A Spring Table Setting for the Little Ones

Welcome to the 394th Tablescape Thursday!

For Easter each year, my friend, Marie, always sets the cutest table for her six grandchildren. This year’s table was especially adorable because there were already some very soft and colorful guests seated in each chair around the table. 🙂

Children's Easter Table Setting 2


You can find these online at the Peeps website. Just Google for Plush Peeps and it’s the first thing that pops up in Google. They come in several sizes and all are super cute for the Peeps fan.

Peeps Doll


I always love seeing what Marie puts together for the children’s table for each holiday.

Children's Easter Table Setting 1


Marie found the cute egg plates at Pier 1 . I noticed all their Easter and spring goodies are 50% off now.

Children's Easter Table Setting 3


Those pink and yellow ears sticking up around the table are too funny! I know Marie’s grandchildren must have absolutely loved them.

Children's Easter Table Setting 5


The napkins and napkin rings are from HomeGoods. Butterfly and Flower cups are also from HomeGoods. The cute chick and bunny placecard holders were from Pier 1.

Children's Easter Table Setting 6


Such a sweet table! The yellow placemats really set off all the colors in the plates.

Children's Easter Table Setting 4


Hope you enjoyed all these fabulous tables Marie created for her spring/Easter celebration with her family this year. It is such a treat for me to visit with Marie and photograph her table settings to share here at BNOTP! Thanks so much to Marie for sharing them with us each year!

Children's Easter Table Setting 2


You may remember the cute Dapper Animal plates I’ve use in tablescapes in the past. (Those tablescape can be seen here: Dapper Animals Gather and here: In the Library with The Candlestick: A Cozy Mystery Table Setting)

Fox Dapper Animals Salad Plate_wm


Well, they’ve done it again for spring! Thanks so much to Elena for telling me about these hilarious guys. This time they are dressed for summer and they are on sale 20% off! You’ll find these rowdy guys here: Dapper Summertime Animal Plates

Dapper Animal Plates

Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. I am loving those adorable Peeps! What a fun thing to use even for an adult dinner party. Thanks for hosting the party and hope you have a great week!

  2. Oh, hilarious! Love the giant Peeps! She outdoes herself every time! Thanks for the fun today Susan!

  3. Such a cute table setting! I’m glad Marie lets you share her beautiful tables with us. Those giant Peeps are just too cute.

  4. Susan, Marie must have as much fun setting her tables as her grands do sitting there! Love the Peeps!

  5. Oh how fun. Those Peeps are so cute sitting around the table. Everything on this table is delightful. I remember her bunny chair covers, and I still love those. Thanks, Marie and Susan, for sharing this. I know the grands feel so special when they visit. The memories Marie is creating for them will last forever.

  6. Wow how cute are those! Marie is a generous and loving grandmother! Those dishes from West Elm are great- I shared the link with a friend who lives in NOLA and loves things found in their area.

  7. Elizabeth Roderick says

    The ‘Peeps’ made me laugh…Love the shark plate too! Thanks for posting it’s all so cute!

  8. Another adorable table by Marie. How special her grandchildren must feel! Think of the beautiful memories she’s creating for them. :0)

  9. Totally adorable! Susan, I would love to be one of Marie’s grandchildren. Do you think she would adopt me? Just kidding of course even though I can be a child at heart …. ☺. -Brenda-

    P.S.: Do hope you are feeling better and over your sore throat.

  10. Judy West says

    Love your post’s don’t ever stop showing Maries wonderful decorations she is truly a inspiration.

  11. Marie’s grandkids certainly are the luckiest. This table and those peeps are so cute….Christine

  12. I love this table for the small peeps in your life

  13. Too cute! She is such a fun grandmother. Thanks for the party, Susan!

  14. This is adorable, Susan! I spotted a pink 9″ one before Easter and put it in my 3 year old grand daughter’s basket. She has carried it around and slept with it ever since. They are the cutest!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  15. Patricia says

    Those Peeps are insane! Need to rent six 4- year olds for next Easter! Better yet, I want to BE one of Marie’s grandchildren. I love her chalkboard sayings as well.

  16. Charlotte says

    Such a cute table! Love the Peeps, they make the table.

  17. oh goodness, those little bunny ears sticking out are too funny! I bet her grandchildren loved this!

  18. Those plush Peeps are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing this table with us.

  19. What a cute and colorful table, Susan! Those plush Peeps are ADORABLE!! I was a big fan of Peeps when I was growing up. 😉 Thanks for sharing this cute table and have a great day!



  20. Marie has the luckiest grands! Everything is so magical!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  21. I laughed out loud at those Dapper guys – especially the shark in bikini – too funny. Marie’s table for the kids is all that! I bet those grands can’t wait to get to Gramma’s house to see what’s in store. I have several grand nieces/nephews, and those plush peeps were very popular this Easter. Great tablescape, Susan, and I always look forward to Thursdays here at your place.

  22. Those giant Peeps are adorable! I may have to get one for Colleen! Please thank marie for allowing you to share all the beauty she creates for her family! Her tables (and home) are always spectacular! Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully feeling better!!!! XO

  23. PS, I also want to say thank you for continuing Tablescape Thurs. I love setting tables and sharing them here.

  24. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    I laughed outrageously at those goofy giant peeps. Good on Marie.

    Nice little (new?) feature: A check mark on the blog pic you’ve already opened.

  25. This table is the cutest thing! Thank you for sharing it, and for hosting!

  26. Susan, Marie’s children’s table is adorable as usual. She is a thoughtful grandmother. Don’t you know her grands have fun at her home. I’m a fan of the Dapper Animal series. I’d not seen the summer set. Wouldn’t these be fun at a beach house? I may need to stop in our local store and see what is left. Like I need to add any more dishes! ‘-)

  27. Marie’s grandchildren must love to go to their grandma’s house, it’s like Disney! She always creates such amazing table settings for the little ones and this one is no exception! (I wonder how she stores everything too.)
    I love those peeps guests she has already. I guess each child has to remove them to sit, lol..
    The animal series plates are gorgeous for any age guest. I love them!
    Thanks for sharing Susan and for the great party.

  28. Those peeps are the cutest things I have seen in a while. Still smiling. Beautiful table too.

  29. Beautiful, creative and so much fun in that Spring table setting for grandkids. Your friend always has the latest greatest accessories! Where in the world do you store all this stuff between seasons and find it again?

  30. That Peeps table is absolutely the cutest!! Thanks, Marie for sharing this with us!
    Susan, thanks for hosting, and thanks for keeping the link open a few days so we can make the party!

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