Farm Living Is The Life For Me

I’m always taking pictures to share with you. Last summer I took some photos but never found a good time to share them here on the blog. It’s really cold here today in Georgia and I’m craving a little summer. I thought you might be, too.

We’re headed up to the farm today where it’s still summertime. So for the next few minutes, let’s forget all about the cold. Where we’re going, there’s nothing but green grassy fields and blue skies.

I’ve shared my friend, Marie’s “city” home several times here on the blog.

Christmas Decorations During Blue Hour


You may remember these pictures taken during the blue hour at Christmastime a couple of years back.

Victorian Home Decorated For Christmas


When Marie and her family need a break from the hectic pace of city life, they head up to their farm in the country. It so pretty here! From the top of this hill you can see the mountains off in the distance.

Scenes From The Farm 09_wm


If you subscribe to Postcards From the Porch, the BNOTP newsletter, you may remember seeing the picture below since it’s easier to share photos in the newsletter before they appear on the blog sometimes. The day we were hanging out on the farm, we were riding around in an all-terrain type vehicle. I asked Marie what it was called several times but I still can’t tell you today. It’s was a weird name I’d never heard before so it just wouldn’t stick in my memory. It was a lot of fun to ride around in, though a bit noisy. Wonder why they don’t put mufflers on those things when they build them? Spoken like a true city girl, right?

Scenes From The Farm 18_wm


This was the only part where I felt kinda nervous. I’ve always had a little fear of large holes in the ground filled with water, aka ponds and lakes. I had visions of us driving right off this narrow road into the pond and landing upside down. Sometimes an imagination is a pain in the you-know-what, ya know? Since you’re reading this, you know we made it across safely, coming and going. Marie is a good driver! πŸ™‚

Scenes From The Farm 19_wm


The views on the farm were beautiful!

Scenes From The Farm 05_wm


It was a gorgeous day!

Scenes From The Farm 07_wm


The cows were checking us out.

Scenes From The Farm 20_wm


Scenes From The Farm 01_wm


This was a mom with her two babies. It’s been a while but I think Marie told me she had twins.

Scenes From The Farm 03_wm


Scenes From The Farm 04_wm


Okay, I’m going to hush and just let you enjoy the peaceful vistas out on the farm.

Scenes From The Farm 17_wm


Scenes From The Farm 14_wm


Scenes From The Farm 15_wm


Scenes From The Farm 11_wm


Scenes From The Farm 12_wm


Hope you enjoyed a little break in the cold weather. Just a few more weeks now and spring will be here! Promise!

Scenes From The Farm 08_wm


Tour Marie’s home decorated for Christmas here: Tour A Beautiful Victorian Home Decorated For Christmas

Victorian Home Decorated For Christmas

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  1. Melissa Blaseck says

    Thanks for sharing. That is exactly what we want to buy for our retirement.

    That was so beautiful.

  2. Oh wow, Marie is so blessed to haver that GORGEOUS home and now we see she has a farm too! OMGoodness, the pictures and vistas are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing with us. LOVE any post about Marie’s homes. How about one of the farmhouse???

    • She has done a wonderful renovation of the farmhouse. I took a few “before” pictures when I was last there. Maybe that’s a post I can share soon…with some “after” pictures.

  3. Beautiful views and farm…always loved seeing your friend Marie’s home!!

  4. Oh, my! It made my pulse slow down just looking at the pictures!

  5. Marie’s farm is the perfect country setting to kick back and enjoy a glass of lemonade on the front porch. Marie’s farm reminds me of my grandmother’s farm in North Carolina when we were kids. I loved that place when I was growing up. We only visited in the summer for our vacations, we would chase fire flies and explore the mountains behind the house. There would be a family reunion and all of our cousins would wade in the creek and walk on an unpaved stone road up to the country store and buy moon pies and soda. Thanks for taking me back to those lovely summer days.

  6. barbara woods says

    i live in the n. west corner of Ga. Where do you live, near where these pictures were taken?

    • No, unfortunately I don’t live near this area…I’m in a very populated area, 20 minutes outside of Atlanta. Too close to ATL to suit me.

  7. Beautiful! What a lovely farm. Thank you for sharing such peaceful surroundings.

  8. bobbi duncan says

    The scenery up at Marie’s farm is so pretty! I could handle being somewhere a bit warmer as the high today was 31 degrees, but the sky is blue with lots of sunshine, and I prefer that to warm with rain. I’m assuming the farm is in northern GA., a favorite place of ours. Have you ever been to the upcountry of SC, with it’s mountains and beautiful blue-green inland lakes that encompass tens of thousands of acres? If you haven’t, it would make for a great trip as the area is so near to where you live. We usually rent a cabin on Lake Jocassee (our favorite lake of the three), where you can go out on a houseboat and enjoy a multitude of waterfalls. Whitewater Falls is there as well, which is the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi. Okay, I’ve talked myself into that trip come this Spring lol! Come Feb., it seems I’m always thinking of taking a vacation. I was so busy with company last week, but I wanted to tell you that you did a great job with your holiday storage area redo. I still have more organizing to do in the basement, but I did get all the other rooms done (whew!), and that feels so nice. Hope you enjoy a lovely evening.

  9. You have really made me wish for spring! We have a farm where we spend many weekends and I can’t wait for it to warm up & enjoy it! I had to laugh at your hesitancy to ride in the “side by side”. At least thats what we call ours–its a Kubota brand and is bright orange. That way hunters won’t mistake us for deer! I’ve taken several city slickers for adventurous rides in ours!! LOL

  10. I would never want to leave that farm, it is so beautiful and seems so peaceful and serene. Thank you for sharing, thanks to Marie as well

  11. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    I loved, loved, loved this! I love any bucolic setting, and, if there are cows involved, I am over the moon. Thank you, Susan, for sharing this beautiful farm. I can almost hear the moos, the crickets, the birds….

  12. Our home on the farm faced east. Our view was the pond and woods beyond. We had lots of visitors in the back pasture. The only way we could arrive at our home was a road that meandered, with woods on one side and field on the other. This was the path the cattle took from the barn to the back pasture. Our house sat atop a hill in the middle of the back pasture. We were snowed in only once in the 20 years we lived out there. We had lots of snow, but that one particular winter it was a perfect storm of wind and snow, sealing the roads shut. J lived on that farm for almost 60 years. All through his childhood city cousins would visit and be fascinated by everyday life on the farm. There are times when we miss the farm. Especially during Spring calving.:-)
    Your post is beautiful, Susan.

    • Thanks, Pat! Your home sounds beautiful! I bet it was especially gorgeous when it snowed. I would love to see pictures of it, especially in the snow!

  13. Nice, Nice, Nice. Vikki in COLD VA

  14. Needed that, thanks much!

  15. oh yes, Marie’s house is beautiful any time of the year, and the farm looks so peaceful

  16. Oh wow, how gorgeous! Thanks for that glimpse of the promise to come, Susan. Those calves are adorable – didn’t know mama cows could even have twins, that’s how much of a city slicker I am. The ATV – maybe a Kubota? Only reason I know that name is because my sister’s grandkids ride one on their other grandparents’ farm in NC. πŸ™‚

  17. Susan, I enjoyed this getaway so much. It certainly reminded me of growing up in North Carolina, rather rural but close enough to the city to enjoy different lifestyles. Wonderful photos! Hope you’re doing well! Sheila

  18. Thank you for this respite from our very cold weather, Susan. It reminded me of England. I am counting the days to Spring.
    Marie is so busy during the year, I guess this is her place to slow down, it is beautiful.

  19. Thank You!! With over 12 in of snow on ground right now this is just what I needed.

  20. Christine Anderson says

    Thanks for the wonderful trip to the country!!

  21. Thanks for the getaway!! What a beautiful place. Then I toured the home decorated for Christmas…it’s fabulous. I want to go there, any time of year would be fine!! Keep taking us back!! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Susan thank you for the look ahead to nicer weather! I’m not far from you and I have never taken a drive to the GA Mountains. It’s on my list as soon as this weather changes for the warmer! Can’t wait to see the photos of the farm house.

  23. Elizabeth Roderick says

    I would have a difficult time leaving this beautiful place to go back to the city or anywhere else for that matter. Thank you for sharing this lovely home.

  24. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Just lovely. Okay, so now I am thinking we should have our ‘first annual BNOTP retreat,’ right there. πŸ˜€

  25. How wonderful to see some green!! So nice…..thank you!!!

  26. could it be your were on a Polaris? Cross between a ATV and a golf cart? Thanks for the lovely pictures! I am also from Georgia and ready to see all that green again!

  27. Oh wow! Her home is picture perfect gorgeous!! And a farm??!?!?!?! I hate to admit it but I’m a teeny bit jealous!
    Wonderful photos; I needed a break from reality, and the photos of the farm helped πŸ™‚
    Does Marie have any sons around the 40 age mark!?!??!!??! LOL! πŸ™‚

  28. It’s Florida, baby…here we come!!! franki

  29. Thanks for sharing the photos, what a peaceful and lovely location. It reminds me of my stepbrother’s ranch in Pointblank, Texas (just outside of Huntsville, TX). Have a great day, Susan.

  30. SharonFromMichigan says

    Beautiful Pictures! Yep – needed that promise of spring to dangle in front of me today! LOL

  31. we have started calving season at he farm, it’s been a busy 2 and 1/2 weeks. so far we have had 56 calves born during that time and about 100 more due during the next month. i really wish we could spend more time up there but we have too many small grands and we have to enjoy them while they still like to be around us.

  32. What beautiful farm pictures! You’re right, they do lift the winter doledrums.
    The cows in the pictures are Herford a breed that does not grow horns. My dad had those when I was a child and kept records on each one. They always had fancy names.

  33. Looks like your friend has the best of both worlds – a beautiful home in the city AND a farm in the country! How nice that must be. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  34. Hi Susan,
    I am a little late reading this post….somehow I just skipped right over it, and saw it when trying to delete old messages. Thanks for the trip! I met Marie and her husband one time in Savannah when they visited the school district. (now happily retired) I remember she was most gracious. You are not alone in your trepidation of watery holes! I even feel edgy when on a cruise ship when standing next to the railing (which is very tall, sturdy and even has a thick piece of glass from the deck up).

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