so that you will see a doctor. I imagine all your aches are from fever. Mine were. God bless.
    Your countertops will be lovely! I am really interested in the spray and forget product. Thanks for sharing.

  28. You’re such a trooper to write a post while you’re feeling so poorly Susan.

    The product suggestions are so appreciated! Take care and get plenty of rest.

  29. Marlene Stephenson says

    So sorry, sending up a prayer,hope you feel better soon.

  30. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, I was sorry to read that you are feeling so sick. Please take care of you and don’t concern yourself with us, your blog groupies (I know you will go above and beyond worrying about us when you should be caring for yourself). And please seek medical attention if you don’t start feeling better SOON as some viruses migrate to the lungs and can last a month or longer. Sending prayers for healing.

    Quartz is a wonderful solution–friends have it and love it. So glad to learn they now have quartz that looks like marble. Thanks for sharing that info. and the one about the Spray and Forget–will use that after we get our deck cleaned later this month. You always find the best stuff! Hugs!

  31. HANG IN there kiddo!!! I just luv quartz!!! franki

  32. Karen Aamodt says

    I was so intrigued reading about granite that could be a copy-cat for marble…I googled the Cambria Torquay that another reader suggested and in the search results was Cambria Berwyn. This granite has a deep cream colored background and would be good for those of us who can’t use the white. Thank you so much for sharing; this may be a game changer for me!


  33. I’m hoping you are resting and feeling better. Once again, your post was just the info I needed when I needed it. I loved the look of marble counter tops I had seen in a display kitchen a few years ago at a builder’s expo. Having loved the granite (which is now unavailable) that I had installed in the house I just sold, I was concerned my dream of lightening up the kitchen in my new house with the marble would be impractical with grandkids. Thanks for calling my attention to exactly what will work for this project!

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